Big Ed Tries to EXPOSE Rose LIVE! - Part 4 FINAL
Big Ed on TLC brings out evidence while fighting with Rose live
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  • Raysia Aulya
    Raysia Aulya

    Nda bisa bahasa enggress 👁️👄👁️

  • ally kulhmann
    ally kulhmann

    Hes like the dollar store version of Leonard from The Big Bang theory. Fr

  • Bigfella

    Asian woman don't naturally have hairy legs so what is that grub ed on about

  • Tw1sted Grav1ty
    Tw1sted Grav1ty

    Pewdiepie On a past video I told you you where gay like 4 years ago I truly apologize


    i still hate ED , i still love rose and yes i still love addison rae

  • nhory benlot
    nhory benlot

    filipinos wacthing attendance (lol)

  • xxoul xxeller
    xxoul xxeller


  • michael

    Rose looks hella fine with her make up on

  • valen kawaiix
    valen kawaiix

    rose is mad cuz she lost her opportunity to get out from third world

  • Prime Guillotine
    Prime Guillotine


  • Devon Saddington
    Devon Saddington

    My apologies pew die pie if you are actually disabled

  • Devon Saddington
    Devon Saddington

    This is the worst most un professional commentary I've ever heard .....get some friends and learn how to speak English mabey get a regular job

  • VeryConfused

    This is... sad

  • Pasion2025

    I'm filipino and I feel like filipinos sound kinda angry when they speak tagalog lol

  • heidy Cabato
    heidy Cabato

    I believe tht girl is kind of Liar... she know how to speak english she just pretend she doesnt know liar

  • ThousandHounds

    I was hoping for a girl power moment between Ed’s daughter and Rose, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess.

  • SpiruxGaming

    Rose is kind of childish for a Filipino

  • Jkjkjk Jjkk
    Jkjkjk Jjkk

    Yo that translator though☠️ the translation is not even half of what Rose said🤦🏻‍♀️At least the subs were kinda accurate

  • Suxxess Music
    Suxxess Music

    Pewdiepie’s reaction is the best to these videos

  • Vladimpaler23 Dearo
    Vladimpaler23 Dearo

    ed is a worthless human being!!!

  • Robin:D's YT
    Robin:D's YT

    I didn't know cringe Tuesdays where back But now the clips are on the top right Jk I love pewdiepie no homo

  • AnaStacia Nicol
    AnaStacia Nicol

    Loll okay but rose is exxxxtra

  • AnaStacia Nicol
    AnaStacia Nicol

    It's crazy his daughter is pretty

  • tommy L
    tommy L

    I watched for 2 minutes, your commentary is annoying....

  • Raquel Gan
    Raquel Gan

    Ed daughter attitude🙄💩

  • Frederick Sharon
    Frederick Sharon

    Hahaha a girl turned her sexuality around just coz of this dude lol ED is the meaning of an ass lol

  • Sadie Gaither
    Sadie Gaither

    Hm what do big Ed and rose have in common I mean there both humans 😝

  • eTAEreal scenery
    eTAEreal scenery

    You guys can support her youtubr channel Rosemarie Vega

  • eTAEreal scenery
    eTAEreal scenery

    Useless freakin translator. You should have hired me and i can even let out the frustration to no neck ed no problem :D

  • vicki samuels
    vicki samuels

    they both are lonley but rose i feel sorry for her

  • beseloo

    Wait you can’t use those filters on FaceTime?.?

  • KingAwit Official
    KingAwit Official


  • Christian David Flores Gonzalez
    Christian David Flores Gonzalez

    ED is a simp

  • yad

    Damn, this woman is gorgeous when she gets angry

  • Thomas Neale
    Thomas Neale

    Rose has the funniest facials you do not have to understand what she is saying the disgust on her face when ed says she reached out to him and wanted him back lmao!!!

  • Aj Singer
    Aj Singer

    I wonder if Tiffany has been in a good relationship or if she's just f***** it up like her dad has because she seems like one hell of a b****

  • Kesler Aquino
    Kesler Aquino

    ilove how everyones into rose ahhahahahaha and roast ed mor hahahaha

  • winter sun
    winter sun

    No child owns his or her parents, especially a 29 year old grown woman. Time to grow up, find yourself a relationship and create your own life. Your dad does not owe you any more. You are not a child or a minor. GRoW UP

  • Ezequielking535 Yt
    Ezequielking535 Yt

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hih ihih hi hhi hih h

    • Andrew Sarabia
      Andrew Sarabia


  • Mona Zahara
    Mona Zahara

    Eds daughter is so ready to look down on Rose. Clearly misplaced hatred and superiority. Snobbish, and all of those qualities come from Ed.

  • Ikimo Halo
    Ikimo Halo

    I m disgusted by both ed and rose equally

  • Jason b.
    Jason b.

    The story of Ed can be summed up as the story of a selfish man who thinks with his d**k

  • Hazel Leonardo
    Hazel Leonardo

    Why does everytime she speak in tagalog with angry tone makes it ehck cringey. 🤦‍♀️

  • Megan C
    Megan C

    I like Rose better than Ed tbh

  • Lil papi 369
    Lil papi 369

    Imagine getting roasted by Pewds, yikes Ed 😬

  • Jana

    Can someone tell me what she was even lying about?

  • Jana

    I feel so sorry for rose man

  • Hαnαmí Octαvíα
    Hαnαmí Octαvíα

    This guy reactions 😂😂😂

  • coconut playz
    coconut playz

    Ed ain’t useless he just an example of how bad of a bf of him :/

  • Sidharth Manoj Kumar
    Sidharth Manoj Kumar

    If he had a neck, he might be that tall

  • Almudena Pérez de la Vega
    Almudena Pérez de la Vega

    Wait, when did Rose tell Ed to leave her daughter? What did I miss?

  • Hanhan C
    Hanhan C

    Rosemarie doesn’t get in tone with Tiffany, that’s just how rose speaks usually

  • Michael Guttormsen
    Michael Guttormsen

    The biggest problem I have with Ed is that he disrespected Rose's Dad's pig farm when she said that he was very proud of it.

  • Karmu Tsering
    Karmu Tsering

    I'm binge watching PewDiePie reacting to these TLC videos. Someone needs to stop me 😬

  • Ashlee Evans
    Ashlee Evans

    Something that always bothered me about Ed is that he always talked to Rose like she was a child. He talked down to her like she didn't ever know what anything is because of the language barrier. He did the annoying like.. slowly talking to her like you do to two year olds when you explain something. He even did it while trying to change her. Which is wrong.

  • Niara K
    Niara K

    18:03 awwwww😍

  • Loraine

    As a filipino I dpnt think I can side up with rose now

  • pika pool
    pika pool

    these guy is weird he tries to exposed for something he is saying she messages him and he tells his daughter he want nothing to do whit her

  • Jamie plays
    Jamie plays

    Please like if you want to let felix make more tlc reaction

  • Ruben Schroten
    Ruben Schroten

    The biggest question is where is ed’s neck????

  • brian garcia
    brian garcia

    I love sweeds!

  • Francis Pascual
    Francis Pascual

    Are you sure, he didn't star as an oompah loompah on Willy Wonka!

  • Francis Pascual
    Francis Pascual

    Get a neck, Ed, get a neck!!!!

  • Jen X
    Jen X

    Let's see, who should we believe, the proven liar, or...?

  • Lerato Rato
    Lerato Rato

    Rose is living her dream now, she got a TRwatch channel as well

  • macandches

    Evidence , skin color don't matter, every skin color has ignorant pieces of sheeeeet

  • shawn ross
    shawn ross

    F Ed

  • Erin Mccormack
    Erin Mccormack

    the daughter is just as bad i- THE AUDACITY

  • nillehessy

    all horrible beings

  • Pickled_Ayla The II
    Pickled_Ayla The II

    The daughter talkin about how she doesn’t like the tone of voice Rose has🤦‍♀️. That’s literally just a Filipino thing. And rose is just sitting there all confused cuz she’s literally talking normally.

  • Lawrence Gutierrez
    Lawrence Gutierrez

    The translation is bad

  • Rebekah Chantal Galan
    Rebekah Chantal Galan

    The translator tho HAHAHSHS im filipino...and she hasn't ellaborated every single thing clear and well. Just sayinh. I mean basta HAHAHABABAHHA

  • Nonya B
    Nonya B

    Rose should have told Ed that she was not interested the moment she realized that she wasn’t. She was trying to play him for a sugar daddy and got caught in the game. Then crying and blaming him for wanting her to live her words. She was never into that guy. Yes Ed’s being a douche living in his fantasy land but Rose knowingly created it for him.

  • notsyd

    18:00 "because she's perfect" AWWWHSHSHSHS I LOVE THEM

  • Flying Dutch
    Flying Dutch

    Tlc should learn how to human

  • Stanzin Choskit
    Stanzin Choskit

    His daughter is just like him taking his side.

  • B Z
    B Z

    Well, hairy woman don't get a lot of men. That's for sure.

  • zahra

    I swear if I was roses translator i would literally smashed Ed

  • Daniel Nwosu
    Daniel Nwosu

    Even anime villains have a soul. Ed is disgusting

  • SylverXeonic

    14:48 Dude. You can just HEAR Ed's daughter have a change of heart with the way she said that

  • Tiara Phillips
    Tiara Phillips

    I don't have to have a translator to tell she's being truthful. If she's so shady why did she break up with him? He's like a millionaire to her... and she doesn't care.

  • Yaya's Mistery
    Yaya's Mistery

    I will fired that translator....

  • Julia Marciniak
    Julia Marciniak

    It is shocking how beautiful Ed's daughter is. Unfortunately everything else in that video doesn't surprise me.

  • Marilyn Rose
    Marilyn Rose

    To love someone is not just about LOVE! First you must know the real meaning of RESPECT. Because if you don't have this, then that's not LOVE.

  • Seth Galloway
    Seth Galloway

    I mean that girl came from him.

  • Benedict Ferrer
    Benedict Ferrer

    ang sakit ml ka muna

  • Glenn Echevarria
    Glenn Echevarria

    in the phillipines most of the population have hair in their legs and arms like me but shaving hair leg thats too far

  • Jeremy Bommarito
    Jeremy Bommarito

    I understand that its his style but the dude talks to much...let me listen to what they are saying.....I don’t get it....

  • S Q
    S Q

    Rose mental state in this video is a clear example of a woman who came out of a toxic relationship with a narcissistic personality

  • Grace

    "How do you make these things up?" bruh it wasn't made up probably you're just trying to cover it up. I feel bad for his daughter for having such a shitty dad, but honestly she's also terrible too.

  • Bleklion

    9:17 Hasn’t Rick Ashley taught you anything?? “Never gonna give you up”

  • Creed Chong
    Creed Chong

    Ed need a sex toy, not a soul mate

  • Sean Turner
    Sean Turner

    Gold digger + flawed man w. Protective daughter

  • Madhurima Jakkula
    Madhurima Jakkula

    They're not from counsel ... they're the guys from previous episodes

  • tauntie

    Its not so much the fact that ed said the things, its the fact he said it in front of MILLIONS of people. Hes not the one who should be annoyed

  • qnnikq

    ok but why is eds daughter so pretty

  • Alivson Defang
    Alivson Defang

    uhh i thought pewdiepie doesnt cuss

  • Sarah .S
    Sarah .S


  • Ivano Er Libanese
    Ivano Er Libanese


  • CL0N3

    19:19 this is what Barney would have heard too