I Spent $500 on Magic to Amaze my Wife
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  • arnav shukla
    arnav shukla

    I'm from India and the ball was garbage cus that was made in china someone just changed that

  • AllnighterKnight

    Me a normal American can’t understand what he is reading Him a Swedish man correcting it

  • SirBucky McDucky
    SirBucky McDucky

    The audience will not be impressed🤣

  • boogie banana
    boogie banana

    The video looks like when you try on your parents glasses when you were a kid 🤓🤓🤓 and couldn't see anything

  • Oisin Mcnally
    Oisin Mcnally

    Noooo he turned into a simp

  • Lit Bros
    Lit Bros

    Satanic Rituals: Exist Feli-: BOOYAKA BOOYAKA BOOYAKA

  • Your Keys Please
    Your Keys Please

    Pewds income: $15-20 million a year. Amount spent in the last 12 months on tech upgrades for his channel: $0.

  • Arhaan Pereira
    Arhaan Pereira

    does he live in windsor castle

  • da confi
    da confi

    her voice is annoying

  • Zack Efron
    Zack Efron

    The worst thing about this video isnt it being out of focus, but watching puga chan getting old T_T @9:44

  • Rebekah Matthew
    Rebekah Matthew

    Marcia is the shy girl at the lunch table I would like to give her a hug

  • Denis Gherasimov
    Denis Gherasimov

    What is wrong with his nails

  • John Lence Tiamzon
    John Lence Tiamzon

    I can confidently say that this was film using pewds camera

  • T-series sucks
    T-series sucks

    Pewdiepie solve a rubik's Cube

  • Mikrowellen Kult
    Mikrowellen Kult

    the scratched black nail polish makes me happy

  • Kristoffer Ellingsen
    Kristoffer Ellingsen

    snuser marzia?

  • Doge Yt
    Doge Yt

    PewDiePie: WHY DID I SPEND 20$ ON THIS MrBeast: *Laughs At Island*

  • Ethan Walsh
    Ethan Walsh

    But pewds I thought a magician never reveals his secrets

  • 小骏

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • Anuj khare
    Anuj khare

    Her wife is so sanskari😇

  • Anuj khare
    Anuj khare

    Her wife is so sanskari😇

  • Srishty Bhatt
    Srishty Bhatt

    What's wrong with his nails???

  • bur ger
    bur ger


  • Niiels

    Felix defintely smashed after the recording.

  • PrideCraft

    That same kinda English is used in my physical education book

  • Jeff Mijares
    Jeff Mijares

    *Felix spents $500 to do magic* Me: ☝️✌️➡️✌️☝️➡️☝️✌️➡️✌️☝️

  • Josh Florence
    Josh Florence

    what's that on pewdiepie fingernails ?

  • Umer Rashid
    Umer Rashid

    camera is focused on the reflection on the mirror

  • Dutch29


  • Aayan Rashid
    Aayan Rashid

    His nails hurt my eye

  • Megan Liwanag
    Megan Liwanag

    wait but Pewds never shows Marzia the lighter trick?

  • 10ksubscribes in one video
    10ksubscribes in one video

    I had to clean my glasses

  • efewf wefew
    efewf wefew

    Pewds why does cam go all blurry sometimes its blinding??

  • efewf wefew
    efewf wefew

    Why does pewds have nailpolish ???

  • GZDude13

    Pewds hasn't dressed up for her. This is unacceptable! LMAO

  • How To Sinhala
    How To Sinhala


  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    You know felix, there’s more than one way to make her do that 😏 0:18

  • V̶i̶x̶e̶n̶

    This intro is fucking immaculate


    marzia is like "sure?.."

  • Ajwad WRP
    Ajwad WRP

    Mantap ,I love magic and I tech magic in my channel. I am asia.

  • Cruz Carroll
    Cruz Carroll

    Now that’s some top notch talent

  • ThunderKeyZ雷富 - Piano Covers
    ThunderKeyZ雷富 - Piano Covers

    intro is so cuteXD

  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami

    we all know the real magic is that the two are married!

  • r_ramendump

    The camera isnt focusing cause of that massive mirror at the back

  • r_ramendump

    He got those model making fingernails

  • Numbnuts

    Maybe your wife would be happier if you had just handed her $500

  • Ayushman Jha
    Ayushman Jha

    Did u also buy the camera from india?

  • AviorStudios

    I legit just realized their backround was a mirror 🤣

  • Isabella Gayaden
    Isabella Gayaden

    when your bingo is actually tictactoe

  • RobyHatz


  • Sichen Tang
    Sichen Tang

    Clean your fingernail!!!!

  • Redžib Alić
    Redžib Alić


  • Tim Padre
    Tim Padre

    wait marzia has a tattoo?!?!?! in the bigining on her arm

  • Tropixelate

    Metal Ball Theory: The ring around the neck of the chassis is likely a strong magnet that will cause the ball to magnetize when the ring is slid down closer to the ball. Then, the ring moved up the neck of the chassis will cause the ball to no longer be magnetized and thus will fall from the hole when turned.

  • Nayda

    Reminds me of that one Kurtis Conner video xD

  • DeadSilent87

    love how marzia is far too smart to figure out the tricks and doesnt care to be impressed lol

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    Where is the other 102 million? Hmmmmm???

  • jooshh

    To be honest i was staring at the window the whole vid.

  • Amy Wiggins
    Amy Wiggins

    why does it sound like she is on helium all the time

  • FlintyPVP


  • Udhbhav Pandit
    Udhbhav Pandit

    Great quality👌

  • Samuel Thapa
    Samuel Thapa

    weir is the magic explained

  • kindred spirit
    kindred spirit

    7:24 _a seer!_ pewds look like a guy who's trying to prove his bros that this girl actually likes him pewds she's your wife we are aware-

  • kindred spirit
    kindred spirit

    7:24 _seer!_ pewds look like a guy trying to prove his bros that this girl actually likes him pewds she's your wife we are aware-

  • czijiro dagami
    czijiro dagami

    Damn i waited for the lighter magic HAHAHAAHAH

  • B.A.

    2:12 his face, I can't even xD

  • Two Oak Planks
    Two Oak Planks

    Why this video got so small number of views?

  • GPx

    Ahhhhh *YES*

  • Agent Suffer878
    Agent Suffer878

    He just had to put the 500$ part

  • Elias LeGarde
    Elias LeGarde

    Who else skipped straight to the part with martzia

  • Rocketoni

    marzia makes every video 500% cuter

  • the running man
    the running man

    Pewds and marzia are the best couple ever

  • Clyd e
    Clyd e

    cant wait for pewds to present this tricks to his children. :)


    Part 2 bit not girlfriend but wife

  • Daniel Esteban Chaves Mora
    Daniel Esteban Chaves Mora

    Focus: Ight, imma head out.

  • Romário B
    Romário B

    Pewds needs to learn the Focus magic.

  • Sapna Sana
    Sapna Sana

    The automatic subtitles writes [Music] when Marzia laughs 💖💕

  • Félix Sánchez Ugalde
    Félix Sánchez Ugalde

    That couldn’t have cost 500$

  • the joker
    the joker


  • Hiyori G
    Hiyori G

    Make a baby poods

  • Vrocks

    The biggest magic trick was pulled by the camera itself.

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben

    What happened to the lighter trick?

  • 我是植物

    Is Bingo a Taiwanese game? i don't even know that

  • Saurabh Iyer
    Saurabh Iyer

    His reflection is more in focus than he is

  • bea

    Wow.. Ive been gone for so long that Marzia deleted all of her videos and her last post was a year ago 😭

  • Devin N
    Devin N

    Why would anyone dislike this video?

  • NepNepp


  • Sartaj singh
    Sartaj singh

    Whenever you read "made in india" I lost all my hopes I knew my country ain't making good things

  • cactus

    the comment section is really sth else

  • Malwina å Lova
    Malwina å Lova

    Love the hand cam

  • hamooty hesoo
    hamooty hesoo

    Isn't that Billi dolphin

  • lance Ybanez
    lance Ybanez

    Hahahah great job pewdzzz 🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Vendanillo
    Jeremy Vendanillo

    *Bingo is the new Tic Tac Toe*

  • Christian Kuziara
    Christian Kuziara

    out of focus so we dont see the slight of hand

  • Isaac Ong
    Isaac Ong

    Tick tack toe

  • Neha _
    Neha _


  • Hermawan Novi29
    Hermawan Novi29

    the opening 😂

  • Kevin Osorno
    Kevin Osorno

    Jfc don’t dox yourself Felix

  • Eric Munoz
    Eric Munoz

    Does felix paint his nails?

  • Fishy TAP TAP
    Fishy TAP TAP

    11:25 a magician will never revel there secret, you had let me down.