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  • Liam Johnstone
    Liam Johnstone

    "Okay this bit is pure luck" *makes it by the skin of his teeth* "Its pure skill! Pure skill!" 😂😂

  • kasimcmk cmk
    kasimcmk cmk

    i have been wating you from 16 years old now i am 26 years old

  • R McD
    R McD

    I loved your mortal kombat x videos especially with Jack so can u play the newer one Mortal Kombat 11

  • Mauricio Gigena
    Mauricio Gigena

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  • Alhaiti

    1:09:35 the pronunciation of potato in swedish is so funny to me because its similar to our pronunciation of it in saudi lmao

  • Quentin's gaming
    Quentin's gaming

    I hate you with my life

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe

    Did I misunderstand this or did someone donate over $400 and he was like "ugh I'll read it in a minute" have I missed something there?? That's a lot of dough

  • Nicolas David Ricardo Tampubolon
    Nicolas David Ricardo Tampubolon

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  • Enjay Quidilla
    Enjay Quidilla


  • Daniel Steiner
    Daniel Steiner

    Potatoe in arabic is botata

  • I0000 Subscribers white no content
    I0000 Subscribers white no content

    Hello 👋

  • powerstrike gaming
    powerstrike gaming

    Fall guys sucks

    • Suvojit Halder
      Suvojit Halder

      @Lemon Monkey 😂

    • Lemon Monkey
      Lemon Monkey

      No u

  • Casey Rivera
    Casey Rivera

    Who else misses the old pewdiepie always making jokes

  • Tuan Justice
    Tuan Justice

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  • だれんじゅ


  • The Living Liver
    The Living Liver

    when that guy caused felix to fail slime climb when he reached the top... i felt physical pain from that

  • Michael Crawford
    Michael Crawford

    I said the sh word other kid says I said the f word another kid said pewdiepie doesn't have original content everyone gasps

  • Conor C-S
    Conor C-S

    Just me or at the start does he look like Lyall Moloney when he had a beard?

  • Shannon E
    Shannon E


  • Buffalo Wings
    Buffalo Wings

    Subs to pewdiepie

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    🖕 YOU.

  • I LUV JD
    I LUV JD

    you're boring and arrogant.

  • poteytow

    I still can't get over how Among Us topped this game

  • ChrisTheFish

    Did they win any?

  • Maxwell Upthegrove
    Maxwell Upthegrove


  • MR々not Million
    MR々not Million

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  • MR々not Million
    MR々not Million

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  • MR々not Million
    MR々not Million

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  • Mad Bolang
    Mad Bolang

    Hahaa kocak banget dah bocil bocil

  • Roger

    Ditt fel sa wihppit

  • Angel Artica
    Angel Artica

    Ngl the new among us update looks sick

  • SolarGoat Gaming
    SolarGoat Gaming

    You're great at this game! I'm new to youtube but I love live streaming this game on my channel also.

  • Rompet

    REmember when Fall guys was the big thing

    • Malik Smith
      Malik Smith


  • Chief Chode
    Chief Chode

    1:33:25 is my favourite part

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen

    I just got a pewdiepie ad

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm

    this video made me lose so many braincells but i kinda like it

  • G B-D
    G B-D

    I wonder if I've ever played online against a huge celebrity but never realised

    • Laurinha


  • Michael Johansson
    Michael Johansson




  • Ian Ruiz
    Ian Ruiz

    I got an add of pewdiepie I thought it was in the video


    I love your videos and your voice 🥰🥰


      I mean it

  • Eduardo Bráulio
    Eduardo Bráulio

    this game is too bright gives me a headache

  • Brot Brotic
    Brot Brotic

    Pewdiepie sounds like a american when talking about football jesus...

  • Bilal Tariq
    Bilal Tariq

    "Indian dollars"

    • Suvojit Halder
      Suvojit Halder

      Time stamp maybe?

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres


  • Acidic Moose
    Acidic Moose

    Xbox is real gamers

    • Bayek


  • Funny Fall guys
    Funny Fall guys

    subscribed. pls help and subscribe to my channel too. thanks a lot

  • S.D Prodip
    S.D Prodip

    It's too long , but a low amount. It's unfair

  • anam cheema
    anam cheema

    Lol. Streaming is full of fun😂 i laughed many times after seeing this😅

  • melisa bozdağ
    melisa bozdağ

    Pewdiepie and jack saying bro for 2 hours straight

  • melisa bozdağ
    melisa bozdağ

    I am here after amoung us videos

  • melisa bozdağ
    melisa bozdağ

    I clap for the comment section cause yall are amazing

  • melisa bozdağ
    melisa bozdağ

    This is how many times they sad bro or bruh 👇

  • Late In The Game
    Late In The Game

    I just sat down to edit a vid and looked up and realized this video was over. Wow time flies when your beating your head against the PC monitor.

  • Hugo Sjölund
    Hugo Sjölund


  • adolfo caceres
    adolfo caceres

    really the game is very interesting to play it d a very pleasant feeling of satisfaction thanks

  • evilbunny58


  • alixz Wrld
    alixz Wrld


  • ToastyMCToast

    pewdiepie:this game is to easy also pewdiepie: hits his desk

  • LeFouTouTou

    Pourquoi tu copie valouzz sale sucre glacé au sel , je vais le dire à valouzz sale toutou , NON C'EST MOI LE TOUTOU ICI !

  • Kristina Mihajlovic
    Kristina Mihajlovic

    Seeing them play, rlly made me confident ab my gaming abilities in this game😭

  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel


  • Julia Luciani
    Julia Luciani

    holy fuck you're annoying

  • Olliecrox1 fortnitepro
    Olliecrox1 fortnitepro

    Felix:real gamers play xbox Me:im happy tseries won now

    • Vaibhav

      I'm happy you've 0 subs now

  • toastynotes

    People got much better at Roll Out. It speeds up so fast because the players don't die as much.

  • Joey Bear
    Joey Bear

    Just a bunch of adults playing a kid game

  • the ream's channel
    the ream's channel

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  • the ream's channel
    the ream's channel

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  • Richard Lim
    Richard Lim

    did anyone notice at 27:06 the yellow guy on the right just ran across open air to reach the next platform? Is that a new trick??

  • Ryan Rangel
    Ryan Rangel

    0 deaths

  • Jorge Cisneros
    Jorge Cisneros

    what happend your my favorite

  • Tapiwa Reggie
    Tapiwa Reggie

    Stupid most sudscrided person friends which people who swear a lot not worth subing

    • Shiro Kuruse
      Shiro Kuruse

      Wtf are you even saying.

    • Vaibhav

      Stupid hater can't even spell

  • Siddharth kr.
    Siddharth kr.

    My gf : 1:04:35 Me : nah i am good thanks tho

  • Daju

    Some time after approximately 1:10:00 Felix loses and Jack points out how he said "How do you lose on this one?". But to be fair I understood that he meant the specific "waves" of obstacles that seem almost impossible to lose to so that's what he meant by "Why do they even put this in" and said it multiple times to point out multiple "waves" not the mode in general or the obstacle that ended up getting him.

  • Jon R.
    Jon R.


  • Vicckke H
    Vicckke H

    Swedish yay eller

  • brainde4d1y plays
    brainde4d1y plays


  • Mohadaily

    Subscribe to me and you will be happy for the next 50 years believe me it works ;)

    • Mohadaily

      @Shiro Kuruse :c

    • Shiro Kuruse
      Shiro Kuruse

      Nah that will be a waste of time.

  • Seaski Geno
    Seaski Geno

    HES A POKEMON!! pewdiepie: live? live! live

  • Digvijay

    I feel so powerful after realising that I can watch this without being a member...

  • Ramen Man
    Ramen Man

    when you get a dbrand ad for pewds' mask in a pewds vid-

  • vanslai youtube
    vanslai youtube

    Я один здесь русский?

  • XxRainMythXx -_-
    XxRainMythXx -_-

    Pewdiepie ad ;o what

  • Trying Gamer
    Trying Gamer

    pewds actually good ("the first 2 minutes") he is so calm

  • ملك الألعاب محمد
    ملك الألعاب محمد

    حمزة نمره قلوة حلي العرضية على سطح المنزل وقاية خير من قنطار علاج القسم النفسي عندما كان صغير فى ثانوى تزوج عرفيا من إنترنت إكسبلورر أو استخدم المتصفح فايرفوكس الاسم كلمة المرور البريد الالكتروني الخاص ، الباخرة التي كتبها فريق وهو وهي

  • Yoonmin

    When you get a pewdiepie add before a pewdiepie video: 👁️👄👁️

  • Jamie Hernandez
    Jamie Hernandez

    i deadass came to watch pewds vids to calm down from that ugly earthquake 🤕

  • Swapnendu Deb
    Swapnendu Deb

    pewdipie suckssssssss T series op in the chat

  • Tejpal singh
    Tejpal singh

    Pew is quiet 0:00

  • DarwinTheKing

    If yellow team wins the universe ends

  • Liam Duckworth
    Liam Duckworth

    They should rename jump showdown to Shonen Jump

  • Kaczmar _FN
    Kaczmar _FN

    kto z odcinka thorka 1:24:09

  • zacy

    you should make another fall guys live stream

  • Alexa Marie
    Alexa Marie

    *is playing game “I’m not playing games”

  • Jasmine Batista
    Jasmine Batista

    “My heads to big for this game” lmfao

  • Blake Peters
    Blake Peters


  • Boneless

    Pewd has biggest nose and most shiny

  • Stephen Spooner
    Stephen Spooner

    ur live

  • Amy Wang
    Amy Wang

    1:07:53 homie on the right was walking on nothing...

  • be40 gamer
    be40 gamer

    "1:26" When someone desire Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Game on PC, PS4, XBOX, SWITCH simply try: ⇒ *𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐇𝐔𝐁.𝐂𝐋𝐔𝐁* So cool it is available in 2020() 🤑 සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණයි