Most Fun Horror Game IN YEARS
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  • always lucky
    always lucky

    That one freind that's in a situation where its serious but he makes it into a joke 7:37

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson

    11:12 I love how he’s like “y’all are a bunch of cowards” them proceeds to get attacked 😂😂

  • YioMech

    Play Amnesia Rebirth please! Bring back some memories.

  • The FBI Agent Behind ur Screen
    The FBI Agent Behind ur Screen

    Fun Fact: you're scrolling through the comments because you're too scared to watch the video in full screen.

  • Puthvoker

    Felix does know slipknot....Hellyeah metalhead!!!!

  • Novus Talks
    Novus Talks

    It’s not that fun

  • Ted 'Shibby' Eriksson
    Ted 'Shibby' Eriksson

    Played it all night yesterday. I think the game sucks LOL. Alot of potential but the devs dont seem to care fixing whats wrong.

  • Starsies Skygames
    Starsies Skygames

    Low key miss him playing amnesia 😭 I lived for the next maps. Urgh bring back spooky gaming!!

  • Wurkhill


  • Creeper Boy
    Creeper Boy

    Me watching pewdiepie and his friends strugle to play basketball while i am at 420

  • N . r . E . B Official
    N . r . E . B Official


  • Well I have an embarrassingly small penis, but
    Well I have an embarrassingly small penis, but

    7:43 Jack from across the school: *Ken, are you farting?*

  • Dylan Cardwell
    Dylan Cardwell

    Let's be real Felix, plays with the lights on. Not big PP

  • Connor Kenwright
    Connor Kenwright

    20:52: "It's a ghost :O" Felix "AAAAAAAAAAAHH"

  • Connor Kenwright
    Connor Kenwright

    16:39 fecking hand print mate! Y U NO SEE

  • KiwiSylveon

    I forgot how amazing Pewds was... What did I do with my life?! Great content, Felix!!!

  • Botched

    19:49 for jack and felix singing slipknot

  • first kira
    first kira

    It's best he said aaooooooo😂😂😂

  • Jacques Stephon
    Jacques Stephon

    Episode 2?

  • Rosa Feddersen
    Rosa Feddersen

    Someone should animate that whole "downstairs" fiasco, lmao.

  • Mark Nathan
    Mark Nathan

    When pewds and jack start singing slipknot and I also want to sing but everyone is sleeping: *aggressive whispers*

  • May Pearl
    May Pearl


  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil

    ''I'm running out of flashlight'' Uhh whos gonna tell him

  • May Pearl
    May Pearl

    Imagine Corpse playing with you and you just accidentally mix up Corpse‘s voice with the ghost‘s voice

  • May Pearl
    May Pearl

    I already miss Corpse

  • ruler697_official

    Hey boys the best part is > 20:56 and remember always drink your milk gamers

  • Yeet Yeeterson
    Yeet Yeeterson

    Dark room + dark video. Ad: Seems like my time to shine

  • iDevinGLive

    I have to say, Markiplier, bob, and wade is much better, still love pewds tho

  • Bi4knu

    2:00 Chills

  • clothschicken sogs
    clothschicken sogs

    My Dogies are in need of Many and Good Nesting Cats. Must Be Bear Approved Please I want your Cat, Please I really Want a Cat. I am in need of cat. -NYBUSDOGS. I am a Dinosaur and Golden Cockatoo and broiler collector, Cat enthusiasts best dog ever

  • The Paranoras
    The Paranoras

    Try it in VR

  • StillThinkingOfAName ?
    StillThinkingOfAName ?

    4:30 Onii Chan

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith

    I get the feeling felix doesn't like this game.

  • Alphami

    Pewds: Yall a bunch of cowards Pewds: AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • kyle goot
    kyle goot

    I love it when they did chills narration 😂

  • Johnodarod

    11:13 Pewds you were warned

  • i challenge 999 subscribers in this lock down
    i challenge 999 subscribers in this lock down


  • priel shen
    priel shen

    8:17 a white ghost with short brown hair spotted!!!!

  • AliveForWar

    How's it goin' bros, my name is PEW-DIE-PIE.

  • OsaMOO

    Just shut up and let my lungs die from laughing too much at this 20:55

  • Goldoax

    Please stop using Jesus' name in vein, because that just gained you a hater.Coming back in a month to see...

  • Cooper_786

    Ngl I reckon phasmaphobia is just what Scooby and the gang actually go through and we just do get to see

  • One Usual Gamer
    One Usual Gamer

    Everybody gangsta until the ghost says she's not subscribed

  • kim paan
    kim paan

    those slam dunk anime ads really got me flashback 2009

  • This User Is Unavailable
    This User Is Unavailable

    Anyone else feeling nostalgic?

  • TemporaryFind

    I hope they do more of this

  • Grace’s Snakes
    Grace’s Snakes

    Pewdiepie: “Ya’ll a bunch of cowards.” *while dying a few seconds later* “AhHaHaHAhAHAHAHA!”

  • The Creator
    The Creator

    play this with corpse lol

  • Aaliyah Collymore
    Aaliyah Collymore

    No no no can we go back to actually horror games

  • Evrim Birmeç
    Evrim Birmeç

    I havent watched his videos over 4 years now he got really boring just seemslike he is not enjoying this anymore

  • Eve hyland
    Eve hyland

    This was a good laugh 😂😂

  • Jordan Lau
    Jordan Lau

    I can't stop watching horror games lol

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    Mfw Pewd's first ghost was Penguinz0

  • TrustNo.1 07
    TrustNo.1 07

    copying chill voice over

  • GraceisConfused

    lol i feel bad for the people watching who have the same names as the ghosts

  • I've probably played every game ever
    I've probably played every game ever

    What's with the watermelon now? Lol

  • Natasha Evernig
    Natasha Evernig

    i dont know where the stairs are but i think we should go down them

  • Tyler Wozniak
    Tyler Wozniak

    Not enough pictures

  • casti casti
    casti casti

    Downstairs Gang

  • Luke toons
    Luke toons

    5:20 when he sees the first ghost your welcome

  • Taylor Kirk
    Taylor Kirk

    This game is fantastic

  • Woooshifyouhavehepatitis

    13:28 I always knew pewds was gay

  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett

    Y'all are a bunch of cowards he says before he dies

  • Dandeelonie

    I heard a WA's notif sound at 0:31 and literally pause the video to check my WA 😅

  • Luna

    I haven't heard those screams in years. . .

  • James Short
    James Short

    You know when pewds and jack are singing slipknot it’s a good vid

  • Bianca Kelly
    Bianca Kelly

    felix: *crouching* ''guys dont trip on the salt, dont trip on the salt... ugh.'' also felix: *turns around* ghost: also also him: ''AAAAUOOOOOOOAAAHHHHHH''

  • Xaubri gachaX
    Xaubri gachaX

    omfg im watching this while theres a thunder and lighting storm going on im terrified

  • Poogoggles

    We gonna gloss over the fact that the first ghost was a 5’6” beast of a man?

  • Jjareed

    Phasmophobia is so fun to watch but literally the most horrifying thing in the world to play

  • Raquel Analise
    Raquel Analise

    ok but that was THE COOLEST INTRO

  • loonyfish34

    Jack and pewds laugh how "scary" the TV. Outside the window the light turn on and off

  • GreenLit

    Not in VR? Disappointed

  • F Lash
    F Lash

    Pls stop those zoom in's. specially when the game is dark

  • Crimzon Stunts
    Crimzon Stunts

    Just like old times with penumbra & amnesia when you had glasses and a crappy face cam, I miss it.

  • Blue Phoenix
    Blue Phoenix

    i was just doing my homework and then felix just starts screaming cuz the ghost got him and im just like hOLY CRAP-

  • BaepSay

    damn i actually haven't laughed like that in months, dude??? this was great thank you pewds

  • Sub or you'll experience pikachoke
    Sub or you'll experience pikachoke


  • TheBad Mime
    TheBad Mime

    I might be out of the loop....but where is Crai and Pewds now of days?

  • Grith Yeeter
    Grith Yeeter

    11:13 *pewds* "y'all are a bunch of cowards" 5 seconds later: *dies*

  • Josefine Nygaard
    Josefine Nygaard

    recommend letting one stay in the wan

  • JuanGAMES

    Felix: I push my fingers into my EYES Me: OMG SLIPKNOT XD XD, sings directly the song XD

  • LadyLugia87

    Lol!! I think the ghost at the end was tired of yalls singing!!🤣🤣🤣


    I think it's like pacify

  • AlmostCopper

    Where is amnesia replay part 6 tho?? :(

  • MaryArts

    He needs to know how zo play this properly XD Like not screaminf the ghosts name

  • Tutorials and Learning
    Tutorials and Learning

    11:17 Felix: “y’all are cowards” not even 0.01 seconds later he dies lol

  • bushra Rasheed
    bushra Rasheed

  • bushra Rasheed
    bushra Rasheed

  • Jiggo ッ
    Jiggo ッ

    that DS intro was huge pp

  • Lea

    This is VR too, maybe a stretch goal in mind?

  • Zach & Ken The Brothers
    Zach & Ken The Brothers


  • Die Familie von Starr's
    Die Familie von Starr's

    Hey, play deadside

  • Fulux Gaming
    Fulux Gaming


  • Mansour Dhaheri
    Mansour Dhaheri

    whats the name of this game

  • Hylia Chris
    Hylia Chris

    19 year olds: *play horror game* PewDiePie: It's enough to make a grown man cry

  • SMThin Gaming
    SMThin Gaming

    Subtitle indo pls

  • christopher Remmers
    christopher Remmers

    play the game In Silence

  • Spider Slayer
    Spider Slayer

    Hellen Jones more like hellen got turned into bones

  • Roxderedits