Swedish Pancakes Is The ONLY WAY TO MAKE PANCAKES! - CWPDP #1
Swedish pancake how to make epic
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  • Luuk van Veldhuizen
    Luuk van Veldhuizen

    There the same as dutch panckakes

  • This NoodleHead
    This NoodleHead

    we have these in the netherlands too! their my fav

  • Kai Martinez
    Kai Martinez

    In the islands we call this nocope pronounced : no-cope

  • Scoper Dop
    Scoper Dop

    I am swedish

  • spectre

    PewDiePie has become a cooking channel.

  • Anton Widmark
    Anton Widmark

    Du glömde grädden

    • Scoper Dop
      Scoper Dop

      Är du svene jag menar svensk jag är svensk

  • Tereza Růžičková
    Tereza Růžičková

    we are doing pancakes like this normali

  • Mike Lloyd-Hayes
    Mike Lloyd-Hayes

    May I post this recipe to all recipes .com as Pewdiepie’s Swedish pancakes.

  • Two JJ
    Two JJ

    i thought it was Turon

  • tulangkerangka

    TRwatch search bar is super shite rn i cant even find this video

  • ChIcozy

    "Authentic swedish pancakes" Me: has made and eaten them the exact same way since I was born Also me: lives in The Netherlands Swedish huh?

    • Poo Doo
      Poo Doo

      Well in the Netherlands I doubt that you do the “fläska på för fan” technic!

  • ChIcozy

    10:00 I grew up with eating pancakes for dinner, I have never eaten them at any other time of day. I used to find it weird when people ate pancakes for breakfast, but honestly though, they can be eaten at any time. They are a neutral food lmao

  • jerome stevens
    jerome stevens

    why did i decide to watch this before i got a tooth removed

  • Kaede

    I rewatched food wars and forgot how bad the cut scenes are lmaoooo hadnt watched anime in a while and blocked out all that stuff ahhaha

  • M N
    M N

    felix: the fan will be too loud also felix: EDIT IN FAN NOISES

  • daany samaiya
    daany samaiya

    Bro that looks like a mixture of Indian dosa and Indian roti

  • ArdeHelari


  • Julian A. Bødtker Christenesen
    Julian A. Bødtker Christenesen

    Have Felix tried Norwegian pankakes then

  • Teto

    I think you forget the vanilla flavor

  • Me 1 .2
    Me 1 .2

    Gordan Ramsay’s next video : how to make Swedish pancakes Everyone : We already know how to make them pewdiepie told us Gordan Ramsay: What?!

    • Olasdo Rosdiliusimilius
      Olasdo Rosdiliusimilius

      They are normal pancakes.

  • AlanPHPP

    This is also how romanians do it

  • Soggy Brownie
    Soggy Brownie

    "There's balls, just chop 'em" He *neutered* the pancakes



  • Albin Nibla
    Albin Nibla

    Fläska nu på för fan!😂 va fan kom du på det från

  • electro chonk
    electro chonk

    i dont have a measurement cup so i used my blender

  • Brescalofrio

    i want a vegan version :(

  • Otaku Slayer
    Otaku Slayer

    it's not normal to not put maple syrup on a pancake in canada

  • atom killer14
    atom killer14

    i don't understand that Felix said that now it going Finnish as we do it the same way

  • Emma

    Tip 1: You should add some sparkling water to get the beautiful, crispy lace edges Tip 2: Put the jam as a fat streak in the middle so when you roll it up there's no risk of getting it on your hands, cleaner and nicer and easier Tip 3: DON'T EAT IT WITH A FORK AND A KNIFE use your hands like a proper person

    • Karyna Krapiunitskaya
      Karyna Krapiunitskaya

      or a boiling water, my grandma does that

  • aras

    we call these clatite in romanian, basically romanian crepes

  • camomile Ricci
    camomile Ricci

    13:39 it makes me tear up so tender :’0

  • Jay

    this is also how you make pancakes in the netherlands but we also make them with cheese or ham in it xD

  • Not Ikuya
    Not Ikuya

    We do them with jam and sometimes with spinach 😋

  • Omar Lima
    Omar Lima

    I Love pewdiepie

  • Ari Priniotakis
    Ari Priniotakis

    My grandma makes these all the time

  • Samantha M
    Samantha M

    What kinda fancy nutella comes in a GLASS jar? 🤣

  • Mister Zychonic
    Mister Zychonic

    Americans watching this: "Omg, it looks sooo good" Every european watching this: "*Shakes head becausd he fucks up the pancakes* he keeps messing up"

  • Callum Pola
    Callum Pola

    felix: *t0dAh wE wIlL bE MaKiINg sWeDiSh PaNcOiKes* 2017 felix with white hair and big beard: i wish i just make swedish meatballs again?

  • Fellipe Navarro
    Fellipe Navarro


  • Carolina Rojas
    Carolina Rojas

    So you made crepes

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    Donald duck is bomb. I own all of his cartoons and Love Christmas even his scrounge one lol

  • MrNerum

    Knowing its quite the same as Danish, Felix is right.. you should definitely try this. ITS DAMN BETTER THAN THOSE AMERICAN FOOTIE CAKES

  • Donald Tump
    Donald Tump

    PewDiePie: cooks Gordon Ramsay: finally a worthy opponent

  • st0ckh0lm_

    Dom ser hemska ut

  • Zachy Santana
    Zachy Santana

    pewdiepie: "not all pancakes are the same and so is people" RESPECT


    I made these after 3 months of procrastinating and they tasted so good lol now I eat these everyday for breakfast..

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba

    Jam on pancakes? D I S G U S T I N G Nutella on pancakes? D I S G U S T I N G Maple syrup on pancakes? A B S O L U T L Y

  • NissanNessan

    plättar ska ha sylt swedish pancakes are the same as finnish

  • Rodriguez Edgar
    Rodriguez Edgar

    i am allergic to the metric system this video hurts me where are my americans

  • Amir Fahmi
    Amir Fahmi

    This is why you need fire stove instead of induction stove

  • I don't give shut
    I don't give shut


  • Sarah M. Stankes
    Sarah M. Stankes

    no offence pewds but Marzia's sweedish pancakes look so much better

  • Pre V¡ne
    Pre V¡ne

    Add Bananas too, it's really health and delicious 👌👌

  • Agent Kilo
    Agent Kilo


  • Bidar

    when he said "if you eat pancakes for dinner, theres something wrong with you" i was i litteraly asking myself is there something wrong with me?

  • Jake Mertents #2
    Jake Mertents #2

    It's so cool than other pancakes

  • jared fj9017881
    jared fj9017881

    They look like tortillas

  • Polly Wiltshire
    Polly Wiltshire

    buttermilk is soured milk

  • Bilbin Saji
    Bilbin Saji

    3:04 What you don't drink milk CRINGE..

  • Rikke Dandanell
    Rikke Dandanell

    Det der er IKKE svenske pandekager 😳🤷‍♀️😂Det er DANSKE pandekager 😉😋🤣🇩🇰 Samme opskrift 👍🏻 Vi spiser dem også med syltetøj, sukker eller Nutella 🤗😋

  • Mailén Blanco Arriola
    Mailén Blanco Arriola

    That's also the way we do it in Argentina, but less burnt xD


    Can You do Lefse

  • MenBot GT
    MenBot GT

    Damn i fell offended when pewds said Nutella is bad on pancakes cause its really good

  • Felony Melody
    Felony Melody

    Never knew they were Swedish but in Norway we eat it too but with blueberry jam and bacon :)

    • Olasdo Rosdiliusimilius
      Olasdo Rosdiliusimilius

      They aren't swedish tho.

  • Anne Sofie Stormoen
    Anne Sofie Stormoen

    Tried syrup?

    • Claire Z
      Claire Z

      they dont by put syrup on that kind but ok

  • Richplays 6000
    Richplays 6000

    LWIAY, Minecraft, and every other video: shut up I am so disappointed CWPDP: 7:40

    • Claire Z
      Claire Z


  • What Chme
    What Chme

    I replay 11:16 every morning. It brings happiness

  • Domas Vyšniauskas
    Domas Vyšniauskas

    Its lithuanian pancakes

  • stay fullsun
    stay fullsun

    Det ser lite ut som tacobröd

  • drax

    I actually came back to this video so I can make this

  • Indee Mackay
    Indee Mackay

    comments: those are normal pancakes me: food wars ;-;

  • Иван Мотрюк
    Иван Мотрюк

    Its just russian blins cmon

  • Sandru Vladimir
    Sandru Vladimir

    In Romania we make pancakes like pewdiepie

  • Joe Duong
    Joe Duong

    Marzia get underneath 😳😏

  • Hanna Arnesson
    Hanna Arnesson

    11:03 "fläska på för fan!"omg jag dör!

  • 14 Khansa Izzati 7.3
    14 Khansa Izzati 7.3

    Felix look like my grandpa while he eating!

  • Orange Juice Gaming
    Orange Juice Gaming

    Those look like some yummy crêpes

  • Ben_the _me
    Ben_the _me

    I have a similar family recipe for danish pancakes.

  • chckennugget

    my grandpa is Swedish and all he makes is Swedish pancakes

    • Poo Doo
      Poo Doo

      Cause they’re way better than american pancakes, and your grandpa knows that

  • chesshire cat
    chesshire cat

    Epic Swedish pancake flip👍

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas

    Pewdiepie the cook🥞🥞🍳beautiful !!!!!!!!

  • Kenzie File
    Kenzie File

    For American people, I looked it up cause I wanna make these lol. Basically roughly 1/2 cups (slightly less) is what one deciliter is That means that in American measurements, its 1/2, 1, 1 (1/2 cup flour, 1 egg, 1 cup milk) plus a little bit of salt. Easy.

  • MOHAMMAD 5022
    MOHAMMAD 5022

    Thanks for recipe tasted tasty 😋 you can sell them on pewdiepie store I would be first one to get it

  • Semin_ A.
    Semin_ A.


  • just someone
    just someone

    Felix eats his pancakes the exact same way we eat them here in Estonia as well. Ah. Brings back childhood memories.

  • Zanakon

    My American senses are uncomfortable with how little jam he put on his pancake. Gotta glob it on there like Marzia does with the nutella. I agree that having water with pancakes is a sin though.

  • Gabriely


  • Chase Samuel
    Chase Samuel

    These's are just tortillas

  • Kaylynn Anderson
    Kaylynn Anderson

    Other relationship problems: Affairs Pewds relationship problem: YOU PUT JAM! NOT NUTELLA!

    • Kaylynn Anderson
      Kaylynn Anderson

      @Cardboard Box As a Swedish person, I think you can whatever the heck you to put on your Swedish pancakes!

    • Cardboard Box
      Cardboard Box

      It’s the other way around tho

  • Paul

    Fake butter is one of the most unhealthy things you can put in your body.

  • Gerty Holtzhausen
    Gerty Holtzhausen

    Looks the same as South African pancakes.Delicous

  • Grayson Kitteh
    Grayson Kitteh

    Hmm he looks familiar. But some reason, sexier

  • Darshika Subashini
    Darshika Subashini

    So if u roll the Swedish pancake with your hand...can u eat it by hand?

  • Yajurved Vaidya_822
    Yajurved Vaidya_822


  • Siddharth Gopinath
    Siddharth Gopinath

    those are chapatis from india

  • gungis gingis
    gungis gingis

    this is just Spanish tortilla

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario

    Romanian pancakes are the same as swedish 😂🤣 Sunt Român 😁

  • Brayden Morford
    Brayden Morford

    Have you heard of maple syrup?

  • Naty Ssss. •
    Naty Ssss. •

    The camera gets better because at the beginning when marzia isn’t holding it the camera is focusing on the milk

  • Dylan Hugo
    Dylan Hugo

    This is how South Africans make pancakes as well, just without jam or nutella, we put a mix of cinnamon and sugar on it and roll it up. When I came to Canada I was so appalled by their pancakes. Undoubtedly the better pancake.

  • Mallorie Clayton
    Mallorie Clayton

    He thinks Nutella is bad... My mormor let us put butter, sugar and syrup on ours...