My Best Impostor Game in Among Us #7
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  • augusto barrios
    augusto barrios

    hello pewdiepi greetings from Argentina

  • krishii

    22:54 *xQc actually shuts up for like 20 seconds colourised*

  • krishii

    i swear if i was in that call i would immediately say xQc vented every game to make him shut up

  • trinaa chandra
    trinaa chandra

    I really hate xQc, so much talking bruh eww -,-

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis

    pls never play with xQc again, this video was just unbearable to watch :/

  • 999 Subscribers Challange
    999 Subscribers Challange

    Happy Birthday Felix!❤ Thankyou for entertaining me when i was all alone and depressed!❤

  • swirl

    These 29k comments are probably all related to xQc but the fact that I still felt compelled to mention how legitimately obnoxious he is is a testament to how legitimately obnoxious he is

  • swirl

    These 29k comments are probably all related to xQc but the fact that I still felt compelled to mention how legitimately obnoxious he is is a testament to how legitimately obnoxious he is

  • Shaurya & Shyla
    Shaurya & Shyla

    Hey which platform r u speaking on with other players pls I wanna know

  • Yee Wong Chan
    Yee Wong Chan

    bobby and pews so cute omg

  • Jeremiah Gary
    Jeremiah Gary

    This totally could have been very good publicity for xqc but instead he exposed himself as the phoney he is

  • Jeremiah Gary
    Jeremiah Gary

    I just love that Bobby is Logic

  • Mark Deejay Landero
    Mark Deejay Landero


  • Lin Ku
    Lin Ku

    xQc wasn't that bad imo

  • residentbitch

    xQc and lirik screaming at each other and felix was just like: 👁️_👁️

  • Violet Grave
    Violet Grave

    XQc is annoying af

  • Mark Nelson Segovia
    Mark Nelson Segovia

    Pleasures in life: Riches Power Pewdiepie making fun of XQC.

  • mar colon
    mar colon

    ok but xQc in this made my eyebrows furrow

  • GleeTime TV
    GleeTime TV

    Great Video.

  • Shavarion Laurie
    Shavarion Laurie

    Egg 🥚

  • Katie Albus
    Katie Albus

    I get so mad when ppl sus pewds lol 😂😂😂

  • n c
    n c

    xqc talks like the enchanted table in minecraft

    • n c
      n c

      Autismo yo i found an xqc fanboy

    • Autismo

      cringe, imagine making minecraft jokes that obviously kids not older than 14 will find funny.

  • who inc.
    who inc.

    imagine playing among is with fucking logic

  • MythicalGames YT
    MythicalGames YT

    Is Bobby boy logic?

  • Sebastian Kowdrysh
    Sebastian Kowdrysh

    Lol is that bobbyboy like logic?

  • Matatoskr

    Xqc on crack 🤣🤣🤣

  • Salim Reza
    Salim Reza

    imagine playing with the biggest youtuber and simp,and our favorite bro (aka felix)

  • Jay WRLD
    Jay WRLD

    i feel bad for xQc nvm i just finished the video and he is kinda annoying, a lil to competitive

  • Kazoo

    You can tell how Pewds is annoyed at xQc when he kept talking and accusing him lmao. His voice is so annoying honestly, it’s stressful lmao

  • Kazoo

    You can tell how Pewds is annoyed at xQc when he kept talking and accusing him lmao. His voice is so annoying honestly, it’s stressful lmao

  • the ultimate supreme leader
    the ultimate supreme leader

    if your iq uincrease the more you speak xQ: * goes from having the same iq as a waffle to being Einstein *

  • Myla Tissandier
    Myla Tissandier

    xQc is literally a kid i play with on discord and he angers me abt how he thinks hes so smart

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。   • .    •     •   ゚   Red was not An Impostor.  ඞ。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   .     .  .

  • Zatonietzsche

    god is also among us.

  • Bea 3
    Bea 3

    xQc: WhY dO yOu GuYs FeEl BaD wHeN yOu’Re VoTiNg??????? Pewds: Because we’re not all sociopaths Lmao put him in his box Pewds

  • Charles

    i love this among us game

  • Hypnotic Dusty
    Hypnotic Dusty


  • Niharika Priya
    Niharika Priya

    Bobby and Pewds interactions are soo wholesome I love it

  • Raica Pulido
    Raica Pulido

    summit1g: I was continually going back to elec- EJECTED😂😂😂

  • jkderp

    The moment Felix and Bobby's colors switched, so did their roles XD

  • JSFE

    Cant believe I thought bobby was someone’s little brother or younger friend 😂

  • farhana islam
    farhana islam

    I played among us with PEWDIEPIE

  • Love, SunshineGirl
    Love, SunshineGirl

    Xqc honestly reminds me so much of my cousins, it’s honestly astounding.

    • Autismo

      who asked

  • -SoYreet -
    -SoYreet -

    Shit Dakotaz i miss the 2017 december fortnite

  • XeoPlay

    I like how the 4 top comments start with: "xQc"

  • 114MrCool

    X got like 90% of guesses wrong 😂😂😂😂

  • 114MrCool

    Everyone insulting XQc at the end of that round is soooo therapeutic

  • SciGeek

    man i wish i can play with gamers like this. all i get when i play is 8 year old using the n-word :(

  • Axzurax Dem0nx
    Axzurax Dem0nx

    Felix: *votes bobby* Bobby: *votes felix* Felix: *thats illegal*

  • walid ahmed
    walid ahmed

    Wow, holy shit! I'm not too familiar with xQc (probably heard of him, but did not care), but the first moments of hearing him gave me the sudden urge to sucker punch him. I didn't know if it was just me... But looking at ALL the comments, I think everyone feels the same way. Lmao

  • Hari Kc
    Hari Kc

    Big fan diood

  • nathaniel delacruz
    nathaniel delacruz

    xQc thinks He is so smart even though He got ass wiped in chess by Charlie.

  • Rhianna

    Anyone else remember when pewdiepie had 24 mil subs and that was the most on TRwatch ever. Good times

  • Shyler Caufield
    Shyler Caufield

    wtf is xQc on LOL this man sound like he on a high dose of adderall

  • justforFUN

    i just LOVE how they ignore xQc. not to be rude but that guy is actually dumber than average ppl.

  • Facts TVs
    Facts TVs


  • Cdub On Fire
    Cdub On Fire

    I made a reaction video to this video hope I didn't offend anybody

  • Xped

    screw marzia marry bobby

  • Jackster

    Pewdiepie should play with dashie

  • Asolas Gamur
    Asolas Gamur

    Dang people hating on xqc a lot on the recent comments... I don't watch his vids or streams but I never found him to be annoying. There are all sorts of gamers and he's just one of them serious type. He plays competitive games and he plays to win, that's just how he is. I think its cause pewds audience is used to the more casual and fun atmosphere they find him unsettling. He hasn't crossed any lines or gone toxic. It's just sad to see all the recent comments beging so hateful. Pewds comment section isn't supposed to be like this, pewds himself would agree. He has admitted it too that x is kinda sweaty but he finds him cool and its alright. Well this video is already quite old and im quite late on the comments but hopefully some of you who read this will agree.

  • Sir Gibberson
    Sir Gibberson

    xQc gives me Ben Shapiro vibes

  • All Natural
    All Natural

    Me not even watching the video and just watching pug cam

  • FkingLost H E L H E I M
    FkingLost H E L H E I M

    This vid is unwatchable BC of that toxic Xqs guy

  • Alexus Acuña
    Alexus Acuña

    xqc is the ben shapiro of among us

  • Scruffygitt

    xQc is definitely a coke head. Iv heard that rambled jittery talking way to many times...

  • Smokey Tacker
    Smokey Tacker

    Pewds please don’t do videos with xQc anymore so annoying

  • lance bradley
    lance bradley

    get jackseptikeye to 100 mil subs

  • JennyApostolos

    This game is definitely a lot more fun when people don't play it too seriously.

  • Saffron Meep Queen
    Saffron Meep Queen

    xQc took the game way too seriously. Like idc if someone is competitive, but holy fucking shit he made it so hard to watch. He barely let anyone talk, acted like a know-it-all, and just genuinely spewed nonsense.

  • Lucy Skylar
    Lucy Skylar

    I think Nogla is the fun annoying guy and XQc is just annoying XQc want to be Toast so fucking hard that it is just unlikeable

  • Amy Wang
    Amy Wang

    I am in support of cyber bullying xqc

  • Osmani Esquijarosa
    Osmani Esquijarosa

    xQc is annoying as hell but he does bring his own fun to the table, even if not as often as he annoys.

  • TraceofHatred

    You can tell xQc is an unlikeable fucking tool based on the fact that everyone cringed when he spoke, took joy when he was voted off and that the entire comments section is mentioning how annoying he was.

  • SkyLine


  • -화성

    every time it zooms in on xqc’s name i start getting a headache

  • D.U.O

    Skiiiirrrrrrrt ova here fam I just posted some hellfire heat called WHAT IT TAKES!!! On god y’all need to hear this 🙏🏽

  • Keyonie Griffith
    Keyonie Griffith

    Dude the betrayal of Bobby killing Pewds

  • ii trini
    ii trini

    was anyone else thinking that xqc was kinda fucking annoying??? like it pained me to hear him talk over everyone and not say anything interesting LMFAO

  • Haunted times
    Haunted times

    Pedipie is dead

  • Jili Anne
    Jili Anne

    Felix’s “no... no...” is stuck in my brain forever and it plays in my head whenever I read/see something that shocks me 😂

  • Daron Alcalde
    Daron Alcalde

    if i was pewds id rather play with toast and the gang than xqc

  • Ishy Mohamud
    Ishy Mohamud

    Who else searched up poodiepie

  • Naty Chanel Czech
    Naty Chanel Czech

    Yes among us 🤣

  • 小骏

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • nettlecider

    there are ppl who simply suck at this game , but xQ is special, he sucks the FUN outta this game

  • Claes Fjellstrom
    Claes Fjellstrom

    xQc isn't even worthy of the F tier.

  • trash by rachel
    trash by rachel

    xQc kinda sus... 😳

  • Reece Tyler Martinez
    Reece Tyler Martinez

    xQc is just annoying

  • Tenny TV
    Tenny TV

    xQc is annoying af, sorry.

  • Yami X
    Yami X

    xQc kinda sucks though.

  • Billbo 489
    Billbo 489

    knowing pewdiepie was talking to a person who fucking taste tested condoms makes me laugh my ass off

  • Ali Ridhwan
    Ali Ridhwan

    Saying xQc is competitive is so cringe. Making others uncomfortable even after the game ends is just annoying.

  • rosieisbored

    Aww Felix’s Edgar drawing from the stream didn’t make it to the final cut :(

  • The Dewitt
    The Dewitt

    xQc doesn't get tired about being third impostor pretending to be High IQ

  • Cole Rise
    Cole Rise

    XQC is the dumbest and loudest which means what ever team he is on loses

  • Cole Rise
    Cole Rise

    Xqc can't stop talking

  • Jovelyn Kremers
    Jovelyn Kremers

    13:15 *S M O L B R A I N*

  • Beautiful Lizard
    Beautiful Lizard

    Why does he have a camera pointed at his arm and chest at the bottom middle of the video?

  • low pøint *
    low pøint *

    Logic and pewdiepie should diss cocomelon

  • Dual_Prod.

    xQc got the most punchable face stg