Human Benchmark TEST Is INSANE!
Human benchmark test
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  • ???

    i got a 7 on the human benchmark test accidently before {the reaction in ms one}

  • Richard Blanchard
    Richard Blanchard

    Dam I’m 12 and I got a better score

  • jeffrei

    i made it to 20 and stopped bc i was getting too good at beating chimps 😎 yk that sounded wrong but idc I'm king of the jungle. sitting on my throne of tree and chimps serving me fruit and bowing to me as i whole number cards to assert pompous dominance

  • Marios M
    Marios M

    i got 16ms :)

  • Erika Nirenberg
    Erika Nirenberg

    I just kept thinking of every time he forgot a simple passcode when he played through Ao Oni

  • Yuri The Greatest
    Yuri The Greatest

    This makes me proud, i can hear the sound from the begging

  • Mik

    some people are smart, Some people just have to try harder,,, and obviously use paper and pen

  • Arina Konova
    Arina Konova

    I'm so failing this lol

  • za boi
    za boi

    I heard it on 18375 something

  • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
    Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal

    Holy shit pewdipie actually has pretty good Reaction Time Im 16 and literally have 290- 330 reaction time Holy shit i literally suck what the fuck, Pewds was better than me at everything, although now that i think about it age thirty kind of is peak physicality for males so thats fine

  • Weston Ball
    Weston Ball

    20543 hz

  • smackaroo laugh
    smackaroo laugh

    Me getting 370 me reaction time with 300 ping

  • Alberto Nevarez
    Alberto Nevarez

    Felix: "...Dumb people have to try hard..." I felt that

  • Alberto Nevarez
    Alberto Nevarez

    Felix: "As you guy's know, I am the greatest human being on the whole planet" Me: * hits like button * "Yes"

  • cubby


  • Men8ar Desu
    Men8ar Desu

    Bro i heard nothing!

  • Nizou


  • Steven.

    2:57 okay, heres my scores. typing - 85 wpm, 93.2% percentile verbal memory - 49.0 points, 72.6% number memory - 10.0 digits, 71.1% hearing - 15348 12.0% (idk if my hearing is bad, my reaction time is bad, my earbuds are bad, or all 3 of those.) reaction time - 344 ms, 10.6% visual memory - 9.0 points, 8.9% chimp test - 6.0 points 2.8% aim trainer - 766 ms, 2.7%

  • Pi ba ba ba kush
    Pi ba ba ba kush

    12ms FIRST TRY !!!!!!!!

  • Rishabh P A
    Rishabh P A

    I heard it on 18386 Hz

  • Daniel Felix
    Daniel Felix

    Pewds: “i have spit on the wall?!?!” (Licks finger to smear more spit on wall)

  • Aigars Lapsa
    Aigars Lapsa

    14:16 did you really? :D

  • Harmanpreet Singh
    Harmanpreet Singh

    He's really intelligent...

  • phil coulson
    phil coulson

    Grown man Bragging about not being Autistic

  • Utku Başol
    Utku Başol

    i hear when it is started

  • Jatin seharawat
    Jatin seharawat

    2:11 is that illuminati eye? : D

  • 21 tryhard
    21 tryhard

    play csgo pls

  • La Baguette YT
    La Baguette YT

    I heard it at around 15,000 lmao

  • Mr. IVO
    Mr. IVO

    In reaction i actualy got 20ms i promise

  • BR Quackenbush
    BR Quackenbush

    verbal memory 69 hearing 19848 reaction time 224 number memory 10 typing 39 aim trainer 630 visual memory 8.7

  • BR Quackenbush
    BR Quackenbush

    when i did it on the website i heard like 19800 i dont think your mike can pick noise at that frequency up

  • UrbanChaos TV
    UrbanChaos TV


  • Haru_OW

    I spit on my wall what the hell? *puts more spit on the wall 3:43

  • LZ

    This is not the correct "Chimp Test" Because for the chimp gets about a second max of memorizing time and they are able to do it as fast as they can tap on the touchscreen

  • Cars Dogs and Gaming
    Cars Dogs and Gaming

    has 100m subs but 2/3 are bots then brags about it

  • кролика родзинка
    кролика родзинка

    Damn I knew my hearing was bad but I never even started to hear it before he moved on entirely :'( A tank fired next to me when I was 15 and my ears never properly recovered lol

  • Just Dude
    Just Dude

    18700 Hz

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool


  • nicholas cooksey
    nicholas cooksey

    Felix on the hearing test- you can play along at home Me with 8 dollar earbuds- hears nothing but static

  • blee_yt

    pewds :" 100% accuracy" also pewds : *misses on reflex test*

  • Mixer

    i got 5 ms omega lul

  • 24 24 24
    24 24 24

    People with a high refresh rate monitor get better score on the reaction time test.

    • Dundi

      that's true

  • Dr Jedi GT
    Dr Jedi GT

    I got 98ms on human benchmark by accidentally clicking lol

  • JK 17
    JK 17

    Micheal Reeves got 7 ms. His is truly among the gods.

  • ꧁matty꧂

    the max i heard was round about 20100Hz, im still a young boy :3

  • Lovers Choice
    Lovers Choice

    at of all the videos on youtube, this one is the most edited.

  • Sam_ Ireland
    Sam_ Ireland

    Felix: I have spit on my wall *proceeds to clean with more spit *

  • Vani Lokesh
    Vani Lokesh

    F u i got in 76 ms

  • Balraj Chauhan
    Balraj Chauhan

    I heard the sound somewhere around 21000 then it went quite and then I heard it at 18500

  • Eric Escamilla
    Eric Escamilla

    bro i got 46 on reaction time on second try your slow

  • Nimus H
    Nimus H


  • Brendan Howard
    Brendan Howard

    I heard it at around 17000 what was yalls?

  • Suru

    18050Hz ish

  • Chance Meads
    Chance Meads

    M o n k e

  • Heyyweirdo

    Does anybody know the song name in 7:41? I've been searching for it for ages

  • 8R0 C0D3
    8R0 C0D3

    Anyone else not able to hear the noise before he stoped it

  • DailyDose OfDuck
    DailyDose OfDuck

    Jesus Christ these intros keep getting better

  • Burn

    9:34 I really just that was my tinnitus acting up...

  • anonymously anonymous
    anonymously anonymous

    it took me until 15499Hz to hear it 💀

  • Taha Naser
    Taha Naser

    i hear it way before

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    Pewds: I have spit on my wall Also pewds: Uses spit to wipe spit off

  • Little_anime_girl_uwu

    I’m trying to learn Japanese to and I’m awful

  • mochi

    1:30 every rhythm gamer

  • Life of Ciarán
    Life of Ciarán

    946461 946461 946461 946461

  • Life of Ciarán
    Life of Ciarán


  • Rgillespie_ 06
    Rgillespie_ 06

    I'm kinda proud for the verbal memory I got 106.0 and 97.5 percentile

  • sparkle girlsies
    sparkle girlsies


  • Joris Martinez
    Joris Martinez

    I did 129 at verbal memories 😂

  • Hexal

    Pewds: "Ew i have spit on my wall!" Also pewds: *cleans spit with spit*

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    Why have I just noticed his eye colour

  • K͙E͙S͙H͙A͙V͙

    I hear it Before😕

  • K͙E͙S͙H͙A͙V͙

    My Response time is 114 MS 🙂😏😎

  • Haru Kazami
    Haru Kazami

    i heard it before u did. im better than u r.

  • Quotic Talk
    Quotic Talk

    pews has a high iq

  • BlueGamer

    chimps goes pree pree boom

  • Hunter Ellis
    Hunter Ellis

    I remember when he used to play horror games like aoni and he would always forget passcodes

  • Silvy

    he really tryharded on the human benchmark test. A true gamer

  • Aozotra

    Guys pewds is gradually realizing that he’s born a chad. We must crash the site

  • Mr beast 6969 Sola
    Mr beast 6969 Sola

    Pp poopoo islands

  • Da BJ
    Da BJ

    Holy shit chimp test is really fucking me up can't even get top 90%...

  • Ilyes-HJD

    04:42 * i have spit on my wall * uses spit on his finger to clean the spit on the wall !!

  • D WREX
    D WREX

    anyone else just go take 20 mins to do this?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I actually did them all and you're a fucking beast what the hell

  • Me Me
    Me Me

    My genius 👽 🧠 Pewds I 💘 you babe

  • Card

    I got too 0.1% of people for memory

  • Lauren D.
    Lauren D.

    “click the requiers” i-

  • William Chu
    William Chu

    he literally became a god by breaking the human limits

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama

    I heard the sound at 18693Hz.. my god that sound was painful

  • Batata Mama
    Batata Mama

    I heard the sound at 18693Hz.. my god that sound was painful

  • John Forrest
    John Forrest


  • Baicus_IL

    i heard the sound b4 u get rekt!

  • Smriti Kamath
    Smriti Kamath

    17655 Hz

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    As you know, people say the brain is described as a muscle, which obviously can be exercised.

  • Kyle Bornman
    Kyle Bornman

    For chimp test take pics with phone big pp move

  • Vegard Ophus Fretheim
    Vegard Ophus Fretheim

    Pewdiepie:has spit on wall Also pewdiepie: wipes away spit with spit

  • Galaxy cartoon Station tamil
    Galaxy cartoon Station tamil

    I am faster than anyone in india or even the world ? , my top score is 90ms , my lowest score 177 ms

  • A Simpleton
    A Simpleton

    Numbers are the worst. People get frustrated when I have to tell them to repeat their phone numbers and slow down. If I have to read them & copy them, I use two separate types of memory like Felix did, one part visual and one part numerical

  • Simon Almirante
    Simon Almirante

    PewDiePie: "Are you smarter than a Chimp?" Also PewDiePie: "Click the requires in order..."

  • Starrimoss

    I’m so smart that I was sitting here waiting for the video to start when I hadn’t even clicked the play button 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Albundyii72

    9:37 Set to max volume