/ Green Needle // Brainstorm / - Which one do you hear? #78[REDDIT REVIEW]
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  • Kobi Agu
    Kobi Agu

    who tf hears green needle it's pretty obvious it's brainstorm lol

  • Galuxistar

    lol the green needle and brain storm thing that wasn’t the original video

  • Davide Okey
    Davide Okey

    12:02 wait if the materials were already on hearth, how could it slowed the rotation of the our planet? Plz explain

  • S.I.E. XD
    S.I.E. XD

    Pewdiepie 2020: “cooking a sandwich”

  • TyreBuxCant YT
    TyreBuxCant YT

    Did anyone else try to make it say Brain Needle?

  • Nxy

    Knock Knock who's there...booo... boo who! ..

  • Spaghetti Boar
    Spaghetti Boar

    Brain needle

  • Spaghetti Boar
    Spaghetti Boar

    Green storm

  • Sweety RU
    Sweety RU

    9:36 **Mayuri Kurotsuchi approves, but wonders if his idea was stolen**

  • Horror sans
    Horror sans

    Ok sorry pewds but rn i wont watch this vid because it have spiders in it

  • Seatiel Abaya
    Seatiel Abaya

    Me who hear brain needle: wut

  • Rabby Fatty
    Rabby Fatty

    Didn't realize how empathetic felix is

  • Francine Abigail
    Francine Abigail

    these scientists should make a cure for rona instead of doing shits that we don't even need

  • noob noob
    noob noob

    When you accidentally put a torch on a sand 11:24

  • Gari Gari
    Gari Gari

    9:52 Whenever my little brother cry, I would cast him 2000 years of torture in my genjutsu

  • Lily Y
    Lily Y

    A lot of wildcats sound like insane women screaming bloody murder but mountain lion is def the scariest because it’s coming from ya know a MOUNTAIN L I O N

  • Vienna Savage
    Vienna Savage

    1:58 people like this piss me off. I would have NO pity for you if you got ran over. You saw that truck coming and CONTINUED TO MOVE FORWARD AS YOU SAW IT STRUGGLE TO STOP IN TIME TO SAVE *YOUR* DUMB SELF.

  • lanurie

    the green needle/brainstorm one hurts my head. all i hear is green needle. helps dg dsgdsm

  • TheFire Flame
    TheFire Flame

    14:57Video starts at 0:28 Video ends at 14:57

  • Dak Nam Kong
    Dak Nam Kong

    When you sacrifice your life for Yuri Gagarin, the first man to go to space, just for him to die the next year Vladimir Komarov: Am I a joke to you?

  • Sch 14
    Sch 14

    I want back the captions

  • Wake is here
    Wake is here

    7:40 at that time I am eating

  • spaghet cat
    spaghet cat

    The three gorges dam makes no sense because the resources are from Earth so we aren’t adding anything new to our planet

  • -D- Devil-
    -D- Devil-

    This clip explains the thing that paranormal experts do and claim they heard it

  • Vishal Jha
    Vishal Jha

    I read green needle both times ........is my brain.exe working right

  • DamianPlayingGames

    I hear DrEaMsToVe

  • Zora Tothy
    Zora Tothy

    Can we get a spider warning next time?

  • SOT_Toxic

    The scientist thing would be crazy cause they would be like "I sentence you 8 hours" and you would just fucking breakdown

  • Ashutosh Bhat
    Ashutosh Bhat

    What's the song that plays at 0:29?

  • Mice in a box
    Mice in a box

    5:15 He also was the first recorded American serial killer who coined the name “serial killer” people didn’t have a name for them or knew the psychology behind him until they caught him.

  • Well ı tried
    Well ı tried

    Ive heard brain needle

  • rose uwu
    rose uwu

    My brain cells are not working properly at 9:21

  • Elly

    I get why serving an entire sentence in a few hours could be good, though. Inmates' children wouldn't have to grow up in single parent households waiting for their parent to finish their jail term.

  • ReacTim

    Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie

  • Carter DJ
    Carter DJ

    Great video

  • Dario Magliozzo
    Dario Magliozzo


  • oceanbluesx X
    oceanbluesx X

    Scientists are gonna make tsukiyomi

  • Nick Parker
    Nick Parker

    Most of these belonged on r/wtf

  • Quickpaw Maud
    Quickpaw Maud

    Those scientists are just copying Itachi’s Tsukuyomi

  • Quickpaw Maud
    Quickpaw Maud

    It was probably just twins with the same outfit staging the video

  • Unk0wn_Z3N

    That brainstorm / green needle thing is called the mgurk effect

  • Brayden Morford
    Brayden Morford

    Felix was alternately amazed and horrified by this sub

  • random game playz
    random game playz

    0:27 the intros are done here if ya wanna skip

  • Ario Zedaph
    Ario Zedaph

    The thousand years slower made me remember Bleach's one of the best moment that is with the captain who is always ahead of the game and killed an arrancar using some fluid that is related as to how this thing is theorized. Can't remember the names, but the scene was pretty epic.

  • Alyannah Hapis
    Alyannah Hapis


  • Alyannah Hapis
    Alyannah Hapis

    I thought i was tripping when he said the intro. Missed it tho :

  • immortal soul
    immortal soul

    What if we are already under that drugs' influence and are spending thousands years when it's actually 8 hours?......now that's insane

  • ZEMO

    In the anime Bleach they used that time slowing drug concept

  • Znork

    I saw that super yacht once in Barcelona, I have a video of a poor person clean the whole boat

  • 🅱️ASS

    I read brainstorm and it said green needle


    What if u wanted to watch a blue spider but cookies sead :agree

  • Bharath Chandra
    Bharath Chandra

    8:40 that's insane

  • Emma Christopher
    Emma Christopher

    Idk why but Felix calling the fuzzy spider kinda cute made my day.

  • Coco Wong
    Coco Wong

    Felix doesn't know how to count with his fingers

  • Androkon

    "a shit and a bath at the same time"

  • Grenling

    Green needle or brainstorm also works with your eyes closed

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot

    Me: (sees small spider) weak. Me after seeing huge spider: (Deep breathing)

  • Ionut Tutuianu
    Ionut Tutuianu

    "You can cook a sandwich" : pewdiepie 2020

  • Pineapple Cat
    Pineapple Cat

    3:10 2 fingers 1 finger 3 fingers 3 fingers That’s insane!!1!!


    The intro is 28 second

  • l_1os

    10:45 your saying no no no not your they are saying aliens are real where there is no proof now dinosaur ain't real? dinosaur are real aliens aren't you just never saw them felix cuz they were there in the rocks days they were there

  • Nscazm Gaming
    Nscazm Gaming


  • Tyler Moewes-Bystrom
    Tyler Moewes-Bystrom

    I'm taking a walk

  • noelisbad

    8:41 "Brain Needle" Edit: "Green Storm"

  • Ori6ina1 Us3rnam3
    Ori6ina1 Us3rnam3

    Children, never run across the mutha fukin’ road. It’s a dumbass idea.

  • wat teef
    wat teef

    I need that 1000-years-stuff!

  • rose191991

    please tell me that spider is not real 😧

  • Chris Doherty
    Chris Doherty

    they need to destroy the dam and see if the earth speeds back up. because i dont believe that was the reason lol. then they can rebuild it if they want. maybe itll help time slow down

  • Slido

    9:05 You can also hear Brain-Needle or Green-storm if you want

  • Nexus Clarum
    Nexus Clarum

    "I don't want to share the earth with that thing" that's me every time I see a black man.

  • Epix

    Pewds This Video: "Why Do You Need A Boat!??" Pewds Next Video "I BOUGHT A BOAT"

  • Steven.

    6:59 wait... rich guy has big house? how is this possible!!

  • Steven.

    6:20 remember, if youre annoyed by loud music, shoot fireworks at people and scar them for life mentally and maybe even physically!

  • Steven.

    4:30 damn, thats fuckin hardcore and badass

  • Steven.

    2:45 this subreddit doesnt know what the hell it is, is it memes entirely unrelated to anything cool? is it interesting facts? is it mild annoyances? what is it??

  • Get This Channel To 1k Subs With 1 Video
    Get This Channel To 1k Subs With 1 Video

    This is the worlds longest intro

  • Kunal Powdel
    Kunal Powdel

    12:08 Felix to Scientists be like : Stop it Get Some Help

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    You SUCK.

  • Cakey Wakey
    Cakey Wakey

    *day 330 of asking pewdiepie to build a ship for boat cow*

  • hottox _
    hottox _

    The 1000 year sentence would actually be good. A life sentence could be actually served, people could get what they deserve. A 1000 years will change you

  • hottox _
    hottox _

    The huge spider was a goliath bird eater. As the name implies, it eats birds

  • Vajra Sapkal
    Vajra Sapkal

    Pewds once I was playing in the garden with my friends and I saw someone who almost killed me and my friends by throwing stones from height hope you see this

  • Maria Barber
    Maria Barber

    The intros are one of my favourite things about the video

  • Squealing Kant
    Squealing Kant


  • Squealing Kant
    Squealing Kant

    Brain storn

  • Kaylynn Anderson
    Kaylynn Anderson

    Pewds: Why would need a boat that big? Also Pewds: TAMBOURINE TOWER TO THE MOON!

  • Famucist95

    When I saw the leg of the giant spider I actually turned my phone and got goosebumps cus I’m so terrified of spiders

  • Brutarii

    Hey if they managed to slow the rotation of the earth, im sure someone can figure out a way to speed the rotation of the earth and can get back up to speed.

  • BardiX Official
    BardiX Official

    Would you rather have Will Smith’s house all to yourself, but have that giant spider be randomly placed at any room, that teleports into other rooms, or have that small studio apartment where the bathroom and kitchen are uncomfortably next to each other?

    • Steven.

      the one with the spider, because you never said it was immortal that means i can just idk shoot it or something and bam its gone

  • Luke Siegler
    Luke Siegler

    Try brain needle and greenstorm

  • help

    funfact: norway was featured many times im this video

  • SlightlyWarmSoup

    My arachnophobia says no.

  • FFF CaseDaReaper
    FFF CaseDaReaper

    Pewds is scared of spiders??

  • Nox Echo
    Nox Echo

    the green needle brainstorm thing is nuts, i can also force myself to hear other words from it too. its wierd as fuck.

  • Acoffeemug

    Who cooks a sandwich

  • X SkyChaser X
    X SkyChaser X

    I thought pewdiepie's favorite dinosaur is pterodactyls!? Traitor!

  • Chiestnick

    Idk kinda sus. All i could hear was brainstorm no matter how much i tried to hear green needle

  • Fussywood12

    3 intro's ok

  • Stevedingyo

    7:56 been there done that It’s actually a rock under a very thin layer of water but at the end it’s very deep It’s also called slide rock if you want to go to it Slide rock is a very creative name btw

  • MoBaK

    8:10 he missed the chance to call it ikea spider

138 B
138 B