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  • Freshia Bazil
    Freshia Bazil

    PEWDIPIE IS A TRUE BONER Hint go to the channel named dani it will make sense 2:29

  • bla bla
    bla bla

    8:44 The question kinda makes sense Information is stored in the form of binary. And physically, the binary code is just the electric charge inside the transistors(Macbook air's storage device is ssd), which is because of the movement of electrons, and electrons have mass. So, theoretically, it willl get heavier.

  • the nerf nerd
    the nerf nerd

    Here from milk gang.

  • Liv Shoemaker
    Liv Shoemaker

    Quora = filled with idiots , Quora = Pewdiepie stans I'm just sayin if a = b and a = c then b = c

  • Ryan Rica
    Ryan Rica

    18:37 - felix kjellburg 2020

  • 🏞 𝘀𝗼𝗿𝗮 ⦙ ∘ ½
    🏞 𝘀𝗼𝗿𝗮 ⦙ ∘ ½


  • Disabled Peanut 2.0
    Disabled Peanut 2.0

    Question for Quora where does light go when you turn it off

  • Tim

    2:49 Doofensmirtz evil incorporateeeeed

  • Morgan C.M
    Morgan C.M

    If it has sex...then I can't read or watch it. So...nope.

  • Lauda Lasun Gaming
    Lauda Lasun Gaming

    Milk vs orange

  • Orange Crewmate
    Orange Crewmate

    as a lesbian, i can confirm we do not eat vegetables

  • cyberstudio

    0:04 a stupid cocomelon intro called "pewdiemelon" lol

  • AmIDeadYet Hopefully
    AmIDeadYet Hopefully

    Was the first one my dad?

  • lil editor
    lil editor

    Milk gang

  • Angela Christine
    Angela Christine

    PewDiePie is milk gang confirm 2:27

  • Sneha Upadhyaya
    Sneha Upadhyaya

    5:41 OK WTH! Did anyone notice “ lift harder beta” focus on “beta” cause it mean son or child in Hindi ( INDIANS?)

  • Red

    The Intro made my day

  • Blue Soda Memes
    Blue Soda Memes

    Did you mean to make a fran bow reference 👀👀👀👀 7:56


    I came here from Dani's video *Milk gang, floor gang*

  • just some meg with a long nose
    just some meg with a long nose

    some guy wrote some shit on quora harry potter called hermione a mudblood in his 5th year aceptable

  • The Gentalman
    The Gentalman

    For the contoversey thing i can imagine Pewds lawyer every time it happens

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    On the pregnancy reply, I would say and I dare say a few others that an unborn baby's' ovaries won't produce eggs, so no, but some say that anything's possible

  • kaylleb among us
    kaylleb among us

    Good pewdiepie is milk gang and im milk gang

  • ches lmao
    ches lmao

    pewdiepie milk gang confirmed

  • Holden Noble
    Holden Noble

    I tried to fix the ass wiping problem by strapping my power washer to the toilet, I’d worked to well I now have to shit trough a tube and will never need to wipe my ass again

  • Di Mitr
    Di Mitr


  • Adrian Seconds
    Adrian Seconds

    So pewds didn't get banned for spam 😂

  • Adrian Seconds
    Adrian Seconds

    I never knew how to pronounce it.

  • Sarah Jacobs
    Sarah Jacobs

    Until this week, I thought he was saying "Check. Mate. Ribroast."

  • crona virus
    crona virus

    Orange wants to know your location

  • Yah boi RrrrRAVEH!
    Yah boi RrrrRAVEH!

    was June really 5 months ago wtf I thought this was uploaded just last week

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey

    FYI It takes 4-5 days to start seeing things

  • Gizmo Allwin
    Gizmo Allwin

    Barack Obanana

  • Ayush Gilotra
    Ayush Gilotra

    Pewds: Pythagoras' Theorem is universal. Me: wait till this guy hears about non-Euclidean geometry

  • YiTi Gamer7
    YiTi Gamer7

    Orange gang, floor gang and water gang has to gather more people to destroy... ORANGE JUICE GANG

  • R F
    R F

    Yet agin: question for quota: has history ever recorded a match that wasn't staged or bots of people playing street fighter and it ended up both round# x 2 perfects and draw game?

  • santiago martinez
    santiago martinez

    luigi board

  • Galazy Starlight
    Galazy Starlight

    Me: Scroll down to read some comments, taking my eyes off the video for 0.01 second The video: 10:00

  • BlahBlahTALMUD

    bruh pythagorean theorem isnt true in non-euclidian space tho..

  • Choco Drew
    Choco Drew


  • YouTube that who created YouTube
    YouTube that who created YouTube


  • Desiree Lamparas
    Desiree Lamparas


  • StephAries S
    StephAries S

    Milk gang

  • NE7BY

    Olives lol

  • Dampierre

    This video gets into the mind of Felix more than any interview that he has ever been in

  • Jaxon Hunt
    Jaxon Hunt

    What speed do I need to put on the 3rd Harry Potter book so it’s duration lasts 3 seconds?


    Lol what a intro

  • Barnaby

    What he thinks: Pythagorean Theorum, space and time. What he types: Pee Pee Lraeg.

  • adippful

    I don't know about seeing things, but it takes 3 days of sleep deprivation for me to starts hearing things

  • Kantb Tamed
    Kantb Tamed

    I like that intro.

  • ReaperGaming

    Pew die pie is milk fnaf comfimed!?

  • nadeking ka chacha
    nadeking ka chacha


  • Green Gaming
    Green Gaming

    He’s milk gang boiz

  • SDM lol
    SDM lol


  • Passing Stranger
    Passing Stranger

    Is math invented or discovered?

  • Derpfacedcheese

    Lol btw if you don’t sleep for a long time you can actually die, game theory did something on it

  • smexz Gaming
    smexz Gaming

    I discovered it , it's like twitter

  • Mango_Fox_5

    I'm 15, I don't sleep for days until I see things, omg! MOM?!!

  • Sebastian

    The pythagorean formular isn't universal. You can draw a triangle on the surface of Earth that has 3 corners with 90° each. You could make it so that a=b=c holds, so clearly a^2 + a^2 != a^2.

    • Dr. Gaz Matic
      Dr. Gaz Matic

      Triangles interior angles add up to 180. 90+90+90 =?

  • Hurbert Richie Anime lover
    Hurbert Richie Anime lover

    Pewdiepie is milk gang and the leader of floor gang

  • TruthSeeker

    I'm surprised that he has read the count of monte cristo.

  • George Gee
    George Gee

    Quora....useless peple on there...i answer questions ,of which i am an expert..( more than 5 years experience)..Quora deleted my having realised that the people who decide on quora answers ...are absolute idiots..i a lot of people lose out because of these idiots at Quora.

  • Jesslyn

    more book reviews pls

  • LillyDilly

    2:50 the way my heart stopped beating- i-

  • Dr Fruitbag
    Dr Fruitbag

    dear Quora user. That game i believe is mafia or to be exact mafia ii that you played. There happens to be a mission in the junkyard where you shoot the gas tank of the chevy.

  • datsolo

    2:50 inator man

  • Bacon Army
    Bacon Army


  • Erlan Morales
    Erlan Morales

    How'd you get that fleece @_@

  • brooke h
    brooke h

    i think my father sent the first one

  • Ahndria

    It seems so short but it’s been 4 months since the coco melon war started

  • Kanupriya Vaidya
    Kanupriya Vaidya


  • Ellie Wasn’t found
    Ellie Wasn’t found

    Who came from Dani to just see Felix get cringed by oranges lmao.

  • sean wesley alberto
    sean wesley alberto

    Milk Gang was here

  • Aidan Yao
    Aidan Yao

    Great to see you using Quora!

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    @3:58 or thereabouts, I read a book and thought, I'm never going to do that again, now a number of years later, I'm a High school teacher & get laid several times a week, and you might say "In your dreams" that's right I teach Biology LOL

  • Ege Doruk Yakut
    Ege Doruk Yakut


  • 0G8

    Dani MILK GANG, Milk= THICC, orange juice= CRINGE.

  • Rat Matat
    Rat Matat

    My daughter doesn't like me what do I do? Download the new software update...

  • Typical Private
    Typical Private

    I see Pewds wearing that Army fleece jacket

  • Val Horna
    Val Horna

    Data actually weights. Epic bruh moment.

  • Prince Angelico DelaVega
    Prince Angelico DelaVega

    *Dani joined the chat* 2:27-2:38 5:29-5:33 *PEWDIEPIE MILK GANG APPROVED*

  • Joshua pere
    Joshua pere

    Don't use God's name in vain by saying Goddamn or even Holy Cow or OMG. Ur Breaking the second commandant!!!! Repent n believe!!!! In Jesus!!! He will surely forgive you 🙏!!!!!

    • M J
      M J

      Btw are you aware of all over 600 rules. And diff denominations use different rules. So the first four is just to please a cruel good and the rest are questionable... take god care ❤️

    • M J
      M J

      Joshua pere so you can kill rape and use a word "yeshua", as long as you pray one time. Islam is a better meme as you can kill slaughtering and threatening ppl by saying a short verse in the Quran, and "stay" there (otherwise you get killed). Or ... ok ok just tune it down and read the Bible

  • LELE FAN!!!!!
    LELE FAN!!!!!

    So ur milk gang?

  • Dwayne Andales
    Dwayne Andales

    Orange gang: You cant defeat me Milk gang: ik but he can Pewdiepie: I dont except orange Milk gang: Odin is With us

  • Spaghetti Sauce
    Spaghetti Sauce

    pewdiepie watchout felix shelljburg is on your compuer thats about yuo not him

  • ImLegendaryTTV


  • Prayush Twayana
    Prayush Twayana

    11th June is my birthday

  • Gabino CUDiamat
    Gabino CUDiamat

    Milk ganh

  • lakshmi bhadoria
    lakshmi bhadoria

    Few books out of the books you showed are really transformational, in the sense they help you dig deep about what exactly is reality. Like Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy and Midnight with the Mystic. and seeing how you are intrested in knowing yourself pewds you should really read these books.

  • val dlc
    val dlc


  • Mason&Stuff

    So you milk gang huh

  • TseeBaby.

    "Subtle Art of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson is a GREAT book.

  • Xero

    Pewdiepie is milk gang???

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    I agree with your politics so damn true!!!!

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    Wait til you floor gang and can't get up lol then your hospital gang lol

  • MossyEYE C
    MossyEYE C

    The like button was gently pushed felix

  • Arvinder Singh
    Arvinder Singh



    2:27 pewdiepie is milk gang confirmed

  • [GD] Lucky
    [GD] Lucky


  • Samuel Puerta
    Samuel Puerta

    Felix Kjellberf welcome to milk gang! The gang that all true boners get THICC!!! We hopefully will be teaming up with floor gang. And orange juice is CRINGE, Milk is THICC!