Im 14 and This is Deep...😢😢😢 #72[REDDIT REVIEW]
Im 14 and this is deep
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  • Felipe Pamfilio
    Felipe Pamfilio

    This is his best best video

  • bom jobi
    bom jobi

    8:28 Maple, rowan, spruce, oak, birch/aspen, birdcherry. I don't even speak English yet still I somehow know their names. Guess I'm 15 now.


    1.37 me after using fb from last few years my neck to me 😫

  • Arjan Marku
    Arjan Marku

    well (9 + 19)/2 = 14

  • Dr Martinez
    Dr Martinez

    I'm deep and this is 14

  • Blyatiful Chin
    Blyatiful Chin

    11:49 Jordan Peterson entered the chat

  • axel Acuna
    axel Acuna

    Emos mcr has come out of the shadows let's attach music again we got out black sheep and fir bvb ptv ect has change to much

  • LuxianøLee

    Jacks Mic and felix are the cutest ship ever!1!1!!1!1 🥰🥰❤❤

  • SkyrimBarbie


  • Juice

    10:44 i laughed my organs out

  • мария

    10:44 WTF WAS THAT 💀💀

  • Toto Mcgoto
    Toto Mcgoto

    RIP pewdiemelon

  • Lucia Cumpelik
    Lucia Cumpelik

    Felix should recieve an Oscar for this

  • Emerald Entity
    Emerald Entity

    that one dramatic movie where the dude gets stabbed through the chest with a sword 5:52

  • Dane Stewart
    Dane Stewart

    The Egg meme... Shakespeare did it first... in 1596. The Merchant of Venice

  • nakamot0o

    hi I'm the emo, I'm here

  • nightlight.

    13:58 it actually means some people hide their pain saying that they’re fine, but inside they might want to die

  • moenkoenke kapot breed
    moenkoenke kapot breed

    1:32 that man doesn't even have a neck and somehow still broke it

  • Maricel Quiles
    Maricel Quiles

    7:09 were watching your vids pewds That's what the emos are doing

  • Rat Matat
    Rat Matat

    Wait... The thumbnail changed.

  • Cryptoad

    Just remember that Steve Buscemi said "Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he created?" IN SPY KIDS 2

  • Sapphire DCw
    Sapphire DCw

    S(he's) in d(anger) 14 year olds: 💔💔😭😭

  • what's not up
    what's not up

    See I'm not saying that 14 years old peeps can't have depression but a lot of them fakes it , like it's cooll

  • Dhara Rathod
    Dhara Rathod

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii My hand hurt now lol

  • AndreJ HD
    AndreJ HD

    I feel PewDiePie's intros represent a Alzheimers progression

  • KaninchenVideo Productions
    KaninchenVideo Productions

    Actually this picture with the wheelchair is quite moving. I had an accident where i f*ched up my leg and had to learn how to walk again. I couldnt even support half of my body weight but in water i could walk like normal and for the first time felt like i could be healed again. I legit started crying of joy

  • random guy from an ad
    random guy from an ad

    The f logo looks more like the one from shrek

  • Totally Twins
    Totally Twins

    This intro is the best😂😂

  • OwnedbyUkraine

    This is epic Intro

  • Phenomenal_Playz

    The best intro yet

  • Cas Holland
    Cas Holland

    Pewds: ARE YOU GUYS 14? YOU’RE 9! OR 19! YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE 14! Me, a 14 year old: 👁👄👁

  • Rat

    yay I'm about to be 15

  • Ender Ghøul 360
    Ender Ghøul 360

    When you're 16 and found something deep in this subreddit: Tym travel •^•

  • Eli Padoan
    Eli Padoan

    I am actually 14

  • Puteri Yata
    Puteri Yata


  • Hamon frog
    Hamon frog

    i laughed so hard that i drooled 6:11

  • myra’s unwanted mullet
    myra’s unwanted mullet

    I can’t stop hearing squidward whenever felix


    *Wanna talk about quantum physics?*

  • cpt. bot
    cpt. bot

    Am 14 teeennnnnnn

  • Vegeta

    This video felt like atom bomb size enlightenment

  • Aditya Kumar Singh
    Aditya Kumar Singh

    Do a review on the bridge.

  • bzboooz

    i love how felix said volkswagen with the most swedish accent i have ever heard in my entire life

  • Captain ChickenYT
    Captain ChickenYT

    Cocaine is gods way of telling you you have to much money -probably kanye

  • John Lester Guerrero
    John Lester Guerrero

    Sorry.. I'll be twenty tomorrow bro. I think we need a Libragym.


    2:18 I mean... they both kill so what they point-😭😂

  • Ch4ser 03
    Ch4ser 03

    Pyro already did this like a year ago


    Note #12 to take care of pewdie Don't put long black stuff near him.

  • Nothing Original
    Nothing Original

    10:43 images that proceed unfortunate events.

  • Mystic Phoenix
    Mystic Phoenix

    “Other things that are deep, 14-year-olds” “Hol up-“

  • Walter

    This is so deep it hit bedrock

  • RedVelvet Grim
    RedVelvet Grim

    I'm literally 14 and this is deep.

  • Ozone Reid
    Ozone Reid

    The irony of the pokimane tweet tho, it’s legit the opposite now. SIMP!

  • lukas

    the t in tsunami isnt actually silent, you just aren’t pronouncing it. it is derived from japanese

  • The Gamer Beast
    The Gamer Beast

    I don’t see what’s wrong about quantum physics it’s actually interesting

  • Kiran Loon
    Kiran Loon


  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Gajab intro

  • Marzi

    this is so toxic lmao

    • Mr. Magnus
      Mr. Magnus


  • Jimin with a Towel
    Jimin with a Towel

    im depressed

  • David Martinec
    David Martinec

    These fucking intros I swear... BoRaT LikEeEe

  • Henri Horsley
    Henri Horsley

    "Things that are deep, 14 year old" Pewdiepie 2020

  • e e
    e e

    “other things that r deep, 14 year olds.. wait no-“ 50 seconds in and i’m already on the floor

  • AsoCan Aso
    AsoCan Aso

    Im 13.

  • Maadian Botha
    Maadian Botha

    Chugu chugu chugu epic keanu reeves

  • Jimi


  • JY Kim
    JY Kim

    Emo revolution coming your way. All Hail My Chemical Romance and the power of Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy. If you didn't know btw Gerard is the vocalist of MCR and writer of UA

  • S M
    S M

    This comment section simping for comedy

  • mees baudoin
    mees baudoin

    0:50 never laughed so hard

  • Polito Sur
    Polito Sur

    10:44 lol, this made my day.

  • S. Abhishek
    S. Abhishek

    I hate 14 year old *girls*

  • Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers
    Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers

    Just a reminder that it doesn't matter your age, your feelings matter🙂

  • Master Wate
    Master Wate

    r/iam deepandthisis14 10:44 play at 0.25x that's deep

  • The Derp Wad
    The Derp Wad

    1:26 Holy fuck he looks like the nerd from Polar Express

  • Dumb Shmuck T皿T
    Dumb Shmuck T皿T

    This really made my day...... not that anyone cares......

  • Aram Gaming
    Aram Gaming

    I am in a loop of soul Destruction⁦•́ ‿ ,•̀⁩ I am 14 qnd that's so deep ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  • Ognjen Ostracanin
    Ognjen Ostracanin

    I love this app. But the a in app is silent. 14 yo girls:Woah thats so deep.

  • Lunatic MJP
    Lunatic MJP

    Best part of video right here😂😂😂: 9:39

  • Temi Oke
    Temi Oke

    Im ten ha

  • TroDan

    Felix just called poki a bitch and now they're playing among us together. That mustve been awkward

  • Rishad Ahmed
    Rishad Ahmed

    (P)oop tr(ain)

  • Memer Max
    Memer Max

    Pewdiepie: *Fake bites in mic* Knoppers, a dutch chocolate bar with his ads: *CRUNCC*

  • Lexi Eylar
    Lexi Eylar

    me who’s 14: 👁👄👁

    • 『 ローレン 』
      『 ローレン 』


  • Lol i am bored
    Lol i am bored


  • Hatice Altınay
    Hatice Altınay

    "Cigarettes are food for broken souls" My dad who is a heavy smoker also one of the happiest people ever : 👁️👄👁️ guess my soul is broken now 🤷

  • Tanto Priambodo
    Tanto Priambodo

    Nice pyro


    Salt, sugar and cocaine look the same... does that mean im allowed to eat all 3 of them?

  • Mother Brain
    Mother Brain

    7:40 No they don't. I can easily tell which of these are which. Left is salt and right is sugar. Salt is much smaller, looks a small almost unnoticeable shine to it when under light, and has a more consistent cube/sphere shape to it, whereas sugar is much more random in shape, size, and looks plain white.

  • North Universe
    North Universe

    That was the best intro

  • Keadan Swanepoel
    Keadan Swanepoel

    I'm 14 and deep. Was the colour orange named after friut or was the fruit orange named after the colour....

    • Jack Ackkk
      Jack Ackkk

      This is too deep

  • FaF PlayZ
    FaF PlayZ


  • The Potato
    The Potato

    If Pewds really has never cried he should watch anohana

  • Michel Peter
    Michel Peter

    S(He) S(Hit) her(self) Ssself

  • Michel Peter
    Michel Peter

    Lmao this fkn subreddit is stupid af

  • dat guy
    dat guy

    I'm 11

  • dat guy
    dat guy

    I'm 69 and this is deep Because I fell into a hole

  • Lorenz Salta
    Lorenz Salta

    3:09 Pewds: "I never cried in my life" Walking Dead end videos: Are you sure about that.

  • Claire Bryant
    Claire Bryant

    I can't tell when he's serious or not at this point

  • Fierce

    Men are not like Bluetooth at all we talk wid gf then go play wid DA BOIS

  • Cynthia Jazmin Lopez
    Cynthia Jazmin Lopez

    "what is up wih the emo's, what are you little emo's up to in that ittle dark hole" me overhere being emo watching pewdiepie in my dark room :v


    Ig I’ll be 9 years old-


    12:03 Lolololololololol