Just Another Day In Russia - #79[REDDIT REVIEW]
normal day in russia
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  • Lui's Gacha
    Lui's Gacha

    I from Russia 😂😂 It's ok🤣🤣

  • Ethan Burg
    Ethan Burg

    why do edgar looks like baby yoda

  • Russian Boy
    Russian Boy

    Я русский

  • Himiko senpai
    Himiko senpai

    The one with dude doing something to wall isnt Russian its Croatian

  • Gamer Man
    Gamer Man

    This random but what happened to pewds thumb? 3:48

  • Roza Miller
    Roza Miller

    Ребята,лайкните ,чтобы иностранцы думали,что я написал что-то умное

  • {Cooper_ Trooper}
    {Cooper_ Trooper}

    Normal places: we drink water Russia: water drink you

  • Cloud_ mx
    Cloud_ mx

    14:04 i join da russian membersharpness 5

  • controller gunsligner
    controller gunsligner

    you mean vodka bill 1:22

  • Кирилл Ярешко
    Кирилл Ярешко

    Россия Россия только рассия

  • hi . stor
    hi . stor


  • hi . stor
    hi . stor

    Привет кстати

  • hi . stor
    hi . stor

    У меня так всегда

  • AI One
    AI One

    If you are not going to stop doing this you will be banned from earth forever😤😤

  • Lily français
    Lily français

    СССР нах

  • MT Y
    MT Y

    Stop laughing at Motherland

  • Kostet Roblox
    Kostet Roblox

    Я русский лол!

  • Mem4ik

    That feels, when you russian and you watching this memes in English TRwatch.

  • Marina Troshuk
    Marina Troshuk

    As a Russian I can confirm the subtitles are pretty accurate

  • Мирон 654
    Мирон 654

    Кто русский

  • AwOkEn x BeAsT
    AwOkEn x BeAsT

    Im actually just watching Edgar's cam more than pewds. And i dont know why

  • Тайный Я
    Тайный Я

    What is funny is that the subs about the car are actually correct.

  • Moody San
    Moody San

    9:31 I'm actually amazed at how that lorry driver steered round that car with their front wheels reversed like that! damn that takes skill. He'd have to be doing that through his mirrors too!

  • Ben Chechurov
    Ben Chechurov

    I'm Russian yes he really said that

    • normal gamer330
      normal gamer330

      With that name, i believe you xD

  • Moody San
    Moody San

    8:44 lmao I love that one guys effort but it immediately falls over as soon as they leave XD

  • K1dstaf

    Короч, добро пожаловать 😝

    • normal gamer330
      normal gamer330

      I'm guessing you're mocking us for not understanding russian, right?

  • Светлана Стороженко
    Светлана Стороженко

    Hello айм раша

  • Min Turtle
    Min Turtle

    12:20 - 12:28 I understood that🤭

  • pot-ay-to pot-ah-to
    pot-ay-to pot-ah-to

    he's wearing red nail polish i like it

  • Danilo Milutinovic
    Danilo Milutinovic

    12:22 thats not russian thats Serbian

  • Kalexhaust Automotive
    Kalexhaust Automotive

    12:25 Thats actually Croatian



  • Baby Tachanka
    Baby Tachanka

    One clip is actually serbian the guy who breaks the wall with that jackhammer thing i am seebina so i knew

  • Victor Gulei
    Victor Gulei

    Hey Pewds, did you know that Koenigsegg is Swedish?

  • Илья Карлечук
    Илья Карлечук


  • СОДА

    хазхазхазхазх жаль что Россия уже не такая

  • linoza cikis
    linoza cikis

    This has god graphics

  • Asid Howz
    Asid Howz

    Absolutely no idea why this channel has so many views and subs? Am I missing something?

  • Dustin Sandler
    Dustin Sandler

    I love how Edgar looks like a grumpy grandpa throughout the video

  • Smug Cat
    Smug Cat

    Another day in russia

  • Евгений Холстинин
    Евгений Холстинин

    I’m from Russia and all from video is true =)

    • Евгений Холстинин
      Евгений Холстинин

      Russia very strange and funny country

    • normal gamer330
      normal gamer330

      Bruh i wanna move there

  • Cboy 22
    Cboy 22

    Kinda cringe, lets be honest

  • IT'S AK 07
    IT'S AK 07

    Edgar looks high af😀

  • MuTdLik CRO
    MuTdLik CRO

    12:30 thats croatian Im from croatia

  • BlackHole137

    in Russia lada rides you

  • Dyama Matveev
    Dyama Matveev

    я один понимаю что тут происходит?

  • DsavO #BANDZ
    DsavO #BANDZ

    so we just not gonna talk about how the intro is 40seconds long?

  • Валентин Оконешников
    Валентин Оконешников

    Как же интересно : )

  • minefoxie

    pewdiepie: *uploads a video about russia* us russians: we have been summoned

    • normal gamer330
      normal gamer330

      That'll never happen to me, i'm from canada and speak french xD

  • Arsik YT
    Arsik YT

    PewDiePew посмотри Алексея Шевцова

  • Delightful Idiot
    Delightful Idiot

    11:09 that sounds more Irish than British

  • Zelell

    и все русские начинают просто ржать сэтого видео)

  • Holy Shit Shea
    Holy Shit Shea

    13:31 shut up pewds he’s a good boy

  • King Intellect
    King Intellect

    lmao edgar a senior citizen now

  • Ratzy Gaming
    Ratzy Gaming

    Petition to add a PewDiePie skin in the next Mario game

  • Cross One's Mind – X1SMIND
    Cross One's Mind – X1SMIND

    10:01 is epic !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aiman Slivar
    Aiman Slivar

    12:08 that's not Russian that's Bosnian... Fakey

  • gary noice
    gary noice

    carl wheezer do be lookin fly at 0:03

  • Paul Wilby
    Paul Wilby

    Edgar: *literally just wants to sleep* Felix: no.

  • Hamza Nadeem
    Hamza Nadeem

    Pewds: Why does everyone in Russia have a bear. Khabib Nurmagamedov: *Used to wrestle them as a child*

  • Alex Karpov alexk2011
    Alex Karpov alexk2011

    dear Felix, they did not fake the subtitles,

  • Luka Perić
    Luka Perić

    That dude that is working on wall is Croatian, not Russian

  • Boichi


  • Dih Hatake
    Dih Hatake

    Hello pewdiepie, i'm Brazilian

  • BotDamian

    10:00 I'm not Russian but the subtitles are accurate tho lol He said "I was standing here yesterday"... :)

  • The Derpy Hyena
    The Derpy Hyena

    Edgar why are you so cute, I just want to squish your little face! He was extra cute in the video

  • CyC C
    CyC C

    Good until you say UK trashiest place you've ever been :( Not nice. Maybe you explore the countries more.

  • Shrey Gupta
    Shrey Gupta

    Ok this is me trying to speak Russian just believe I am speaking russian.

  • Joachim Berntsen
    Joachim Berntsen

    Edgar be like bebeh yodah?

  • tony king
    tony king

    so cool

  • Tree Nation
    Tree Nation

    3:49 Why is Felix nail red?

  • Veronika Korobeynikova
    Veronika Korobeynikova

    русские активируемся

  • ChippingSam

    5:55 working as intended.

  • Gillian Mackenzie
    Gillian Mackenzie

    Police: exist Wolves: I’m about to end this mans whole Career

  • cirila dewi lanch
    cirila dewi lanch

    Lol this funny and relaxing somehow.

  • Boris Vladisavljev
    Boris Vladisavljev

    12:20 that "nikola the bulider" was actually serbian or croat, but prob serb cuz it sounded more like a serb. But the point is that he is slavic

  • TheTrooooooool

    Его русский акцент просто прекрасен

  • yanni _ psh
    yanni _ psh


  • Вовка Игроман
    Вовка Игроман

    Пьдс дуед совиет анзем ин зе энд, вери кул

  • Unicorn STANDOFF 2
    Unicorn STANDOFF 2

    Кто русский? Посмотрим сколько нас!

  • Diana

    Мне, как русскому зрителю, безумно приятно смотреть это видео) Респект ✊🏻

  • Nailya *
    Nailya *

    Ре на аве здоровья маме)

  • Be_ Careful_shes_dumb
    Be_ Careful_shes_dumb

    Imagine being able to say that a type Russian cars sold less than a FIFTH of your following. A DAMN FIFTH.

  • Kata M
    Kata M

    12:09 That ain't no Russian that's Croatian. PewDiePie just reacted to Balkan man..... As a Balkan I-i feel flattered

  • Sandeep Wangde
    Sandeep Wangde

    Edgar be like: This nothing new. I sleep now.

  • kyrepa

    я не понял

  • Tondaju Bunson
    Tondaju Bunson

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • Monica Treesa Menorias
    Monica Treesa Menorias

    Y does edgar look sick. IM WORRIED

  • Venn _ Ateva
    Venn _ Ateva

    Земллляяяяяяяя в люменаторе

  • jordan beam
    jordan beam

    One video it WAS nit on rusian it was on croatia i think its video About two men working missing and one hitting a wall with a drill THAT VIDEO WAS ON CROATIAN but ok. 👊

  • Joshua Olukotun
    Joshua Olukotun

    This guy's intro is 35s

  • Anton Beriev
    Anton Beriev

    Edgar is the cutest!

  • منوعات علي البصراوي
    منوعات علي البصراوي

    You are just jealous of the Russians

  • MasK FacE
    MasK FacE

    Connor McGregor

  • its me aaron
    its me aaron

    elvatonya muskatev is russian elon musk

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  • Sergey Berengard
    Sergey Berengard

    Russian bro here. The subtitles were exactly what he said

  • Manic

    10:03 I can comfirm he said that

  • Eric Tselovanskyi
    Eric Tselovanskyi

    Not really a thing to be bragging about but Chernobyl is in Ukraine, not Russia.

  • Gabriel Salunga
    Gabriel Salunga

    this was an itslian accent