Man Hides BIG SECRET From Wife Then TAKES OFF! TLC #10
Paul is insane and its... insane!
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  • Luke Wheeler
    Luke Wheeler

    this is the weirdest episode yet lmao

  • Goldn

    14:36 POV: you are playing hide and seek and you found that one kid that doesn’t know when he’s out

  • — havannie
    — havannie

    anyone else watching this on pewds birthday? Happy birthday pewds 💛🎉

  • retroFIX Gaming
    retroFIX Gaming

    Man what a scaredy-cat. She’s really pretty wtf is he doing lol. This dude shoots himself in the foot every chance he gets

  • Bluffing Crewmate
    Bluffing Crewmate

    Some western parents: here is part of my body as a remembrance that I'm with you Asian parents: always with you no matter what and no object can signify his or her love and care for their child/ren

  • Hax_Venom

    Why wasn’t there a TLC episode for pewds and Marzia

  • Hax_Venom

    So are we not gonna talk about how the mom ripped out her hair, They live in America right?

  • J Mtk
    J Mtk

    Paul : running away TLC: whY aRe YOu RunnIn?! WhY aRe yOu RuNNin??

  • Bluffing Crewmate
    Bluffing Crewmate

    I can think of two words when I saw paul at the first part of the video and his mom: Typical Americans

  • J Mtk
    J Mtk

    6:55 wait is that Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb lmao

  • Sotblomma :[
    Sotblomma :[

    6:55 been looking for comments about the background stalker that appears in the window to the left..

  • Asloreza

    Paul seems like the kid who was spoiled and babied his whole life.

  • HakxxaW Official
    HakxxaW Official

    Wow, and I thought I'd seen it all in 2020.

  • Vladislav

    This is made up right? I don't understand how for the interviews they are pretty normal and for everything else he has some kind of 'thing'.

  • mucha hoocha raps
    mucha hoocha raps

    he’s a professional virgin

  • Sela Shooman
    Sela Shooman

    6:56 wtf is outside ya window fam

  • soph hay
    soph hay

    I actually really appreciated Felix's advice on not going with the comfortable route, and just getting out there. I have recently just got a new job and I'm terrified ! I like where I work now and I'm comfortable but thought I would take my chances at this new place to get myself further along in my career. So this really touched home for me.

  • Sisen

    the crew must've been weirded out the moment paul ran like chucky

  • arnii

    He sais all the girls walk away then walks away himself

  • john Doe
    john Doe

    First mistake, never go to Brazil.

  • Tuuficle

    6:56 the window

  • Kermit7185

    mizkif and maya

  • Professional Circle
    Professional Circle

    5:17 That was nothing but gold 👏👏👏

  • Brawesome B
    Brawesome B

    the reason she was messaging him on the phone was because it was translating for him since she doesn't know english and he doesn't know her language.

    • Brawesome B
      Brawesome B

      oof if I had just waited like 20 more seconds he figured it out haha

  • Anonymous Potato
    Anonymous Potato

    The biggest twist is the fact that this guy has an ex.

  • CielCylver

    jeremy creeping on pewds tho 6:56

  • Luna Oogami
    Luna Oogami

    ngl this guy could definetly snap. I mean, he set house on fire, harasses people, other criminal charges, is overcompulsive about every little thing. just imagine you piss him off real good. next day ppl gonna find you all around the pieces ofc

  • Luna Oogami
    Luna Oogami

    ngl paul looks like he still be waiting for that hogwarts letter

  • tomasz gawlik
    tomasz gawlik

    i'm not sure, but i hear "in caes war brakes out, Poles is ready, no problem" and i'm not even offended, but i'm kind of proud XDDDDDDDDD

  • AwesomeStuff

    Holy shit this is a good looking dude but he is sooooo ANNOYINGG~!!!!

  • Purnatirtha Bhattacharya
    Purnatirtha Bhattacharya

    i could tell that he had problem with sex I mean bro he wore a condom even before meeting her. He definately does'nt wnt anyone near his penis

  • Purnatirtha Bhattacharya
    Purnatirtha Bhattacharya

    i guess vikings do that , taking hair of loved one on long voyages. What did you do Pewdie?

  • You are already dead
    You are already dead

    Mamma's boy.

  • PUNNY 3M
    PUNNY 3M

    nobodys gonna talk about why jeremy from Phineas and Ferb was behind felix?

  • Erin's World
    Erin's World

    Where did the hair go? 😅😂😂

  • saif najat
    saif najat

    This one like tf2

  • Zel Ofalla
    Zel Ofalla

    He's weird.

  • Aayush Warrier
    Aayush Warrier

    For a moment i thought her shirt said Felix at 16:29

  • That furry that u know
    That furry that u know

    hairy pp fish paul

  • Hero Vailoces
    Hero Vailoces

    paul is a dude that is over prepared

  • Lilly Weakley
    Lilly Weakley

    No not Paul being from my hometown

  • Eli Pitcock
    Eli Pitcock

    How is this dude from the same state as me

  • mekenzie

    are we all gonna ignore Jeremy in the background at 6:56

  • Abdulah Svensson
    Abdulah Svensson

    This is the kind of guy whom would murder her wife and his own kids one day just cuz she liked a friends picture, American Murder 2.0

  • Bear Angel
    Bear Angel

    Hotel, Trivago

  • Eithan Batalla
    Eithan Batalla

    I just saw jeremy out the window. Is that there before?

  • Mo00

    wierdest person i have seen, i sorry for her

  • Jonas


  • João Pedro Avelãs e Silva
    João Pedro Avelãs e Silva

    Brazil's NOT for amateurs.

  • AuthenticallyAriana

    He needed to add some drama when he announced his criminal record.

  • Maiden DE
    Maiden DE

    I think this series is designed to make White people look as bad as possible. It’s actually outright evil.

  • Maiden DE
    Maiden DE

    Wow. Paul is ridiculously anxious. He’s like the worst product of postmodernism.


    Paul: *tells her about him going to prison* Paul right after: *Ight imma head out✌️*

  • s r
    s r

    6:56 anybody notice

  • Ali R
    Ali R

    Someone needs to tell this man to live a little

  • JD Rome
    JD Rome

    This dude was so concerned about the peepee fish... like bruh just don’t piss into the water. Are you 5?

  • Mike Espinoza
    Mike Espinoza

    Dude says he doesn't have 500 bucks for rent. I cant wait to see his reaction when he finds out how much a baby costs.

  • rio

    this is so fucken funny

  • Z J
    Z J

    anyone else hear Felix breathing?

  • MeTheMike

    I’m gonna be honest, at the beginning I half-expected this man to be gay.

  • Esteban Garza
    Esteban Garza

    I do that all the time @PewDiePie you told your future self something bc you'll remember it later

  • Alexander Livadini
    Alexander Livadini

    Why does the American guy kinda look like PewDiePie

  • yamna hehe
    yamna hehe

    Paul is annoying

  • babyy joseph
    babyy joseph

    us kentuckians do NOT claim this man.

  • [SK] Dredge
    [SK] Dredge

    Her hair?

  • Stanislav Mikheyev
    Stanislav Mikheyev

    Calling this guy insecure is like calling someone who committed suicide sad.

  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies

    Urethra-mom’s-hair-Paul got some MOMMY ISSUES

  • Beanie Boo
    Beanie Boo

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Jeremy is in the background?? 6:56

  • Elsie Rogers
    Elsie Rogers

    why does he say her name like careeney


    What color effect is that called again?

  • Elsie Rogers
    Elsie Rogers

    Americans scare me and I'm from ca

  • Xylinx

    "I've never left the country." Me and Pewds at the same time:"*I can tell.*" Me: (Suprised Pikachu face)

  • ArijOn Dauti
    ArijOn Dauti

    Can i please unsee this whole video...???? ._.

  • Tiago Durante
    Tiago Durante

    as a Brazilian, I really enjoy the disconnection from reality he has about Brazil.

  • Myk Al
    Myk Al

    the fuck was that game at the end

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yes, people are flirtatious in Brazil. I personally blame our shitty culture.

  • ur mom get rekt
    ur mom get rekt

    paul is a goat lol

  • Chad

    I can understand the condom because that would be no good, but the life vest and plastic trousers are way overkill

  • scale is jeongguk
    scale is jeongguk

    this man is capping he's never been to jail

  • JackHasADHD

    Arson😍😍😍😍 how cute

  • shadow Tales
    shadow Tales

    I'm sorry but I think Paul is a psychopath

  • gio b.
    gio b.

    Guys ready for doomsday 😂

  • Shanlee Lashea
    Shanlee Lashea


  • Mohamed Alhuwairy
    Mohamed Alhuwairy

    wait a minute !! is that jacksepticeye ??!

  • Blair Lavoux
    Blair Lavoux

    The guy is really scared even since the beginning lolsss

  • Spawn The Gathering
    Spawn The Gathering


  • idek

    off topic but imagine if felix didnt go to italy T^T

  • Consuelo Gallardo
    Consuelo Gallardo

    es divertido por que como latina entiendo el potugues pero también el ingles, asi que me siento muy trilingue en este momento

  • Oliver Long
    Oliver Long

    Big Ed std

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Paul running way waaaas amazing!!! Wtf bruh?

  • johnny poff
    johnny poff

    Appreciate all the constant content Pewds, I've been a bro for a looooooooong time. And I will say that I never really knew or understood the amount of effort that goes into making your hilarious videos, but a picture is worth a thousand words, (I know it's a video). The image of your irritated right palm when you scratched your head at 14:22 told me everything that I need to know about the effort. Goodjob pewds, you've come so far, I speak as if I know you personally because I have watched countless days just binging your videos i know you edit them to cut out certain things you don't want us to see, but was still able to catch certain things that showed your personality which a lot of BIG youtubers try to hide. But what makes you the BIGGEST youtuber is you dont give a fuck, which i love. But have been here with nothing but support for you. Thank you again pewds, and as always stay awesome.

  • Justynne Fabian
    Justynne Fabian

    The cringe was so bad I had to switch to some among us after 10 minutes because I knew I'd spontaneously combust

  • Hazwan Hashim
    Hazwan Hashim

    Hhahaha this guy sso funny

  • Carolina Matos
    Carolina Matos


  • Fernanda Marini
    Fernanda Marini

    Paul gets mad bc of a couple of emojis after she let pass the fact that he didn't tell her before he was a convicted criminal. I'm ???????????

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson

    Thanks! , i hate it!

  • bath time maric
    bath time maric

    6:56 why

  • Eric Akira Rodrigues Terai
    Eric Akira Rodrigues Terai

    Melhor episódio até agora hIUAHHHHHUEUEUAIE

  • Belle Baranda
    Belle Baranda

    Why does Paul looks like my ex HAHAHAHA OMG he reminds me of HIIIIM!!!! But without beard 😬

  • Spikey Junior
    Spikey Junior

    Wanna be friends