Is Cancel Culture Good or Bad? Jubilee React #9
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Is Cancel Culture a good or a bad thing?
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  • Eule TheCat
    Eule TheCat

    the best example for cancel/hate culture going horribly wrong is the case of Zoe Quinn and Alec Holowka. Both got bashed so hard that it ended in a suicide and a Drama still going on.

  • Nocturnal Nut
    Nocturnal Nut

    ⚆ _ ⚆ .Trump 2020. ⚆ _ ⚆

  • Joe Breakwell
    Joe Breakwell

    why get so wrapped up in what people say on the internet?

  • 2to3Bucks

    Idk why but from the jubilee video, the people siding on cancer culture looks like they're thinking in short terms

  • Kent Carattini
    Kent Carattini

    Cancel is bad shows okay do bad things over again lol.....

  • Dark Abyss
    Dark Abyss

    Bad. They will eventually try to cancel you if you fart in public.

  • Isaiah King
    Isaiah King

    cancel culture is a double edged sword. you should hold people accountable which i believe is the intentions of the 'cancel culture' but i think the toxic side is that there is no allowance for growth. cancel culture has become sending death threats and telling people that they are pieces of shit without letting them take their actions into consideration into how they can be better in the future

  • 2PAC

    GenZ kids created cancel culture Smh

  • чижик пыжик
    чижик пыжик

    Предлагаю подписать петицию об отмене: "cancel culture"

  • charleneNoob -
    charleneNoob -


  • Deanna Imfeld
    Deanna Imfeld

    Just watched this finally! And have to say, the argument of Nike, these huge companies DID do crimes. The factory fires that killed all those workers for big companies like Nike, all the tax evasion, and the negatives of Amazon. Yet they get a slap on the hand and don’t get cancelled. Cancel culture can be really productive if we look at bigger issues with systems and companies, not just individuals. Individuals really don’t have the influence that big businesses have.

  • Arina Konova
    Arina Konova

    Lol when he said sorry I went on a rant I kinda got upset cause I'd low-key want him to make a video or just talk freely more about things he wants and reveal his mind and values more that'd be very interesting and it would be a great way to get to know him more

  • Andrew Bryant
    Andrew Bryant

    So basically a public Among Us lobby?

    • Nicole 3900
      Nicole 3900

      pretty much

  • Emily Peterson
    Emily Peterson

    Well jennas taken full responsibility for what she’s done in the past. And she’s either private or deleted her videos even before that stuff has be brought up... Shawn on the other hand... he’s said many stuff about kids, adults, animals, etc... and it was just absolutely insane.

  • 21:21

    100% agree that people learnt nothing over the james charles drama

  • Rich Cant Game
    Rich Cant Game

    Cancel Culture is watching somebody get stabbed in the back and instead of helping you just point out that the problem exists. You aren’t coming up with ways to improve those at fault and the victim, you’re just shaming the person who did the crime. It’s much easier to blame than it is to understand someone, and sometimes context means more than event

  • Rich Cant Game
    Rich Cant Game

    Cancel Culture is watching somebody get stabbed in the back and instead of helping you just point out that the problem exists. You aren’t coming up with ways to improve those at fault and the victim, you’re just shaming the person who did the crime. It’s much easier to blame than it is to understand someone, and sometimes context means more than event.

  • the running man
    the running man

    Cancel culture is bad end of story

  • jafir abbas
    jafir abbas

    personally nothing is a complete yes or no. It will not be true gold and it won't be true garbage. It will have pros and have cons

  • Alpha

    3:15 facts

  • Armad sv
    Armad sv

    Cancel culture is like that quote "People who are brutally honest like being brutal more than being honest" that's what I believe cancel culture is become and will continue to become worse and worse

  • Rachel Sweets
    Rachel Sweets


  • Rachel Sweets
    Rachel Sweets


  • Houser Jimster
    Houser Jimster

    “There too many dumb people, that’s why cancel culture exist”- Our Overlord Pewdiepie

  • Gloria M.
    Gloria M.

    Cancel culture is literally like the justice system, they cancel innocent people a lot :/ so they arent doing anything different really at this point

  • volautre

    haha i can't believe I am watching a PewDiePie video to answer my English prompt.

  • Kevin

    Cancel culture is just one step closer to 1984.

  • That Popplio
    That Popplio

    *Pro-Cancel starter pack.* _Pro-abortion._ _Feminist._ _K-pop stan._ _Karen._

  • Sandrine Laberge
    Sandrine Laberge

    I think we should help the victims and focus less on the pressumed abuser. The thing is, when a system is injust, I think it's a normal reaction to "take it to the streets". When there are injustices, people are more prone to violence. The way of getting out of this mess is to fix the justice system ( if you got enough money you can get away with crimes, etc. ). It all comes down to money I think.

  • plutoisaplanet7

    2:38 Does that mean we can't watch the Naked Gun because of OJ?

  • Tra O
    Tra O

    So glad i never followed that herd idea of cancelling james. To me from the beginning that sht was unnecessary and over exaggerated

  • Justin Simmons
    Justin Simmons

    Felix dude you are honestly the most down to earth, not afraid to speak his mind "big" creator on this platform. The fact that you're able to still be yourself despite your massive platform is so commendable especially compared to what I've seen from other creators who are afraid of confrontation. Thank you for being such an inspiration man I love you.

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    Reminds me of those trying to cancel Ellen. We are ALL imperfect humans, hopefully trying to grow and be considerate of others while dealing with our own demons. Why focus on someone's few minor negatives, when many of these people have brought so much more positivity into the world? We have to stop telling our children they are perfect, they are number one, they deserve the best. In doing so, we give them a false expectation of perfect relationships, a perfect life, or that perfect job and anything less to them is INTOLERABLE.

  • Robin Acey
    Robin Acey

    I'd be more inclined to believe that shane has changed if he didn't associate with very awful people idk like how much has changed really?

  • Samuel Vels
    Samuel Vels

    Pewds: “I am very careful with what I say” Also Pewds(2 minutes later): “Everyone on this site is a mentally undeveloped child”

  • Emily Sirotinsky
    Emily Sirotinsky

    Isnt the Joy lady the same lady who went on the red carpet with a trump dress covered in barbwire?

  • Lupita Negrete
    Lupita Negrete

    Tati basically used homophobia to take james down. yes I hate her too

  • CosmosArt

    They just dig up 10-year-old tweets and boom canceled.

  • JC Mills
    JC Mills

    cancel culture has been around for centuries if not longer and is people becoming empowered to try to correct issues in what basically is a corrupt country and system. This is the explosion of information and people are striking out in any way they can to force people into better social norms.


    6:46 is where I had to pause the video so I could laugh for 15-20 minutes

  • Brazilianguy

    Hope Jack and Ken saw this video After the live phasmaphobia 🤔

  • Ignacio Jimenez
    Ignacio Jimenez

    Cancel culture is so gay

  • BanditTC

    I'll never stand by cancel culture, because people like Alec Holowka have terrible things happen to them and kill themselves over something that was proven innocent a few years later. R.I.P. Alec Holowka, and other REAL victims of false accusations.

  • bobbilina

    Pewds the point you make at the beginning of this video is SO true. I was talking about this the other day... people will say all sorts of shit online that, if confronted with the same situation IRL they would just ignore it, agree, or try to change the subject etc. It feels like you can't truly be friends with people anymore, because if you say something wrong online everyone immediately judges you for it, rather than talking about it and discussing it like they are here.

  • CEO of Bananas
    CEO of Bananas

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Aaron Scheiner
    Aaron Scheiner

    14:11 I think other people speak out so that person doesn’t do what they did to others

  • Donovan Byrnes
    Donovan Byrnes

    lets cancel cancel culture

  • Nathan Paul
    Nathan Paul

    I think it’s a matter of pride and lack of mercy. If we were all in the same spotlight as these big celebrities, almost all of us would be canceled lol. It feels like “my mistakes on me, not a big deal. Those same mistakes on you, you should be canceled”


    imagine saying that a person needs to lose a million dollar job because they made offensive jokes and listens to music on spotify

  • Jew Shirls
    Jew Shirls


  • Toxic Aristotle
    Toxic Aristotle

    "It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own" Marcus Aurelius. All the social media storm and cancel culture is nothing but to satisfy that love for ourselves through other peoples approval.

  • Bailey Dawson
    Bailey Dawson

    “Yubelay” instead of “jubilee” made me astral project 😂

  • beast weeb666
    beast weeb666

    hey you got a blackhead bro

    • beast weeb666
      beast weeb666

      or a pimple cant tell

  • Manzabhad Mann
    Manzabhad Mann

    What's the deal with the Hipster-Peter Griffin icon in the various intros? I must've missed that meme

    • FUTOGUN 2
      FUTOGUN 2

      Manzabhad Mann it’s sive’s profile on Twitter

  • Nicholas David Hutabarat
    Nicholas David Hutabarat

    My question to cancelist: Who paid you to keep working on that thang?

  • Nicholas David Hutabarat
    Nicholas David Hutabarat

    If celebrity commits mistake, or sharing their thought, then get cancelled. We better give em second chance to repent like seriously please can yall

  • matthew hughes
    matthew hughes

    It really all just comes from peoples sense of entitlement to instant gratification. They dont want to wait for evidence or for investigations. They want their emotions to be coddled immediately instead of waiting for the unbiased truth.

  • Matteo Dough
    Matteo Dough

    I must say. I can listen to pewdiepie podcast all day

  • PP Destroyer
    PP Destroyer

    im just wondering why his eyelids are so shiny

  • Slicing Onions
    Slicing Onions

    We love pew news ! Bring it back and poppa gloria back from the dead !

  • Slicing Onions
    Slicing Onions

    They need to release the scare pewdiepie2, it was ridiculous that they cancelled it originally and it's even more so to still not

  • Sleep No
    Sleep No

    You shouldn’t become vigilantes of justice, when taking justice into your hand is a bad thing in all bat man or just super hero movie. Also what’s the point of discussing that if it was basically common minded people talking about why they are common minded.

  • Vicki Takacs
    Vicki Takacs

    It’s the natural outcome to political correctness and it’s ignorant. This crap is why young people think there’s such a thing as hate speech and misinformation. No such thing. There may be information that you think is incorrect but it should not be removed, rather you need to figure out if it’s valid or not. This leads to censorship but these people WANT to be censored, want to be controlled and told what to do. They’re enormously ignorant. They destroy. They’re a bunch of sissies. They need to start with themselves for wrong think, and that’s the biggest problem that they believe there is a wrong think. They are too stupid to decide what needs to go and too stupid to figure out the true information so want it all decided for them. That’s censorship and wrong. End of. Should be called Destroy Culture.

  • Mariana Armas
    Mariana Armas

    I hate cancel culture so bad, i mean literally the ones who canceled james are now canceling shane , what a stupid and childish bunch of people

  • Braxton B.
    Braxton B.

    I’d like to see how these pro-cancel culture schmucks react to James Gunn, ProJared, and James Charles. They’ll probably be switching sides pretty soon after they hear about them.

  • Bukeey Hamilton
    Bukeey Hamilton

    thanks pewds ;c

  • Joe Neighbour
    Joe Neighbour

    Do more jubilee vids

  • Sriram Natarajan
    Sriram Natarajan

    Watching this I realise how insightful and thoughtful pewds is ❤️ .... I just love how relatable he is

  • NBA Power
    NBA Power

    There was a time where being hated by the entire world was reserved for Serial Killers. now you can be figuratively hung in the eyes of the community over a fucking joke

  • Boi Boison
    Boi Boison

    every person has the right to say what they want. we shouldn't strip them of that right. if you think they're wrong, you have the right to try and change their mind. but it's wrong and oppressive to silence them completely

  • Anjola Kola-Ogunlade
    Anjola Kola-Ogunlade

    i haven't even finished the video, but i know thatcancel culture doesn't work.

  • Patrícia Lopes
    Patrícia Lopes

    Pewds: *I'm too old for drama* Tati, Jeffrey, Shane: *left the chat*

  • Amokra

    For every WineSkin there are Rowlings, Depp, Mignogna, and PewDiePie. And the problem with skipping ALL of wineskin movies is he has the Scream movies, Princess Mononoke (english), Spy Kids, Kill Bill, Rambo (2008), Inglourious Basterds and several others that are liked.

  • Christy Mathew
    Christy Mathew

    Pewds should talk about this more. We see examples like Johnny Depp, James Charles, and probably many other celebrities. Cancel Culture is really toxic and your input and the Jubilee video are so right. More people need to see it

  • Do Not Read profile pic
    Do Not Read profile pic

    This is technically pew news

  • E579 Gaming
    E579 Gaming

    If cancel culture was hated by everyone keemstar would be out of bussiness

  • Brianna

    When Pweds mentioned Jenna marbles :,(

  • McJaja

    For me cancel culture is for an organization or brand that directly connected in fighting for something bad like killing innocent people.

  • Garret Wright
    Garret Wright

    "Did we learn anything before we point fingers... No, no we didnt." *plays among us* IT WAS TOAST, HE DID IT!!!

  • requerimento de identidade
    requerimento de identidade

    when you have to search what R.Kelly means on google to understand this video...

  • Евгений Куликов
    Евгений Куликов

    Art is art. I'd buy Hitler's drawings if I had money and actually enjoyed them. I don't care whether an artist used to commit crimes or be racist, to hate russians, to hate gays or transgenders or whatever or if he/she is currently racist/homophobe/whatever. I pay for his/her art, but not for their views and deeds. I still like HP and respect J.Rowling for not giving up during darkest period of her life, I enjoy some of Lostprophets songs, I love Michael Jackson's songs and I don't care if they did anything wrong in their life. I don't care that some of my favorite movies were produced by Weinstein. Those are still great movies. People must be punished for a crime, but their art is a totally different thing.

  • Jack the Ripper
    Jack the Ripper

    Boomers weren't trying to insult us they were warning us and now their gone

  • ursula bo
    ursula bo

    I feel like cancelling musicians because something they have done is stupid. Maybe he/she is a criminal but what has that got to do with their music...

  • Knox Brown
    Knox Brown

    Watching this in September now that we know Nike uses labor from Uighur concentration camps, and, no... if something horrible comes out about a brand they won't get cancelled if there's still money to be made. That's an example where companies should cancel Nike rather than leaving the decision to the consumer. Few cases are like that but there's one Cancel culture is out of control, but there needs to be a line somewhere

  • DaBonto!

    My school literally just got assigned a project to review cancel culture but instead of using jubilee they used this video 😂

  • Pixie Ninja
    Pixie Ninja

    The James Charles thing got so twisted. Pewds defends him because they were friends before all of that. James Charles ISNT innocent Pewds. smh

  • silva

    there should be a way to keep people accountable if they are for cancelling. i think that would make most way more wary of how they act online

  • Caffeine Talk
    Caffeine Talk

    I support Cancel Culture = proof that dumb people exist.

    • Caffeine Talk
      Caffeine Talk

      @JackoJarz 10 years ago I was 10 years old and no access to internet and dumb too.

    • JackoJarz

      (Did I mention the 10 years ago part? People need to let go and worry about their own shit.)

    • JackoJarz

      Im sure if you looked back 10 years ago at yourself, you would think you were dumb too.

  • Rie Hidalgo
    Rie Hidalgo

    The Lesson of this video is: Cancel "Culture" is frickin' stupid.

  • jum bo tse
    jum bo tse

    I feel bad for james and pewds get cancelled . But I’m still boycotting Mulan the movie and hoping this get cancelled because of the actors and the Muslins concentration camp. I feel confused of what I’m doing :(

  • Earth 14 Rocco
    Earth 14 Rocco

    People need to learn to separate... everyones different and every decision they make is different. It gets worse when people try n blanket individuals n individual aspects of them with broader things... imo

  • voice

    I wish I lived in a universe with no Twitter.

  • where did ten's hair go
    where did ten's hair go

    “Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow.” - Mary Tyler Moore.

  • Sam L
    Sam L

    I have mixed feelings about cancel culture. People definitely need to be held accountable for horrible actions, but I feel like they should be able to learn and move forward as a person. It’s gotten to the point where we’re just kind of bouncing from one problem to the next without really thinking about what the impact will be

  • Sierra Ledden
    Sierra Ledden

    Cancel culture is honestly super stupid.... all people have done something bad at least once, that doesn’t make them a bad person. People are too quick to judge and put labels on people even if it was just a past mistake and that’s one of the most annoying things to me.

  • Robert King
    Robert King

    Cancel culture really seems like a teenage meangirl cyberbullying tactic that has come through into the real world.

  • Minsting Hill
    Minsting Hill

    Cancel colture is bad. Freedom of choice is important. And mange calls themselves victims without saying what they did bad for example BLM. And biggest cancel culture is vegans and environment activist they think they can cancel everything for everyone because they want.

  • Jerelle00

    I never liked cancel culture at all and I realized it was complete BS when they tried to cancel Mrbeast. MrBeadt did way more good for this world than the people trying to cancel him.

  • Aliceintherosegarden

    It seems as if some people contribute to cancel culture to make them look like a good person. Newsflash: Cancelling people does not automatically make you a good person.

  • Keithani The midget
    Keithani The midget

    I hate cancel culture 😬