KSI Challenged Me (response)..
cant believe ksi did this
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  • D.U.O

    Skiiiirrrrrrrt ova here fam I just posted some hellfire heat called WHAT IT TAKES!!! On god y’all need to hear this 🙏🏽

  • Stick Boi
    Stick Boi

    Name the abomination flem

  • River Barry
    River Barry

    I actually found the song with out watching this first 👌😀

  • Thatdutchgirl Rianne
    Thatdutchgirl Rianne

    You are amazing! And really deserve everything you worked for. Been watching you for years. 🖤

  • Jason D
    Jason D

    3:40 "i have now emotions"... until a few minutes later. But honestly it's been amazing so far who didn't let a tear flow. Felix you're amazing man, and personally helped me through a lot. This may seem dark but if it weren't for you i wouldn't have been here today and to you it may seem like nothing. But do know that you're wonderful guy and we all support you too man! Floorgang signing off 🥁🥁🥁

  • nishat

    6:16 the ultimate win

  • nishat

    5:29 :> cute

  • Dewan Grove is darthsideos98
    Dewan Grove is darthsideos98

    Not even t series can make pewdielie cry like this. So to who ever made this you did a great job with the history video

  • tata luv
    tata luv

    13:24 watching this really feels like going down the memory lane with felix, so happy that I grew up watching his videos, brofist man 👊

  • tata luv
    tata luv

    can't get enough of felix' reaction to the Bad History's song and animation about him, so wholesome and genuine man enough to make a grown man cry

  • I changed my username i was Michelle
    I changed my username i was Michelle

    The song and animation made me tear eyed, I loveeeeeee it, it just made me remember all that stuff, and made me so nostalgic, I still remember listening to Jabba (?) the hut on my birthday in elementary school

  • Umweltkind

    Sick intro

  • AoTS3 T-KT OWL
    AoTS3 T-KT OWL

    im so happy for felix

  • Josh sandman
    Josh sandman

    2:20 is that davie?

  • Leo Fuchs
    Leo Fuchs

    The music was so good that Pewds actually did a brofist what he doesn’t do that often

  • Wanky

    3:18 Charlotte Katakuri spotted!!

  • macarroloco

    We want a colab with Felipe Neto

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    He was honestly crying in the end

  • Ilkanar

    1:17 its k bro what you did was perfectly fine

  • Ilkanar

    0:53 ITS OKAY FELIX, just enjoy your time with them dont let reddit jokes bother you (if they rly do)

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      i cried. all of us did. i think.

  • 小骏

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • James Bardes
    James Bardes

    but CAN YOU DO THIS Me : yes

  • Elliot Young
    Elliot Young

    Good stuff 👌

  • TottalyNotRankR

    ahum ahum this is golden

  • SupahSaiyanDank


  • Tirthaj Rikame
    Tirthaj Rikame

    Such a well made video by Bad History. That was awesome!!!

  • ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^
    ˢʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᑫᵘᶦᵗᵉ ᵃ ˢʰᵒʷ ^̮^

    KSI paid me to talk about him on my channel*

  • Nxy

    Knock Knock who's there... boo who!

  • Lyons Dwyer
    Lyons Dwyer

    The BAD HISTORY part is really fun to look back on the past with. Especially with pewdiepie reacting

  • Phoenix Cherubim Donny
    Phoenix Cherubim Donny

    Bruh why don't you fight KSI man

  • gaming aster mash v2
    gaming aster mash v2

    Tseries and pewds might have to team up to take down coco melon 🍉

  • Mohammed Ahmedsyed
    Mohammed Ahmedsyed

    Wow!!! The best animation I have ever seen in my life wow

  • Ima_memer bruh
    Ima_memer bruh

    It’s enough to make a grown man cry and that’s alright”

  • itz Vortex Radical YT
    itz Vortex Radical YT

    3:08 omg I can't believe it pewds is doing it!

  • itz Vortex Radical YT
    itz Vortex Radical YT

    Sadly I I'm not nineteen I'm eleven

  • Quaint Gentleman
    Quaint Gentleman

    i cried. all of us did. i think.

    • Quaint Gentleman
      Quaint Gentleman

      13:20 for the epic part.

  • Lexie Marie
    Lexie Marie


  • Jai Vaidya
    Jai Vaidya

    I almost cried at the end of that animation. Damn it was awesome 🙌🏻

  • Jai Vaidya
    Jai Vaidya

    I almost cried at the end of that animation. Damn it was awesome 🙌🏻

  • Lexie Marie
    Lexie Marie

    Watching this made me cry... ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE WE STARTED MAN!!! SO much love and support from all of us Pewds!! Thanks for loving us back ❤️❤️

  • Hats Beetle
    Hats Beetle

    What's the music @13:00?

  • whorifa

    whats the name of the song at 12:32 I've been wracking my brain but i can NOT figure it out someone PLEASE help me

  • Matthew James kipari
    Matthew James kipari


  • Rocky Liu
    Rocky Liu


  • Troy Sanders
    Troy Sanders

    I've watched the end of this video like 10 times this week lmao

  • Alexander Levy
    Alexander Levy

    If anyone is here to watch him react to the music video it's at 13:17

  • AKUJI Remo
    AKUJI Remo

    du förtjänar allting och fortsätt vara fantastisk

  • Michol Sonajo
    Michol Sonajo

    I am proud that i am part of this community. We love you pewds.


    Who ever read this I hope you become successful someday ☺️

  • Ambreen Zaheer
    Ambreen Zaheer

    Thank you man... for everything. I know I'm relatively new to the gang but you have made this quarantine the best time for me, RESPECT BRO!! 🙌💞

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez

    Pewdiepie Eating beef sandwiches from castle crashers

  • Ramagon

    Bro no joke I was shooing away a fly and accidentally hit the “save” button on my phone. And I’m not undoing it lmao

  • Thomas Janson
    Thomas Janson

    Anyone know the background song at 15:44? Sounds a bit like mr lonely..

  • xitatchi x
    xitatchi x

    No no no no no no no no no no no dont make big ed famous

  • ChrisCa animation
    ChrisCa animation

    Go to 13:25 for the start of bad history’s song

  • ChrisCa animation
    ChrisCa animation

    Go to 7:43 for my reaction to smelling poo

  • Emma Cave
    Emma Cave

    Poods is that snus

  • Mystery Men
    Mystery Men

    I want pewdiepie to fight KSI


    Did anyone not cry after seeing the bad history video?

  • Fabian Vlad
    Fabian Vlad

    i am romanian:)

  • Jeff Bruce
    Jeff Bruce

    Why do people watch this???

  • natetheungreat vivanco
    natetheungreat vivanco

    Pewds is crying!!!!!!❤❤

  • Person Reanimation
    Person Reanimation

    Had to come back and keep myself from tearing up again

  • Sm!le TV
    Sm!le TV

    This is so insane, man :)))

  • Crimson Shadow
    Crimson Shadow

    Omg name that long legged furby Swallow!

  • Azuul Gaming
    Azuul Gaming

    Bruh you gotta make a song with the alphorn now 😂😂

  • iFeed Tv
    iFeed Tv


  • Sandeep Sharma
    Sandeep Sharma

    This is some Disney/Pixar level threat!!

  • Alfie

    among us should add pewdiepie's pets and his headphones ;)

  • Ordinary Vlogger
    Ordinary Vlogger

    Lovin the intro 🤣

  • tirendir

    That video was fantastic, great job! Everyone can tell a labor of love when they see one.. and Pewds definitely has a lot of great fans who just make stuff because Pewds has been someone they enjoy spending time with, even if just in a digital format! Thanks to you too for just being fun Pewds, one of the few bright-spots in this crazy year has been being able to just sit down, and have a good time watching and listening to you have a good time with all the bros.

  • Imfilbuster

    DID FELIX FART ON 11:06 ??? EMMM

    • Imfilbuster


  • butterlettuce 69
    butterlettuce 69


  • ًRotaDerp


  • Relax Music & Meditation
    Relax Music & Meditation

    👈👈Welcome to music lovers ❤️

  • Titan _
    Titan _

    We all are crying and just fking agree

  • XsiLenTtX _
    XsiLenTtX _

    Like The first time you see ksi you see his lips like BRUHH his lips is too big

  • TheGamingGodz

    that music video constantly reminds me just how important pewdiepie is in are lives

  • George-Alex Balaras
    George-Alex Balaras

    Great video! Can anyone please tell me the name of the music playing in the background at 15:42?

  • stefan stefanstefan
    stefan stefanstefan

    Whats the deal with romania

  • Bryce Mcfashion
    Bryce Mcfashion

    The feels bro!!!!!

  • Janus Carino
    Janus Carino

    I like the template of the owl house 5:41


    its your boy ksi and its djbt

  • Afiq Mohd
    Afiq Mohd

    Ksi : Bruh

  • The king of dumplings
    The king of dumplings

    We love you pewds, I'm 23 now but i remember those amnesia days as if they were yesterday. You got me through the shitty days, after school... watching a newly uploaded vid by you, made my days!

  • fruitsalad 69
    fruitsalad 69

    Anyone remember the video of pewdiepie shooting pewdiepie when he was protecting a blow up doll and dies with Justin beaver its a really old pewdiepie video

  • Comment Channel
    Comment Channel

    pew die pie is now too proudy now i dare you all his subscribers just unsub each and 1 of you who subscribe him let's make History here let's all unsub and see if He beg again for sub it's never been done before let's try it and yes he really don't respect you all because he got a lot subscribers which is you and he even dont know you even exist so what's the point here subscribing him unsub him now

  • Cydrew Games
    Cydrew Games

    Name: Dick ferby

  • Skipping Step 1
    Skipping Step 1

    Someday, when Pewds retires from YT (Likely not soon, relax) I'm playing that Bad History song from the rooftops.

  • DeadSilence5150

    Still one of my favorite reactions at the end

  • Geetha Jain
    Geetha Jain

    He tried his maximum to not cry

  • TiTLe Mr.LoNeLyz
    TiTLe Mr.LoNeLyz

    Just buy the one KSI just blow... :)

  • CocoMarbella

    Fun fact Dick is another nickname for the name Richard which is why he calls himself Dick Thunder 😃

    • Heet

      He mentioned it in his latest LWIAY

  • Lydia Hanger
    Lydia Hanger

    The fanbase really got awesome recently... I remember how toxic it was during T-Series war but now, this is just wholesome :')

  • CocoMarbella

    Lmao great video 😂😂

  • R S Rajput
    R S Rajput

    At first I thought why the intro didn't had cocomelon sound

  • Billystacio

    Marzia should react to this

  • Sanan Mir
    Sanan Mir

    Thank you Pewdiepie genuinely what you have done for us means lot 😁🤗❤❤❤❤

  • f

    The feels hit harder

  • Sum Nick
    Sum Nick

    Petition for Mrbeast to play among us with pewds 👇