The Last of Us 2 - ENDING... - Part 8
The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. We're continuing the playthough LIVE babey
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The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5)
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  • Arthur

    Vengeance is an idiot’s game.

  • Dennis Huang
    Dennis Huang

    If anything, this game has taught me to never have high expectations for sequels

  • Omokayode Kgotso Mosmeu Akanni
    Omokayode Kgotso Mosmeu Akanni

    Is going to come the part 3 ???

  • Andreas Sofocleous
    Andreas Sofocleous

    Are those cabins some sort of tribute to Skyrim?

  • Dorukhan Çevik
    Dorukhan Çevik

    Abby is not that bad

  • Scouty TheAngel
    Scouty TheAngel


  • Scouty TheAngel
    Scouty TheAngel

    I'm really just so disappointed in this game.... I wish they stayed on the first one and didnt make it....😕💔

  • Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy
    Marxius Ivan Adolf Denniel Lomboy

    Theres still no cure so... The Last Of Us III Confirmed

  • Lezin

    Playing guitar without two fingers gang

  • Lezin

    Bahamas:no DOGS allowed

  • Lezin

    It kinda hurts when you waste your ammo

  • Lezin

    You're fighting skills with Abby has improved

  • steven ho
    steven ho

    1:12:56 abby's fist is like a brick


    Just finished the game. It was incredible. Watching pewdiepies gameplay of it has made me realise I should just stick to watching his LWAI videos. What a fuckin idiotic ass this guy is. To anyone hating this game - you’re all a bunch of retards.

    • II MrBlueSky
      II MrBlueSky

      There are some genuine reasons why people didn't like it

  • thetea guyz
    thetea guyz

    4me story was awesome but following the paths of political background is wrong overall. Good game tho

  • Fluwuffi

    The Last of Us 3: Ellie hunts a male frog for food and the frog's gay husband decides to take revenge

  • Richard Cummings
    Richard Cummings

    Made it all the way from beginning to 1 hour into this last vid. I honestly can't take Pewdiepie any longer. What a jerk. Jesus! Check RadBrad for less imbecilic narrative.

  • matt lepp
    matt lepp

    This game hurts my soul

  • Nani aro Ka
    Nani aro Ka

    I cried when i saw the flash back.

  • KillMyVocals

    i think the part that drained me the most and had me so angry was the last 2hrs of the game when fuckin Tommy comes in demanding Ellie go finish what they started. to me it was out of character for Tommy and goddamnit it just didnt sit well with me. because of that moment ellie lost everything, her connection to joel, her life with dina and jj, gahhh.. hated it. by the end "fight" i was so damn exhausted i just didnt care anymore. but that was probably the point.. this game really just takes a lot out of you

  • Cheata_mXtrix 11
    Cheata_mXtrix 11

    Abby currently entering the Russian slapping competition. Fuck me Ellie got bitch slapped

  • Netflix Membresia
    Netflix Membresia

    Pewds: Abby is the bad guy and thats it! Hng 😤

  • Emilicia

    His attitude made it so unenjoyable to watch by the end.. it wasn't even that bad and he just moaned throughout.

  • FireEco

    At least Joel is with his daughter

  • FireEco

    Pewdiepie: it’s more fun to kill them

  • Hilda Raap
    Hilda Raap

    Late gang

  • EternalSummer14

    Those Aren't Balls On The Sheep, Those Are Their Boobs.

  • Matthew Adams
    Matthew Adams

    Is it just me or I'm immune to pewds just fucking up over n over again

  • Mookan Kandiah
    Mookan Kandiah

    Tlou 1: Marlene: joel you can go now, the doctors are operating on ellie Joel: ok bye * not knowing ellie dies* Roll credits

  • SpooderPug

    PewDiePie was so focused during the cutscenes with Joel, the rest of the game he just did not care lol

  • KS AMK
    KS AMK

    This game is amazing

  • KS AMK
    KS AMK

    I love Abby

    • Khabib and McGregor fan
      Khabib and McGregor fan

      You need help

  • Emily

    The first game is the best game in the WORLD. This poor excuse of a sequel is absolutely SHITE

  • Caius Yes
    Caius Yes

    What was the point of Ellie

  • HonestGamer Isaac
    HonestGamer Isaac

    how is it that the best moments in this game were the ellie and joel moments! How is it that every single person, influencer, random jackass and troll refer to those moments. Because that was what we actually wanted to see in part 2 for most of the game before the shocking stuff! Like pewds and many others said, they should have cut the beginning up towards the end and shuffled most of the game in a more coherent thing instead of the jumbled mess of this timeloop.

  • No Topic Pocket
    No Topic Pocket

    The last fight scene with Abby is pretty much 90% of the fight scenes in Ghost of Tsushima. Maybe not as personal, but in terms of dramatic it definitely seems like it.

  • Anmar Emad
    Anmar Emad

    "Revenge is a fool's game" Arthure morgan

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      "Revenge makes me happy" me.

  • Mehreen aurora
    Mehreen aurora


  • YippieKayYay

    Why do you keep saying Bahamas? Everyone knows it's T.A.H.I.T.I. That last fight was like Abby Gear: Guns of the lesbos

  • GG

    Compared to the first game it feels like two completely different stories... The first one was much better paced and the story itself was more emersive, more character development between Joel and Ellie, while in this one I feel like they just added so many random characters who don't really have any impact on the story or don't progress much. And like I mentioned before, it feels like it's so different, it doesn't feel like The Last Of Us, it's not about infected, Ellie being immune and people trying to survive anymore, it was just about one out of probably thousands of people who wanted revenge on Joel and succeeded.

  • ??

    this guy is dead inside, he should leave youtube honestly, or if he doesn't leave YT at least he should stop making gameplays of masterpieces like TLOU2

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      He can do whatever he want. At least he's honest. And this Game is far away from a Masterpiece.

  • Yaphet Shibeshi
    Yaphet Shibeshi

    The ending is so bad

  • maria jaral
    maria jaral

    Fuck you Abby, you wouldn’t even be alive if Joel didn’t save your life in the blizzard

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez

    the sound just before they fight is so terrifying

  • lex rhyme
    lex rhyme

    what is wrong with people from left? first defending TLOU 2 then cuties netflix?

  • Aiden

    Joel saved Ellie Ellie is a bitch for being mad that someone loves her and cared about her.

  • Huddy Svendsen
    Huddy Svendsen

    Definitely going to miss the last of us! Love the videos!

  • Ryan Wiles
    Ryan Wiles

    Interesting ending. Not what I expected

  • Abigail Love
    Abigail Love

    Just play the and follow it you don’t know how to play god stop with the bad words

  • Kuba Pawlak
    Kuba Pawlak

    Scar: *trying to kill Abby* Lev: "Let her go!!!" Scar: Understandable, have a great day

  • Anaandstazia

    ...Tell me would you kill to save a life? Tell me would you kill to prove you're right?...

    • Anaandstazia

      @Arian msn These are lyrics from 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane and I think this phrase perfectly suits the idea of this game where the both angry sides kills numbers of people because of one close person they lost.

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn


  • KailerJCM

    Yara: *shot 100 times* Pewds: “but we didn’t actually SEE her die” Bullets: *are we a joke to you?*

  • Kaylee Raine
    Kaylee Raine

    I CANNOT believe Abby got to live. I dont care if we're supposed to sympathize with her. She killed Joel, Jesse, and nearly killed dina and Tommy. The fuck does "good" mean.. fuck. I hate abby, and nothing's ever going to change that for me. Ellie deserved so much better. Joel deserved better 😔🤕

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      I cannot believe I have to "play" as Abby.

  • 2devil35

    I've been a fan of Pewds since the very beginning, but it actually pisses me off how stupid he sometimes actually is.

  • Goo_Ze

    Story does work in the last of us universe, i mean the first one wasn't happy rainbows aswell. Even then the ending was devided from part 1, idk this game showed truly how fucked up the Last of us universe REALLY is. I mean i aint gonna say this game is a masterpiece because it isnt but it's deff not dogshit and bad. Pacing is off, no emotion to charachters (deff jesse imo) and more idk. For me it's a 7

  • Albert Krarup M.
    Albert Krarup M.

    brah when Ellie left her family my heart died

  • Bimmer Won
    Bimmer Won

    The ending of this game was like the ending of the movie “The Revenant”. The main character ends up alone after pursuing revenge with no sense of purpose. At the end of the movie, you end up feeling depressed and dissatisfied just like you do with this game. That’s how you are supposed to feel. That’s the nature of revenge. You feel empty once you achieve it.

    • Terminator Duo
      Terminator Duo

      @the.real.mall.cop But Ellie received closure by letting the spirit of Joel live through Abby and Lev, which is what mattered to her in the end.

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      I absolutely disagree with you. The revenant was an awesome Movie compared to this Dogshit. And revenge made me happy when I let abby get killed by Ellie.

    • the.real.mall.cop

      But Ellie never achieved her revenge, which I think is why lots of people were disappointed with the ending. If the ending was so she sacrificed everything for revenge, that would probably make more sense to people.

  • Bret Clark
    Bret Clark

    Ellie killed at least a 100 people and who knows how many zombies to get to Abby but then decides Abby isnt worth killing, and after Ellie tried killing Abby while we played Abby as well

  • DEAD inside
    DEAD inside

    that was a disappointment

  • Nestor Sanchez
    Nestor Sanchez

    Why he is playing like it was gta

  • Mei Chan
    Mei Chan

    Revenge is stupid but they way Abby tortured Joel and trying to be a saint after that? she could've killed him with one headshot like the way her father died, maybe? but noooo, so she can cry blood all she wants, she should be tortured as well to the verge of dying then leave her to recover slowly, but till now the game ended, with Ellie being super useless in avenging her savior and being a dick to everyone in the game, she even failed to literally just throw Abby to the ground...

  • Zahaw Siddiq
    Zahaw Siddiq

    I come back to see the last part of (the last of us) after 3 months b******** ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  • Amir Khademi
    Amir Khademi

    I understand that whole revenge thing from Abby but why in that way. Joel went through a armoured army to save a 15 years old child who didn't even choose to die that way, and after fighting all those who tried to kill him he approached the surgery room and the doctor tried to fight with a knife and expecting jeol just stand there and watch, but Abby killed an old unarmed man who just saved her life, and then disrespected him like that, this is just not right, it would be more easier for me to accept Joels death to see Joel fighta a brutal battle and then die like a man. Sorry for my broken English and RIP Joel the protecter

  • Bunga Rin
    Bunga Rin

    i hope even thought Elie let Abby go, the infected will get her bahahah

  • Bunga Rin
    Bunga Rin

    I wish 1:09:00 was the ending where Pewds just let Abby died by Ellie Bahaahaahahah

  • Manda Panda
    Manda Panda

    “Okay well then you should be open-mindedd that I don’t liiike it...biiitch” 😂😂😂

  • Isaac Lim
    Isaac Lim

    You can kill people but cannot kill dog..... Nice logic pewds😂😂

  • DANKerTester

    K well now I just hate naughty dog. Great way to trash their own name. Absolute garage story.

  • Rena Unnie
    Rena Unnie

    1:25:59 I HAD THE SAME GLITCH !!!! I was already in themiddle of the cutscene while Pewds was just at the start, and then BOOM. I was like WTF.... the bomb triggered on me. Fortunately, after the game over, I was back in the cutscene.

  • Alice with Edge
    Alice with Edge

    I loved the game, thought it was epic and heartstrings-tearing, thrilling and tragic.

  • Number A1
    Number A1

    Top 10 reasons this game is sht 1 Ellie is not Ellie she’s some 17 yr old junkie 2 Joel died in a sht way 3 this game ass

  • Sir Gentleman
    Sir Gentleman

    This is my favorite game of all time

  • Anna F
    Anna F

    I would give it 7/10, just based on this let's play (i haven't played it myself) agree with Felix on many points...

  • Jasper E.
    Jasper E.

    Umay manood. Bobo mag laro ni pewds hahaha

  • spider gols
    spider gols

    "quien llora en cámara maldito perdedor." que mala persona pide disculpas de una vez maldito idiota

    • Napo ski
      Napo ski

      el rubius es un imbecil

  • Ignacio perez
    Ignacio perez

    Took me 3 months to finally finish this walkthrough, I couldn’t. I can count on my hand the amount of times I enjoyed watching this game. Last of Us 1 is top 5 one of my favorite games and this game (last of us 2) is nowhere near the masterpiece that the first one was. I just couldn’t not connect with these personalities, even Ellie, and the death of Joel just completely destroyed my interest. This game should’ve been better. Super Sad how it turned out... Thanks for the series pewds

  • Sam Fairley
    Sam Fairley

    This ending felt like Witcher 3s bad ending and I felt dissappointed for playing it bad.

  • Sean Gli
    Sean Gli


  • John Palcon
    John Palcon

    Whoa those guys really do look like Mark and Jack

  • *!*

    Anybody named Lev here

    • *!*

      What are the fucking odds

  • Pedro Talons
    Pedro Talons

    Hey gamers, if you want to play a game about revenge and how it can ruin lifes, just play God of War 4!

  • Heer Mehta
    Heer Mehta

    3:02:38 Can we play guitar with 3 fingers??

  • hannah F
    hannah F

    I started bawling every time there was a scene with Joel. Not to overreact but he was like tHe fatHeR i NeVeR hAd.

  • InTeRiTuS

    Ellie: I'll see you around Joel: Yep Me: 😭😭😭😭😭

  • MS A
    MS A

    Me at the end of this: WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT GAME! ABSOLUTE 10/10! . . . Maybe im a psychopath...

  • InTeRiTuS

    I thought Abby would turn because Ellie bit her unless she's exactly the same.

  • Mr. Noodlemin
    Mr. Noodlemin

    I dont think this game was the greatest, but if they make a third, and Abby and Ellie team up in it... I'm in.

    • Napo ski
      Napo ski

      lmao i want everything but ellie and abby teaming up, that would actually made me mad

    • Mohammad Golpayegani
      Mohammad Golpayegani

      Ah yes joel’s killer and ellie.makes total sense

  • Mr. Noodlemin
    Mr. Noodlemin

    1:34:50 Best part of the video.

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      Best part when Fart Geralt knock the shit out of lev.

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright

    Can someone please explain to me why this game wasn't well liked?

  • Dotty yyz
    Dotty yyz

    I dont like the ending

  • Dotty yyz
    Dotty yyz

    Ellie is ruthless

  • Shawn Tran
    Shawn Tran

    In The Last of Us Part II you play as Ellie and Abby. Abby is supposed to be the bad character (and bad character model), but Ellie is actually the bad character as you progress the story.

  • Nam Duong
    Nam Duong

    I don't understand why people hate this game. They just give very generic complaints like "character development is weak" or "bad writing" or stuff like that. Like, what do you all expect? Want to be a dog that is willing to bark at its owner when it's not given food? I don't see any things wrong here. You can't expect developers to lean on your selfish expectation. Also even though i really like Joel, i get a mixed feeling when Joel is killed, in the way he is killed. But to say he ABSOLUTELY does NOT deserve at least some punishment is dumb. A lot of you argue the vaccine is not gonna work or the fireflies are terrorists or we need Ellie consents bla bla bla. Crap. Even Ellie wants to die (after-the-fact). I don't understand people are willing to doom billions of others because they want 100% certainty the development of vaccine. Like, there is no absolute certainty here, but it FUCKING worths a shot. How fucking selfish and self-righteous are you not to realize that? Bet that these people will cry for the first dose of vaccine if it is feasible. All of these make me realize both the game haters and extreme fans are out of mind. You are nothing but full of non-gratitude toward everything

    • Napo ski
      Napo ski

      the "vaccine" is not necesary when the infected fucking tear you apart it doesn't matter if youre inmune the world already is dead

    • Andres Erickson
      Andres Erickson

      I just finished watching Pewdiepie play and I also don't understand all the massive hate. I mean yes, I can see where people's issues lay with the game, but I actually enjoyed it. It was really hard to sit through Felix complaining and talking over the dialogue haha but he's allowed his opinions. But while many people genuinely didn't like it, it disappoints me that even more people just jumped on the bandwagon of "This is AWFUL!!!" I hope in the coming years, people will start to appreciate what the developers did with this game. It is tough to sit through some of it's really dark moments, and it's not an easy story to swallow. But I think that's part of what makes it so intriguing, just like the first game. We watch all these films and tv shows with tales of revenge, or heros vs villains, etc. I thought it was really cool how they pulled back the curtain on how bleak and life altering "revenge" really can be.

    • Arian msn
      Arian msn

      And what kind of disgusting human trash are you that are willing to sacrifice someone you love??? You are not better than mao Zedong/Josef mengele/Stalin/Kim jong un...

  • Jirhu Perez
    Jirhu Perez

    In this world, its kill or be killed -Flowey from undertale

  • Jacques Keckle-Berry
    Jacques Keckle-Berry

    its less like he “isnt getting the game” and more like getting waaaaaaaay too hung up on joel dying, like, to be completely honestly blunt, he really deserved it, and this is outside of abbys revenge conquest or getting justice for murdering the fireflies, but like TBH joel preventing even the possibility for the cure that is causing all this suffering in the first place because of like a daughter complex or smthn i dont blame ellie OR abby for their actions, and you can like or dislike either idc honestly fair enough opinions for either way imo abby is a more interesting character at least

    • Andres Erickson
      Andres Erickson

      I agree. I love the character of Ellie, and obviously I understand why people are mad Joel was killed, but I found the story AND Abby very interesting. I really enjoyed the game.

  • The Cuban Machine Official
    The Cuban Machine Official

    Abby : off to california .. Ellie : back to jackson Dina & J.J. : who knows.. ( and deff not to kackson! It would not make any sence. Ellie u got ur revange.. what did it cost you?? Everything...

  • Rory Douglass
    Rory Douglass

    Uhhhhh he sheep was the bad guy all allong

  • Sofia Tesic
    Sofia Tesic

    2:35:11 "haha leg go boom boom"

  • Sofia Tesic
    Sofia Tesic

    2:08:58 pewds face had me dead

  • Mandy Wardrop
    Mandy Wardrop

    The hate for this game is giving me the same vibes as the hate surrounding legend of korra compared to atla lol

    • Mandy Wardrop
      Mandy Wardrop

      Napo ski nah I don’t think the game deserved as much hate as it got and neither does legend of korra, legend of korra is far more accepted now though probably because it’s had a lot more time

    • Napo ski
      Napo ski

      so, deserved?