Ghost of Tsushima #1 - SAMURAI TIME
We check out the new ghost of tsushima gameplay part 1 very epic
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  • PewDiePie

    sorry for snapping a bit about the psn comments stuff. kinda just boiled over with people always trying to reach me and being intrusive and interrupting. But I regret reacting the way I did about it mb

    • Alex Martinovitch
      Alex Martinovitch

      honestly i consider it completely fair and something some people need to realize

    • Blazer

      @Lagger Rusher damn you need some kneepads bud

    • raaxno

      everyone would get pissed off at that no need to apologise lol gamer gang knows

    • Ripley Dead
      Ripley Dead

      its all good we love u

    • Ripley Dead
      Ripley Dead

      bro fist bro

  • 小骏

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • HvN

    Sucks at gaming

  • Just some guy with no balls
    Just some guy with no balls

    Why do I hear Roronoa Zoro and Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara?

  • S N
    S N


  • Dwijendra Mahadev
    Dwijendra Mahadev

    if anyone would like to read the book the pewdiepie mentioned: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword by Ruth Benedict

  • D N
    D N

    The coolness at 33:35 is all I needed to buy and finish this game.

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever

    well, 22 hours to go

  • Anindya Mukherjee
    Anindya Mukherjee

    Are those attack dogs Tibetan mastiffs?

  • M Fadli Zahran
    M Fadli Zahran

    Dogar de revenge of edgar

  • Joshua Douw
    Joshua Douw

    just frickin heal

  • Fortnite Highlights
    Fortnite Highlights

    pewds was so justified lol...

  • Janimation B
    Janimation B


  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz

    Im so glad ur playing my favorite game. I didn’t know about you playing till now😂

  • z NightOwl z
    z NightOwl z

    Japan sink was terrible. That one trash tastes podcast goes over pretty much all the reasons why

  • Batchuluun B
    Batchuluun B

    You stupid bitch

  • Mir faizan Farooq
    Mir faizan Farooq

    Zoro and kurohige (blackbeard) duo! 💥💥💥

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    You SUCK.

  • Ana Fox
    Ana Fox

    I love the challenging aspect. It makes your wins EPIC!

  • ميدو حسام
    ميدو حسام

    Are you advise to buy this game


    But it's not Genghis Khan It's Kulbai Khan His Grandson

  • salman hussain
    salman hussain

    He really plays this game nice.

  • Sinister X
    Sinister X

    If u see A Noble Samurai...just standing still Remember,His battery is low.

  • Bryan Murillo
    Bryan Murillo

    59:29 he had em both on his shoulders prior to the bridge fall

  • Toxic Waste
    Toxic Waste

    I fell asleep with autoplay LMAO

  • JeppeSweede

    This man is literally the voice of Zoro from One Piece

    • Mona D. *
      Mona D. *

      What Zoro was doing in Wano when Luffy was saving Sanji 😁 jk

  • Glitter Being
    Glitter Being


  • Bryan Murillo
    Bryan Murillo

    Ghengis khan had ALOT of children

  • Hamburger

    The perfect parry is the best

  • Boneless

    Imagine watching all of this and the other episodes 👹

  • Sadcmo

    Keep the fuck at it pewds

  • Marwa Rayane
    Marwa Rayane

    Do u have a twitch account Felix? Are u active on it?

  • Daniel Malone Jr.
    Daniel Malone Jr.

    You call yourself an anime fan and you don’t know Zoro 🤔

  • Daniel Malone Jr.
    Daniel Malone Jr.

    Dam this subbing is awful

  • TG Tom
    TG Tom

    why is pewds such a weeb i- sive needs to start subbing pewds in Japanese now XD

  • franknilop

    Jinoroku: Go take a bath Also Jinoroku: Aight Imma head out

  • Tucker Bechthold
    Tucker Bechthold

    Omoe wa 1:31:48 MOU SHINDEIRU

  • Devon Jameson
    Devon Jameson

    This is assassins creed.

  • RandomGuy

    3:00:58 , why you do this ? , Why you make me remember sad things in life

  • Anton Myaxovskij
    Anton Myaxovskij

    Warlord Dogar... That Boss's name sounds too much like Edgar 😂

  • Dragonborn1267 The Greatest hunter
    Dragonborn1267 The Greatest hunter

    Dont mess with mongolia bitch

  • Rajimol P G
    Rajimol P G


  • Rajimol P G
    Rajimol P G


  • Rajimol P G
    Rajimol P G


  • Dingus McJingus
    Dingus McJingus



    fuck you noob pew... gamer

  • Yousof Wadha
    Yousof Wadha

    There was a pewdiepie ad at the start I was hella confused

  • luke-chris forster
    luke-chris forster

    I love how he acts like he didn't read all the samurai stuff for this game

  • unknown tea
    unknown tea

    this game is so similar to horizon zero dawn in nearly every way it's crazy

  • Hairycabbage

    I wake up let’s play ghost of yawnshima no ghost of Tsushima is the 2 best game my 1 being shadow of war

  • Michael Brendel
    Michael Brendel

    time to watch the howl game seriers

  • Nathan Tomaneng
    Nathan Tomaneng

    Tbh Ghost of Tsushima is more about a Samurai learning to fight like a ninja before the concept of ninja even came into being during the 13th century.

    • Nathan Tomaneng
      Nathan Tomaneng

      @Hamburger Ya my point is, the mongol attack on japan this game is based off on happened during a time that predated the first instances of ninja in history. There were no ninja YET. I'm saying the game's story is about a samurai conflicted by his warrior code learning to fight like a ninja before ninja were even a thing (give or take another 100 years before they start showing up in Japanese history) During that time in japan, samurai predominated their country.

    • Hamburger

      I thought ninja are supposed to be like spies and they're like samurai but a much basic version

  • Akshat kumar
    Akshat kumar

    You worst

  • MomieIxai

    OMG!!! I'm hearing Roronoa Zoro in GoT... lol what an acronym....

  • Otaku Oji
    Otaku Oji

    As a Mongolian *I will remember that ;-;* No hate tho Pewds it’s just *I will remember that*

  • Zach PH
    Zach PH

    When you realize prince zuko is the main character your saving uncle iroh

  • s_1word

    Can you play assasins creed ? Your my favorit youtuber

  • Azureey Kola
    Azureey Kola

    He was harsh, that's for sure, but come on, have some etiquette. You know it was a live stream so why fcking spam? We're all a fan of him but were you really that desperate for his attention? Yikes. You spammers asked for it.

  • Franz Maranan
    Franz Maranan

    I love how pewds tell stories while playing its kind of fun listening to it

  • Anand Bazar
    Anand Bazar

    Pewdiepie is pussy of T-series

  • Tharuka Sandaru
    Tharuka Sandaru

    Its like our character have the same voice as Zoro in one piece

  • ACrecall

    you do know that is just a small part of mongol empire right. Just a small army from what they intialy sent because of the hurricanes.

  • Eugene

    Me when I want to tell Pewdz that he can heal mid fight: 🙃

  • SoultanObie

    my time stop 3:30:43

  • Yorj

    Zoro’s voice actor!! 💯

  • Trapidy Trap
    Trapidy Trap

    The singing of ohshc intro made me melt. Such gud memories of that anime

  • AV監督


  • Xharmen

    pewds said filthy Mongolians 19 years old Mongolian:heart stopped

  • blip blop
    blip blop

    if i had the game i would use the heck out of the photo mode, i used it alot in metro exodus as well. photography is a big part of me so using it in a game that looks as beautiful as this is a win-win situation AJSJSJSKSK

  • Diego Davila
    Diego Davila

    Dam you can tell he’s getting old by his reaction speed


      Diego Davila you spelled damn wrong dip shit

  • Scourge

    it’s like playing for honor playing as orochi

  • Stanzan Gaming
    Stanzan Gaming

    Hello sir please please please promote my channel also sit

  • TheNate371

    Tsushima is in Nagasaki, Felix

  • Shinryu Elffire
    Shinryu Elffire

    It bothers me that he couldn't care less about the game he's playing. Half of the time he doesn't pay attention to what's happening and that's especially true for cutscenes. Lady Masako (in a heartbroken voice): "I buried all my murdered relatives with my own hands, even the newborn." Pewds: "So anyway, I was watching this anime..."

  • Japan at War
    Japan at War

    wuuuut pews played got? wow I'm late..

  • joaquin cavazos
    joaquin cavazos


  • iplay games
    iplay games

    1:01:14 (this is just for me )


    wait is the voice of the protag the same as zoro's?



  • Holden Welch
    Holden Welch

    Yo the Mongols actually got hit buy a tsunami or a hurricane (can't remember witch exactly)2 times

  • Kayleigh McMillan
    Kayleigh McMillan

  • Chubie Lester
    Chubie Lester

    Pewdiepie this is a Message From my Heart i really wish you could help me I Hope you could reach deep in your help I dont need money I need is help and support from you i want to grow my channel and even if my content isn't that spectacular but ill try Just to Help my Parents in Paying up my Tuition in School its a bit expensive for the Course my Taking "Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering" Im John Lester From the Philippines 🇵🇭 i dont need attention that much im a bit of an introvert but i Hope that whaterver happens Ill be a Loyal Subscriber to you. Plus Pewdiepie 😂 😔

  • Kalai Miller
    Kalai Miller

    Gotta catch up now that I finally got the game

  • Brandy Playz
    Brandy Playz

    if you like this game like the comment if you dont one punch man is coming to punch you

  • Amazed Roy
    Amazed Roy

    Pls someone tell me the name of the music that was playing at first ..

  • Popcorn Chocolate
    Popcorn Chocolate

    Wi-Fi (like): Mobile data (comment):

  • Kite Games
    Kite Games

    Samurai cinema mode 😍🇯🇵

  • Achmad Husein Bahries
    Achmad Husein Bahries

    kalo low health, heal dulu lah bang emsoi gw

  • Pro gamer
    Pro gamer

    Fuck you America you loose

    • randomguy 4
      randomguy 4

      shut up

  • Siegfried

    The wind will guide you sounds like the most passive aggressive way of saying “figure it out yourself”

  • * Orgil *
    * Orgil *

    Fucking usa

    • randomguy 4
      randomguy 4

      shut up

  • LUIS Martinez
    LUIS Martinez

    Felix: "just hit them in the knees" chinese star wars: "the laser bone is strong with this one"

  • Kristin Visson
    Kristin Visson

    I want feedback🙏🏻 I am your big fan from 2013❤️ Love watching your games , please more games with you, it’s like playing on ps with your best friend , and you are so close to us , it’s unexplained connection. Thank you 😊 🙏🏻

  • Kristin Visson
    Kristin Visson

    Pewds how ya doing ?

  • Meski EU
    Meski EU

    Did anyone else notice the PP firefly at 2:23:50

  • Учиха Зеро
    Учиха Зеро

    Fucking america Im 😐 really sorry

  • Skinny Man Twiggz
    Skinny Man Twiggz

    2 mins past training and he already forgets how to do basic things. How to dodge a spear or example.

  • Holy Savage Angel
    Holy Savage Angel

    Its on hard. Whyyyy

  • J Hunt
    J Hunt

    1:43:51 you don’t suck you are just impatient.

  • Donny Boi
    Donny Boi

    youtube really milking this video dry with there 2 unskippable adds every five minutes.

  • Donny Boi
    Donny Boi

    my man said higher ground instead of high ground.