THIS is the MOST INSANE couple.. TLC #12
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  • wattles

    2:26 , thank me later.

  • Cloud

    7:40 where the good part starts

  • Bryan Obee
    Bryan Obee

    she's so pretty and seems well off financially what more could that guy ask for, he's not even very handsome at all.

  • supremo bro
    supremo bro

    i love pewds but.. did he just objectify a woman in 2:42

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas


  • demonocus metalocus
    demonocus metalocus

    People love to point their fingers and say that's the bad guy. (scarface quote)

  • Anime4 LaijFuh
    Anime4 LaijFuh

    Good lorde she is cute and have 2 Big personalities 👀

  • yaren celen
    yaren celen


  • Aditya N
    Aditya N

    I love how pewds voice went so deep like a demon when that dude slapped the ikea lamp at 7:48

  • abdi salam
    abdi salam

    I no black i tho minico

  • Manash .B
    Manash .B

    Legendary intros of a Legend 😭

  • Aragami

    I want this video with eyetracker

  • Becoming Amira
    Becoming Amira

    Her name Karen but she not a Karen

  • Becoming Amira
    Becoming Amira

    Do they not know they could get so much many more viewers if they did use the taser

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor


  • Ruairidh McMillan
    Ruairidh McMillan

    4:18 Pewds does his Jack Nicolson improv.

  • Isoni

    7:46 Swedish man gets mad after IKEA furniture gets possibly damaged

  • Judith Aispuro
    Judith Aispuro

    Pewds a whole dating coach

  • morgan stambaugh
    morgan stambaugh

    S tier intro

  • Ni vence
    Ni vence

    "i cant wait to get old and just be an asshole" HAHAHAHAHA

  • AndeOkey

    as a swedish citizen since birth i was very offended when he slapped that ikea lamp

  • Fiona a
    Fiona a

    18:29 Is he saying you will never look at your poop the same way again?


    Jesus, call me simp but Shantel is super hot, I probably accept his family with no worries! Why she is falling in love for guys like this?!

  • Holmcross

    Damn i would kill for a girl like her, but then theres pedro xD

  • iPyThoN

    2:30 lmao 😂

  • Miss Awesome
    Miss Awesome

    I love the way pewdiepie imitates pedro

  • Alex Stevenson
    Alex Stevenson

    “I can’t wait to get old, and just be an asshole”😂😂

  • Alex Stevenson
    Alex Stevenson

    That intro tho...👌

  • boi man
    boi man

    A gun, also known as a tactical slingshot

  • Jarbo Fiorini
    Jarbo Fiorini

    but the parents seems they are having fun with Pedro... a fun guy

  • Personal Magbanua
    Personal Magbanua

    Pewds is having fun. lmfao, "They gonna fight? Hell ye! bring the taser!"

  • Leah Swenson
    Leah Swenson

    That game gives me Binding of Isaac vibes

  • Angelina Rossi
    Angelina Rossi

    chantel: this is my relationship her and pedro's families: our relationship

  • Duckiee Sann
    Duckiee Sann

    Pewdiepie:Don't ever slap ikea lamp in front of me! Also Pewdiepie:Kills light at first 10 minutes.

  • Radical


  • Alicia B
    Alicia B


  • jared fj9017881
    jared fj9017881

    When me and the gang pull up

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    Her mom look like marquees

  • Desteny Cabrera
    Desteny Cabrera

    This TLC video makes Dominicans look bad. Yikes

  • Alisha

    rich people get bored and marry someone abroad lmao

  • Jag är inte svensk
    Jag är inte svensk


  • Werefox32

    That girl is too damn pretty for me!

  • daft punk503
    daft punk503

    Dope intro🤣🤣🤣

  • Ethan Carneiro
    Ethan Carneiro

    How to get famous? Get married to a foreigner you don't know very well

  • A.J. Bready
    A.J. Bready

    Okay Pedro was definitely in the wrong, but holy crap her mom was such a huge red flag.

  • Playboy Cardie league
    Playboy Cardie league

    thats the latino mentality bro always are familys involved lmfao

  • Shannon Bear
    Shannon Bear

    My fav is when chantels mum gets out the taser like they’re gonna go linch someone and pewdiepie just looses it haha

  • Adrijan BAKA
    Adrijan BAKA

    Chantels mom is talking like shes from the godfather

  • Cyan always Sus
    Cyan always Sus

    Pewds Don’t need the light😤

  • Cyan always Sus
    Cyan always Sus


  • bashpr0mpt

    They have to go back.

  • HenryGMD

    i replayed the video of the mom with the taser at least 8 times

  • Pán Hry
    Pán Hry


  • CR00XxT3R :O
    CR00XxT3R :O

    He just wants to see his family

  • Jenny Gallen
    Jenny Gallen

    The intro would be a good anime. A baby looking like pewdiepie and speaking


    Chantels mom...(now before I say this I lie alot)....any ways "people who lie consistently are liars." REALLY I DIDNT KNOW THAT KAREN...😤😑

  • katherine ma
    katherine ma

    pedro and his family are all awful, how do you just let your family talk about your wife that way and wtf kind of person thinks a "what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours" prenup is stupid?

  • Fox Queen
    Fox Queen

    Funniest of Pewd's reactions: 2:30 12:25

  • the four returds
    the four returds

    Karen busting the 400 iq move of saying 'adios'

  • King Lloyd Corona
    King Lloyd Corona

    Grand Father Felix

  • Claire VH
    Claire VH

    "I cant wait to get old... and just be an a**hole"

  • EZ Riojas
    EZ Riojas

    Plot twist: Pewds and Marzia were on 90 day fiancé but it ended good so they didn’t air it

  • ahmed9707

    Chantel kinda bad lol

  • Raid-_-Opz V
    Raid-_-Opz V

    Don't do anything pulls out taser

  • Ulysses Edens
    Ulysses Edens

    @10:06 But Pewds, at least you got to know Marzia and lived together with her for a number of years before officially marrying her.

  • Freidenker CH
    Freidenker CH

    04:39 bruh that impression is gold

  • Ulysses Edens
    Ulysses Edens

    @0:00 ANOS VOLDIGOLD!!!*

  • Raphael Zelderis
    Raphael Zelderis

    2:30 When pewds uses 0,0001 percent of his power.

  • M'Kay u stoopid UwU
    M'Kay u stoopid UwU

    Jesus Christ that intro...

  • Magnus Søndergaard
    Magnus Søndergaard


  • Jack Leonard
    Jack Leonard

    Pewdiepie knows to much about this

  • King Zeus_and_I
    King Zeus_and_I

    4:26 Rick Grimes? 😐

  • Aiman Jamil
    Aiman Jamil

    Pedro's mom turn on the drama mode as she knew this will be on tv.

  • Rc Clipz
    Rc Clipz

    This is the most normal couple I've seen on your TLC episodes. It great

  • Ginga Ninga
    Ginga Ninga

    I don’t think they were toxic I think their family’s are toxic

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored

    Pewds has unimaginable powers, he hit table and lights go out.

  • Elias Villanueva
    Elias Villanueva

    HAHAHA 2:29

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman

    A gun is a tactical sling shot

  • Bethannie Lancoure
    Bethannie Lancoure

    Pewds accent is giving me life

  • Just_One_Guy

    Best intro ever

  • Shay Johnson
    Shay Johnson

    She look good asf

  • Zaku

    The intro tho

  • boink

    I like how his mom speaks in 2x speed and her mom speaks in 0.25x speed

  • Michael Khouri
    Michael Khouri

    They look like they are in a disney series

  • Hayden Lacombe
    Hayden Lacombe

    my god mom just shush i feel like going to sleep I bet I could take a nap by the time your done talking like gooooooodddddd.

  • marozid1

    The prenup thing confused me. He told his mom "...blah blah blah ... what's mine is mine, what's hers is hers" and mom's defense is "You're worth too much"... well.....ya... he can take his worth with him when/if they divorce. What's the problem!?!?!

  • Tiffany Ruiz
    Tiffany Ruiz

    This intro= GOLD

  • Coaster Insider
    Coaster Insider

    Me wondering how tf he cut the power to the lights...

  • Agent Below
    Agent Below

    she went from happy to sad

  • West Fall
    West Fall

    wow. pewdiepie is bad at geography

  • Victor Heras
    Victor Heras

    Chantel's mom = 0.5 speed in youtube settings

  • Oliver Janes
    Oliver Janes

    That intro was pure gold.

  • Wackybatman202

    14:52 "this is a good family setting" cut to chick with a taser

  • mr evergreen
    mr evergreen

    1:27 i'm dead 😂😂

  • mr evergreen
    mr evergreen

    best into ever 😂😂😂

  • Woodfekker

    Jesus, Pedro's mom is rasist af

  • Percabeth

    This might be the one time I don't take the foreigner's side, although I agree that both families are waaaay too involved.

  • urlocalmemedealer

    Pewds speaking smooth Italian with almost no accent, for an Italian like me is both nice and weird

  • •Cookie Aesthetics•
    •Cookie Aesthetics•

    Karen (mom) (me starts thinking)

  • kazmir

    Damm they speak TACO BELL language