"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7
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  • Jasmean Bullygirl
    Jasmean Bullygirl

    omg i love him i have a crush on him now

  • exluanis

    these are definitely some of my favorite videos that you do😂 please more TLC! ❤️💕

  • joshawott31

    Every country isn't america. There's different cultures.. and since america is the melting pot .. americans should treat other countries when they visit with respect.

  • SadToffee


  • SadToffee

    why would anybody not want to shame anybody for being unhealthy? like seriously, it makes no sense. they are unhealthy, they deserve to be shamed because they are shameful. seriously, I think this is so stupid.

  • 傻瓜

    Did u know that chickens can run without there heads

  • Nandini Menon
    Nandini Menon

    ' I can't cook meals I'm not a stay at home mom' My mom, a CEO of her own business: bitvh you don't-

  • o.k.?

    I don't know bro, but I think she is very insecure about her body. When you are like that, you take every single comment as an offense instead of an encouragement or a way to help you

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    She cheated ?? where tf did she cheated on him ffs hahahahha

  • dah lia
    dah lia

    Her family is annoying

  • Liam Slavitt
    Liam Slavitt

    is she trying to make us sympathize for her cheating on him?

  • Liam Slavitt
    Liam Slavitt

    hey if she doesnt want him ill take him(no homo)

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    she kinda have a cute face imagine her not so fat

  • Liam Slavitt
    Liam Slavitt

    I don't appreciate all the hits on Americans since I am one and don't do those things.... but I cant disagree 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of America does slap potato chips on the dinner table. thank god I'm civilized.

  • エビ S H R I M P Y
    エビ S H R I M P Y

    She's so rude, like, he wants her to go to the gym and eat healthy so she can be healthy, but she's taking it personally xD

  • Beth

    i think that she resists change and the guy helping her due to fear. Her low self esteem is extremely obvious and she really needs to work on inner healing.

  • Zhiv Bueno
    Zhiv Bueno

    pewds: its hard to lose weight me: losing 40 pounds/20 kg in 2 months covid: i give you back 22 kg me: dang it is hard to lose weight

  • Zxliie

    In 90 Day Fiance TLC stands for Toxic Love Criticism

  • Neesha

    *"blue shirt kid's american version"* lmao

  • Haris Ahmad
    Haris Ahmad

    She look under 20 ffs

  • Lesha Divan
    Lesha Divan

    Nicole is beautiful, just look at her smile)

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    "Eat what I could kill" that's why I became a cannibal

  • Elina_ Kawaii_gacha
    Elina_ Kawaii_gacha

    just the fact she acts like a victim after she cheated on him and saying he has no right to ignore her when she came to a total different country when even her parents warned her how it's very different from America and that you cant kiss and or hug in public LMAO and when he just wants her to be healthy and fit she keeps complaining and having an attitude towards him because ´´if he loves me then he should accept the way i am´´ bye-

  • Jennifer Brocco
    Jennifer Brocco

    Much love

  • Jennifer Brocco
    Jennifer Brocco

    Lol every video is awesome pewdiepie:]

  • Rhododendro

    Poisoning her kid and environment

  • Veronika Tryhubyak
    Veronika Tryhubyak

    love that guy, he is nice and has a lot of patience, he deserves better girl than this one

  • Zestics

    Before I cheated on him things were alright and after I cheated on him things changed... “well no fucking shit!”

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson

    She completely lost me when she started crying and said she cheated on him

  • mandapandachu

    It's like they say. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

  • Shakir

    When sad: 10:06

  • Pán Hry
    Pán Hry


  • Michelle Zammit
    Michelle Zammit

    He seems a good guy. I don’t think he’s trying to be mean, just very health conscious. She seems a bit entitled & childish ☺️


    ok if LTC was making the boys bad guys, they should feel really bad for the mans cause the LTC videos im seing is just girls or wifes being cruel.

  • Sailor

    Yo this girl be thinking she can just get away with cheating, and DISRESPECT a culture and a life style that has been carried out for so many years, I mean I’m not Marocon (sorry if I spelt it wrong I don’t want to insult you guys) but in my family we have our OWN culture we do our own thing and you should not disrespect the culture that was built in for so many years.

  • Luqx

    When you’re in Rome, you do what the Romans do, When you’re in Morocco, you do what the Moroccans do. This woman: “I refuse”

  • I am not Pasta
    I am not Pasta

    He was trying to get across "when in rome, do as romans do" not put her down for being apart of a different culture.

  • Emily EStefania
    Emily EStefania

    Nicole is pretty though she has a pretty face.

    • Baki

      damn u too..if ur over 18 of course

  • Renee Mitchell
    Renee Mitchell

    The self esteem levels in this video are painfully low

  • Katie 1172
    Katie 1172

    shes the type i hate the most. When shes wrong she tries to look mature by not yelling but all she just sound condescending. Jus because you dont raise your voice doesn't mean you're right and matureeeeeeee. uses good vocab to pretend to be smart. and use metaphors and phrases that dont apply to her.

  • Lynzie Ball
    Lynzie Ball

    He’s not saying “I don’t love you because of this” he’s saying “I love you so let’s try this activity that can better the both of us”

  • Mariam Adel
    Mariam Adel

    I'm sorry.. But why doesn't he pull his pants up? I CAN LITERALLY SEE HIS UNDERWEAR.

  • Mariam Adel
    Mariam Adel

    Shame on her parents for allowing her to eat whatever she wants, and for raising her like this. Look at where you're daughter is now. She cheated, and she's raising her daughter the same way.

  • Luiza Henry
    Luiza Henry

    Well, that atitude is what obliges you travel to other continent to try find someone, and even then she failed.

  • ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂
    ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂

    I'm 18 and as a person in the pediatric field, CHICKEN NUGGETS ARE NOT HEALTHY! Frozen food is NOT HEALTHY! Who know the fuck the put in it

  • ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂
    ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂

    This ladies mom yapping about how hard it is to "cook" dinner when all she did was put potato chips in a bowl.

  • KaiSenpai

    "Before I cheated on him everything was amazing" ummm okay? "After I cheated on him everything was bad and bla bla- " Me: Aye shut up mate, what did you think was going to happen you clown, YOU cheated not him. he tried to help and you was being disrespectful like dam

  • FinalBoss

    14:01 LMFAO "That thing" xDDDD

  • Kristen aliana
    Kristen aliana

    Tbh if i wanted to work the relationship out i would definitely work out with him and let him help me get healthy

  • Jehan e.
    Jehan e.

    Thank you for donating to Yemen :)

  • Kristen aliana
    Kristen aliana


  • john smith
    john smith


  • Gameplay_ Tutorials
    Gameplay_ Tutorials

    I won't never kill chickens *BRUH i bet she eas 50 chicken nuggets a day without knowig from what it's made from???

  • Chae Bae
    Chae Bae

    Why jumping into a whole different culture, when you can’t handle it.

  • Lil Regret
    Lil Regret

    9:57 he looks like he’s done with life

  • Cece

    Well, she is so annoying. Okay i do not have a perfect body and do not go to gym but i accept that i am a lazy person lol. Everyone would want a bf who would try to help her to get healthier :D

  • Blackoreanfemale

    "When i hug you dont tell me no"... ... ... wow idk what to say

  • Blackoreanfemale

    Mom: not the most beautiful girlout there. BRUH☠

  • Matthew Hamm
    Matthew Hamm

    She’s a pretty girl but I just dont think she’s found the one for her yet.

  • Sereena Simon
    Sereena Simon


  • Austin Graves
    Austin Graves

    Dude I was so mad I ripped the lollipop off the stick

  • Aegis Magis
    Aegis Magis

    Totally agree with eating what you would kill. I'm no vegan/vegetarian but you got to respect that an animal died to make the meat you eat.


    Press hair has the headphones bend shape

  • Diya B
    Diya B

    Aww pewdie is donating to Yemen

    • IMME

      3? Why?

  • Juliaxxloveyou

    wait... do Americans think cheating isn't a big deal? just asking.

  • koelin krishh
    koelin krishh

    Man in india I we got a market like that at just 100step from my home.we don't even called that a market it's just the weekly bazaar

  • K!NG

    dude you saying loosing wheight is hard but you dont really know how hard it is belive me is fuking hard

  • F O X Y 6 6 6
    F O X Y 6 6 6

    thats how u knw u're in america. m deaaaaaaaaad

  • Zoe Vijfhuizen
    Zoe Vijfhuizen

    I feel like pewpiepie has a very dutch mentality in the way he expresses himself 😁

  • M4RKO ツ
    M4RKO ツ

    shw want's a buff healthy man , meanwhile she doesn't even wan't to keep his promise

  • Keisha Blake
    Keisha Blake

    I’m not so sure he wanted her to be better and healthier for herself. I think he wanted to change her into something he could be attracted to. I definitely think a partner should encourage you to be better for yourself but i think he was trying to push health for his own selfish reasons. With that being said i also think she should’ve respected his culture more. This was just a bad match.

  • Ausra Ko
    Ausra Ko

    I imagine her 20years from now. The picture is so clear

  • Hozimusic

    If you wanna escape Nicole, just walk upstairs ~ PewDiePie 2020

  • Google User
    Google User

    Its not all about culture he fears to go to jail by hugging in public....

  • Kyle

    Nicole be like “my actions have consequences?! Inconceivable!”

    • Kyle

      I s2g I posted before I saw him make that joke lmao, I think it’s time to take a break from pewds lol

  • Turtle Productions
    Turtle Productions

    The guy is legit sooo nice. He doesn't leave her when she's over weight and tries to help her. He is my favorite TLC man in the couple. Also god damn is he a good trainer at the gym.

  • Lani Lyn
    Lani Lyn

    I think he is a good guy and the girl is just so dramatic that she will lose someone that appreciate her and someone that wanted something good for her.

  • rosalieuwu

    no front but from what i see in tv americans seem so lazy

  • lil_stormmask

    The moment she said "don't even" I felt the urge to kick her in the face

  • Mikhail Poblete
    Mikhail Poblete

    I'm 16 yo and my girl is 14yo And we are better than this, Like bruh, We're still kids, But our mindsets on relationship feels like we're 20+ and we're now 19 months together. Yeepee ! Still strong !

  • Yukito Hyuga
    Yukito Hyuga

    I wish I could have someone like him, that helps me be healthy :l

  • mohamed Gamal yakout
    mohamed Gamal yakout

    Bruuuuh i'm Egyptian tho but in my opinion idk how the hell ge could be that patient cause what's the wrong if he trying to make her live healthy but she like you have to love me for who am i 😂 like idk and she doesn't even respect his culture 🤣 dude I'm dying 😂

  • Omar Al Machayekh
    Omar Al Machayekh

    i saw many ppl bigger then her in my gym and on there first day there and i never saw anyone that pissed when the trainers say lose weight

  • Josephine Aniekwe
    Josephine Aniekwe

    “She is not the most beautiful girl out there”.... now I know why the girl is acting like this... imputing insecurities into your own child makes them vulnerable to the world

  • Shaiq Mustafa
    Shaiq Mustafa

    Pewds: *analyses the situation and gives a full in depth solution* Also pewds: I dont know thats just whatI think tho, I don't know.

  • Chloe the potato
    Chloe the potato

    She cheated and didn't expect backlash?! Your kidding

  • 1,000 subscribers with no videos
    1,000 subscribers with no videos

    can we all have an f in the chat for this man even coming across this self centered whale?

  • Alabaster Apu
    Alabaster Apu

    Distancing ourselves from killing is one of the great luxuries and innovations of the Western world. Don't knock it.

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored

    I'm so sad that the stereotype for my country is overweight people, fast food, and guns.

  • Pubgod 21
    Pubgod 21

    I'm sorry but damn 😂 every time she takes a step I can feel it all the way here in washington

  • Pubgod 21
    Pubgod 21

    She would of been happier if mcdonald's was there

  • Pubgod 21
    Pubgod 21

    Her breathing tho 🤣if I saw that looking at me I'll turn away and run

  • Flitz

    He’s a lost 9 year old we have to save him from the *twat*

  • minie Min
    minie Min


  • Ekalida


  • T- Bone
    T- Bone

    22 yrs old? more like, 220 pounds im going to hell

  • boii boiii
    boii boiii

    why is there agent p at 14:00

  • Drew L
    Drew L

    Logic: Before things changed, things were the same. Now that they've changed, they're different. I want them to change back to the same way they were so they'll be the same before they changed. Brilliant

  • Traveling Soul
    Traveling Soul

    Why is PewDiePie so awesome? :)

  • LuigiPL - LPG
    LuigiPL - LPG

    not trying to be rude or offensive but who tf did she cheat on him with