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  • weewoo waa
    weewoo waa

    pewdiepie is adorable

  • Jingyi (Isabella) Wang
    Jingyi (Isabella) Wang

    what the heck happened to CORPSE's voice

  • stickjok 0
    stickjok 0

    21:56 Wait a damn minute

  • x cherry crush x
    x cherry crush x

    Greaseball: It’s definitely felix, there’s no doubt in my mind Felix: *wut do i do*

  • BoozeRideBeach BRB
    BoozeRideBeach BRB

    Jack and Dave has a small pp because of that last game

  • Joseph Espinosa
    Joseph Espinosa

    Sive shouldn’t be on the victory screen because he’s crewmate

  • delaney callan
    delaney callan


  • Unavailable User16
    Unavailable User16

    Bruh the ending game was so annoying and frustrating

  • JSFE

    Thank you Sive

  • Nxy

    Knock Knock who's there... boo who!

  • vanessa siguan
    vanessa siguan

    Pewds is like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Lmao

  • Zyer 117
    Zyer 117

    Why Corpse speak like David Blaine????👀 :V

  • Nacho official
    Nacho official


  • Dee

    I can't believe how quiet Ethan is lol is this really the same dude who randomly says shit like "Were pirates real?" "Is the egg separate from the yolk?" "Why are you over there minding your business bitch?" "romentum" "s-s-skrittle!"

  • Subhashree Mohanty
    Subhashree Mohanty

    All great youtubers Pediepie:what is the code Coryxkenshin:what is the code

  • Ruby C
    Ruby C

    25:35 Felix casually clearing asteroids during o2

  • Man Of Culture
    Man Of Culture

    All the boring comments about corpses voice. While I'm here laughing at the end when felix flames dave and jack.

  • Karma the scouragious dragon
    Karma the scouragious dragon

    elected to be ejected

  • Maya Gocheva
    Maya Gocheva

    Corpse playing with the pink skin is so cute AHAHAHAH

  • Hannah and gavin's channel
    Hannah and gavin's channel

    Felix should trigger the impostor if he dies then he "accidentally" forgets to mute his mic and say who the impostor was

  • Zilpa Moshayev
    Zilpa Moshayev

    i wish i could play among us :( i love lying butitcosts money on PC

  • Ariel G
    Ariel G

    Fav moments: 1:02 2:34 20:31 22:34

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    It's ok pewds I don't remember what room I'm in nor tasks I did lmao

  • Andrew Brazinski
    Andrew Brazinski

    I was today years old when I found out that Jack's real name is actually Sean

  • K P
    K P

    Pewds we gotta do something abt t series 😤

  • Ribal Jaber
    Ribal Jaber


  • Lauren

    The zoom ins were the wrong voice most of the time you can tell sive doesn’t watch any of these people lol

  • Gamers United
    Gamers United

    help them whith my youtube Channel please

  • grace hopkins
    grace hopkins

    hearing julien and chris in a pewds video is so much fun

  • EddienaC

    I came here for 20:30

  • LunaWolfMXS

    Corpses fake voice is annoying

    • chailicc

      Wdym “fake voice”?

  • Diego Arenas Rodríguez
    Diego Arenas Rodríguez

    I don't understand why pewds has a peepee cam

  • Daniela Zavala
    Daniela Zavala

    Is Corpse using a voice editor?!

    • chailicc

      Nope, that’s just his voice

  • Virág Pénzes
    Virág Pénzes

    Corpse saying deadass cures my anxiety

  • Tiberius Davis
    Tiberius Davis

    He cheats so much

  • Fedji✓

    My next 10 subscribers will win a prize

  • v_xruth

    22:03 that’s not Corspe🥴

  • Among Us ;P
    Among Us ;P


  • Kai Bowens
    Kai Bowens

    Tbh I smile everytime I hear the intro

  • 25chadwick

    32:32 that right there is why Felix has over 100 million subscribers

  • Katherine Leon
    Katherine Leon

    This whole video made me mad and sad dudee it seems like they don’t want to play with you idk.

  • Chessnut14

    The fact thst people vote felix just because their scared pewds is big brain.

  • Joseph Yankee
    Joseph Yankee

    Pewdiepie: it was julien Julien: under a bus

  • The Real S
    The Real S

    We own the same keyboard, now stop having Pokimane on.

  • Harley J omarion
    Harley J omarion

    julien? As in Jenna marbles bf or am I dumb

  • Simply Jada
    Simply Jada

    when you didn't realize your zoom mic wasn't muted: 22:35

  • Dwayne Davis
    Dwayne Davis

    Anyone else notice when corpse was talking at one point Pewds was highlighting Greaseball? 😅

  • ルナmizuki

    why did he sabotage julien idhdkdj SNITCH

  • Bruno

    pewds: votes out the the real imposters" Everyone: *not paying attention" pewds: follows imposter* pewds: "impostr's most wanted* pewds: "gets killed* pewds: "loses"

  • Rana Plays
    Rana Plays


  • D C
    D C

    is corpse dead like tf is his voice XD

  • Muhammad Ashraaf
    Muhammad Ashraaf

    iloveyou pewds

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    look at how long it took for him to react: 28:19

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    5:42 lol

  • Рэйес


  • Savanna Quast
    Savanna Quast

    I love how I recognized Julien’s voice right away

  • anonymous

    corpse can laugh!!!????

  • Soph Sevdev
    Soph Sevdev

    Corpses voice has a 6 pack

  • keti channel
    keti channel

    Felix looking at a text, slightly smiling and writing "LaMaOoOo" LMAO. Love you Felix

  • Hannah Asuncion
    Hannah Asuncion

    The ending was so frustrating you need new friends 😂😂

  • Slimy Salamander
    Slimy Salamander


  • keti channel
    keti channel

    Felix asks nicely to dave: who do you work with? Corpse? Felix asking jeb/water sheep: WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!

  • End

    Omg last game everyone was a retard except pewdiepie

  • doodle duck
    doodle duck

    "I sus jack" "dave sus" "charlie pretty sus" "i got big sus energy on stinky" alot of sus owo

  • taryn

    yo i love julien so much i wish he played with them more

  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ]

    Felix is so high leveled that people keep thinking he's impostor when he's never even getting it.

  • Call or Duty
    Call or Duty

    25:06 Yes Felix, you *DEFINITELY* bleeped the swear.

    • Call or Duty
      Call or Duty

      @ShawnCarno 05 No shit *.

    • ShawnCarno 05
      ShawnCarno 05

      He added the sound effect to bleep it but didn’t actually bleep it 😂

  • ReacTim

    Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie

  • Gabriel Holesinger
    Gabriel Holesinger

    Pewds is alive. Greaseball I’m gonna end this mans career.

  • Er H.
    Er H.


  • trinn 사랑해
    trinn 사랑해

    Please play Among us with marzia

    • trinn 사랑해
      trinn 사랑해

      @vmillixn the point of the same lol

    • vmillixn

      she’s just gonna scream and snitch on everyone

  • Ayo Mayonnaise
    Ayo Mayonnaise

    Sometimes I feel like corpse makes his voice that deep purposely I know he has a deep voice but sometimes you Can tell

    • vmillixn

      he has a deep voice AND a throat condition that makes it deeper, he doesn’t force his voice

  • Miles Fry
    Miles Fry

    corpes and narrator should make a viedo together that would be sick

  • James Adamson
    James Adamson

    Can CORPSE just take a sip of water 🤣🤣

  • Nikola Nina Skopowska
    Nikola Nina Skopowska

    Omg Corpse have the most sexy voice ever

    • vmillixn

      ur right

  • patrick Booysen
    patrick Booysen

    i really want to see corpse kill someone irl and then try an evil laugh lol😂

  • xo merz
    xo merz

    the last game 😂😂😂

  • ღ 精神悪魔 ღ ゚
    ღ 精神悪魔 ღ ゚

    22:26 is my fav actually. i can't stop repeating it -

  • Dario Magliozzo
    Dario Magliozzo


  • yazmin torres
    yazmin torres

    20:33 Is my favorite part of this video 🤣

  • Moni Dimovska
    Moni Dimovska

    20:58 tf hahahaha

  • Grabelex


  • OtakuN Lyfe
    OtakuN Lyfe

    okay so can we stop talking about corpse's voice cus we've been talking about it the whole among is series

  • Unicorn Potato
    Unicorn Potato

    Bruhh I literally just searched pewdipie and CORSPE among us💀

  • Molly Bogle
    Molly Bogle

    Corpses voice tho woah

  • Evie Hartman
    Evie Hartman

    Anyone else think that in pewds' among us intros he should have a mini cremated and it should be Gfuel?? Just me?

  • wayned0115

    How did Dave died if he's with them at 2:16?

    • ShawnCarno 05
      ShawnCarno 05

      True, Sean ain’t that stupid to kill right in front of literally two people

    • BitBANANA

      Ever heard of editing?

  • Abigail

    I always check if corpse is in game, so satisfying to hear him and his sweet personality

  • Syd Laden
    Syd Laden

    Just from Corpse’s voice I want him to marry me among other things 😂

  • Em A.
    Em A.

    I would like to see a group of detectives play this game.

  • natamoo

    I like how Felix has known Julien for years and still misspells his name lol

  • hannah

    the way he pronounces juliens name YULIEN💀💀💀

  • Kevin Crabtree
    Kevin Crabtree

    Corpse sounds like he should have bees coming out his mouth

    • Kevin Crabtree
      Kevin Crabtree

      Candyman reference

  • kenna benna
    kenna benna

    Pewds always makes it seem like he's the imposter even when he's not lol

  • Orange Floof
    Orange Floof

    5:33 Moist?

  • Crazy Carrot
    Crazy Carrot

    supporting pewds

    • vmillixn

      ur a king 👑

  • Crazy Carrot
    Crazy Carrot

    supporting pewds

  • Crazy Carrot
    Crazy Carrot

    supporting pewds

  • Crazy Carrot
    Crazy Carrot

    supporting pewds

  • Crazy Carrot
    Crazy Carrot

    supporting pewds