My Apology For My Apology Video.. - LWIAY #00125
Im so sorry for going too far.
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  • Goldlion Ks
    Goldlion Ks

    U get Oscar award for best performance 🥱🥱🥱🙄😁😆😆😂🤣🤣🤣😡


    Pewdiepie zu wardo

  • Cody Corum
    Cody Corum

    Sweden sucks

  • Ivelisse

    someone in sweden: inventa something: pewds: is for SWEEDEN?

  • chris baker
    chris baker

    I can’t wait for this to be taken out of context by media 😂😂😂😂😂

  • BlingA4


  • Sukhpreet Singh
    Sukhpreet Singh

    4:12 i was so pissed i couldnt find heart button

  • Torishima Hashime
    Torishima Hashime

    My country got fish rain.

  • Leo Guidi
    Leo Guidi

    Telephone. Television. Penicillin. Scotland wins on the invention front

  • Dan Fellows
    Dan Fellows

    Who else Simped and opened their mouth?

  • KiaraPaez •
    KiaraPaez •

    16:31 ok.. that was a little bit weird...

  • daniel crawford
    daniel crawford

    Australia invented wifi 🤷‍♂️

  • Deepak Kudari
    Deepak Kudari

    Who all kissed at 16:33 i genuinely want to know. I don't think I'm alone here.

  • UrbanChaos TV
    UrbanChaos TV


  • Sam Flynn
    Sam Flynn

    Felix needs to colas w/ babish

  • Ki-Zumi

    18:50 Good call bro, just try to find another bride

  • Nguyễn Lam
    Nguyễn Lam

    lol maya is the same age as me

  • porferio eting
    porferio eting

    This is a fake apology video because he didn't start from setting up the camera

  • G N Yemen
    G N Yemen

    want your support in my

  • G N Yemen
    G N Yemen

    want your support in my

  • MA Gaming
    MA Gaming

    I literally thought Felix was from Switzerland before this video

  • Ethan Wardrope
    Ethan Wardrope

    Ngl Sweden have pathetic inventions (This was made by Scottish gang)

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic

    Understandable Have a nice day

  • Athena

    I think Indian inventions have a fair chance :P

  • Eskinder Fitsum
    Eskinder Fitsum

    Mariza Ricardo's sister?

  • Woable Attack
    Woable Attack

    You 3d printed a cake but then it's not a real cake so whats the point? You can tell that this was recorded in the ancient times before EVERYTHING was just cake

  • Arina Konova
    Arina Konova

    Make apology videos a daily series

  • 100ksubs Withnovids
    100ksubs Withnovids


  • Betsy C.
    Betsy C.

    You have no idea how much I loved that inteo

  • Joseph Crossley
    Joseph Crossley

    18:26 What is this song?

    • chwey

      If yes papryus theme song

    • chwey

      You mean 10:16

  • Brooke Bertrand
    Brooke Bertrand


  • Whittar 2
    Whittar 2

    Barely anyone noticed there are two LWIAY 125 episodes...

  • Bleklion

    Im younger than maya

  • Me Me
    Me Me


  • Spell6421

    Pewds: Speaks hindi All my devices: *start fixing themselves*

  • Jennefer Lee
    Jennefer Lee

    I love how he repeated the intro about the anime Marzia likes

  • misscadabby_

    @ 10:00

  • Muhammad Arsy Fadhillah
    Muhammad Arsy Fadhillah

    when felix is making a video, it is so relatable to the title that the title even mentioned earlier at 23:11

  • AnewShri

    Bhai kaisa chal raha hai?!!

  • B M
    B M

    You probably have to take it to the vet or a groomer if you want to have the nails much shorter if your uncomfortable with it.

  • Zoe AL-Ali
    Zoe AL-Ali

    Random person : where do you see your self in the future? Felix: 7:45

  • Lauren D.
    Lauren D.

    THE IRISH MADE CHOCOLATE MILK? maybe i should go watch sean-

  • priya ray
    priya ray

    pewdepie plz help... in India we have been asked to write a national level exam in this covid19 being a 2nd highest.. population in world, this exam will incude a gathering of atleast 50 lakh people including student teachers and parents. please support us on the protest in twitter.

  • Theis LR
    Theis LR

    I love you Pewds but as a Dane i gotta since it made my blood boil 15:12 *INHALE* No

  • Oliver Martinez
    Oliver Martinez

    You help me kill the ender dragon

  • trol oyuncu
    trol oyuncu

    My turkey

  • Ayush Vardhan
    Ayush Vardhan

    maya is older than me :(

  • i qoute
    i qoute

    Honestly denmark is a million times better than sweden, ngl

  • Muhammad641 Entertainment
    Muhammad641 Entertainment


  • Brooklyn

    I’m still watching the vids when he had no beard and here’s the difference His cheeks are a bit hollow XD dis is not me trying to be creepy ok?

  • Beegii Khuchee
    Beegii Khuchee


  • 80 Subs Without a video
    80 Subs Without a video

    15:55 pew: the quality is too good i can almost read the subtitles. me: whhaa-

  • Bioframe


  • Abhilash K.P
    Abhilash K.P


  • Rage Syan
    Rage Syan

    Lol hindi

  • Melody MySittyLife
    Melody MySittyLife

    Felix=Floor Ang, The Last Fart Bender


    I love the title

  • Afsal Digital Art
    Afsal Digital Art

    0:09...what is the song

  • Chomeur Gang
    Chomeur Gang

    IM THE SAME AGE AS MAYA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dante Breiner
    Dante Breiner

    America, there is quite a

  • Edyta Edyta
    Edyta Edyta

    1:22 you're more hot Felix :)

  • Mine Diler
    Mine Diler


  • Apex Shark
    Apex Shark

    you lost a subscribeer

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up

    This is the 126th Lwiay. Why is it labelled as the 125th?

  • Demonoid S
    Demonoid S

    Isn’t ikea from Sweden?....I wouldn’t be proud of that one XD

  • Blue Duck
    Blue Duck

    I want food.

  • Sam Kaberry
    Sam Kaberry


  • Am G1owing
    Am G1owing

    👁️👅👁️ 👁️👄👁️😅😂🤣

  • Am G1owing
    Am G1owing

    You are so funny 😂 🤣 And I love you so much ❤️ You are my favorite TRwatchr Owwwwww I love you so much bye bye

  • Inioluwa Ogunlowo
    Inioluwa Ogunlowo

    Guys lets campaign for PP ratings to be in inches

  • Larry okoli
    Larry okoli

    Hey you want to know what's "Roblox " come and check it out in my channel.

  • Clorox 420 Bleach 69
    Clorox 420 Bleach 69

    Felix bad looks like Jürgen klop

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    next up: an apology for my apology video that i made an apology vid about.

  • mystic majin
    mystic majin

    was listing to this while building my concealed house minecraft thought it was an old vid lmao

  • Crazy Cat Lady
    Crazy Cat Lady

    **cries in Irish**

  • Denver zuzarte
    Denver zuzarte

    your hindi is really good

  • Manraj Singh
    Manraj Singh

    pewds: bhai kesa chal rha he me a 19 year old : sab badiya **bada lund**

  • Matthew Mehrtens
    Matthew Mehrtens

    Millions of 19yos just opened their mouths in unison 16:25

  • Raymond Dwipa
    Raymond Dwipa

    epic coco melon

  • Ewelius CZ
    Ewelius CZ

    You hate fly

  • vortex

    E P I C M E G A L O V A N I A I T E N S I F I E S

  • Jackson O
    Jackson O

    Are we going to talk about how all the tambourines on the inside of the tambourine tower are broken.

  • Ahnaf Creatives
    Ahnaf Creatives

    How to you edit your video

  • Juan Fazbear
    Juan Fazbear

    Big PP Adventure

  • Wifey Souza
    Wifey Souza

    love shin chan

  • mind freak
    mind freak

    Epic intro of the century

  • Charlie Charter
    Charlie Charter

    15:04 made with Spanish Inquisition

  • Ryan Koshy
    Ryan Koshy

    Yòooooo , can someone tell me what phone pewds be using?

  • Ashwill Harmse
    Ashwill Harmse


  • Eliexox

    maya is a 14yr old girl 0_0 ( 3:32 )

  • RandomVideosFromTiktok

    I wish he said za wurdoooooo in the intro

  • TypeAlpha55

    The thumbnail looks like pewdiepie is checking whether the crying effect on his face is working or no.

  • Krish Arora
    Krish Arora

    sone gives life to earth not the universe edit -son

  • CostalMole280


  • Madshark 62
    Madshark 62

    If anybody in this whole world deserves a stand it is pewdiepie

  • The Spark Man
    The Spark Man

    If you really think about it,communism wasn't that bad,it's just the allies made communism look really bad *gun cocking sound* hahaha I totally don't have an AK-47 to my head

  • The Spark Man
    The Spark Man

    7:30 I,pewdaipudanee,have a dream

  • Sara Satish-Gowda
    Sara Satish-Gowda

    bruh that intro is 50% babys nursyry ryme stuff but i still like it

  • Molly McBride
    Molly McBride

    It's not the chase without Bradley Walsh

  • Plaintale 124
    Plaintale 124

    Pewdiepie is now Pewdiepie He is pewdiesans