"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7
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  • Jacob Nunya
    Jacob Nunya

    She is being selfish. She should know he thinks she is too fat and he does not like it. What he wants her to do is not contrary to her own well being so if she actually cared about him should would try to make him happy by losing some weight.

  • Caught_ Rodi
    Caught_ Rodi

    she cheated and shes blaming him-

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    Just a little bit big

  • WuFlu Boogaloo
    WuFlu Boogaloo

    Leftist...When visiting Morocco you must follow the customs n respect them. Same leftist....illegal aliens to the USA should not have to come legally OR respect the culture, its disrespectful and racist

  • gigi the rat
    gigi the rat

    Why would you move to a foreign country if you aren't interested in immersing yourself in the culture or eating the food or learning about the history. It hurt me to see her completely disrespect him and his home like that smh.

  • Richmond Kinzler
    Richmond Kinzler

    Anyone else notice the Perry the Platypus at 14:00?

  • Kunal Kumar
    Kunal Kumar

    I didn't get it. Why PewDiePie has 100 million subs? His content is not very unique.

  • Disha Parvin
    Disha Parvin

    This series of pewds is so entertaining that I am rewatching all of it .

  • dourspider

    Atleast I know that the chicken the guy is killing is fresh because it's right Infront of my eyes rather than in the UK it's in a fridge and may never know how good it is

  • The Holy Son Himself
    The Holy Son Himself

    The man kept a straight face for a majority of the episode.

  • m FramedEye37
    m FramedEye37

    I genuinely feel so sorry for this man, I really don't know how he stayed calm the entire time

  • Buquesd

    She gets tired from just sticking her arms out.

  • James Panning
    James Panning

    im American and I'm just embarrass to anyone who does not live in America most of us are not lazy and cant do anything and the sand is a workout listen lady everything a workout for u

  • Sonak Shah
    Sonak Shah

    I have been there

  • game king
    game king

    the ketchup bottle (prodecer) no

  • euphoria

    "Before I cheated on him things were amazing and then after I cheated on him things changed" I can't believe she cheated on him I feel so sorry for him.

  • Shafiq Khan
    Shafiq Khan

    U donated to Yemen 🥺

  • polloloco3

    Pewds talking about Marrakech was like Nicole’s momma talking about her beauty. “It’s a very beautiful country...” “she’s a very beautiful girl, just other girls are very beautiful too”

  • xxoul xxeller
    xxoul xxeller

    how does a chick who’s not even attractive at all cheat on a dude like that LMFAO

  • Ananya Attri
    Ananya Attri

    Bro tf he is fucking asking you to workout and be healthy ?!

  • ftw_proxey

    I love pewdie because he is funny asf 😂

  • Peppa Animations
    Peppa Animations

    "before I cheated on him, everything is fine but after I cheated on him, everything changed" *NO SH*T SHERLOCK*

  • BananaM0nk Channel
    BananaM0nk Channel

    he deserves pewdiepie chair

  • X Y
    X Y

    She’s just a disrespectful snobby brat that thinks she’s the bomb but actually isn’t worth sh*t.

  • Giggidy

    As us Irish say-"If she had brains, she'd be dangerous"

  • Peach Cobbler
    Peach Cobbler

    "If I want to hug you don't say 'no'." Giiiirl, country customs aside have you heard of ~consent~?

  • Ebru Pınar
    Ebru Pınar

    I put my signature under the words you said lit

  • Kes Lan
    Kes Lan

    Lolcü selen

  • Rafiq Daniel
    Rafiq Daniel

    felix's hair is so distracting

  • Suxxess Music
    Suxxess Music

    I feel like Rose and this guy would deserve each other

  • Ayra Minmi
    Ayra Minmi

    Listen ladies and gentleman.. Once your partner cheat on you, leave them..

    • Ayra Minmi
      Ayra Minmi

      Damn girl you need to respect other countries culture .. In my country its illegal, its just not good for people to see

  • Jack Bucci
    Jack Bucci

    Pewdiepie: Puts 55% pretty in the thumbnail Sssniperwolf: Puts 45% ugly in the thumbnail I wonder who copied who.....

  • AnaStacia Nicol
    AnaStacia Nicol

    Yall are fat shaming...but I'm watching this so I can't fully complain, but I can à little!

  • Sparky my baby boy
    Sparky my baby boy

    The fact she’s more annoying than big Ed scares me

    • Daria Krasina
      Daria Krasina


  • commander Kirena
    commander Kirena

    after watching this I don't really feel bad for her, she's just pathetic to me.

  • NoahzArk771

    Pewd's hair looks like he's wearing a yamicha

  • Cristy Conteh
    Cristy Conteh

    Why Nicole remind me of my sister?

  • Starshine

    She has one of the worst cases of self victimization ive ever seen

  • Nova - Li
    Nova - Li

    What really pissed me off about the hugging-in-public part was how she didn't allow how to not consent and make him out to be the villain when he said no. Saying no is always ok and should always be respected, even in a physical relationship between adults.

  • bitchybaby

    21:00 "the way he talks to me is not fair" The way you cheated on him is not fair as well.

  • Tia Ross
    Tia Ross

    I really want to continue to watch Felix.... but the sly fat shaming makes me uncomfortable. I mean In no where near this girl, I don’t eat like her... but I’m bigger, I have a hormone disorder and try to live a healthy lifestyle. I guess I’m just being sensitive.... and also why is this girl afraid of vegetables...

  • Tasha

    Man she beautiful. Ngl.

  • Tasha

    Girl needs to learn how to cook. 😤😩👏🏾

  • Ayesha Lewis
    Ayesha Lewis

    he seems like a nice guy and he wants to change a few things about her for good but she is just taking it the wrong way

  • Iconic Z
    Iconic Z

    There's a difference between being crazy and dumb and Nicole is plain Dumb

  • Iconic Z
    Iconic Z

    "If you want to escape from Nicole just go upstairs"

  • BerzerkClapz

    And people wonder why I'm so quiet

  • Brianna Lyle
    Brianna Lyle

    "I'd eat what I would kill" News Headline: Pewdiepie is Cannibal

  • shuduhpoke7

    If you're going to a foreign country (especially as an American, I feel) PLEASE do your research, omg. Like it's okay to experience culture shock, that's just gonna happen, but be open-minded. Understand that not every culture is the same, and that is valid. America is especially different than most countries. (I say this as an American if that's not already obvs lmao)

  • Liv Simone
    Liv Simone

    There are so many things wrong with this woman


    9:59 Him:wtf i have done to my self? Where did i go wrong?

  • Beam Stars Lab
    Beam Stars Lab

    my childhood trauma. so in my country that is "georgia the country" I went to market with family when I was 10 and they have fresh food as well I saw hiken get be headed and te body was still running around without a head

  • Beam Stars Lab
    Beam Stars Lab

    where MAC DONALDS ?

  • joseph daniel
    joseph daniel

    This guy sounds like my dad. Except i actually listen.

  • Lili M
    Lili M

    perry?? 14:00

  • shyamal patel
    shyamal patel

    God like do these people not get that some countries tend to be conservative. And that's perfectly fine! Every culture is different. Their country ,their rules. Not your country.

  • * SilverStar *
    * SilverStar *

    i just love him cuz he is honest no matter what country he is not racist

  • Blitzious

    Pewds out here acting like he has lived all his life in Morocco lol

  • F S
    F S

    Honestly pasta takes 20 minutes and you can’t do that 🤦🏼

  • Blandade Videos
    Blandade Videos

    13:32 I don’t like sand...

  • Anas Idriese
    Anas Idriese

    Salute to the patience of this man 👍

  • ᴍʀ-ʜᴏʟʟᴀɴᴅ

    "When I go to hug you, don't tell me 'no'." imagine the outrage if the boy would be saying that to the girl.

  • eTAEreal scenery
    eTAEreal scenery

    Dude, the best and freshest produce are seen in these types of markets

  • Tzuyunun Bebeği
    Tzuyunun Bebeği

    I like this

  • Marie Mae
    Marie Mae

    that guy would be a great boyfriend.

  • TKgaming

    has she never gone to a different country and seen markets and stuff there

  • المعبر ساما
    المعبر ساما

    😂 she's ao fat

  • エスパダ

    hello from morocco XD

  • venturiara

    she had the chance to get an attractive, patient guy that doubles as a personal trainer and was willing to take care of her daughter and argued with him because she didn’t want to change. crazy.

  • Cecilia Astorga
    Cecilia Astorga

    Anyone know what color is Poods walls? Wanna paint my room like that

  • Walter The Dog
    Walter The Dog

    "Why are the chickens moving" I WHEEZED LMAO

  • Sydney Marshall
    Sydney Marshall

    It really bothers me that she was whiny about not getting a hug. She has no respect for another culture

  • Даша Швыркова
    Даша Швыркова

    Besides her not having the figure he expected, the main problem would be different mentality. So she's like ugh, he can't tell me what to do! But gurl, what did you expect from a man, who lives in a country where women are living the way they are told by men. That's another culture. I just don't understand why she never studied his country.

  • Aimon Anwar
    Aimon Anwar

    Seems like this girl makes up a lot of excuses for just being lazy...... Making fresh food isn't that hard.....

  • Natthida Thachoho
    Natthida Thachoho

    Man she is fat and dramatic he just tryna help 😂

  • Allan Mark
    Allan Mark

    Damnn I've never seen such a intellectual reaction video before... Felix is great at advice and stuff

  • iTFNA07

    The market in Marrakesh is pretty similar to that in India!!!

  • Roshanak Khorram
    Roshanak Khorram

    Also, my husband`s the same... And he inspires me to be healthier every day.

  • Roshanak Khorram
    Roshanak Khorram

    She doesn`t understand. The market is crowded. Someone may just steal the kid ..... He was just protecting the kid....

  • sanjeeth javvaji
    sanjeeth javvaji

    He's reaction when he saw her Inside his mind :😭 Out side :😁

  • Pruthvi Patel
    Pruthvi Patel

    When she hugged him for the first time it sounded like a gas tank that an astronaut was using

  • Thingma


  • Elena Feng
    Elena Feng

    Ok, THIS was actually pretty funny😂😂😂

  • Speer Visser
    Speer Visser

    For god sake, she is 22 Pewds!

  • Speer Visser
    Speer Visser

    1. yes she is entitled. 2. He just wants to change her completely as how HE wants her to be, and that is a bad thing. He should accept her how he met her.

  • Halie Maxine
    Halie Maxine

    This chick is literally the epitome of what the world thinks of all Americans! From the unhealthiness to the spoiled, lazy, and childish attitude... Ps; not all Americans are the same, just as any other country we are all different and one doesn’t define us all.

  • b l e a c h
    b l e a c h

    my respect for Nicole before she cheated: ↗️↗️↗️↗️ me after: ↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️

    • No One
      No One

      Even before she cheated....she catfished him... disrespectful towards his culture.... complaining about how she can’t change ....where did you get that respect from ?

  • Nathan Freeman
    Nathan Freeman

    Honestly, Felix would be a good physiologist.

  • Illuminati Gamer
    Illuminati Gamer

    the chips on the table is big fax because we do that on a classic american dinner like burgers n shit

  • Julia Vasquez
    Julia Vasquez

    He rlly hit her with the 55% 💀💀

  • Skooter 1993
    Skooter 1993

    She’s a Karen I just realized it she’s a fucking Karen

  • WildColdBlade XXX
    WildColdBlade XXX

    Felix: You dont have to change completely marzias creations: lies

  • se7endays

    She is so annoying I would have given up the first day 😅

    • ツbruh


  • Jay1404

    19:40 dont worry she is just sweating

  • Zura Kvirikashvili
    Zura Kvirikashvili

    hay jiggy jiggy

  • Bogart

    Did anyone notice how pewds head looks weird?

  • Priyanka Pethkar
    Priyanka Pethkar

    Do Americans raised this way??

  • Nazallie Bella
    Nazallie Bella

    he seems so dope and calm i love it

  • Laura G.
    Laura G.

    Woww didn’t know Pewdiepie was fatphobic :0 he is acting discusting here

  • short random anime clips found on my pc
    short random anime clips found on my pc

    LoL first world females