Man Loses EVERYTHING To Wife... TLC #9
TLC anfisa and jorge goes insane.
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  • Badredin faik
    Badredin faik

    So he became G-eazy...

  • Angel G.
    Angel G.

    Bro he knows she looks so much better than him and it makes him shy. Lmao.

  • 烏龜

    When he didn't defend his sister, I lost it. What a loser honestly. We all know what she's in it for, but he's a simp through and through (not even defending his family for simping)

  • Nylon

    George is a simp.

  • Dice Master
    Dice Master

    I though my life was bad, but at least I'm not Jorge.

  • Alisha

    "it's his problem, not mine" found my motto

  • Hrap Video Games
    Hrap Video Games

    as I understand from all of this TV shows in US and all other countries all of them are actors

  • Wear Zone
    Wear Zone

    He sounds so Swedish.

  • KMessi6

    You’re a millionaire can’t you buy the full episodes?

  • O6NightStalker

    this has to be scripted, there is no way in hell someone can be as bitchy as her

  • CrowMetic Chanel
    CrowMetic Chanel

    that guy is a total SIMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Zmile
    A Zmile

    When i was in 3:00 then came add for a red bag.... Wow

  • Random

    Slap her. How hard is that?

  • Vladislav

    WIth this guys money I would fund an underground empire to have hitmen find and remove people like Anfisa from society.

  • Grosse Sorry Digga
    Grosse Sorry Digga

    „Simp Rehab“

  • Kathleen Kaye Lozada
    Kathleen Kaye Lozada

    Pew being invested in 90-Day Fiance

  • The siblings
    The siblings

    Prison saved my life as well. Poor dude but atleast he got his head right now!!

  • MR.Pewdiegamer

    I am damn sure that felix and everyone wants to punch that simp or that b*** or both

  • xandersons

    Thats why I have no relationship, because I am so jealous on other ppls LOVE!! Just pain to watch...

  • John Fortune
    John Fortune

    If these were British it would end with arguments

  • YBN ceaz
    YBN ceaz

    Sheesh I’d take care of her

  • Björne

    Felix, you are swedish you say it sjorsje

  • bmnbrayden

    that man had to be held at gun point and be told what to say

  • Andreo 24
    Andreo 24

    Alguien entiende mi idioma

  • Baka Taco
    Baka Taco

    Imagine getting outta prison then just having to be stuck in yo house like a prison cus of corona-

  • Noaman Bensaoud
    Noaman Bensaoud


  • olgakasciara

    She not that pretty to be honest. Her lower face ( from nose to chin) is like 4 times bigger than the distance from ther forehead to nose. And has tons of plastic on her. Her boobs and a*s is plastic. So? Where does such confidence come from?

    • olgakasciara

      Plus look at her profile at 4.23! I mean jesus where does she gain the confidence that she is so pretty that her man needs to provide her with lots of money in exchange for her looks?

  • libby bond
    libby bond

    It’s basically George but Jorge

  • Pán Hry
    Pán Hry

    Prison is the one od best souls series in real life. You must die again and again ro find your way out.

  • J Kage
    J Kage

    If this isn't fake then he deserves to get his money stolen cuz natural selection lol ALSO WUTS WITH HER BIG ASS LIPS 🤣

  • kachibear11

    if i was jorge i would rather date a demon then her

  • Hero Vailoces
    Hero Vailoces

    pls give up jorge... THIS IS CRITICAL!

  • ivel Clownish
    ivel Clownish

    she's gonna mary him then dump him when she gets green card take all his stuff from the divorce (predicton) (edit) after watching the video and getting to the end i think she planted it and then she left him . (2nd edit) bruh sorry 1st edit i got wrong but dang he was just trying make cash for her that's tuff so f in chat.

  • A purple tail and zim love story
    A purple tail and zim love story

    17:18 I’m in love with how long it took pewds to realize it was a meme

  • A purple tail and zim love story
    A purple tail and zim love story

    I SWEAR some guys make the dumbest decisions. Don’t get wrapped up in such toxic and abusive relationships

  • melanie Banks
    melanie Banks

    Some people need something that hard just to see what around them

  • King Angel
    King Angel

    When Anfisa took so long to answer i died😂😂💀💀

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    woman moment

  • Soulless Ronin
    Soulless Ronin

    Im losing so much brain cell and I am crying at the same time. 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Raman Hey
    Raman Hey

    Bro, how much does this guy have to go through to figure out that this girl is just a gold digger and she won't change.

  • Raman Hey
    Raman Hey

    12:24 Correction: Money, not attention...

  • Xhesi Hyseni
    Xhesi Hyseni

    how dumb is this man

  • Iba Iba
    Iba Iba

    He will have to spent more money to repair the lips again better he's in prison 😂😂

  • alxrelle

    anfisa is like that zit on my nose that won’t go away.

  • bob ross
    bob ross

    I feel bad for him but at the same time he kinda stupid for staying with her 0_0

  • Kristina Cassandra Toledo
    Kristina Cassandra Toledo


  • 몰래 하기OW
    몰래 하기OW

    I'm pretty sure Anfisa is just a demon spawn from the deepest darkest pits of hell

  • Milagros

    you can literally read at 18:01 "Anfisa and George fight" on the screen in the background

  • DwayneFerns

    Pewdiepie: Hoeakhei

  • 50 subscriber without any video challenge
    50 subscriber without any video challenge

    "You don't have any thoughts, PERIOD" -Pewdiepie

  • M'Kay u stoopid UwU
    M'Kay u stoopid UwU

    Fr this woman is legendary

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh

    A donkey weds a fox

  • The Black Banner
    The Black Banner

    Her lips literally come in my nightmares

  • RozInTheFeild.

    sorry but i think i am simping for her as well... and im not even a lesbian

  • Hello Digital world
    Hello Digital world

    18:54 bootleg marzia

  • Nightcore Bloodcore
    Nightcore Bloodcore

    I feel so bad for this dude

  • Adam_Shmadam

    Alright I’m gonna go to prison to work out

  • PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum
    PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum

    Anfisa is really a double-faced woman. Watch her vlogs, she'll make u think she's a good person, but in here... Uhmm,,

  • Kyle

    I haven’t been surprised by human behavior, but the level of simp this man had to reach to get a shred of self awareness has me at a loss for words.

  • Kyle

    Felix: Her heart is pure Me: pure evil maybe

  • Pinky Boy
    Pinky Boy

    Bro, buy her a brain and kindness instead of 300k ring for Gods sake

  • hei heidii
    hei heidii

    Omg he's idot ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Chanso Ningshen
    Chanso Ningshen

    How did pewdiepie get 107 mil subs

  • Mr.KlausHere

    Uh What's her Facebook asking for a friend

  • wolfaagman

    Hey dude, been watching some of your 90days fiance complation can you please do an Michael and Angela one. I heard its a must watch.

  • 0ut content • 21 years
    0ut content • 21 years

    He would be better of going full alabama instead of simping to anfisa

  • CodeGreen Bonn
    CodeGreen Bonn

    anfisa BROKE his life..geddit?


    *Anfisa and Jorge having a conversation* Meanwhile, Felix: gO bAcK, gO bAcK

  • Woosh if your gay
    Woosh if your gay

    Pewds: I'm limited to youtube Then how did marzia watch the whole thing

  • Marino

    2:56 hhahaha

  • rephyx

    i mean he literally got saved from this years no simp september...

  • AeroAngel

    It was so obviously clear that Anfisa wasn't interested in Josh Peck here. But, good to see he's doing better after prison lol

  • Clemson TheLazy
    Clemson TheLazy

    What are Pedro and Shantel doing out there?

  • Floki

    I hope that Anfisa gets Karma

  • Augusto Lopes
    Augusto Lopes

    she has just twenty and already have silicon impressive

  • Dat Llama453
    Dat Llama453

    Why did he go to prison ?

  • Abigail Gizaw
    Abigail Gizaw

    3:00 "Bring me red bag with my makeup!" XD what about that

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris

    I bet she set him up.

  • SpaghettiTacosRainSupreme

    14:22 low-key trying to make it seem like she cares about him and not his money

  • zuzzone gelataro
    zuzzone gelataro

    can someone tell me why he went to prison?

  • Jonathan

    behold the most repulsive human being on the planet! she's pretty too!

  • Woodfekker

    Her eyes are literally dead, there is no remorse in there at all

  • waCk

    Sive level simp

  • Myk Al
    Myk Al

    I never even thought she was very attractive, she has that fake overdone look already and I dont even know if she was overdone at that point lol.. She got some nice curves and got some thirsty dudes, and probably thought she was some seriously hot shit.. But, I honestly just don't think so and add her shit personality and you get this.. person.

  • Olivia Ferguson
    Olivia Ferguson

    She literally shook her head no as she said “of course”😂😂 why did he ignore that body language😂 Plus he actually looks so much happier and healthier in those after photos! So happy he actually got away from her

  • Unloved Kira
    Unloved Kira

    This guy is more naive than a simp, like he's the most naive person I think I've ever met

  • Ellona Gh
    Ellona Gh

    Bro she is fucking 20 wtf

  • Scott MacPhail
    Scott MacPhail

    Anfisa has a onlyfans

  • Joel-Isaac Stevenson
    Joel-Isaac Stevenson

    Bruh pewds I was tryna listen to the sad music and you Kept playing the f***ing tambourine!!! I got so many laughs from this vid.

  • Questionable Things?
    Questionable Things?

    I’m learning...

  • YoshuaLY

    lol this is simpery is the kazuya version (in the anime) thoe kazuyas situation was better cuz he has a harem and his harem actually loves him than this russian mami version girl

  • selena Gamer
    selena Gamer

    This is annoying he stop video every second and talks for so long talks when they the video started and trying to be funny pls stop ur funny when ur just your self but don’t try over do it

  • RAF

    ANTIFA ANFISA make sense

  • •Cookie Aesthetics•
    •Cookie Aesthetics•

    90 days is like 3 months holy ship!

  • x12sdeadshot

    Just some give her the makeup ffs

  • paul sun
    paul sun


  • Croke835

    Plot twist she simps over him now

  • Croke835

    Does Jorge have a prison “girl”friend

  • Kelly Guo
    Kelly Guo

    Summary of this video: Smh,no,why,bruh,hhhh,SMH

  • talentedpigeon

    I wasn't liking her till she threw it right back in his face when she said,"Well why are you with me? Because I'm... intelligent? Because I'm so smart??!"