Man Puts Mayo in His Hair....... Ed & Rose - Part 1
TLC big ed likes mayo in his hair and lies
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  • Selina Thoma
    Selina Thoma

    He says Rose is disrespectful, yet, look at his reaction to litrally anything from Rose's culture or family. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Rose's poor dad, look how hurt he was at Ed's reaction to his house.

  • fearful684plane

    Is ed ever gonna do a neck reveal? (I did NOT come up with this)

  • Chris Trowell
    Chris Trowell

    i want to go to the philippines now it looks like fun

  • Ismail Bounhar
    Ismail Bounhar

    compact version of johny bravo with black hair

  • Borcsok Martina
    Borcsok Martina

    Normal people:" I'm gonna put a hairmask on!" I want to look good... Ed: Buys a bucket of MAYO and applies it all at once!

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa

    Neck transplant

  • MP Boris
    MP Boris

    Why??....Just Whyyy?????

  • Corrie Scrivener
    Corrie Scrivener

    the age gap is not the problem there both legal . the problem was ed was a asshole to her

  • Taegyunie

    "Give me your wallet"

  • Taegyunie

    Stan the rats

  • Thotimusprime Official
    Thotimusprime Official

    I love how absolutely shocked he is by the third world conditions she’s living in,,,, in a third world country,,,,,

  • Mohcen Marawan
    Mohcen Marawan

    I guess Ed is the one they called Graham the human that can survive car crashes

  • BloodMoon09 Games
    BloodMoon09 Games

    I Call This Guy No Neck Dude

  • Serasko

    Taking a shower with another man is weirder than washing your hair with mayonnaise? 🤨 lol 😂

  • M Wagner
    M Wagner

    Why tf was he speaking Spanish to her? Like we all know you think she’s stupid but like, have you tried looking in a mirror my guy? You got mad bc you had to pay .25 USD worth in pesos

  • nezzuukoo chaaann
    nezzuukoo chaaann

    Mayonaise aint gonna fix that, and flex tape either

  • damarh

    TBH Mayo is 99% vegetable oil and 1 egg. this man is unto something!

  • Artis SN
    Artis SN

    Ed's neck left the chat

  • Leah L
    Leah L

    If I couldn't read and hear I would think that this video was a try not to cry challenge because a man is being reunited with his daughter after so many years

  • Nikunj787

    14:28 pewds do b spitting facts do 👌

  • Efterbliven Anka
    Efterbliven Anka

    She doesn't have pajamas meaning she sleeps in the nude/underwear and you want to cover her up? Eh?

  • typical lily
    typical lily

    He looks like one of those uncles you avoid during family reunions

  • Beni Bock
    Beni Bock

    Ed should be the next US president

  • TheNewsChannle


  • ThAt0n33rr0rgUy

    We filipinos are lucky enough to be able to understand what they're both saying *_its not comfy_*

  • inéssa

    i sweat i thought i heard a fart at 13:38

  • aayan srivastava
    aayan srivastava

    mayo in hair makes your hair silkier, WTF

  • marlsavim

    that’s how the Spanish fiancé of my aunt look like when she visited mexico

  • AmberThePeep

    Worst way to die: Choking On Mayo

  • Ryan_CL

    Don’t worry Rose, you’ll find the right guy necks time.

  • Eugene Nam
    Eugene Nam

    4:39 Ed’s daughter looks like Miles Morales’s mom from the PS5 game what the fuck

  • KrishDerp

    ok, but why is he sweating so much??

  • Jiren

    as a filipino, this is the funniest series for me hahaahha

  • Avika Seetlani
    Avika Seetlani

    3:11 was that '*Bruhh'* sound from this clip??????

  • Clovem26 AJ
    Clovem26 AJ

    i ate the mayo from his hair sorry my breath stinks :(

  • rimaru tempest
    rimaru tempest

    Everyone in the market were ed is: sino to Ang walay liog na tao?

  • HALA E
    HALA E

    i like Rose ahe is cute and fun woman

  • König Skelett
    König Skelett

    The Video was uploaded at my Birthday

  • Federiko

    Ive never imagined a fall guys character dating a real girl

  • Rkent11 Gaming
    Rkent11 Gaming

    Pew die pie: he sweeting how long has he been walking 2 minutes

  • rio Castro
    rio Castro

    Where's the fuckinggggggg slice bread??? Ed putting mayo on his hair it made him like a fucking chicken sandwich. Damn gross 😂

  • Anugrah A
    Anugrah A

    Felix with 108M subs , still underrated 😝

  • iEN Knight
    iEN Knight

    I once put mayo in my hair but of course i washed it out after a few horurs... It was so I could try to fix my damaged hair and it actually did work but i stopped after about a wee k of doing that cause god it smelled i could not live with my hair smelling like a sandwich. Disgusting but really it helps. It's cheap and well organic hahaha

  • Nognog Limbang
    Nognog Limbang

    Tha girl is filipino

  • no one
    no one

    So beautiful dad and daughter meet at airport

  • Jayden Reda
    Jayden Reda

    M for mayo but not for this guy m is more greasy hair

  • Trending Sports
    Trending Sports

    Pewdiepie is like Dumbledore out here always right

  • Deci-chan ART
    Deci-chan ART

    Every TRwatchr I watched who reacted on that mayonnaise part think have the same reaction 😂😂😂 *gag* 😂😂😂

  • shemna navas
    shemna navas

    I personally feel like she genuinely likes living in her own home country, she seems more joyous and happy there.

    • Crêpe Suzette
      Crêpe Suzette

      Nah it's because she doesn't like him


    Bruh just why...Really?mAyO???

  • Miles the Minecraft Creeper
    Miles the Minecraft Creeper

    Recent searches for Rose:How to kill your spouse on national television

  • Roslynn Strong
    Roslynn Strong


  • Jules Bassinger
    Jules Bassinger

    Why does he have a Karen hair cut??? 💇‍♀️

  • Rebeca Alvarez
    Rebeca Alvarez

    Patrick is that you?

  • R. Reyes
    R. Reyes

    Why does he kiss her like he kisses his dog? Rose and her family live in extreme poverty and the store feeds the family. It was around $75 I heard she asked for. "I don't want this to be a shakedown"!! He somehow doesn't understand that there's an unspoken agreement between them. He's disgusting and she has to sleep with him, he owes her ANYTHING she wants! PERIOD!!!

  • 「山姆」

    Im taller than his fake hight and im 6 times younger than him in

  • Bri Pawlsk
    Bri Pawlsk

    Ed acts like him lying over his appearance wasn't a big deal but it's her first impression of him where she finds out he lied. That stays with you

  • s t
    s t

    19:40 "thats what we know about big eGGd so far" 😂😂

  • Hizn

    I ain’t gonna lie she’s beautiful she could be a model no cap hais I’m a simp I’m sorry

  • Shadow Wolf755
    Shadow Wolf755

    NGL ed's face looks like a punching bag

  • Maxwell Faucher
    Maxwell Faucher

    But no, he doesn't agree. He should go to the cow farm.

  • Maxwell Faucher
    Maxwell Faucher

    Hell, Ed should go back home in the pig-farm.

  • MissNobodyCares

    He looks like a discord mod

  • Jheius Cris Montojo Costo
    Jheius Cris Montojo Costo

    Put*ng in*

  • WolfCraft


  • Md. Hafizur Rahman
    Md. Hafizur Rahman

    “I learned that putting mayo in your hair can make it smoother .

  • Ry Xe
    Ry Xe

    How did he figure about Mayo in hair in the first place

  • jalapeno sauce
    jalapeno sauce

    I love how felix understands that the girl is just trying to help

    • jalapeno sauce
      jalapeno sauce

      Instead of seeing it inappropriate like big ed does

  • Roman Calvino
    Roman Calvino


  • panyang

    Big Ed: I don't wanna break her heart- My brother from the next room: YOU'LL BREAK YOURS IF YOU KEEP EAT TOO MUCH

  • vsco_gurl

    11:46 her face tho

  • Al B
    Al B

    LOSE WEIGHT if you want to look good for Rose!

  • Kathleen

    The mayo actually makes sense to me. It has eggs and oils in it which make your hair smoother. Still, just use conditioner

  • Marc andrie Inguito
    Marc andrie Inguito

    It's hot in the philipines we dont need padjamas

    • Happy

      Me wearing pajama 24/7 *sweats nervously*

  • skreec

    Ed be looking like that one guy from the movie trolls

  • Sori Gelbein
    Sori Gelbein

    *this aged nicely*

  • Janice

    i- we all know what we think about the guy >:)

  • A Stanekzay
    A Stanekzay

    He is Danny diveto and stevan segals son

  • Itz Choopaloopa
    Itz Choopaloopa

    At this point pewds is making jokes about big Ed and Mayo and it’s son JK I see why he lied because he didn’t want to get roasted by the man pewds


    Ed is adorable.


    rose akwardly looks at ed* "your my king"

  • speech! '-'
    speech! '-'

    Big Ed is literally as a tall as I was when I was 10

  • The Rat
    The Rat

    You need 6 inches of fat to stop a bullet. Ed is bulletproof.

  • Charlie Spencer
    Charlie Spencer


  • Rosalie Makarski
    Rosalie Makarski

    This guy is literally how the world sees America right now

    • Charlie Spencer
      Charlie Spencer

      Hes not great...

  • Jimmy John
    Jimmy John

    His neck is twice the girth of my left thigh

  • Naithan Gonzalez
    Naithan Gonzalez

    Just 4 words S.I.M.P

  • Dimensional Traveler Oficial
    Dimensional Traveler Oficial

    He's like a grappler's worst nightmare

  • G J
    G J

    My man's really said no neck November

  • Ninja Seth
    Ninja Seth

    “The fact Rose didn’t have pajamas was a shock to me.” Excuse me what

  • Wesley Williams
    Wesley Williams

    Did his neck disappear when the dinosaurs went extinct

  • Peggy Bryan
    Peggy Bryan

    I can’t decide if Ed belongs on 90 Day Fiancé or Extreme Cheapskates.

  • The Super Yoshi Cane
    The Super Yoshi Cane

    Could you even call that humongous lump of fat a neck?

  • Abigail mcintyre
    Abigail mcintyre

    Rose is so charming naturally

  • Stuff & Stuff
    Stuff & Stuff

    Damn,if he uses mayo, I should use like juice!

  • Marx

    Damn Hijikata has gained a lot of weight

  • Antoni _gaming
    Antoni _gaming

    He looks like a fat seal

  • Micah Scott
    Micah Scott

    pewds: nothing wrong with being short *googles 4’11 in metric* PPFFFF CANT EVEN RIDE A ROLLER COASTER

  • I mine Iron
    I mine Iron

    No neck man

  • Sara McGowan
    Sara McGowan

    I felt bad for the rat. It looked sick, dirty & miserable... 😞