Reacting to Sushant Singh Rajput
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  • beat boy sam
    beat boy sam



    can you really think this kind of mindset person commit suicide?

  • Sethu B Nair
    Sethu B Nair

    Dis is the most hardcore honest youtube vedio i have seen about sushant singh rajput

  • saiman meri jaan
    saiman meri jaan

    Suicide Singh Rajput

  • tshden

    "Its a fantasy its always greater in our heads, ALWAYS" -FELIX


    You like India???


      @ayush ???

    • ayush

      Bhai kab se tum hi logo ne pewdiepie vs india kardiya tha

  • Pranabkumar Mandal
    Pranabkumar Mandal

    Huge respect for you Felix.The way you tribute Sushant is much better than Bollywood did.I love this video and Love you...❤️

  • Ultraz Beast Gamerz
    Ultraz Beast Gamerz

    Thanks felix


    Not a single indian youtuber didnt make a vid about Sushant Singh Rajput But pewdiepie did

    • ayush

      Tu hi log ek saal pele usse gali de rhe the abb kya hu


    Misseww Sushi...😔and thanks pewdi for making this video.

  • Santosh


  • lakshmi rani
    lakshmi rani

    Is he Indian? He make vedios about India a lot!

    • Burhanuddin


  • ubuntu ubuntu
    ubuntu ubuntu

    Sad what happened to him I love that Sir am thinking can you do another on Chadwick boseman I loved the guy

  • Mark Ukrainetz
    Mark Ukrainetz

    That was lovely. Thanks for sharing this Pewds.

  • Netizen Asia
    Netizen Asia

    Why the music is like cocomelon?? Did they copy it or pewdiepie copied?

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      The intro is a running gag in his new videos, making fun of cocomelon. It is a joke about trying to copy cocomelon.

  • Parvez Iftykhar
    Parvez Iftykhar

    Awesome video 😇😇😇

  • Aryavi SN
    Aryavi SN

    GG *Good Man U r* GM

  • Rosna Begom
    Rosna Begom

    His dead


    In my culture, death is not the end ~ Chadwick Boseman

  • Jigar Patel
    Jigar Patel

    1:04 bro my name is kedar

  • Awsome Gamer
    Awsome Gamer

    Thanks you are better than t series

  • Ashok Kumar Verma
    Ashok Kumar Verma

    This Gay Making Video For Views On Sushant Singh Rajput 😳😳😳

    • Jinit Bhatt
      Jinit Bhatt

      He literally literally did not put any ad in this video so the views did not really matter

    • n.d.s_YT 2008
      n.d.s_YT 2008

      @Grenade God oooofff good roast

    • Grenade God
      Grenade God

      SSR followed pewds on insta coz he has a better iq then u

  • AN .,.
    AN .,.

    I've been living under a literal rock. But, Felix is an awesome person o.o" wow. He also a did a pretty okay job in pronouncing Hindi, and being so respectful.

  • Nitya Agarwal
    Nitya Agarwal

    And the title of most wholesome video in history goes to dun dun dun...... Pewds reacting to SSR

  • soutam biswas
    soutam biswas

    Bhout barriya

  • syed rahman
    syed rahman

    1:05 why does he sound like a russian

    • n.d.s_YT 2008
      n.d.s_YT 2008

      he is swedish

  • Advita Mehta
    Advita Mehta

    i live in india and i have seen al of his movies

  • syed rahman
    syed rahman

    1:05 why does he sound like a russian



  • Juboraz vines
    Juboraz vines

    He was not died:-(he was killed😭 we miss you sir SSR❤️

    • ayush

      Nope he wasnt jayada bhavnao me mat kho jao aur agar ssr ki death nhi hoti to tum abhi bhi nepo kids ki movie dekhte rete haai

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      1. Sorry for the complaint, but your english is incorrect, but definitely understandable. 2. There is no evidence that he was murdered. There are theories about his girlfriend having killed him, but there is no evidence to support that theory. Its most likely a ploy to divert our attention from the more important topics.

  • Anmol Kumar Singh
    Anmol Kumar Singh

    Caryminati is best

  • Over machine
    Over machine

    Any Indians here!!


    i pray whoever reads this becomes successful in life, can I Please get some support for my channel I just started not to long ago and I really need some help to just get started

  • Jwala Prasad
    Jwala Prasad

    He was just one piece ,n ur nowhere even close to him. Don compare urself wd him ,ur just one youtuber.🙄

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      dude what is your problem, he is making a tribute video on him and he isnt even in the same country, why are coming just to hate.

  • N Kumar
    N Kumar

    Every Indian or anyone telling Indians not to hate him needs to remember that HE GOT THE HATE WHEN HE INSULTED INDIA, NOT TILL THE TIME HE WAS SAYING THINGS FOR TSERIES or ANY Individual...So,STOP saying that he didn't deserve that ...He deserved it 100%.

    • Grenade God
      Grenade God

      @Kanishk Dwivedi Guys its a waste of time arguing with low iq ppl like this. they will never get sarcasm. late ssr clearly understood sarcasm and followed pewds on insta.

    • Kanishk Dwivedi
      Kanishk Dwivedi

      Give me one proof that he insulted india coz he never did , and that title ' you india you lose' that just meant if you laugh you lose indian edition

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      he didnt insult india, h3 did,

  • Kritagya Bajpai
    Kritagya Bajpai

    You are so kind

  • Fareetha Harris
    Fareetha Harris

    Miss you

  • Jesentia_Evan Nicholson
    Jesentia_Evan Nicholson

    I'm Indian so pls hart this one..

  • p p
    p p

    Pue de pie you didn't deserve 100m sucribers

    • Coronavirus

      Says a guy named p p

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Pewdiepie is king

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Pue de pie who tf is he

  • yash Indian gaming
    yash Indian gaming

    U noob

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez


    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      YOU NOOB

    • Dua Imran
      Dua Imran


    • yash Indian gaming
      yash Indian gaming

      Hehe judt joking but carryminati first

  • Tushar Choudhary
    Tushar Choudhary

    Pewds : *say's something* [Everybody liked that]

  • ayush

    Many people are thanking pewdiepie and saying he deserve our respect So cant u understand this before so tseries wont surpass him

  • Abhiram C S
    Abhiram C S

    Stay at the PRESENT,Don't thing about FUTURE. Then U will be SUCCESS.



  • Govind Som
    Govind Som

    You are bast

  • Yogesh Bamane
    Yogesh Bamane

    What are you doing to water sheep You are very bad 😂 sorry

  • Balraj Chauhan
    Balraj Chauhan

    I like seeing pewds pronounce Indian names

  • Balraj Chauhan
    Balraj Chauhan

    Indians: Wait pewds is a good person Us: Always has been

  • zn pro helper
    zn pro helper

    I'm miss you shushant sing rajput 😔😔

  • Deepanjana Rachel Gomes
    Deepanjana Rachel Gomes

    i thought u hated my country (AKA india)

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      he never hated india, its just his content, he even asked his toxic fans to stop hating on india, he even made a fund raiser for india,

    • Ishaan 2775
      Ishaan 2775

      Become a indian nine year old

    • ayush

      Nope never has been u thought he hates india bro

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Bhai he is an important person of INDIA

  • Ray.D. Venom
    Ray.D. Venom

    thanks pewds

  • Anvi Talathi
    Anvi Talathi


  • Rohit Savant
    Rohit Savant

    Come on Indians don't like this vid....he is just trying to play with Indians emotions

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @desi rulez I... Know. That's why I defended him

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez


    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      @Kanha the third its just his content

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @Voltrion Technically he did. But they were clearly jokes for fun.

    • Voltrion

      No he is not. He never insulted india

  • Ultra HD Plus Gamer
    Ultra HD Plus Gamer

    India ke bare me tum jante Ho Leagueg in Hindi bro sulshant actor

  • VenoM PSYCHO
    VenoM PSYCHO

    Sushant Singh Rajput is in one of the Indian people who make us feel proud!

  • ashish vatsa
    ashish vatsa

    PewDiePie my dad almost now Shushan sing

  • grown kid
    grown kid

    Pewd ain't milking views off this because he is genuinely also sharing his common traits alongside sushant as well. This video is a very decent and good tribute. Much more than decent for a foreginer

  • Lalit Bhatt
    Lalit Bhatt

    ❤❤ my idol

  • Stupid Mango
    Stupid Mango

    Happy Birthday Felix!❤ Thankyou for entertaining me when i was all alone and depressed!❤


    React to bye PewDiePie song by Carryminati.

  • Nachiket Nanavati
    Nachiket Nanavati

    Indians hearing this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😂😂😂

  • Almi Jamal
    Almi Jamal

    23:25 that's what i am saying! He is such a great person!

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      Bro watching a couple videos doesn't tell you everything about a person. You know nothing about what he might have been dealing with.

  • Tracy Lilian
    Tracy Lilian

    I agree with you that the people who are always living in the now moment suicide will be the least thing in their mind!!He was such a great actor who made us glued on the screen,May his soul rest in peace .

  • Hitesh binnani
    Hitesh binnani

    Hii I am also from india

  • 1247 shubham Dubey
    1247 shubham Dubey

    Laude india ki ijjat kar

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      even bbs agrees with pewds, and he is one of the few people who understands sarcasm

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      @fastest man alive usne kabhi india ko gaali nahi di, H3 was the one

    • Voltrion

      @Chai Peelo agar India ko TRwatch ke top par Lana hi hai to kisi individual KO aage badhao. Company ko nhi.

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Chup karja

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Pehlay tou khud tou karlay ijjat "india" ki

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar

    Any one hate PewDiePie like here

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Here hota hai "hare" nahi

    • Nitin Kumar
      Nitin Kumar

      @ayush yes bro

    • ayush

      No like to ur comment hahhahahajahhaahahhajhahaahhahahhahahaahaha😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😁

  • Abhi salimon
    Abhi salimon

    Depression got him. My brothers and sisters if ur feeling depressed please consult an expert or talk to ur loved ones

    • Iara Arquez
      Iara Arquez

      Los resilientes no se suicidan y Sushant era un resiliente.. Justicia por Sushant y Disha..!

  • Abhi salimon
    Abhi salimon

    👍 for truthfulness

  • Abhi salimon
    Abhi salimon



    i think hardwork is more fun then the reward..!! u get chance to become happy at the end of the day that u have aceived something!!

  • MR.Pewdiegamer


  • Austin 3:16
    Austin 3:16

    JUSTICE "FOR ssr" ❤️

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      He was not murdered.

  • Legend Playz
    Legend Playz

    Pewdipie 👌

  • Umeristic Gamer
    Umeristic Gamer

    1% people who is reading this comment ......May you be a billionaire one day🥰🥰

    • Leo Tag
      Leo Tag

      are bhai

  • Nabam Api
    Nabam Api

    *HeHe Boi*

  • lone flame
    lone flame

    play minecraft with me like this or i will delete your minecraft world you also note that

    • GALACTIC_i8 YT
      GALACTIC_i8 YT

      I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about your existence. Pretty much in the same boat as ur parents

  • Prathamesh Mehar
    Prathamesh Mehar

    Love from India❣️

  • DHANUSH -_-
    DHANUSH -_-

    Simply you waste 🚫

  • Aditya Panda
    Aditya Panda

    Pewdiepie is so wise!

  • Adarsh Singh
    Adarsh Singh

    Felix, I also can't accept that such a smart guy with such a vast vision about can commit suicide. It's not a suicide ; it's a murder. RIP Sushant, will always miss you

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      @Kanha the third ur right

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      There is no evidence suggesting it was a murder. Just because someone is smart and seems happy does not mean they cannot suicide.The opposite is usually true.

  • Alka Vohra
    Alka Vohra


    • monka hmm
      monka hmm

      @Kanha the third i never said it was a murder, and i don't care if it was

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @monka hmm For it being a murder.

    • monka hmm
      monka hmm

      @Kanha the third for what ?

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @monka hmm What is the evidence?

    • monka hmm
      monka hmm

      not anymore

  • Alka Vohra
    Alka Vohra

    Sushant Singh Rajput was muderd

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      No.There is no evidence suggesting so.

  • Alka Vohra
    Alka Vohra

    I am an india 🇮🇳 so I love you 😍 but start playing minecraft


    i want you to go more then t-series even i am an indian

    • ayush

      Pelle se hi smajdar indian bol rhe the tab samaj me nhi aya tha logo ko

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman

    george carlin

  • Dancing doll lasya
    Dancing doll lasya

    Bosudike sale

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      @Dancing doll lasya ap hogayay bas kardooo

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      @Dancing doll lasya thats what i am saying. u don't like him because u can't take a joke from b lasagna

    • Dancing doll lasya
      Dancing doll lasya

      @fastest man alive i said for pewdewpie

    • fastest man alive
      fastest man alive

      desh bhakt spotted. can't take a joke kid

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma

    T series se subscribe ki ladayi krke sari hekdi nikal gyi t series 158 m paar

    • Rohit Sharma
      Rohit Sharma

      @Chai Peelo jada masle musle ni karne kar fer chup chap kam

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      @Rohit Sharma haan kar hi Raha hoon kaam tum jaisoo ko batain sunaay ka kio masla hai ?

    • Rohit Sharma
      Rohit Sharma

      @Chai Peelo saale maine bola tha mere cmmt pe ane ko kisne bulaya tuje jaa apna kam kar

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      @Rohit Sharma tou to bhi maat bol saalay tou bhi chup karja

    • Rohit Sharma
      Rohit Sharma

      @Chai Peelo tuje kyu mirchi lg rhi hai muh band krke baith Jada bol mat


    Love from India

  • Entertainment Deep
    Entertainment Deep

    Pewdiepie Sir ur this video is best. Even till today I am wondering why Sushant is not with us. What had lead him...

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      We might never learn.


    Love from India *PEWDS*❤️

  • dark cosmo
    dark cosmo

    Thank u man miss u sushant

  • Sid

    He was murdered by Rhea chakrborty (a gold digger) .Shivasena ,TMC and Antonia maino don't want to believe this.

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      @Sid What is the evidence. Tell me.

    • Sid

      @Kanha the third yes there..go watch news

    • Kanha the third
      Kanha the third

      No.There is no evidence suggesting so.

  • Nazim Uddin
    Nazim Uddin

    To gain more Subscriber....

    • desi rulez
      desi rulez

      he already has so many

    • Chai Peelo
      Chai Peelo

      Hahahah so funny you idiot

    • Voltrion

      No. You idiots will never be able to understand that pewdiepie is a good person.

  • Jagdish Suthar
    Jagdish Suthar

    Some actor in filmindustry to get money did job to distract youngster from life goal what their parent set for them but if something goes wrong or not according parent will much problem arises not proper counciling with their mature child because if he is preplane brainwashed by movies like shown in 3 idiots hindi how a person do create a machine for delivery child birth in few minutes much impossible but if we see the hero just before at the end of movi he is using a bi_cycle to get wool from sheep funny baba baba blackship have you any wool yes sir yes sir three bags full A student doing good in school collage looses his confidenc what he is and started copying moral of filmy hero's without knowing truth behind film industry game plan

  • 8237 Sharfe ASAD ZIA
    8237 Sharfe ASAD ZIA


  • S.Harish Senthil
    S.Harish Senthil

    Bro many fans are there in india but you teasing our india 😭😭😭

    • Voltrion

      He never teased india

  • Ayush sonkar
    Ayush sonkar

    I watch this video after two months shushant is my favourite super star


    R I P

  • Chandrakant Sahoo
    Chandrakant Sahoo

    Imagine he is reacting to indian actor