Funny Among Us Memes Haha
funny among us memes hehe
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  • Samantha Sandy
    Samantha Sandy

    pewds call it MTFOWTKAINAD me trying to figure out what the kids are into now a days

  • Yourpallross 32145
    Yourpallross 32145

    Me: goes in electrical Impostor: is for me?

  • Khalifa A
    Khalifa A

    Pews I love u sub to khalifa a pls

  • Khalifa A
    Khalifa A

    Pews I love u can u s

  • Zean Claire De Guzman
    Zean Claire De Guzman

    Pewdipdie 😂😂

  • Sanna K.
    Sanna K.

    red: i saw yellow come out of the vent and kill lime,also at the beginning they faked task! yellow: no yellow: red sus everyone: ok .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  • Zach Ashton Gornez
    Zach Ashton Gornez

    3:12 I think we need Mark Rober for that one

  • Kill Tik tok
    Kill Tik tok


  • Lunarwulve

    Game theory did among is theories

  • J. Alc
    J. Alc

    if you are into a situation that your NOT into TRwatch at this moment.. then say so. You were super cool to say it on this video. But its been a while I have seen actual original cool content. Not a criticism. Im a dad myself +3 + 6y. Me and my wife do important active jobs (both dentists NHS)... its hard man. So I dont have the "drama" that comes with being famous, but I get the drama of "real life". Hope you ok Pewds you are one of the GOOD ones.

  • Flexing_Flextape

    6:04 Corpse_Husband could never

  • Adriana Smitb
    Adriana Smitb

    pewdiepie: its not meme review Everyvody else: Then y did u play the meme review intro

  • Mr. Joseph
    Mr. Joseph


  • Brandon O
    Brandon O

    I wish among us hade a voice chat

  • Lexel Aguila
    Lexel Aguila

    Cocomelon recap lol I'm laughing so hard when I realise it hahahahahahahaha!

  • Pryce Gray
    Pryce Gray

    I’m a simple man. I see a doki doki meme, I like the video

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan

    Pewds when u do next lwiay?

  • Loknath Karna
    Loknath Karna

    Fuck you can do it again and again in the same time⌚ as well I'm not going to the same time to get the best

  • joshawott31

    Poor hoppip

  • Pääsky Kissa
    Pääsky Kissa

    "Man what a year, what a year I'm so happy" -Felix 2020

  • Dean Alvin
    Dean Alvin

    Credit card decline?

  • Neko

    I'd love to the stats!! Just don't really know hwere to start..

  • Lisa Garrett
    Lisa Garrett


    • Ahana Chatterjee
      Ahana Chatterjee


  • pedro6720

    You've ALWAYS been unfunny... before you got a reason to be loud and unfunny... NOT ANYMORE.

  • pedro6720

    You should be GRATEFUL for the internet... don't be a hypocrite... if you really dislike it so much, quit it and do not use it to promote any of your merchandise... JUST SAYING...

  • pedro6720

    4:00 I'm not stupid... I ask WHERE for both Impostor and Crewmate... in that way I can either blame them or catch their lies.

  • slytherin

    your telling me he is 30- no way bruh he looks 22😳 Edit: also I hope you have a great day/ night! (:


    Iiii hhhaaaatttee yyuuu

  • anuradha vasudevan
    anuradha vasudevan

    Me: green is sus everyone: O K 。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Green was not an Impostor.  。 . 2 impostors remain     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。

  • Mel

    Hey pewdiepie. If you like 3d art or videos then you should look at prestige clips intro

  • Gerrard 114
    Gerrard 114


  • Johnathan .D
    Johnathan .D

    We need to make PewDiePie number one again

  • TwentyPenny

    Funny Video Haahah

  • Piedmont Railfan81
    Piedmont Railfan81

    Weird into

  • Sarahchu

    That Home Alone one was the best 👌🏼

  • hana :o
    hana :o


  • Daim boie Funny tik tok
    Daim boie Funny tik tok

    Dude I’m in UK 😜

  • Mike Rac
    Mike Rac

    Go on TikTok and look up cosmotheprism this kid actually gives how long it tasks to do task

  • Bryan Friesen
    Bryan Friesen

    0:13 Pewdiepie nows what Jojo is. Now I can die in peace


    the intro is cute hahaha



  • Mira Hector
    Mira Hector

    Tjena Felix!!

  • Yeya Music
    Yeya Music

    Da vinky?

  • Cordelia Simonson
    Cordelia Simonson

    Bro if among us had voice chat and u sounded like corpse u would never be sus

    • kea


  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise

    Please speak hindi

  • GrapeChanGaming

    6:08 Now *this* is an accomplishment in Among Us. Can't count how many times mine went through as error. 😖

  • Alexander Erwin
    Alexander Erwin

    Imposters ALWAYS say "where". Like ALL THE TIME! If they say where vote them out. Try it, it will work most of the time.

  • Ever green
    Ever green

    Gibt mir mal donations muss Strom bezahlen loo NL73BUNQ2047818907

  • Frozen Roses
    Frozen Roses

    Felix doesn't know Pokémon

  • Mvdnight_Ravxn

    2:17 i dont really get it either but its probally the middle/drifloon because he has no legs

  • BloodMoon09 Games
    BloodMoon09 Games

    1:00 Come On Why Do If I Think Of A New Name It Gets Used By TRwatchr Steve

  • ZZ

    It's gonna be soooo sad when among us dies

  • Esther Keeler
    Esther Keeler


  • AnKiller

    Wait...when did he reach 100M subs? Am I Late?(im not joking)

  • A Random Weeb
    A Random Weeb

    One time I was playing among us and it was someone’s birthday so all of us put on the birthday hat but at the last minute lime green changed his hat so we all voted him out. Then we had a birthday parade but Cyan didn’t come so we voted him out and Cyan ended up being the imposter.

  • 2027N Bailey
    2027N Bailey

    Felix! what have you done with Pewds?!

  • Joshua Izzard
    Joshua Izzard

    Bots like lazarbeam

  • Dee


  • GD- asherEU
    GD- asherEU

    There is one Cutie Among US... And you Look kinda sus ;)

  • Alvin NOCHE
    Alvin NOCHE

    Just drop by,,,🙋‍♂️ For the badge,,,😁 Big hug everyone here,,,🤝

  • Alvin NOCHE
    Alvin NOCHE

    Just drop by,,,🙋‍♂️ For the badge,,,😁 Big hug everyone here,,,🤝

  • Lance Jensen
    Lance Jensen

    10:35 did Pewdiepie just threaten to threaten me?

  • Hannah Griffis
    Hannah Griffis

    I shit you not, I read a bunch of these after I smoked and laughed my ass off. Legit thought they were so fucking hilarious, it’d take me 10 minutes to go the next one.

  • BleedingEdge45

    Thats not DITTO!!

  • Kyanna Marx
    Kyanna Marx

    You guys should do the one meme where like black is white, blue is green, red is yellow, etc. That would be the most hilarious video ever

  • Angela Merkel who will lower tax for every sub
    Angela Merkel who will lower tax for every sub

    6:26 Pewdiepie sus because he’s complimenting a meme thief

  • Shef

    6:00 I didn’t realize pewds can sound American

  • 『itzcowzie』

    Hey Pewds, in the fourth season of The Good Place that just came out on Netflix, the devil asks god to send you to hell : ) Just to let you know ; )

  • SomeTuber

    dont mind this bruh button pls 1:52 good job

  • Rachel Federspiel
    Rachel Federspiel

    Its called photoshopping

  • duckter. salad
    duckter. salad

    Hey felix just lettin ya know the FBI found out T-seiries uses sub bot witch means ur still the king of ytb ( pls change T-sieries to fake sieries in tuber simulator)

  • rabadax 12
    rabadax 12


  • J. V.
    J. V.

    2020, most horrible year since a long time is nearing it´s end. Felix watches a couple of Memes: What a year, I´m so happy.

  • Krishang Singh
    Krishang Singh

    .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Pink was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

  • Absolute Astonishment
    Absolute Astonishment

    “You bring no value to this earth” for some reason this really has me laughing hard. 😂😂

  • Mateo Lazaro
    Mateo Lazaro


  • __блогер _
    __блогер _

    Пишите по руски!!!!


    “Zelda games are boring “ me: :(

  • Mr .M'Quackers
    Mr .M'Quackers

    "What are crewmates most likley to say" Crewmates: "w h e r e "

  • Leocaspar 0051
    Leocaspar 0051

    Im new to looking at you PewDiePie, like, I know who you are(who dosnt), but i havent watched you before, but now I do, so I just wanted to say ”hi”! Ps. Jag är också svensk 😉

  • bitch wot
    bitch wot

    lmao kpop stan twitter is just machetes up ur throat

  • The Rocky KSA
    The Rocky KSA

    "Noodlistic November"

  • Danil the Gacha Animator
    Danil the Gacha Animator

    Hey pudes I know u ain’t reading this but I found a trick when the game starts most of the time the Impostors run of first.

  • TJ Knight
    TJ Knight

    Very next frame he does what the knife wielders want

  • Royale Familii
    Royale Familii

    You're really cool. Repect +

  • Armand Reyes
    Armand Reyes

    I do math in among us but they think its sus

  • kiwi


  • le cyan
    le cyan

    Idk man, red kinda sus

  • Joshua YT
    Joshua YT


  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Among us is a lot like clue, but in the video game version. I 💘 you babe

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      Also Babe pasta has many different names, but pasta is actually still pasta. 💘

  • Joaquin Lucatero
    Joaquin Lucatero

    Sad game theory noises

  • Gamers United
    Gamers United

    help them whith my youtube Channel please

  • Arwen Cungao
    Arwen Cungao

    PewDiePie why are you not playing in Minecraft I like your world i subscribe you

  • Klixtra Gaming
    Klixtra Gaming

    Pewdiepie just making cocmelons intro a meme

  • G0NE B0I
    G0NE B0I

    It’s the pickachu cuz of the fact that it’s a female (the flower on the head shows this). Female pickachus have heart shaped tails at the end of it.

  • Vincent Little
    Vincent Little

    100M subs!!!!!! Good job

  • Hand Grnade
    Hand Grnade

    Who is This Guy WHERE IS FELIX

  • An Alien
    An Alien

    Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    "it's not noodles. I have an Italian wife, I have to say that."😂🤣

  • Egi Widhiyanata
    Egi Widhiyanata

    Hello i come from Indonesian+your eyes gray