Am I Straight? - Jubilee React #14
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  • pallavi aggarwal
    pallavi aggarwal

    damn i just realised this is real life among us

  • zey

    5:33 he almost said the n word or said it. Tf

  • Andreas sap
    Andreas sap

    you've got to outgay him, that's not doing it! i love it!

  • Quentin Belardes
    Quentin Belardes

    There’s an imposter amount us

  • Matthew Puthoff
    Matthew Puthoff

    Pewds isn’t homophobic anymore :( They changed him for the worst 😡

  • bee gay
    bee gay

    tbh the mole wasnt even on my gaydar like everyone else was high up there but like he just wasnt

  • bee gay
    bee gay

    not the "i thought long hair was super gay (sorry dave)" 💀

  • Jake Giguere
    Jake Giguere

    When Adrien said he been suckin sick and did the splits, I LOST it 🤣

  • Winéss Hd
    Winéss Hd

    actually Any of the guys : - Pewds : thats so gay.

  • D. Evaristo Picado rojas
    D. Evaristo Picado rojas

    "They can pick what they wanna do" lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  • Winéss Hd
    Winéss Hd

    Black james charles : *exists* Pewds: I believe u my dude. gay.

  • Arvis Linins
    Arvis Linins


  • GalaxyBreaker


  • Oye Travelogger
    Oye Travelogger

    T Series, It Was India vs the Whole World...... Good try ;)

  • Izumi Midoriya
    Izumi Midoriya

    The intro BOI

  • Ella Teander
    Ella Teander

    yes it’s a metaphor 😁

  • deathofaphan

    This video is everything 😂

  • m1xailo

    "You gotta outgay him dude" -pewds

  • Johnniler

    I'm not gay or anything but if I was here I would pressure everyone here to kiss or something the straight dude would most likely chicken out

  • Ronit Shakya
    Ronit Shakya

    Real life AMONG US “meeting room” 😂

  • TheAlex12

    this is literally among us, find the imposter

  • Khasim Soccer
    Khasim Soccer

    did this dude say hej då in the end??

  • Simon Miksch
    Simon Miksch

    Hahah aha jag gillar att du vågar säja saker skit kul att kolla på felix

  • Silver Strike_yeet
    Silver Strike_yeet

    There is one gay among us

  • Anthotogood _1018
    Anthotogood _1018

    Having sex with a girl “disgusting?” Is he gay or sum

  • Catherine R
    Catherine R

    To clear everyone’s confusion he didn’t LIE. He was born a woman, transitioned into a man. As a man, came out as Gay because he liked other men. Decided he doesn’t really like men but he likes woman, making him a straight man.

    • Bogs Zadronski
      Bogs Zadronski

      If she's a woman who likes women, then she's gay, no?

  • Yes Chad
    Yes Chad

    *There is 1 Impostor among us*

  • CosmicDreamss

    Omg it's black james Charles

  • marcus

    bro marcus is trans, and so am i... and i chose marcus as my name

  • Ivan Reyes
    Ivan Reyes

    This remindes me of Amung us 💀

  • Fghgy Gugug
    Fghgy Gugug

    This is like among us

  • Kia theunicorn
    Kia theunicorn


  • Kobi Agu
    Kobi Agu

    "If Black James Charles isn't gay then I'll believe anything"

  • Alisha

    I wanted them to eliminate black James Charles because he literally said he's was selfish lmao what

  • jake

    the original among us

  • Benjamin

    there is 1 imposter among us

  • Anika Bernice L. Estur
    Anika Bernice L. Estur


  • Anika Bernice L. Estur
    Anika Bernice L. Estur

    omg black james charles KXCBCFJKKF

  • Karol Palazej
    Karol Palazej

    As a gay dude i can tell you, having sex with a girl is naaaaasty. Basically a wound in a skinny humans body, whos entrance looks like sliced ham. But hey, i totally understand lol.

  • Music world
    Music world

    Black james charles 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Malachi Komisarek
    Malachi Komisarek

    There is one not gay among us


    i got it right but it thought "nah he aint trans , trans couldnt get a beard like that" well guess it does

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    So who's the imposter?!

  • Wade And Kayne Sandoval
    Wade And Kayne Sandoval


  • SolidAbyss7012

    "Alr that was the gayest thing i could've ever seen ik your gay"😂😂😂😂😂

  • SolidAbyss7012

    I hope cancel culture dosen't find this video

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson

    3:42 when a skater is gay

  • butt hole
    butt hole

    hey hey hey harry styles had long hair dont disrespect kings

  • Marie G
    Marie G


  • Jenn Wurst
    Jenn Wurst

    Lmao when they questioned the trans gay guy like uhmmm do u not know Gigi gorgeous ??? That’s literally her story!!

  • Sara AbuToameh
    Sara AbuToameh

    I knew ittttt from the moment he said that he came out as lesbian and then trans, because if first he liked women and then found out that he likes dudes too, that will make him a bi not gay

  • jor craft
    jor craft

    If people would listen i mean it would be way easier he said hes was born as a woman but hes with a beard and boish hair so like wtf

  • Angel the Vixen
    Angel the Vixen

    The definition of simp is a dude sucking up to a woman. I'm a lesbian and I have a girlfriend.... Does that make us both simp for each other? 🤔

    • Annihilated


  • G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸
    G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸

    SIMP GANG I`m Gay I`m Gay I`m Gay I`m Gay I`m Gay I`m Gay I`m AMG :]

  • Alina Tal
    Alina Tal

    Pewdiepie is a jojo reference now, I knew it

  • Skeleton Skeleton
    Skeleton Skeleton

    Lmaoo that whole ass speech at the end

  • Unwanted Commentary
    Unwanted Commentary

    These videos are just IRL among us before it was cool

  • Kaylee Switzer
    Kaylee Switzer

    i had to pause to say this so i dont even know if it was him. but having a female tattooed on your arm literally does not mean you might not be gay??? I have many naked females on my body because of their meanings. From greece mythology, to how I feel about myself, even tarot cards. But I'm not a lesbian? My brother has a tattoo of both naked males and females on him because of renaissance paintings and things that resonated with him. Tattoos are meaningful to someone, if a gay man wants a naked woman on their arm for any reason, then that's amazing, don't call someone out on their tattoos, ever. It's rude. It's degrading to some people.

  • ilef hadker
    ilef hadker

    I knew it from the beginning because of the body language 1:29 when he said i am gay he was shaking his head left and right it means he is actually not .

  • Cloudy Skies
    Cloudy Skies

    9:37 cough cough girl in red 👀

  • Sweaty Mike
    Sweaty Mike


  • Cloudy Skies
    Cloudy Skies


  • Alex Wahlen
    Alex Wahlen

    i think they were sus of the trans guy because he first came out as lebian. so he admitted to liking women. he then came out as trans. and then he claimed to come out as gay which would mean he "switched" from liking women to men which they called "in and out" anf "coming out too many times". in hindsight that kinda makes sense.

  • Meosi Osi
    Meosi Osi

    he IS trans he just lied about liking men. If you like women and identify as a man, you're straight. He is a straight trans man.

  • Melek Taus
    Melek Taus

    A former lesbian trans guy who is supposed to be a gay male is actually straight.

  • Fox Films
    Fox Films

    Wait he has legs

  • SU PREM3
    SU PREM3

    LOL 1:30 he has earring in his left ear which means that he is straight

  • Gazi Nheri
    Gazi Nheri

    5:33 Wasn't he about to say the N word?

  • Not Sloth21
    Not Sloth21

    jojo refrence

  • Izzat Najmi
    Izzat Najmi

    How about all the guys kissed then we will know who is not gay

  • Siri

    1:31 The excact moment I knew Marcus wasn't gay.

  • itz 3vil
    itz 3vil

    0:59 IM DYING

  • blazer_0

    it's always the big buff softies that are gay

  • ΓΞΛקΞΓ _SO2
    ΓΞΛקΞΓ _SO2

    i think ur gay

  • Rylty Vroid
    Rylty Vroid

    Black james charles for some reason is more attractive

  • nuker juker
    nuker juker

    Among us?

  • Life Rant
    Life Rant

    I just realized this is among us irl there is 1 imposter among us (Like so Felix will see)

  • CapricornQueen Saturn
    CapricornQueen Saturn

    There’s an imposter among us

  • Bass F0X
    Bass F0X

    “I have better gaydar than gay people” 🤣

  • Callan Blanchard
    Callan Blanchard

    H-how did you know I was a simp shhhiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  • Brittani Starnes
    Brittani Starnes

    Don’t read a book by its earrrings

  • Brittani Starnes
    Brittani Starnes

    I have crippling depressionn

  • Brittani Starnes
    Brittani Starnes

    Pews has the opposite of gaydar. Straighdar?

  • Star Corn
    Star Corn

    He was trans he lied about being gay

  • Guanmama Chang
    Guanmama Chang


  • Polish Giant
    Polish Giant

    Among us irl but gay

  • Julia LaMontagne.
    Julia LaMontagne.

    I’m gonna say it’s the dude with the gages cuz he shook his head no when he says he’s gay. Edit: I WAS RIGHT.

    • 4nderzzon

      Me too

  • Annie Stevens
    Annie Stevens

    the og among us

  • Team Descend
    Team Descend

    among us (gay version)

  • Chilly Chill
    Chilly Chill


  • Gamer_boy?

    This practically Among us but just seeing who isn't gay. (ALSO can someone please tell me that they laughed when the "black James Charles" screeched on the end of round two)

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts

    Jubilee is just Among Us, before it got famous.

  • donkey

    this is why i have trust isue

  • donkey

    black james charles lol

  • Naomi Durlacher
    Naomi Durlacher

    i fuckin knew they were a transitioned man from the beginning i'm proud of my gaydar for once

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy

    There is 1 imposter among us

  • Lance Renmar Tena
    Lance Renmar Tena

    The intro the warrdoo 😀😀😀😀😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Corrupted Miindz
    Corrupted Miindz

    Just started watching guessing Peter After round one I still think it’s peter After round 2 I’m still feelin it’s Peter After round 3 not thinkin it Peter and feeling it Rico After round four feelin it’s Rico and wtf black Charles that’s mean 😡 After round five omfg what u vote off the second gayest man there Wow didn’t expect him to be straight look at his ear rings 😂

  • Clostyu Gaming
    Clostyu Gaming

    Actually the guy who was the mole was a transgender male, he is just straight. Gender and sexuality are two seperate categories. So He is a man who likes women. Therefore, is straight.

  • Gaudium Capra
    Gaudium Capra

    "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!! YOU FOOLS JUST WOULDN'T LISTEN! I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE W R O N G!!!!" but seriously tho. I knew it was him. Literally all my friends LGBT+, so my gaydar kinda good tho...😂❤