My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part 46
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  • glass of flaming
    glass of flaming

    I want to play minecraft to but I have no pc or laptop to play the game 😭😭😭😭

  • lance borinaga
    lance borinaga


  • Florendo Calnea
    Florendo Calnea

    Plz continue the minecraft series

  • Aun Rizvi
    Aun Rizvi

    This is ep 50 not 46 pews forgot

  • Amon Gaming
    Amon Gaming

    It’s part 50 but whatever

  • P Andrew Calabro
    P Andrew Calabro

    It’s been a month STOP PLAYING AMONG US!




      fake no

  • Benjamin

    The title is wrong it should be part 50

  • Best FZ L
    Best FZ L

    Stop a raid flyling

  • Bala G
    Bala G

    Past ten episodes: torturing sven the cat forgetting who it was Now: finally remembers sven the cat but completely forgets about deeep

  • Michael Amron Dolar
    Michael Amron Dolar

    ep 47 pls

  • Dylan Halliman
    Dylan Halliman

    Me casually wating for the next episode

  • Tornado

    uh pewds you cant pick those end crystals up after you put them down. they actually explode. that's why people don't use them for decoration


    11:26 imaging if pewdiepie accidently tap the endcrystal

  • NiHao_ SD
    NiHao_ SD

    Pewds: Let's use end crystal as decorations Someone: accidently touches it Boom!

  • Bobbb Kahui
    Bobbb Kahui

    my heart when he put down end crystals

  • Katarina Pusa
    Katarina Pusa

    it is part 50 not 46

  • Katarina Pusa
    Katarina Pusa

    mer minecraft snälla

  • Koko Ucil
    Koko Ucil

    What if pewd play 2b2t

  • Sung eun Park
    Sung eun Park

    10/24 minecraft update

  • 小骏

    👈🏻 Challenge the most disliked videos, if you are interested, please come to my channel to see👀

  • Habiba Jaman
    Habiba Jaman

    Where is natherrite sowrd?

  • Nxy

    Knock Knock who's there...booo... boo who! ..

  • Fire Rex Gaming
    Fire Rex Gaming

    Are the phones dollars and are there for samsung

  • LightBxlt

    He should've titled this "My Minecraft was HACKED - Minecraft - Part *50* " because the last part was part 49

  • A I gamerz
    A I gamerz

    I wish I get a sven

  • CYAN FROM THE Future
    CYAN FROM THE Future

    Sven is happy to see pewds

  • Eugene Park
    Eugene Park

    It’s Supposed to be part 50 by the way you already did part 46

  • SeaborneAttic59

    Pewdiepie: Comes back to MINECRAFT everyone: OMG I GOTTTA PLAY MINECRAFT!!!

  • Luke Wisniewski
    Luke Wisniewski

    did he forget about this again really? Everyone like this so Pewds sees.

  • Kiddos 3kulog
    Kiddos 3kulog

    dont put the end crystal it will explode it is ,really strong and it will surely kill you even you have diamond armor

  • Cj Reyes
    Cj Reyes

    Btw this is part 27

  • TheMinecraftMan // EdTMM
    TheMinecraftMan // EdTMM

    Watch Timeworks! He can tell you how to save Joergen #1 and Watersheep and everyone else! Like so Pewds can see

  • Cooloptica 99a
    Cooloptica 99a

    Creepers: *are terrified of cats* Felix: kills creeper Felix to Ulla: *I SAVED YOUR LIFE*

  • Camila Espinal
    Camila Espinal

    A little late but HE'S BACK PEOPLE

  • RaZe_Quake

    Anyone notice how his pic has looting III

  • Magne Drengen
    Magne Drengen

    Pewdiepie: Non of my pets will die. 2 seconds later: Starts killing his Chicken

  • Jaish Arya V-D
    Jaish Arya V-D

    Bro did these cool cover for ipad

  • Emo072

    Wait what? 11:29

  • PaytonTV 3865
    PaytonTV 3865


  • Killin Elmos / KE Studios
    Killin Elmos / KE Studios

    This was actually part 50

  • Sophie Schaad
    Sophie Schaad

    what is his little robot guy that he builds and it painted red....?


    You have 5 different phones. Let me be that rich

  • AdamToons

    This is actually episode 50

  • Taifun 태
    Taifun 태

    its really funny to watch the cocomelon parody at the beginning

  • Tim Padre
    Tim Padre

    to much playing among us ahaha

  • James Wise
    James Wise

    Im so sad this video didnt get a lot of views. no way he is gonna do any more parts now

    • Shaunak Soman
      Shaunak Soman

      It got 4.5 million views? You call that less?

  • Salgadinho Roxo
    Salgadinho Roxo

    ender crystals go brrrrrrr

  • Calle Roos
    Calle Roos

    Bygg en Sven staty

  • Zomba

    D-brand is such a scam ofc they sell a phone skin and make it look like a case

  • Shuryken 1012
    Shuryken 1012

    creepers are actually scare of cats including Ulla britta

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran

    U have Water sheep merch?

  • ray br
    ray br

    you change my life dude!

  • Azzam Rifqi
    Azzam Rifqi

    pewds: why everyone not make this as decoration me: hmm you right

  • CosmoPlaysMC

    yooooo pewdiepieeeyo back in minecraftttt ouh ouh ouh

  • Tomo

    Funny that a month has passed and nothing has happened. Thanks pewds.


    I was in the electricals🤣🤣

  • AkshonGamer X
    AkshonGamer X

    If you donate me money I will join floor gang

  • Sirin Bremer
    Sirin Bremer

    You should build a Sven tower

  • tacomoonz

    pewdiepie when are you gonna make a mincraft video

  • Anh Trần
    Anh Trần

    5:10 u didn’t know that creeper scared against cat?

  • Cryptic Ice
    Cryptic Ice

    You know for a year’s worth of Mostly Minecraft videos, i’m surprised we’re still here today. But i get it, Not a lot of the interesting games are out yet, but truuust me people. November-January. Holy shit, Some good ass contents coming. Also, If felix ever saw this, I my question is, What do you think about “The Last Night” Project.

  • Sailesh gamit
    Sailesh gamit

    Jesus calls paul dinakaran vidio

  • Đýĺàñ_ pĺàýş
    Đýĺàñ_ pĺàýş

    Pewdiepie:were not going to kill anyone now Pewdiepie: *kills chicken* Also pewdiepie: were not going to kill my pets now

  • Caissiane

    It said episode 46

  • Mee Nya
    Mee Nya

    Join 2b2t server

  • Walker Edition
    Walker Edition

    Bro u should make a really really really really complicated password so it wont get hacked ever again and i bet Jeorgen(The first jeorgen) who be angry at that hacker that he would destroy that hacker's beautiful world

  • Mrs. Michael Ivy Müren Jackson
    Mrs. Michael Ivy Müren Jackson


  • Akuma

    Part 46 already exists supposed to be 50 🤔🤔

  • Sarin Playz
    Sarin Playz

    Pewdiepie when he finds out there’s a cave update: WhAt?

  • Jackson Pinegar
    Jackson Pinegar

    U should try to begin to the dream smp

  • TheAdvertisement

    Pewds referring to Marzia as a "hot minecraft girl" sends many signals.

  • Dixon Artaxes
    Dixon Artaxes

    Can't wait for episode 69 of minecraft

  • Herlena Tantimah
    Herlena Tantimah

    Umm pewds... do you not know SHIELDS? if you don't know... it requires 6 wood planks and 1 iron ingot

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Watch aBridger video, he shows you who hacked you

  • monkeyman2819

    I have a bad feeling now that he has an end crystal on display and a hacker on the loose

  • Bean Webster
    Bean Webster

    I love your videos

  • Bradley Gondek
    Bradley Gondek

    More minecraft videos!

  • The Rating podcast
    The Rating podcast


  • Pizzarollgod750

    ok so it isn’t a phone case i got. i bought it and it’s just a sticker

    • hoodie cat
      hoodie cat

      Ya thats what they sell they use the case as an example for what you put the sticker on watch his recent lwiay

  • swagi cp
    swagi cp

    Pewds: *places endcrystal next too sven* Minecraftvets: *HEAVY BREATHING*

  • LiLcookii

    Petition for him to join Dreams SMP | \/

  • 1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge !
    1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge !

    Who watch this is 2020 ?

  • Jack Strainer
    Jack Strainer

    How is that happen that sven still lived on a explotion

  • Benjy Simpson
    Benjy Simpson

    I don’t think Felix realises that he can’t pick back up the crystals

  • ReacTim

    Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie

  • Magnus Kryzanek
    Magnus Kryzanek

    1:40 pewdiepie cools him self

  • lyndsay mclay
    lyndsay mclay

    Pewdie: “from now on I won’t kill” also pewdipie : “ kills the chicken as he says that

    • hoodie cat
      hoodie cat

      @Left-Handed Man 15 people already have

    • Left-Handed Man
      Left-Handed Man

      @lyndsay mclay I was going to say that

  • Gewoon Stefan
    Gewoon Stefan

    this is part 50 not 46

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming

    Hey no insulting Edgar

  • mahi playz
    mahi playz

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoour minecraft series plz kill the ender dragon it will be your fans and my pleasure to kill it

  • CR Smoll_Man
    CR Smoll_Man


    • J A2
      J A2

      @CR Smoll_Man sorry man

    • CR Smoll_Man
      CR Smoll_Man

      @J A2 im so sorry

    • J A2
      J A2

      @CR Smoll_Man sorry about everything

    • CR Smoll_Man
      CR Smoll_Man

      @J A2 sorry 😐

    • J A2
      J A2

      @CR Smoll_Man ok sorry


    Does in reality Sven is died?

    • hoodie cat
      hoodie cat


  • mymidions


    • J A2
      J A2

      @hoodie cat you're cringe

    • hoodie cat
      hoodie cat

      Thats cringe

    • mymidions

      @DaveCraft no

    • DaveCraft


  • Tech System Gaming
    Tech System Gaming

    Pewds placing end crystal and dont know hat it does and places it near seven Everyone watching : *ANXIETY*

  • Prathamesh Selva
    Prathamesh Selva

    Hey pewds, it's actually part 50 You've done part 49 - bye bye Minecraft..

  • Blangsters 2
    Blangsters 2

    when people get to know that pewdiepie has a custom mask we are like bruh

  • Blangsters 2
    Blangsters 2

    bro don't leave minecraft ,big fan from india

  • Sambu Sardar
    Sambu Sardar

    Love for 🇮🇳 india

  • hughjay Enage
    hughjay Enage

    Can you try summoning herobrine I mean you haven't kill him or fought pls do it you are the master of minecraft you can do it