Bad Design is Hilarious! #66 [REDDIT REVIEW]
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  • theother swan3
    theother swan3

    At 6:39 it also says “do die safely” if anyone wants to try that

  • Adham Emad
    Adham Emad

    I guess it was not everything is impossible

  • IInotLevi


  • Naughty Mann
    Naughty Mann

    I am from future

  • Dumbo Comix King
    Dumbo Comix King

    I built a LEGO house without a fukn stairwell

  • Def_Wilbur

    i hate how the mini coolers at stores and gas stations are always the wrong size for every drink, so when they put pop bottles in the slots they always get stuck. pisses me off man.

  • •AsoCan Aso•
    •AsoCan Aso•

    8:36 I think its trying to say "everything is possible, nothing is impossible"

  • Dat Boi Ulysses
    Dat Boi Ulysses

    Breaking news: pewdiepie smoll pp

  • Christopher Soto
    Christopher Soto

    power outlet placement. EVERYWHERE. no exeptions.

  • SugaristSnake0

    2:20 can’t be more glad if we have them now, u never know how dirty ur fruits can become

  • rc-wingman

    what is wrong with 13:35? You can play 3 games in this place. 1 Basketball 2 Soccer 3 Volleyball Do I miss something?

  • Amritha Ketheeswaranathan
    Amritha Ketheeswaranathan

    8:33 Nothing is impossible, everything is possible.

  • daniil umanskiy
    daniil umanskiy

    It says designed in California made in china

  • DL senseless
    DL senseless

    2:50 that bag is probably made from potato’s no joke we got one and it was the same but it said that it was made from potato’s

  • DL senseless
    DL senseless

    1:52 my Grandad is an architect too

  • Izzi Shields-Brommel
    Izzi Shields-Brommel

    Who else read his shirt?(if u dont know it says "JOJO Big PP Adventure")


    wow felix u got the jojo bazare abenture shirt i know is not but still

  • TRWgaming 147
    TRWgaming 147

    5:02 you'd expect more from a £200,000 Bentley Continental

  • TRWgaming 147
    TRWgaming 147

    1:57 *Covid liked that*

  • Austin whitaker Outdoors
    Austin whitaker Outdoors

    Tac strips on carpets

  • Surekha Lanka
    Surekha Lanka

    12:59 average height of india women 5.5

  • Myipad Twist
    Myipad Twist

    I love pews but, the guy that sit on his ash over 10+ years already making stupid vids saying :”do your job right” is Pretty ironic.

  • Felipe Vergara
    Felipe Vergara

    The first one makes no sense, the train will still go to the massive crowd as its connected

  • Gabrielle Bowser
    Gabrielle Bowser

    8:17 “nothing is impossible” “everything is possible”

  • Kingdoge Gaming
    Kingdoge Gaming

    my dad works in assa abloy so yeaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vegemite Scandal
    Vegemite Scandal

    Crappy Design:Your Hairline

  • Elijah Stecki
    Elijah Stecki

    Pewds, lazarbeam and Mrbeast should make a business. Pewds: architect Lazarbeam: Construction Mrbeast: money/good looks

  • The Last Star
    The Last Star

    And maybe someone just photoshop this

  • Alix Galper
    Alix Galper

    No words

  • Harman and Ramin gaming
    Harman and Ramin gaming

    8:37 not everything is impossible

  • Ayush Jindal
    Ayush Jindal

    That's exactly the stock carpets that came with my 2018 Ford Ecosport. It was very scary when they got stuck on the accelerator pedal for the first time.

  • Samira R
    Samira R

    The hand dryer one isn't a crappy design, just move the bin somewhere else...

  • karloz

    the killing one is that if he moves the traun he will kill the 1 man and the 5 others too

  • Samer M
    Samer M

    4:32 the group of people will die in both cases, and they are all using crutches/sticks so empathy doesn't play a role. Designer of the pic must been a troll.

  • Jacques Boyadjian
    Jacques Boyadjian

    Toiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilet seeeeeeeeeeeeeatsss Whats up with that Whats up with that Toiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilet seeeeeeeeeeeeeatsss Whats up with that Whats up with that Whats uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Can you tell me whats uuuuuuuuuup Wiiiiiiiiith thaaaaaat

  • Roberto Reyes
    Roberto Reyes

    At 8:31 the thing is trying to say “nothing is impossible, everything is possible

  • Nethula101


  • Olivia Culley
    Olivia Culley

    Tap that is too close to the sink bowl so u can't fit ur hands under, with a dryer above that is too close to the sink, so when you wash your hands the automatic dryer comes on and splashes water in your face

  • Daniel Lira Alarcon
    Daniel Lira Alarcon

    Be careful with me guys... I’m from Chile 🇨🇱😆

  • CM plays
    CM plays

    nothing is ever impossible i have FINNALY DECODED IT

  • Nahusenai Nurelegne
    Nahusenai Nurelegne

    Know I realize why people say there are two types of people in this world.

  • Sean Yang
    Sean Yang

    One movie near me theater has reclining chairs

  • X-Tale Chara
    X-Tale Chara

    At 4:08 the way that the books are stacked just triggers my OCD.

  • bag head
    bag head

    12:28 as a latvian i can say that we dont have 9 feet tall women

  • Cookie Sunbun
    Cookie Sunbun

    13:35 in our country every school have one of these but floor is concrete

    • tom josh
      tom josh

      is the point of this being a crappy design that it is grass

  • A Standard Asian
    A Standard Asian

    Putting plastic bags over bananas turn them ripe faster

  • drink water
    drink water

    8:32 nothing is ever impossible

  • Mursaaara Ezzy
    Mursaaara Ezzy

    For me it’s car doors

  • Shrek Buddha Meme
    Shrek Buddha Meme

    My dad has a pan that looks ilke a bowl and it has a handle

  • Pranay Neppalli
    Pranay Neppalli

    8:31 felix! Its supposed to say ‘nothing is impossible. Everything is possible’ but the designer was just dumb and thats the point of it

  • Matyas Dedek
    Matyas Dedek

    no everithing im is possible

  • Flynalyn YT
    Flynalyn YT

    Beats flex. Wireless headphones. Compatible with Tesla Model X. Thanks apple

  • Zeno 04
    Zeno 04

    Trim the damn carpet if it doesn’t fot

    • Zeno 04
      Zeno 04

      Fit sorry

  • cutefoxy019 vlogs and gaming
    cutefoxy019 vlogs and gaming

    Perfect example of Social distancing 1:54

  • Alyan Farooqui
    Alyan Farooqui

    I wish time travel was real

  • Ramen YT
    Ramen YT

    Who else was looking at his shirt the whole time

    • Meow🐈


  • blitz FN
    blitz FN

    8:31 I read it as nothing is impossible ever

  • Greta Lissa Finne
    Greta Lissa Finne

    Nice JoJo shirt

  • Arsalami


  • sebastiaan verbaandert
    sebastiaan verbaandert

    8:51 its either that or getting a cut from the sharp metal :') . The bend is there to protect you

  • Louis Garner
    Louis Garner

    Most crappy design is my brother

  • 미스 라아야 냐
    미스 라아야 냐

    SuperM merch

  • Cat lover
    Cat lover

    The sign is saying "everything is possible" and "nothing is impossible" lmao, such a bad design😂

  • Dew

    We did it agian Latvia made it in a video! (like if you're latvian)

  • J a m 12 13 09
    J a m 12 13 09

    America in a nutshell 1:25 - 1:29

  • Lara Blair
    Lara Blair

    The car that the water fell into was a bently just think about that

  • Wet Bread
    Wet Bread

    That's the caps lock you press at the start if an online rant

  • GuyInAGame

    yo my brother went to that school lmao,

  • just leo
    just leo

    btw it said : nothing is impossible and : everything is possible

  • Gaming Dragon
    Gaming Dragon

    'It costs too much to fix, apparently'

  • Will Poole
    Will Poole

    this was on my birthday

  • broxxolichan

    mine is those plugs that are like rectangles that cover up both outlets

  • King Quteyboya
    King Quteyboya

    he should make another one of these

  • john gam
    john gam

    it's because bananas are fucking expensive, so we buy it one by one.

  • Pigeon Flame
    Pigeon Flame

    4:32 it’s a crappy design because if the man in the blue chooses the left everyone dies because the train is going to curve back around and hit them anyways. The one on the right at least one person is spared.

  • feh muh
    feh muh

    Everything is possible, nothing is impossible You’re welcome

  • Midnight Gacha girl *_bts_*
    Midnight Gacha girl *_bts_*

    My old school5:13

  • Yehshua Roa
    Yehshua Roa

    Ah yes watching PewDiePie whila my phone is upside down



  • Winona M
    Winona M

    It’s awkward when little kids try to peek in on you going to the bathroom. It scares me.

  • veince estrera
    veince estrera

    big PP adventure JOJO... BRUH

  • epic brainiac
    epic brainiac

    my laptop doesn't have a fa n:(

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire

    PewDiePie is this isn’t a hate comment but also it kind of is but it’s not it’s mostly not but I don’t like how you threaten to kill people and swear

  • Xvyius _
    Xvyius _

    7:05 what if they put the sink on the ground and the toilet farther up the wall??? Big bwain time. lmao O.o

  • kate sullivan
    kate sullivan

    Nothing I hate more about sinks is when the faucet is too short and you have to touch the side of the basin !!! They are so common and so bad

  • Solid Coal
    Solid Coal

    my desk has two drawers but one of them doesn't even open

  • Colt McKeehan
    Colt McKeehan

    1:21 Hey where’s perry?

  • Twîłîght !
    Twîłîght !


  • SemperFi Ri
    SemperFi Ri

    The glass bathroom doors one ugg well I get it when I was at a camp the shower doors were just like that and all the kids had to line up be hide the door so they all saw you I still have nightmares' to this day about that it happened 7 years ago that gave me PTSD

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy

    Just reminding everyone he is the guy that took a shit in a shower

  • André Serra Campos Ferreira
    André Serra Campos Ferreira

    2:59 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • brodie Perry
    brodie Perry

    I got an ice cream scoop and when it came in it was a fork ice cream scooper, like what?

  • ashes48

    apple sucks though

    • Виктор Савић
      Виктор Савић

      It's been 6 mouths 😕

  • Jennifer Clenney
    Jennifer Clenney

    You need 420 million subscribers

  • AggresiveChips

    15:31 person on the other side: ayo lemme get some toilet paper rq

  • Lucas Takao-Haun
    Lucas Takao-Haun

    in japan they do it for cleanlinest because they are cleaner then he world

  • SDK

    My old college was a curved building facing the sun at a perfect angle to be cool in the summer and hot in the winter, except it was a few degrees off so it was freezing in the winter and scorching in the summer

  • dustdoorknob

    Us Californians designed it this way as a f**k you to the rest of the world for the stereotype we're all drugged-out morons.

  • wingus dingus
    wingus dingus

    If u ask me the carpet in the car is a much cheaper cruise control 👍

  • atharis game tester
    atharis game tester