Cursed Comments Has Gone Too Far... #81[REDDIT REVIEW]
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  • jeric madriaga
    jeric madriaga

    EVERYONE! do not ever search monkey raping frog on youtube.

  • T.Z gamer
    T.Z gamer

    Best video

  • vallious

    Every 1 million subs equals one tambourine?

  • elcrack

    No se que mrd ablas pero deve ser algo interesante

  • Stoned Ape
    Stoned Ape

    King Kong The Ultimate Simp 🤣

  • Smug Cat
    Smug Cat

    Is this a cursed comment?

  • بودا ميوزك - XTRAP HD
    بودا ميوزك - XTRAP HD

    Cool music guys 😍❤👉👉


    I pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life, can I Please get some support for my channel I just started not to long ago and I really need some help to just get started

  • Lenny Aguilar
    Lenny Aguilar

    Why did you sent bell delfines your coom im not a fan of her i fergot about her thats why cheked her chanal

  • lu

    i swear, i love this dude, but im a little worried of how he treats his dogs

  • SgtMaggi

    Cursed comments became so weak in my opinion

  • Regenarc Canis
    Regenarc Canis

    Where was the wholesome finish

  • Elisa . _ .
    Elisa . _ .

    Tubbo and schlatt!!!

  • Wendy Moens
    Wendy Moens

    Tomorrow is his anniversary

  • Mine Muffins’s
    Mine Muffins’s

    TUBBO!!!! At 8:47

  • The Only Us Podcast
    The Only Us Podcast

    Wait no nut November he’s in the future what’s the next disaster of 2020

  • Gamer_trooper

    7:13 all Canadians have food in there car just in casa

  • Some lizard Lover
    Some lizard Lover

    This was a good video!

  • that1zombiegamer yt
    that1zombiegamer yt

    *"No, not that i know but NO"*

  • Master Teney
    Master Teney

    Самый тупой ютубер

  • snufkinbby

    wow congratulations felix you really just made another homophobic remark and called it a dark joke! Yes turning "dark things" into a joke can be a good thing - for COPING but its reserved for the people who actually suffer from that "dark thing" you said you arent gay so you have no right to joke about something that doesnt affect you. Dark humour itself isnt wrong but Homohobia (etc) is. Its really getting embarrassing that you're still trying to sugarcoat it. If you dont know where to draw the line then thats a personal problem and shows me you're toxic. If you had any sense of decency you would know where to draw the line or simply stop making these dark humour videos.

  • Oni Oluwatunmise
    Oni Oluwatunmise

    It's October

  • The Breaket A
    The Breaket A

    Wow felix,pugs are not real protection,if you know what i mean😏

  • Luke Bourinskie
    Luke Bourinskie

    Has anyone noticed? Exactly 10 years ago from when the video was uploaded, he launched his first ever vid?

  • UsOU Sot
    UsOU Sot


  • Mincraft225

    Optimus slime 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • D.U.O

    Skiiiirrrrrrrt ova here fam I just posted some hellfire heat called WHAT IT TAKES!!! On god y’all need to hear this 🙏🏽

  • Han Soloz
    Han Soloz

    am i late? eh fuck it. Happy 10 years of youtube felix!!!

  • Flamy God
    Flamy God

    Am the type of perrson to press the emgercy meeting button at the first mintue of the game

  • Magic grave Nik
    Magic grave Nik

    I just realized that this video is one day apart from when he made his first video on TRwatch....

  • Tyson Walsh
    Tyson Walsh

    Lazarbeam looks up to u mate

  • Kamilla Hanuszek
    Kamilla Hanuszek


  • Xreator

    today is the exact day pewdiepie started youtube 10 years ago

  • JKarson009

    It’s been 10 Years

  • Walrus

    we just gonna ignore the fact that this video was uploaded on the 10th anniversary of the first video on this channel

  • Marvin Sanchez
    Marvin Sanchez

    10th year anniversary!!!

  • OtavioSenne

    10 yrs

  • Tasneem Roker
    Tasneem Roker

    Are we not gonna talk about how Oct 2 is his 10 year anniversary?

  • Qla Hood
    Qla Hood

    Your weird ways have rubbed off on Marzia, but they have adapted to her artistic ways lol

  • mizaleaf ;3
    mizaleaf ;3

    10 years later..

  • Gabriel

    I miss when you could laugh at a dumb joke without needing to apologize a million times

  • judy Radin
    judy Radin

    Logan one😂

  • judy Radin
    judy Radin

    10 years of pewdiepie

  • Marlin Anenome Poseidonth Darwin the 18th
    Marlin Anenome Poseidonth Darwin the 18th

    This video is pewdiepies 10 year anniversary since he posted the first one on October 2 2010

  • Alwin Joseph
    Alwin Joseph

    10 years of pewds

  • TheChickenLord

    This video is the 10th anniversary of the channel

  • Noonsquad -YT
    Noonsquad -YT

    On this day 10years ago pewdiepie was born

  • Cal The Animal
    Cal The Animal

    10 years

  • aWebtoon reader
    aWebtoon reader

    4:02 Lmao yes, Killer Bean representation

  • aWebtoon reader
    aWebtoon reader

    3:28 Awww the way Edgar jumps up so cute, and look at cute little Maya (:

  • Meraki Moira
    Meraki Moira

    This video came out exactly 10 years after his first vid on this channel

  • KyleStanl3y

    When he made this video it was his channels birthday

  • Dismal’s First Channel
    Dismal’s First Channel

    It has been 10 years since the Minecraft video

  • Costaa

    Its been 10 years... damn

  • Its jake from state farm
    Its jake from state farm

    Today would’ve been 10 year anniversary of you doing TRwatch

  • Random Stuff With Ramon
    Random Stuff With Ramon

    This was made 10 years since the beginning

  • KK_Biker

    1O Years Ago, when this Video was Uploaded. PewDiePie made his First Video

  • Christine Anne
    Christine Anne


  • Dee


  • Peter Ongoro
    Peter Ongoro

    soon cocof!@@ will get deleted

  • TomouTe

    then be in top comment 🙏

  • Pushpak

    That's a cursed doll get fin rid of it.

  • R rainegiroy1
    R rainegiroy1

    I found cocomelon in Netflix

  • KoalaBearPup

    Jhony depp said yihaaaa moooooooo

  • TheRealVeteran

    8:03 his profile pic is darth nhilus but his username is darth nefarious i am severely disappointed

  • Rudolph Rudi
    Rudolph Rudi

    No nut never cause im asexual

  • More Red
    More Red

    👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄

  • Mike Down
    Mike Down

    I gave a like because of Edgar and Maya, they're so adorable, especially edgar... he was really scared of that thing

  • Addison McLain
    Addison McLain

    Who else slowed it down so they could see what it said at the bottom....

  • SacredGaming HD
    SacredGaming HD

    This video was made exactly ten years after his first video

  • Dodge Spencer
    Dodge Spencer

    Stop torturing Edgar ima call PETA and maya is gonna cancel u sir

  • Tiffy77o

    So I know it s been a long time. But what happend to Maya's eye?

  • Marie


  • Uthri Halo
    Uthri Halo

    Most people: the beard is back Me: TUBBO?!

  • Jugi A
    Jugi A

    What is that video in the thumbanil? Pls

  • troll hehe
    troll hehe

    10:22 he should know that scp 173 will snap his neck if he looks away

  • John Fireblazer
    John Fireblazer

    Good thing he did not go to xahamster cause that is a pour site

  • memelord

    What’s with the end of the world music in the background

  • BEHAM Yotoi
    BEHAM Yotoi

    Pewdiepie is right back to insulting vegans, Julien will not be quiet after their brief encounter

  • waterformed

    his pugs will probably die within the next year

  • acorn

    I scream when I see maya and Edgar THEY ARE TO CUTE AHHHHHHH

  • Accidental Genius
    Accidental Genius

    2:11 I thought he was gonna call an emergency meeting

  • JohnarielPH

    Love this comment

  • Resurgemus of D.D.D
    Resurgemus of D.D.D

    If you want to contribute in starting of a new era? Support us socially, spiritually,mentally,physically and economically. But first aware the people about us and spread the notice that this era is soon going to end with rise of new and more powerful era.

  • Francisco Rojas
    Francisco Rojas

    Pipol 2020🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘


    I wish I got a shoutout:(

  • sd_wafiya

    marzias cursed barbie is the best part of this video

  • Me Me
    Me Me

    I would say your humble 😌as well as Perfect in everyway possible My Man, My King, My Hero, My Love, My Baby, My Babe, My Everything too. 💘

    • Anthony Moreno
      Anthony Moreno


    • Me Me
      Me Me

      Squeeze 💘

  • Alfred Partosa
    Alfred Partosa

    If we lose remember pewdiepie these kids will watch you someday

  • Eu Sou Alguém
    Eu Sou Alguém


  • Rafaəllə Hc
    Rafaəllə Hc

    Maya lost an eye ?

  • RavenArrowz

    Put playback speed to 0.25 at 1:57. you're welcome.

    • sised

      air raid siren

  • David Rivera
    David Rivera


  • who?

    why the intense music?

  • The Daily Pathé
    The Daily Pathé

    10 years!

  • Uncle Kaz
    Uncle Kaz

    Wath e FL

  • Mr Ladiesman
    Mr Ladiesman

    Idk if it was timed but when Felix raised his hand for the wax comment I got hit with an ad

  • one WEIRD guy
    one WEIRD guy

    little fact this was his 10 year anniversary since his first video

    • Pixiloom


  • Zaide Glover
    Zaide Glover

    And just like that he made a million dollars 💵

  • Niklesh reddy
    Niklesh reddy

    This video was uploaded 15 days ago and it has 5 million views, Mr beast gaming uploaded a video 6 hours ago and it has 7 million views already. (But still Pewdiepie is the best).