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  • Robloxian MEMESTER
    Robloxian MEMESTER

    Everyone: Sees aang and temple from Book 3 Episode 12 Pewdiepie: We Got some Dragonball And WHAT IS THIS?

    • Jeremy Stevens
      Jeremy Stevens

      _[comment reported]_

  • Magnificient Blade
    Magnificient Blade

    I wish I could join

  • Game Library
    Game Library

    Large ikea is the robbed version 😂

  • richard lanelly
    richard lanelly

    Large IKEA I'd aids

  • Exorelis

    imagine joining with no member.

  • Achmad Taufik Ihsan
    Achmad Taufik Ihsan

    The fps: " I'm dying help me"

  • Alexander Pitt
    Alexander Pitt

    pewdiepie: give me redstone thing me: no you give the server redstone acces

  • JasonDragon

    I've already missed the old pewd's

  • SCP 999
    SCP 999

    no noob could make a picture representation of pewds

  • Felix _TheCat21
    Felix _TheCat21

    Is that an Indonesia map and Monas???

  • home family
    home family

    3:44 this indonesian

  • kokosguy 67
    kokosguy 67

    whats the server ip

  • Sven

    Ey I am the dog sven


    Alt title: swedish man says GODDAMN after looking at a minecraft

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak

    I like it when he entered watoh sheep's temple the danganronpa theme pops in

  • Mursive

    5:54 when pewds calls himself sexy through controlling his wife.

  • ö

    Pewds: **hates like aang build** Pewds again: **starts watching ATLA**

  • Xd_ Gamer
    Xd_ Gamer

    PewDiePie do you Like Anime?

  • Roy Alexander
    Roy Alexander

    14:51 it's ricardo pixel art, felix

  • James Bolland
    James Bolland

    at 4:28 that is my creation

  • 6-D Pegasus
    6-D Pegasus

    14:42 canterlot

  • Mian Sajjad
    Mian Sajjad

    I would make jourgen Sven bengt next to each other and put they miss you do Minecraft again

  • Mian Sajjad
    Mian Sajjad

    It is water sheep heaven lol

  • Shahla Wati
    Shahla Wati

    Steve head buildings give me a real pain and it cursed


    5:10 thats not planktons computer wife lol

  • Chinmaya J
    Chinmaya J

    guy 1: builds two frecking giant dragons pewd's : cool guy 2: writes floor gang with blocks pewd's: this is the best one so far

  • lucas fabian
    lucas fabian

    3:25 is this the thing from avatar with the big big dragons?

  • remixd4k

    3:44, that my friend is Indonesia, that is my country

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred

    Did he call Karen from spongebob the Nintendo robot Nevermind it’s fine

  • MixerPlayz

    The Fact That Felix Got Rickrolled In Minecraft

  • Velo C. Raptor
    Velo C. Raptor

    4:46... yaay a croatian flag. :)

  • Rose Edmondson
    Rose Edmondson

    *england hasn’t invented anything* We have invented tea... ummm.... hmmmm Weirdly stupid presidents?

  • Big McCheesy
    Big McCheesy

    I’m sad pewds completely ignored speedwagon

  • swagi cp
    swagi cp

    Sveden was once a part of Denmark but got split in to its own land cuz denmark didnt want svedens bs any more. Wich means sveden is a desentend of denmark meaning if denmark is the worst Scandinavian land then sveden is a son of a bich

  • swagi cp
    swagi cp

    Rember when sveden was a part of denmark

  • Aquarium SMC
    Aquarium SMC

    That was epic

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan

    3:43 is thatt monas????

  • notsoattila


  • Michael DeSomma
    Michael DeSomma

    They may be better but their not the original

  • 9331 Maximo
    9331 Maximo


  • Zul Fitri
    Zul Fitri

    Robot Ajar Peah

  • SpiffyGading

    Why does his sister have tier3 on pewds channel? Also why is he lifting his arm while flying and moving his mouse? Man im confused

  • حسين محمد جبر عبيد 3B10a
    حسين محمد جبر عبيد 3B10a

    10:57 what the name of this music ???

  • Teresita Garcia
    Teresita Garcia

    Everyone like so he can watch avatar the last air bender

  • Teresita Garcia
    Teresita Garcia

    Who else knew what that mountain bridge was like if you knew

  • Ender blade
    Ender blade

    Bionic hacked in to this world

  • Marion Roger Avila
    Marion Roger Avila

    boinic in server said cygorb gang

  • Carzean 24
    Carzean 24

    *Me : never watch avatar before* *Felix : ey Dragonball* *Me : wait what?*

  • Noah Page
    Noah Page

    It annoyed me when he said I hate inland

  • maggie Christine
    maggie Christine

    The people who built the buildings watching like: 0 O "

  • trash panda
    trash panda

    "I'll make another one of these for sure" *so that was a fucking lie*

  • Edward Hulten
    Edward Hulten

    rest in peace peepeepoopoo, more like, rest in pee peepeepoopoo ;)

  • Vulgaaf

    50% viewers : builds a 50 hour build next to a frog. pewds: omg look a pixelart frog meme!

  • Paul Mabanta
    Paul Mabanta

    Imagine Pewds visiting Hololive Server hahahaha

  • Abhijit shelke
    Abhijit shelke

    So it is a separate mod of Minecraft and PewDiePie's server or what?

  • Ojas Waman
    Ojas Waman

    It's the world tree from hunterxhunter

  • Micheal Joe mama
    Micheal Joe mama

    He didn’t blow up TNT HOTEL?!?!

  • Mary Adeline
    Mary Adeline

    Pewdiepie I want you to tell us how to go to your sever

  • Molly got hit by a car
    Molly got hit by a car

    2 things 1that flag was the Ivory Coast 2thats offensive im irish

  • meilana chandra
    meilana chandra

    Pewdiepie : wht dis is ? Me : wow dat indonesia coool Im from indonesia


    4:18 who else saw the philippine flag

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen

    pewd: sees Aang also pewds: dRaGoN BaLl

  • Vince Josef
    Vince Josef

    Grian: cool starter build

  • Anushree

    Have a sip of water for every time pewds says 'goddamn'. Stay hydrated.

  • Muhamad Fachri
    Muhamad Fachri

    3.44 i think thats indonesian

  • Robo Studios
    Robo Studios

    3:25 Zuko and aang learn fire bending again and their is even a aang pixel art

  • J's Animation's
    J's Animation's

    Me getting triggered that he called Avatar Aang, "some Dragon Ball"

  • Negative Playz
    Negative Playz

    when felix has the most subs on youtube but still gets fps stutters...

  • Aylin Ecrin Gümüş
    Aylin Ecrin Gümüş

    l'am from Turkey

  • Ferdinand mapanao
    Ferdinand mapanao

    felix says : hey thats the robot from nintendo nickelodeon : that karen from sponge bob

  • Ferdinand mapanao
    Ferdinand mapanao

    felix it is not a flag its un umbrella

  • Kevin Surya
    Kevin Surya

    indonesia map

  • Cassius Fiorill
    Cassius Fiorill

    Pewidpie: what is this a video game I’m not a nerd Also pewdiepie: proceeds to play videogames

  • sengeh jr
    sengeh jr

    5:10 is A TRwatchr Ajar from a country of Malaysian He stole your lwiay

  • Silent Hawk
    Silent Hawk

    14:50 uhmmm wutt


      Rick roll

  • summerfire Yt
    summerfire Yt

    Everyone else: builds like a god Pewd: big pp to you! That one person who write "floor gang" Pewds: NICE! That's the best one so far.

  • Muhammad Hesa
    Muhammad Hesa

    3:44 That is Indonesian map with Monas and Borobudur temple alongside

  • Muhamad dzikri A.h
    Muhamad dzikri A.h

    03:40 Its An Indonesia Map

  • MyTvI5Br0k3n

    At 3:45 that is actually indonesia and thats where im at ;-;


    3:44 wow that's my country on the server:D

  • Nigel P
    Nigel P

    12:12 rellyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • English Rhino
    English Rhino

    Plz sub to English Rhino

  • Elijah Bautista
    Elijah Bautista

    pewds: is that ireland? mexico: insert* "why am i still here"

  • Montage Master
    Montage Master

    Girls who like Pewdiepie call pewdiepie cuteiepie

  • Okto Sixlenius
    Okto Sixlenius

    ada peta indonesia, monas, sama candi borobudur

  • Ken Lopez
    Ken Lopez

    Rip fps

  • zTmui

    The robot from WHAT

  • Mikael Geraldo Gideon 1627006
    Mikael Geraldo Gideon 1627006

    pewd he island is indonesia i live there

  • Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi
    Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi

    mr. Felix Sir, WATCH ATLA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi
      Hagios Greggorio Gokma Silalahi

      and put it on recording then post it on TRwatch NO EDIT OR SKIP

  • Bek Oliver
    Bek Oliver

    12:11 that’s not dragon ball dumb dumb that’s Aang

  • Masters of Shadows
    Masters of Shadows

    The tumbnail:*menacing*

  • Jacob Frederiksen
    Jacob Frederiksen

    Denmark is better then sweaden nerd

  • Theo Sutartho
    Theo Sutartho

    Pew : what is this supposed to be Me : I'm pretty sure that's a map of my country

  • Natali Kogut
    Natali Kogut

    6:42 that’s actually a real tank this tanks was actually in world war 2 and it was standing for Soviet Union and the tanks name is KV-3

    • Natali Kogut
      Natali Kogut

      KV-2 sry

  • Rasa Rimeisytė
    Rasa Rimeisytė

    When pewds calls aang its a some dragone balls me 😭😭😭😭

  • what am i supposed to do? idk
    what am i supposed to do? idk

    7:49 read the meme

  • Sri Kusrini
    Sri Kusrini

    What marzia skin

  • The Crazy Family
    The Crazy Family

    15:24 watch avatar the last air bender - NETFLIX

  • Girik N.
    Girik N.

    The wierdest intro ever!

  • Crystalghost Wolf
    Crystalghost Wolf

    if it bad that I know like all of these?