Ghost of Tsushima / Ending
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  • 小骏

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  • Niraya

    Both endings are so good they both made me tear up a little. Also the story is really good Imo idk why Felix thought it was bad.

  • Ya Boi Slameye
    Ya Boi Slameye

    The ending is so good. Pewds made the right choice.

  • Brandon Vazquez
    Brandon Vazquez

    Poor gang were u at

  • Austin Ford
    Austin Ford

    Both kill and spare endings are really fucking good. Cant believe they judged him on choosing kill! I understand, my personal choice was spare because I wanted to be the ghost still and with the story to me it just didnt feel right to kill him. Even then it was so good.



  • Om D
    Om D

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  • steven ho
    steven ho

    Red Dead Redemption 2 and Witcher 3

  • alz

    Game of the year for sure

  • cap'n

    3:12:37 epic

  • luffy- tarohhh
    luffy- tarohhh

    that character is looks voice Zoro in one piece

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    Fuck you, Bitch Lasagna face.

  • AlastorV6

    nice how it says the game you are playing is Pixelings instead of the actual game

  • chicken Gaming #1
    chicken Gaming #1


  • Meo Xinh
    Meo Xinh

    I cried so hard when I killed the uncle.

  • Riwang Sherpa
    Riwang Sherpa


  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast

    you are my ideal can say one line for me

  • Туяа Билгээ
    Туяа Билгээ

    mu novsh

  • Туяа Билгээ
    Туяа Билгээ

    i was a fan of you

  • Туяа Билгээ
    Туяа Билгээ

    i was love you why did you say filthy mongols i hat you

  • Noah Prine
    Noah Prine

    I cried over this game

  • Jarren Spring
    Jarren Spring

    If he let him live he would’ve died inevitably either from the wounds or more likely the shogun would ordered his death for failing and losing his honor

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    Pewds is so right. Sparing him is the bad ending.

  • black assassin
    black assassin

    I had this playing all night

  • Daniel Morais
    Daniel Morais

    Not gonna lie I didn’t really enjoy this game play.

  • Logan Hund
    Logan Hund

    About the ending, this isn't about embracing the old ways, it's all about breaking traditions and becoming the ghost. I find it a way fitting ending for Jin to spare his uncle

  • UltimateTouhouLove

    Ending Do be like the end of Metal Gear solid Snake Eater but Samurai editions

  • Mohadaily

    Subscribe to me and you will be happy for the next 50 years believe me it works ;)

  • Rafael Gutierrez
    Rafael Gutierrez

    1:41:25 Lady Masako getting fucked up xD

  • sooraj dooba
    sooraj dooba

    Is it just me or does pewds look like Kratos from God of war

  • Aniruddh Goutam K
    Aniruddh Goutam K

    If u think fans roast u , u hv not seem the level ksi gets bullied

  • aQuayQuay

    Pewdiepie: "I don't believe in [conditioner" Me: cries in curly hair

  • Mad Bolang
    Mad Bolang

    Hi i'm Indonesian

  • Jash Moorpani
    Jash Moorpani

    Thank me later 1:53:7

  • Impostor

    First, I would like to thank the truck that extracted the oil that supplied the gas station that supplied fuel for PewdiePie's mother's car so that she could deliver him to the hospital so that he could be born. Hello Earthmen, I'm here to attract subscribers Pewdiepie to my channel

  • Jake

    I decided to spare Shimura. I know that failure brings dishonor, and when you fail you must kill yourself. But our entire conflict with our Uncle was because he was too obsessed with Honor, it was more important than family, it led him to sacrifice hundreds of soldiers lives he could have saved. He was blinded by it, and the world paid the consequences. By sparing him you keep true to yourself, abandoning the Honor system, showing that life, love and family are more important than Honor. He was never able to accept this in life, he was prepared to take the life of his son for Honor. His son was willing to spare the life of his Father.

  • YnoName

    As if you chose to kill him so quick 😂😂 Jins character wouldn't want to kill hus uncle! He wouldn't want to be chained down by honour, killing his unlce and turning people against him in the process This is one of the best games for the ps4, this game is amazing.

  • Ice Cold Lemonade
    Ice Cold Lemonade

    Shouldn’t have killed him. Your uncle said that you had no honor, so taking that into consideration, you agreed with your uncle and decided to stray away from the path of “honor” since your character literally says that his uncle is a slave to honor.

  • Blizz Censored
    Blizz Censored

    I get it it's about honour and killing him was his wish, since letting him leave would would dishonored his name but fuck me that hurt I actually cried.

  • kurt Cobain
    kurt Cobain

    This comment

  • Start Craving
    Start Craving

    I let him live in the end. Because, Jin was no longer a samurai. He was the Ghost, he had no more honor

  • Lokafy


  • Chaloner

    If you killed Shimura, you'll get the "Righteous Punishment" white coloration for your armor, as well as the Ghost mask and headband. If you spared him, you get the "Vow of Vengeance," a crimson red dye.

  • Swedish-pirate

    I personally recommend surrealBeliefs play through instead. He uses everything the game gives you and makes it really interesting to watch. And he is really into the story aswell and makes the whole experience much better and immersive wthout reading the chat the whole time and pausing. He keeps quiet in the more serious cut scenes and really reflects on his choices and doesn't skip important or nice things like the final haiku poem. Love Felix and don't mean no harm to the awesome guy but this is just a alternative if you want an walk through with someone who actually paid attention and liked the game.

  • JohnWhittt

    *kills uncle* Pewds: it’s a sweet ending if you think about it

  • Sir_VIDS

    Lol Felix got the bad ending

  • Noor N
    Noor N

    ينتي خرا

  • Kamuy Mamushi
    Kamuy Mamushi

    Pewdiepie plans to play God war, dark souls, sekiro Me: 2020 is saved guys

  • kevos random stuff
    kevos random stuff

    anyone know what the symbol displayed prior to credits rolling means? the one just prior to the sucker punch logo

  • Muhammad Nabil
    Muhammad Nabil

    MY name a jeff

  • Amber Welch
    Amber Welch

    I love pewds but I wish he shut up during cut scenes

  • daeya민

    2:08:32 *damn felix never knew you were into that*

  • Karl Alvin Rydman
    Karl Alvin Rydman

    2,25:35 - watch pewdiepie get horny over natur in a game. Top notch my dudes

  • SpezNex


  • Noah Worden
    Noah Worden

    I would have spared

    • Noah Worden
      Noah Worden

      Any life is better than none

  • PsYChomETry

    Fun fact: this is pewdiepie's least viewed video.

  • Basic & Random !
    Basic & Random !

    Follow @incidentalgamer for more amazing ps game related content!!! 👍

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    He doesn’t even care about the game. Talks every moment during cutscene

  • Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd
    Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd

    Felix, the reason you don't care for the story is because all you do is talk over the dialogue, you've been doing this for literal years and it's hard to watch plot heavy games with you.

  • angus king
    angus king

    Sometimes pewds is no brain gang

  • Haisam

    I will never watch pewdiepie again such a bad person to watch.

  • Litlrox

    I spared him. I have no honor.

  • Bram van der Waal
    Bram van der Waal

    Its so annoying when he goes into houses for loot during the epic battles. He really does not care about the story

  • Zaid Harithah Abdul Ghaffar
    Zaid Harithah Abdul Ghaffar

    So... your horses in this game are Kazekage?

  • Rose002

    Let's fucking watch Fictional Character birthday's instead of playing the fucking game. UHH STORY SO SHIT

  • Elisabeth Nordin
    Elisabeth Nordin

    As much as it tore my heart apart this was the respectful ending, all things considered.

  • it be dat boi
    it be dat boi

    Im just a little sad they make you become the ghost, i kind of would have wanted to be more honorable and stay a samurai, still a absolute amazing game

  • lord morklen
    lord morklen

    Shimura: "You have no honor." Jin: "And you're a slave to it!" Pewds: "Here's Honor!" Stabs Shimura Jin [Surprised Pikachu Face]

  • Yash Thakur
    Yash Thakur

    Love from india

  • Riley Mcfadden
    Riley Mcfadden

    The ending reminds me of revenge of the sith if Anakin was right.

  • Riley Mcfadden
    Riley Mcfadden

    2:26:56 aye which one of y’all?? S/O to Christina Applegate!

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
    Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    I hope he reads these comments and ends live lets plays. The format doesn't fit him at all

  • The Anonymous Man
    The Anonymous Man

    Petition for them to add a quest to get lord shimura’s armor

  • Hungry NPC
    Hungry NPC

    Pewds next time we need you to stfu when a dialouge is played, reading comments wont make you better at the game, you just gonna be a boring annoying asshole

  • Tempo Accla
    Tempo Accla

    Spare is the "canon ending", turning 100% into the ghost and telling senseless honor to fuck off. But killing is still good because you make peace with your uncle and he can die somewhat happy.

  • Nguyễn Hà Minh Hiển
    Nguyễn Hà Minh Hiển

    pewds i believe that the gosaku armor is the best looking one

  • caleb mendez
    caleb mendez

    If he put the English version on like Coryxkenshin,he would’ve payed attention more

  • justice hunt
    justice hunt

    Thank god pewds chose dub

  • Kaan Glmzz
    Kaan Glmzz


  • Maya182012

    I remembered when you had 50mil subs and it's incredible on how you grew. Love this game and I can't wait to play it.

  • Htx Tv
    Htx Tv

    Lets subb trade im ready...😎👍

  • Dorian Scott Withrow Jr.
    Dorian Scott Withrow Jr.

    I want to thank you for supporting our brothers and sisters in Yemen

  • Starry

    My soul dies a little every time he fails to block an attack

  • Friend_ 23
    Friend_ 23

    I came here to fortify my belief in my choice. I wondered if you would pick the same ending as me. Killing him, in my opinion, is Jin's final goodbye to the samurai lifestyle, and to honor. Sparing Shimoru makes more sense for Jin's character, but I felt like killing him made Shimoru feel better about his "son".

  • AmongUs Grandpa
    AmongUs Grandpa

    In my opinion killing him isn’t for honour, it’s for his Uncle, in Buddhism (which the majority of The Samurai believed in) when you die if you lived a good life and built up good karma you will be brought back as something good like a human or you will have true enlightenment where you finally escape the cycle of life and death.

  • jio T
    jio T

    Stupid choice, he already doesnt have any honor so whats the point in killing him. Not the good ending.

  • Tony Tan
    Tony Tan

    2:43:16 Look at the credits. Neil Druckmann and NaughtyDog are in the special thanks for this game! Did anyone else notice this?

  • dian bina
    dian bina

    bahasa apa ini we saya indonesia we

  • John Vittiglio
    John Vittiglio

    Sparing uncle in Japanese culture is disgraceful. Hell live disgraced dead inside anyway.

  • John Vittiglio
    John Vittiglio

    Yip yip

  • Gavin Margret
    Gavin Margret

    You probably would of liked the story more if you would of paid attention during cutscenes and weren’t talking over the dialogue

  • Guillermo Cervera
    Guillermo Cervera

    the ending he chose is the bad ending. sparring lord shimura shows in a sunny environment compared to the stormy weather in the ending he chose

  • Camo Cash
    Camo Cash

    I made the wrong decision in this game by letting him live

  • BeyondAir

    when you running out of ideas

  • FranktheBunny666

    Complains about having to do a stealth mission, spends too much time reading stupid comments from chat about his hair, misses mission dialogue that literally says 'hey you can go in the front and just cut everybody up if you don't want to sneak around the back, it's you choice'. Says he loves playing these games while streaming but literally every negative he has about the game would have been avoided if he stopped focusing on the 9 year olds he wants to stream for and played the game he keeps complaining that they are distract him from. I'm glad he wants to play this again in his own time hopefully it'll wake him up as to who to acknowledge and who to shrug off as idiots seeking internet fame.

  • yes

    All the people saying he didn't like the story because he was talking over it and not paying attention. HE DOESN'T PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE HE FIND IT BORING

  • Andrew Cantelmi
    Andrew Cantelmi

    the ending had me crying... us americans have a lot to learn about honor

  • Julia Risbeck
    Julia Risbeck

    Pewd's smile at the end made my heart smile

  • Julia Risbeck
    Julia Risbeck

    THANK YOU for the EPIC livestream man!

  • Methmal dhananjaya
    Methmal dhananjaya

    If Naughty dog was made this "Ghost of Tsushima", Samurai will be dead and Yuna will be our main protagonist that suddenly turned into a lesbian.

    • Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd
      Lilithan Chrispiford the 3rd

      Hahahhahahah true

    • ayaan bazaz
      ayaan bazaz

      Methmal dhananjaya that made zero sense whatsoever. You can still make comparisons to games with a different cultural setting. And even when you say that “Asian Cultural Stories don’t go well with European comparisons,” you proceed to compare the two by saying that Ghost of Tsushima had the better ending. And may I ask, have you even played TLOU2?

    • Methmal dhananjaya
      Methmal dhananjaya

      @ayaan bazaz I Mean This Ending is better than Last Of Us 2 Ending, Thats all, Asian Cultural stories doesnt go well with European comparisons, You cant expect European Drama in Asian stories. So its much better. than LOU2 Ending.

    • ayaan bazaz
      ayaan bazaz

      Methmal dhananjaya no the story was just boring and bland lmao. It’s not really that deep or some shit, just a basic samurai story about honor. I’ve seen it a million times. If you think this is a great story then you probably think Harry Potter is Jesus.