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  • riya kathuriya
    riya kathuriya

    It's 24 oct 2020 and this vid has (690 k) likes

  • Colton Cossio
    Colton Cossio

    Also it is so true that they do that every single episode

  • Colton Cossio
    Colton Cossio

    It is food wars

  • Gaming Jet
    Gaming Jet

    YaY, U rUiNeD PhInEaS & fErB

  • Vedant Kasambe
    Vedant Kasambe

    100 frickin million subs whats up with his cams exposure

  • KennyInYourPanties

    Did he just put two intro in his intro

  • ً

    When you saw the thumbnail and then for some reason you thought Felix was doing it

  • mernad Afton
    mernad Afton

    Your channel its funny

  • c h r x s t i n a
    c h r x s t i n a

    did anyone notice ferb in 19:11

  • USSR

    When is pewds interpretation of gooba coming out - 19 year old

  • Catalin Iernean
    Catalin Iernean

    'i dont have enouch subscribers' also pewdiepie 107M subscribers

  • Anime for life
    Anime for life

    Fun fact: yesterday cocomelon lost exactly 2 million subs

  • Pixelated Vicky
    Pixelated Vicky

    Pewdiepie: We're losing on 6:27 His 100 million subscribers: Wut?

  • Kate Chan
    Kate Chan

    Me talking like this because im socially awkward. 0:32

  • Francisco Alcala
    Francisco Alcala

    I keep hearing coco melon so i gues imma try watching his videos and stop this year-long pewdiepie marathon. haha

  • Arvinder Singh
    Arvinder Singh

    Poopie pie

  • No Name
    No Name

    8:04 Happy Father noises, go have a son pewds, your parenting hormones are all over your expressions

  • Turtles

    big Ed: SiVE PUt YOuR MeME HERe sive: *puts pewdiepie* pewdiepie: THAT WASNT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN

  • Nutan Jadhav
    Nutan Jadhav

    4:51 it is pronounce panjab though the spelling is punjab

  • Eric Tselovanskyi
    Eric Tselovanskyi

    Sounds levels are really fucked up in this one

  • A Hunt
    A Hunt

    Pewdiepie is such a great person that people feel he's a better father to them than their actual dad. Man that sucks and I hope you people live a long happy life.

  • cookie koran
    cookie koran

    Wheres pewdiepies tambourine throne eh

  • Margo Brown
    Margo Brown

    I could read the shirt at 18:35 immediately, is there something wrong with me?

  • David Agrizal
    David Agrizal

    Thanks for your transfer in the past. Will help them to buy food.

  • stranger

    That Thumbnail nail😂😂😂

  • saiyam khare
    saiyam khare

    2:59 Why did he gassed like this lmao..

  • Dingpuii Fanai
    Dingpuii Fanai

    I thought the brightness of my phone was in auto-mode and keeps changing but then I realised it was just a bad lighting 😂

  • TheNamelessYeet

    I legit got a markiplier add in a pewdiepie video

  • C.I.A

    19:09 ahh I want a reward

  • Toxic Limits
    Toxic Limits

    12 mill ahead pewds

  • Cazmier Busse
    Cazmier Busse

    Little did he know copper was coming to Minecraft

  • Mike Alkon
    Mike Alkon

    I've done everything I can.. Perfect English here

  • Vimala Gopal
    Vimala Gopal

    Hello everyone I'd like to point out that when I'm currently watching this video the video has 609,000 likes and I'm from India so that is 6.9lakh for me so, noice👌👌

  • Sonya Campbell
    Sonya Campbell

    Bruh cocomelon has the 1 to 6 armey

  • Yellowing

    5:39 everyone: wow such good animation wow! me: *sudden anxiety came over me as I wondered how the frick he is going to get down without falling*

  • Blizz Gamez
    Blizz Gamez

    Man! The thumb nails get me all the time....!! Is it just me?!!

  • Rohey Saine-Somuah
    Rohey Saine-Somuah

    pewds: 105 MiLlIoN subscribers Still pewds: i neeeeeeeeddddddddd mooorrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Alfredo Avalos
    Alfredo Avalos

    3:13, how I act as a 5 year old: Me at 14 years old: Ok? Why did I act like that?

  • Subham Mishra
    Subham Mishra

    Man this comment section is making me emotional.

  • Mrclean 2009
    Mrclean 2009

    My chest hurts of happiness

  • Sushma's Indian Recipes
    Sushma's Indian Recipes

    there r like 696 k likes on this video HOLY

  • Subscribe for 1k
    Subscribe for 1k

    may god bless you all...

  • Jean Jures
    Jean Jures

    10:22 New Zarathustra

  • Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Wow this video has 696k likes and 6.8k dislikes. We're almost there boys.

  • Bluephoenix and weird things
    Bluephoenix and weird things


  • KieraLikesPizza

    107M good job pewds your fans love u 4ever

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh

    Tf is Poonjab

  • I hate Cocomelon
    I hate Cocomelon

    Guys.... There is a disstrack.... In the making.... You know what this means...... Make a new alt everyday so cockmelon wont pass pewds before he releases it

  • Banana boy 2134
    Banana boy 2134

    Lmao ur wife must be like wtf is wrong with my husband

  • Shrinkwrap /Deemer anKendall 64 Gzbzb
    Shrinkwrap /Deemer anKendall 64 Gzbzb


  • Donbis Don1
    Donbis Don1

    I just visited delphine for the first and.....what did I watch 😢

  • ianm

    6.9 Lakh likes, big 🖤 dic

  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast


  • Energy Catalyst
    Energy Catalyst

    I got a PewDiePie ad at the beginning of this video.

  • William Kanaykin
    William Kanaykin

    8:37 chaps

  • Dami

    okay but, i think we all teared up at 8:38

  • Ecláir Monochrome
    Ecláir Monochrome

    The bit about him being a father figure to crappy dads is the most truest thing ive heard in a while

  • Olmy

    plot twist: pewds is using a different version of cocomelons intro and saying its his

  • KingEclipseYT

    8:38 yes i am winning

  • Kayla Powell
    Kayla Powell

    The Agent E edit was GREAT. Dr. Septiceye 😂😂😂

  • AB Studio
    AB Studio


  • AB Studio
    AB Studio


  • AB Studio
    AB Studio


  • fartTASTIC101

    I went and clicked on this video and it brought up a pewds add and I thought I was watching the video but I wasn't. It was a add.

  • Luke Mabee
    Luke Mabee

    Wait a minute. Did anyone else notice he knew the belle delphine video was age restricted. What a simp.

  • Notcha Blitz
    Notcha Blitz

    pause this video at 13:14

  • SkullCollectorMC

    Cocomelon is chasing us sarge we need more subs

  • Jacob Hatfield
    Jacob Hatfield

    8:17 *"It's onions in here, there's onions in the air"* - Original Haiku by Felix Kjellberg

    • Yonatan_IL

      Dude that's Pewdiepie not Felix...

  • Monika Thakur
    Monika Thakur

    Honestly saying: about at 2014, Pewds looked like Star-Lord from MCU:)

  • Ladyfaye Ammogao
    Ladyfaye Ammogao

    Don't judge on a kids channel

    • AnarchEuro

      Why shouldn't he

  • Blaine Fiasco
    Blaine Fiasco

    Boi you aian't no uncle to me what!?!?

  • Fernando Chin
    Fernando Chin

    The intro is funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Clipz and Stuff
    Clipz and Stuff

    Pewdiepie: Nothing rhymes with milly. Billy: 😭

  • Astaroth

    TRwatch hokage pewdiepie

    • Dan's Glitches
      Dan's Glitches

      So the 9th Hokage have already been decided.

  • Samuel ?
    Samuel ?

    Bitch lasagna II: Melon lasagna.

    • Samuel ?
      Samuel ?

      Make it happen

  • Raining Cola
    Raining Cola

    My father is the worst. Want some F's for the fuckiest father of all time

  • Cooper Spurlock
    Cooper Spurlock

    Petition to for all of pewds' subs to make alt accounts and sub with them.


    Lets take a moment to appreciate the biggest youtuber watches anime and lets make pewdiepie a religion

  • paint playz
    paint playz

    the backward message is ' you will never look at your poop the same again'

  • Ka

    Why does Pewds facial hair makes his face look more HD than his body?

  • nonstopgaming74


  • Yadvendra Singh
    Yadvendra Singh

    Punjab out here taking the L

  • Alçin Zaimoğlu
    Alçin Zaimoğlu

    pewds said marzia is a hater........................

  • Kawaii Senpai
    Kawaii Senpai

    Imagine zenitsu watchin dis loooool iykyk

  • Kawaii Senpai
    Kawaii Senpai

    Well,I don't think so pal

  • Ribobley

    PewDiePie is Felixs inner demon slowly taking over him and his channel

  • E P
    E P


  • Speedy_Snag

    frik cocomelon

  • Kuroso Gareka
    Kuroso Gareka

    @8:27 So relatable lol ...

  • Paragon Nova
    Paragon Nova

    what the reddit of pewdiepie

  • Anthony Becerra
    Anthony Becerra

    I honestly think you are like uncle iroh you make me feel better than I do my dad isn’t really nice and I think of u as a Father my real dad is really crappy and my mother is the one that raised me better than my dad ever will. I love you and I hope you get to see this

  • queenofthe _peeps
    queenofthe _peeps

    wait are the bros the children or the uncles - a very concerned bro gang bro

  • mai-chan

    pewds: "ill play Minecraft soon, again" *yes dad, we won*

  • sleepytoons

    T series doesn’t have the check mark😎👌

  • Ivy Danielle
    Ivy Danielle

    felix’s eyes be like 🧿👄🧿

  • kurapika kurta
    kurapika kurta

    I wish you are my dad 💖 or my big brother

  • Hot2004Momma

    I had my kid unsubscribe because ur inappropriate for her

    • AmaanSlayz


  • Andrew Twardecki
    Andrew Twardecki

    I am skimping for pewdiepie

    • Andrew Twardecki
      Andrew Twardecki


  • micro is small
    micro is small

    690k likes 6.7k dislikes bois lets get it to 6.9k dislikes

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ •ɪ s ᴀ• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ •ɪ s ᴀ• ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ