1 Girl Vs 10 Guys with An EPIC Plottwist
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  • Simplicity

    it's funny how pewds confused the two asian guys with glasses.

  • TheHolyBrin

    Lmfaooo this video is so funny

  • Gaming Jet
    Gaming Jet

    Why don’t they do this with Corpse?

  • Pickled_Ayla The II
    Pickled_Ayla The II

    Damnnnn that’s tough. I feel for the girl, thats like when you confess to a girl then say it was a dare😑. That guy was pretty shitty

  • zefanya

    That moment when the plane guy suddenly coming back lolll and he just like "all right get out, this is my turn" 💀💀

  • J Sainte
    J Sainte

    I just watched this girl reacting to you reacting to her and she LITERALLY said, "At the time, I didn't know what the NAVY was, and I know what the Navy is and that you can go to the Navy to be a pilot....". I already went off on her in the comments because she as like, "take your White privilege and do something good" 🙄 but then she ACTUALLY said she didn't know what the fuck the Navy was. HOW!? I'm sorry (I'm not) but she gotta be the DUMBEST....

  • J Sainte
    J Sainte

    I'm so airplane guy right now. Like, "Are you f'ing kidding me!?"

  • Michael Crowe
    Michael Crowe

    whatt.. i thought he was joking LUL

  • Supplanter_J

    Omg Joseph is 🥰🥰😍😍

  • Supplanter_J

    -“is it black panda I haven’t even seen it?”

  • PetNoob


  • malcolm

    awwwwwww phil foden got second. so close

  • Bulbo Baggins
    Bulbo Baggins

    “Hey how you do...” *airplane*

  • TheKingPp

    What a fucking plot twist

  • 123 123
    123 123

    7:36 PewDiePie scrubs his Swedish meatballs

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz

    Anyone gonna mention how is facial hair is a bit butchered? Or is that a new style I’m not familiar with ?

  • Shruti Raj
    Shruti Raj

    Why is on one talking abt the wrong thumbnail?!?!?

  • JacksonBrickMedia

    Damn, I would have gone with hair gel guy.

  • Sunney

    When he said “alexa buy me hair gel” my alexa responded and scared the shit out of me

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore


  • Anisa Dzumhur
    Anisa Dzumhur

    the guy she chose definitely lied about having a girlfriend

  • TediTodorova101

    The music is from that burger game

  • Tony Trujillo
    Tony Trujillo

    everyone:makes amazon joke

  • Abhijeet Sharma
    Abhijeet Sharma

    Pewdiepie is just twomad with a better editor.

  • cullen crosby
    cullen crosby

    7:36 Felix has his hands in his pants.

  • joshua yossett
    joshua yossett

    yoo ferb check?

  • Ruqqayah Qasim
    Ruqqayah Qasim

    "S(he) be(lie)ve(d)"

  • ayan ali
    ayan ali

    Pewdiepie islam is the religion, the followers of islam are called Muslims! A person can't be islam。

  • Mrx the goat
    Mrx the goat

    Ok wtf.

  • Sammy

    "think laughter is really really cool..."

  • Lily Meadowcroft
    Lily Meadowcroft

    Me and my sister had an argument about how good you are and when she said she hates you I just said “did you know then he is like god or Santa and sees and hears what everyone says about him and now she doesn’t talk about you ;)

  • Damiano Ledda
    Damiano Ledda

    Please stop at 14:58, catch the moment, and just laugh hardly as i did, so i don't feel so stupid , i can just hear her: "omg it's poodiepie"

  • coesheygalaxygames

    Tyler looks like a cute version of a Roblox slender-

  • Lela Samone
    Lela Samone

    I’m getting big sociopath vibes from the guy who won.

  • Spartan Gaming
    Spartan Gaming

    The mr fucking random guy lol

  • Jonkea The Gamer
    Jonkea The Gamer

    "I can really tell based on their voice when they're lying" "I have a girlfriend" *Surprised Pikachu*

  • Jonkea The Gamer
    Jonkea The Gamer

    Christian: No excessive drinking Next lad: I don't want a party girl Memer: Heyo, you twerk? (One of these things just doesn't belong here!)

  • Marina Malezanova
    Marina Malezanova

    7:35 😳

  • Oluebube Okafor
    Oluebube Okafor

    Why was I shipping the guy she ended up with and turns out her has a gf you got to be kidding 😭

  • Rose Cucu
    Rose Cucu

    that was a surprisingly good black panther impression

  • Ryn

    the first thing she said was " I can tell if someone is being honest with me by their voice " poor girl she never saw that coming

  • Taleen Farha
    Taleen Farha

    CALLING ALL WAMEN! Pewdiepie is learning all our secrets he is merging into one of us

  • Stinky


  • Mary

    "My Ideal date: I win the yo-yo national tournament, everyone loves me, I have a great day, and then we smash.......we play smash." That got me WEAK

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith

    Who’s Alexa kept going off during the video?

  • just some girl animating
    just some girl animating

    The guy that won was just vining to the mucik while she was saying how his super serious 😂

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin

    For the first minute my Alexa went off so many times

  • Kamal 121
    Kamal 121

    Hair gel guy😂

  • Quyết Lê
    Quyết Lê

    7:35 pew touched himself

  • IQ Has Hacks
    IQ Has Hacks

    The last guy I thought he was simping at the end

  • Omar Pozos
    Omar Pozos

    I swear bitches with confidence issues are the most difficult to deal with lmao

  • Omar Pozos
    Omar Pozos

    That dude tried so hard to simp the photography thing lol

  • Omar Pozos
    Omar Pozos

    Never date a girl studying psychology. It means they don't know wtf to do lol

  • Gabby Bobinski
    Gabby Bobinski

    when i realized pewds got the first guess right i cracked up

  • Roasted chicken Gaming
    Roasted chicken Gaming

    pewdiepie : write down the tips me : *takes my book and pen*

  • Pancakes

    i'm actually sad for her

  • sri daran
    sri daran

    Hair gel is the keyyyyyy

  • xmaniack2

    React to people finding a boyfriend on OMEGLE. Cringe +1000

  • Ali MA
    Ali MA

    7:40 Hmmmmmm where is that hand going felix

  • Mohammed Ehsan
    Mohammed Ehsan

    Why is the video thumbnail another video 🥴 not this one

  • Sebastian Skywalker
    Sebastian Skywalker

    I like Pewdiepie's ideal date😂😂 mood

  • James Bard
    James Bard

    The President guy won't become President because no aspiring President would be silly enough to do a date like this! President has something to do with common sense!

  • James Bard
    James Bard

    Pewdiepie you racist! All asians don't look alike. There are subtle differences. The Christian guy was not the one that got eliminated in the first round.

  • hayden vaught
    hayden vaught

    Make me a sandwich

  • Devansh Chauhan
    Devansh Chauhan

    Oof, I feel really bad for her, she actually kinda liked him

  • Devansh Chauhan
    Devansh Chauhan

    Bruh Miguel legit talks in lowercase

  • mahnoor ganatra
    mahnoor ganatra

    Yes I'm Islam

  • ꧁ ꫝꪗ᥊ᥴiiꪀtꫝ ꧂
    ꧁ ꫝꪗ᥊ᥴiiꪀtꫝ ꧂

    Omg ive seen this one

  • Sara Ikram
    Sara Ikram

    of course i’m islam😃

  • Liam O’Gorman
    Liam O’Gorman

    I want to get into the Christmas religion 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gavin Devereux
    Gavin Devereux

    13:15 thats what she said

  • Sigge

    Epic random

  • Washed-up fridge
    Washed-up fridge

    Anyone see pherb at the start

  • Jaret Parker
    Jaret Parker

    7:36 epic nutsack scratch

  • giselleRanigo

    7:35 Damn pewds... 😹

  • Not Clickbait
    Not Clickbait

    Thats what she said 14:17

  • A.R.M Productions
    A.R.M Productions

    Tyler is hilarious I want him to be my friend. We’d be total goofs 😂

  • Yesitsme

    Little does pewds know being unemployed makes her the perfect military dependa

  • Josef Oborny
    Josef Oborny

    Hair gel guy looks like Johnny bravo

  • Ivan Montoya
    Ivan Montoya

    What’s your favorite body of water 💀💀💀

  • Rohit Anand
    Rohit Anand

    welcome to single gang


    mans is the goat

  • Ray Robertson
    Ray Robertson

    Anyone else get the impression this dude who won thought this was a jubilee where he was the mole and the girl was supposed to figure it out by eliminating him?

  • Ahmed Al-Ebrashy
    Ahmed Al-Ebrashy

    4:56 she should pick this dude, he is making millions now in Manchester City.

  • Stewart Htet
    Stewart Htet

    Girls Love Compliments. All Joseph did was complying her.

  • КруглыйКвадрат

    Lol,this intro is from kids TRwatch channel -Cocomelon

    • Devansh Chauhan
      Devansh Chauhan

      Ya he put that intro cause he beat Cocomelon in subscribers

  • KingUrsa

    When this video has 6.9 million views NICE 👌

  • RayD Caceres
    RayD Caceres

    My man says what's Gucci I need someone that can twerk with no hesitation LOL

  • The Encouragement Kid
    The Encouragement Kid

    That guy is savage 😹😹😭😭😭

  • ThatOneGuy

    Alexa: I want to be a psychologist so I can help teens with mental disorders! Joseph: I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

  • Jordan Reid
    Jordan Reid

    Studying to be a marine biologist ... or physiologist... but she's 18... so general sciences with a psych electives? lol

  • Critical Cheese Sticks Food reviews
    Critical Cheese Sticks Food reviews

    Among us gameplay

  • Another AvatarLover
    Another AvatarLover

    Yep, let’s all ignore that the _completely wrong girl_ is in the thumbnail

  • Gage Nichols
    Gage Nichols

    11:29 I will be waiting

  • Life of Han Han
    Life of Han Han

    Of course I'm Christmas XD

  • rat cat
    rat cat

    alexa make me a sandwich a dead

  • NewbieSk8 edits
    NewbieSk8 edits

    “Of course I’m crishmas” pewdiepie

  • AroZen

    2 guys before Tyler: not much drinking pls Tyler: I need someone who can *twerk*

  • Mega Kutu
    Mega Kutu

    I am Turkish Ingilis Hello

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming

    Bruhh has a girlfriend already thats annoying lol wonder what the pilot dude would done