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Ireact to many of the epic deepfakes out there
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  • Froggy Luffy
    Froggy Luffy

    This is epik 😂

  • Angel Sapien
    Angel Sapien

    My gfs mother makes these and posts them on facebook. I was so confused

  • Street Kalokohan
    Street Kalokohan

    To a beautiful gorgeous person reading this you will be sucessful and become a billionaire!

  • Batman1234

    They should deepfake Pewdiepie on all Captain America scenes in every MCU movie

  • Geologin Cool
    Geologin Cool

    Remember when you said you missed filthy frank

  • Mrs. Afton
    Mrs. Afton

    I died as soon as I saw the Big Ed one I know we all did

  • Vigilance -Agar
    Vigilance -Agar

    He said Billie Elliott 💀

  • Sheemal Sheshna
    Sheemal Sheshna

    I have always found both Felix and Chris Evans extremely attractive and I never realized how similar they look until now.

  • Sita Leumuava
    Sita Leumuava

    Deep fakes (check) face (check).....

  • Anamika Kalta
    Anamika Kalta

    I was not opening my eyes when I saw the T-series part

  • Destiny James
    Destiny James

    Actually, since they deep faked pewd's face on Marzia, they should deep fake Marzia's face on Pewds too

  • Athena Levine
    Athena Levine

    I wish Marzia would do that hairdo the one with Captain America. She looks so good!!! ❤

  • reza sh
    reza sh

    magic of barka or barca?

  • Rory Lyall
    Rory Lyall

    I can't beleave everyone deepfaked pewds legs so well

  • Ryoko Honda
    Ryoko Honda

    Wow he has legs here

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow

    I was weirdly aroused by Pewds as a young Waifu.

  • Lucifer Studios
    Lucifer Studios

    Is that Maddie on left with the peach shirt (Just Dance)

  • King Shion Gaming
    King Shion Gaming

    That pewdiddin on will smith that must be jacksepticye

  • Just Tonyman
    Just Tonyman

    Its here i realized pewds and Chris Evans look alike

  • Miross Opower
    Miross Opower


  • SnowBone

    It's better if Sive add in 6:02 ........ゴ .......ゴ .....ゴ ...ゴ menacing

  • Lionel Viajar
    Lionel Viajar

    f-felix's child ToT felix you have a child its a girl 10:22

  • Jake !
    Jake !

    arent deepfakes illegal

  • Crock gonzaga
    Crock gonzaga


  • Anya M
    Anya M

    4:52 what movie

    • Sheemal Sheshna
      Sheemal Sheshna

      Captain America: The First Avenger

  • herobrine is my boytoy
    herobrine is my boytoy


  • herobrine is my boytoy
    herobrine is my boytoy

    pwediepie as chris evans-

  • Sandra

    My eyes....

  • AnxmeRBPlayz

    7:21 When pewds collab with T-Series

  • MixedBag

    6:20 - I know what I have to do, but I don't have the strength to do it.

  • Legendary Luke
    Legendary Luke

    cringe. Pewdiepie is biggest simp for marriage

  • Flamezz

    Put Felix face on any male celebs and bam he looks exactly like the original

  • ZaphTzy


  • direwolf 225
    direwolf 225

    Tbh pewds would be a good aladdin

  • Mhd Njm
    Mhd Njm

    MagicOfBar-ka As a football fan, I-

  • HS L
    HS L

    I want the big Ed deep fake to span the entire episode that one had me in stitches

  • ᗪεѧ†ɧ Ѧηɠεl̶
    ᗪεѧ†ɧ Ѧηɠεl̶

    6:35 lmao!

  • Stef Motion
    Stef Motion

    8:01 did he say “ jack is so cursed as Billie ELLIOT”

  • Important Information
    Important Information

    Magic of Barka says it all...

  • lachlan charlton
    lachlan charlton

    'hello' !

  • Creeper MLG
    Creeper MLG

    Bruh at first i thought the jacksepticeye one was real

  • Ya boy Jake
    Ya boy Jake

    In the Aladdin one the size difference in his and will Smith's height is irl

  • Billy Rejekt
    Billy Rejekt

    Beach lazonya

  • flor

    The intro gets my little sister everytime

  • alphaaWOLF Gaming
    alphaaWOLF Gaming

    Big Ed is that you

  • Travel Vlog
    Travel Vlog

    Pewdiepie, in one of those clips you look identical to Justin Bobby from The Hills.

  • THE Bauk
    THE Bauk

    The best one is the Jack Eilish 08:28

  • Tig Bitties
    Tig Bitties

    Why does the girl in the second clip look like David Platt from Coronation Street?

  • Jim MoeFoe
    Jim MoeFoe

    Lmao the way he pronounced Barca

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa


  • drago gaming
    drago gaming

    7:20 💯 t-series who do this

  • TDD Cabeça de Bagre
    TDD Cabeça de Bagre

    so cursed...

  • I0000 Subscribers white no content
    I0000 Subscribers white no content

    Hello 👋

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    Dude I was watching this while eating and the Belle Delphine one came on, I almost vomited send help

  • AlastorV6

    pewdiepie Imagining What Road he would of been of if TRwatch Never Came along 6:37

  • AlastorV6

    when are people gonna Use Deep Fake to make Mark and Jacksepticeye Kiss

  • UnKnowN

    plot twist: the one reacting to the deepfakes is not even pewdiepie

    • ipotatosenpai

      What's even real anymore

  • Mehul Soorajdin
    Mehul Soorajdin

    I take it back, the Bella del one is gonna give me nightmares

  • Mehul Soorajdin
    Mehul Soorajdin

    I just can’t with the second one

  • MG 2005
    MG 2005

    Did the Captain American one predict pewdiepie will get muscle, question mark?

  • royale

    Lol magic of Barca coming in on pewdirpie aswell

  • Gia Animations
    Gia Animations

    I AM DYING 😂🤣😂🤣

  • infiresmanyeah

    the way its 11pm and i have so much work to do but here we are, watching pewdiepie as billie eyelash :]

  • Patrick Rubino
    Patrick Rubino

    Billie Elliot

  • M


  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Im fucking scared of the belle delphine one

  • Nibbonbon

    i kinda am in between of being inspired and terrified...

  • Rohan Bharadwaj
    Rohan Bharadwaj

    Plot twist: The Pewdiepie Aladdin is Pewdiepie's ancestor

  • Siva Playz
    Siva Playz

    3:53 takes pewds a few seconds to realize that it was his wife's face lmao😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz

    Yes Captain uhh... Everyones favorite avenger

  • Niepi

    Sorry I don't know who you are.

  • Muhammad Wazif
    Muhammad Wazif

    Don't know why...... But its just too perfect

  • Meg Well
    Meg Well


  • Aliiff Amiirul
    Aliiff Amiirul

    pewds my son keeps coming to me whenever i watch your videos

  • Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage
    Elmo, and Kermit have been held hostage

    Aaaaaa ur eye tattoo thing scares me everytime I see it haha

  • kochumol pc
    kochumol pc

    This is a pewdieverse.

    • Spidey Fan 2002
      Spidey Fan 2002

      PewDiePie: Into The Pewdsverse

  • OrangeMC

    That Captain America one had me switching between whether I saw Pewdiepie, or Chris Evans XD

  • rosano alexander
    rosano alexander

    Hi pewdiepie i love your vid

  • Itamar ita
    Itamar ita

    fuck i wanna cry

  • GD SamHat10
    GD SamHat10

    This is incredible

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez

    as a mexican i can say deepfakes about mexicans never work


    deeeeeeeeeeep fake bro

  • หมวย 'ยย
    หมวย 'ยย

    6:38 haha

  • Acid Rain Easterface
    Acid Rain Easterface


  • Ramzi Nasser
    Ramzi Nasser

    Marzia actually looks like Hayley atwell couldn’t tell it was her in the beginning

  • Shrek’sSwampSense Or Humanoid Shrek
    Shrek’sSwampSense Or Humanoid Shrek

    This man looks like the ESO: Fallout and Elder Scrolls guide guys in this one.

  • {Jasper`Cat}

    I love how he kills cocomelon in the start

  • Gaia Acosta
    Gaia Acosta

    I am actually watching this on a Tuesday!

  • Wei Bin
    Wei Bin

    vat is this?

  • Mustofa Tofa
    Mustofa Tofa


  • Sakina's world
    Sakina's world

    Starting is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    These literally look like video game scenes lol

  • Bax xtab
    Bax xtab

    This man is literally a world treasure

  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato

    7:30 Sadly, I know what this is from.

  • Ghiles D.
    Ghiles D.

    This just makes me realize how much Felix and Chris Evans look alike

  • Zelda breath of wild
    Zelda breath of wild

    Comgrats on 107 milion subs

  • huliannajace

    Marzia as Peggy omg

  • cry1459

    7:30 the exact moment we learned pewds is into feminization

  • Cowgaming 28
    Cowgaming 28

    The Aladdin one, they should’ve made Will smith edger, it would make it 10000000 times better

    • Spidey Fan 2002
      Spidey Fan 2002


  • hii itzme
    hii itzme

    I died laughing watching mark and pewds as 90dayfiance