He has to Pick One as WIFE / TLC #13
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  • BW Rihab ʚïɞ
    BW Rihab ʚïɞ

    I don't understand how ppl get married or fall in love with someone youger than them with 10 yo or so I mean he could be your son

  • SenPaIH

    Ima get me a walmart friend

  • Mohammad Hafizie
    Mohammad Hafizie

    12:25 lol PewDiePie laugh nearly same as the Indian man laughing meme

  • Lydia Douneta
    Lydia Douneta

    he is talking like he has an option... bro go w both

  • Aaron leoxy
    Aaron leoxy

    Avdol gets a girlfriend

  • Reeces pieces
    Reeces pieces

    She probably do smell

  • Stellarshark 588
    Stellarshark 588

    A jojo reference whaaaa?!?!

  • Thrasher Sauce
    Thrasher Sauce

    Walmart is where you can find friends

  • Emanuel Yip
    Emanuel Yip

    Lmao i thought Muhammad's lawyer was Jonah from David's vlog.........

  • CxrruptionsYT

    18:06 i thought it was her crying 😂😂

  • Neve Rose
    Neve Rose

    She has no lips how will she get a kisskiss

  • Jayden Molina
    Jayden Molina

    do darcy and jesse please it’s so funny

  • Jayden Molina
    Jayden Molina


  • ankhi3

    She never wanted to deport him all she wants is the ability to threaten him with deportation if he displeases her.

  • emerson goddard
    emerson goddard


  • Leland James
    Leland James

    If you meet someone yesterday and get married today isnt the statistics around 50% the marriage will work out? Those are good odds! lol You would save so much time in getting to know a person for years and it not working out. lol

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    Tom doesn’t snitch.

  • Dante Charlington
    Dante Charlington

    I like how expressive Mohammed is with his hands

  • John Odei
    John Odei

    9:26 what's wrong with Felix's fingers... some sort of buba...

  • Monika Jukic
    Monika Jukic

    I always miss these uploads since they are viewable in my country a week after he posts them

  • Hannah Brooks
    Hannah Brooks

    Why she be looking like the character sadness from the inside out movie tho 😅

  • Alessandro Ghirardello
    Alessandro Ghirardello

    1:25 So funny

  • King Treedede
    King Treedede

    10:00 this is soo fucking relatable i swear I don’t get how people can’t understand DONT TOUCH MY FUCKING HAIR

  • Nathan Ramos
    Nathan Ramos

    Omg she said "I can find another one" Like she can just pull jobs out of her as

  • mariam khaled
    mariam khaled

    doesn't she look like principal perry from labrats of is that just me??

  • Ayşe Gökçe
    Ayşe Gökçe

    shit mohammed looks like ryan higa and ıts just me who thought about it seems like grbvgbgbtb

  • Phantom Wiz
    Phantom Wiz

    they should have called this episode "sex and the city"

  • PuffDragon 225
    PuffDragon 225

    Lol the comment that said that he earned the visa thats like saying that a bank robber earned the money lol

  • PyroPug 01
    PyroPug 01

    I swear dude I have a Tom in me life, except we didn’t meet at walmart. We met at Friday Night Magic, and if y’all don’t know what that is just look up MTG. It’s basically an MTG event

  • PuffDragon 225
    PuffDragon 225


  • Harshita Yadav
    Harshita Yadav

    If age is just a number then why Danielle has expressions like she is hearing to her 5 years old son

  • Harshita Yadav
    Harshita Yadav

    God that's so much drama😂😂😂😂

  • God Itachi
    God Itachi

    Uhhhh Sir,Sir..SIIIR i think you have a monster on your shoulder!

  • V0lts_Inc

    Paul is what happens when a reddit user gets out of his chair and makes something of himself

  • Fortnitet Trollz
    Fortnitet Trollz

    Intros are coool

  • Unknownz

    Sometimes we have people who are pretty and poor and some that are ugly and rich and then we have danielle

  • Mr.Awesome

    "If he is not getting it from me, he is getting it from somewhere." Pornhub and masturbation: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  • devils house amv
    devils house amv

    Is that a motherfucking jojo reference!?!

  • Erik Olgberg
    Erik Olgberg

    Why does Felix have fluorescent nuut on his hands?

  • Octavio Hernandez
    Octavio Hernandez


  • Haseeb.T

    I simp for tom

  • Eva L
    Eva L

    8:32 had to replay bc that reaction lmfaoo!

  • Scott908

    I'de vote for Mohammad

  • Benjamin Woodman
    Benjamin Woodman

    I cringe so hard when I watch these I have to pause it after a couple of minutes before I go back to it, it’s so hard to watch

  • Achraf

    I love the way u say muhamed

  • Robot Waffle123
    Robot Waffle123

    has anyone else noticed how Pewdiepie's hands are so shiny.

  • R Lopez
    R Lopez

    Is it just me or does she look like John Goodman? Lol

  • Christine Rehmund
    Christine Rehmund

    I’m sorry but I was always on mohammads side cuz like she’s 41 and acts like a child omg

  • Srikar Voleti
    Srikar Voleti

    She's 41? Bruh My mom is 50 and looks younger than her

  • Denny

    Damnn Danielle looks like someone thats a hybrid from the old and new testament :/

  • Potato Head
    Potato Head

    I swear during the sex talk I kinda felt bad for her :( getting humiliated in front of everyone

  • Lizz_latina _
    Lizz_latina _

    Love the vid but I think you’re watching the vids in the wrong order 😏😅

  • Cassy b
    Cassy b

    14:58 true bro. I literally said the same thing in sync with him. 😂

  • CodenameTurtle

    Man I watched their episodes, and she is so incredibly childish while he was way too patient. At first, I was inclined to feel sorry for her for being vain and believing in some nonsense fairytale. But turns out she was always lying and trying to put herself in the 'best light' even with important matters. I think the most concerning thing is that she really cares a lot more for herself than her children. Anyway I really wanted to give props to Muhammed because he did try in their relationship, at first. With a woman who even threatens him to sleep with her, ugh...

  • HeLiX

    Haha 9:03 she is literally describing capitalism

  • Famke Kuş
    Famke Kuş

    🚨 more MORE more MORE more TLC 🚨

  • Mecha

    8:31 Nuff said.

  • Pascal Knol
    Pascal Knol

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

  • Otaku-chan Anime
    Otaku-chan Anime

    Friend: The husband doesn't have s*x with him every single fricking day with his wife Me: I am so glad to know. *sighs with super relief* YEAAAAAAAAS *legit did not know Sush, I've been single since I was brought into this world

  • marc lacy
    marc lacy

    Guys chill with the good comments I can’t like them all bro

  • Jay M
    Jay M


  • Jay M
    Jay M


  • Kaiden Core
    Kaiden Core

    Are we not gonna acknowledge the pile of dolls no ok then

  • sleep

    i know its late but a wife is just a girlfriend with curse of binding

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    GLOCO on the thumbnail

  • Light SF
    Light SF

    @18:04 literally thought the woman was making the noise..

  • Peter Rezba
    Peter Rezba

    he's going to be so jealous after lmao who would think that she's a nymphomaniac sex fiend she want's sex 24/7 you walk by her at Walmart everyday lmao

  • Angela Grace
    Angela Grace

    8:06 aight some self reflection😂😂😂👌

  • Kieran Featherstone
    Kieran Featherstone

    Egypt is in africa not the middle east

  • I dk
    I dk

    That woman is a WAYY better fit for him than Danielle lmao it must be a relief to finally be with a woman like that after having to deal with a woman like Danielle for so long edit: I got to 10:38- uhhh nvm- well it looked like it at first 😭- well at least look wise they looked like a better fit lol

  • Fro

    Mohammed's Friend is Lester from GTA 5😂😂

  • Fro

    "He has told people i smell"..."You Do" 💀💀💀😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Vladimír Skřivánek
    Vladimír Skřivánek

    😳 Egypt is middle east now? It isn't in North of Africa anymore?

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi

    This intro was a surprise to be sure But a welcome one

  • MoodyMonkey 8
    MoodyMonkey 8

    Why does she look like Roz from Monsters Inc.

  • Eoin Schell
    Eoin Schell

    Pewds went to italy for a girl, he knows both english and japanese, he has the body of a chad, and doesn't like simps. HE'S JONATHAN JOESTAR

  • ADaddylicious

    Danielle looks like a chubby fortnite kids grandma who feeds him poptarts

  • Arda Agaik
    Arda Agaik

    We appreciate the jojo references

  • Kamila Zasada
    Kamila Zasada

    Lawyer 🤪😂😂😂

  • Kamila Zasada
    Kamila Zasada


  • lecasss


  • Savage Crowbar
    Savage Crowbar

    She looks older then my mom and my mom is like 47

  • Big ViZiOnS
    Big ViZiOnS

    Is this the guy who voices borat

  • Julius Beltran
    Julius Beltran

    "partying it up" No he's enjoying his life without you grow up

  • retroFIX Gaming
    retroFIX Gaming

    I’m subscribed to pewds but to be completely frank I cannot tell why he has so many more subs then others. He’s not exactly doing anything special. He’s still just riding the reaction video train from 10 years ago when it started.... just saying.

  • tubs666

    My two year heard your intro and thought I was playing cocomelon for him He saw your face and burst into tears



  • Florian Dijns
    Florian Dijns

    she lowkey looks like peter griffin tho

  • mr omar
    mr omar

    mohammed may be asexual

  • TriumphOP

    its just me or the wallmart bro looks like laster from gta

  • Audri Griffith
    Audri Griffith

    The intro just keeps getting better

  • jordyn bruh
    jordyn bruh

    Mohammed cant even look straight at her-

  • Dog dog
    Dog dog

    Pewds is kinda of an asshole laughing at these poor bastards hahaha

  • Nate'n Rey
    Nate'n Rey

    19:47 the lawyer is from Pawn Stars

  • Shallow

    there's literally a Ad at the end bruh

  • Roselyn Singsit
    Roselyn Singsit

    Walmart guy is the most sane one.

  • Sisen

    "he has told people that i smell-" "you do" LMAAOAOOAOAOAOAO I BURSTED OUT WHILE EATING WHSHAHAHAHAHAH

  • FRANK -
    FRANK -

    She looks like my history teacher

  • nalinea18

    The money issue is important because one requirement for the K-1 fiance visa is that the foreigner coming into the US either has adequate funds/a job lined up, OR that the US citizen can financially support their new fiance. All of TLC’s foreign fiances are from poor countries, so immigration won’t let them come unless they can somehow prove they won’t be needing public assistance from the state. IIRC in many cases the visa can be revoked if the foreigner loses their financial support. So in this case her not having money is an _even bigger_ problem for him than her lying to him.

  • TXC_810Dubs

    0:24 a jojos reference