The Most Insane Couple Ever.. TLC #11
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  • G. Moos
    G. Moos

    Crazy what happened to Paul Joseph Watson

  • Spoopy Meat
    Spoopy Meat

    10:55 Pewds body was found in elec

  • Pán Hry
    Pán Hry

    You dont really know what you are talking about pewds. Because you think that having a baby is choice. The answer is not really. The thing is, you dont realy can stop your self from having a baby. It os out nature. The choice is if you will stop the baby from being birth.

  • Cohen Miller
    Cohen Miller

    this was my favorite intro

  • Choy

    he doesn't respect his own mother wtf is this guy? He can talk to her calmy not like that.

  • ghettocereal

    So they steal her phone but not the cameras

  • History on YouTube
    History on YouTube

    I think that the girl wasn’t getting the point of the American Dream which was that their descendants would have a better life. When you start the American dream it doesn’t mean your life will instantly improve.

  • lil bitch
    lil bitch

    Felix's computer making those little _blllu_ computer noises keeps throwing me the fuck off my axis like bruh I keep thinking I'm accidentally clicking on shit or smth...

  • Rab

    Poor girl :(

  • Luiza Henry
    Luiza Henry

    Just Brazil brings you that "unexpected" twist: robery, shooting, police, action 😂... love my country, now that I do not live there anymore.

  • Hello Dapp
    Hello Dapp

    500 is actually cheap cheap. its about 1500 bucks-2000 on the low end here for a one bed one bath/studio (outside DC)

  • CZ CQC
    CZ CQC

    Every time Felix says excited news I think he's having a kid

  • Pubgod 21
    Pubgod 21

    I was waiting for him to throw the baby

  • Cole Sinclair
    Cole Sinclair

    Very true america is not all great and not all people can be wealthy

  • Afsa Ro
    Afsa Ro

    Is this for real 🤯 What!?


    Barefoot 🦶🏿 muggers robbing them w rusty ass machetes. Welcome to Brazil lol

  • Eruhlu Muhdi
    Eruhlu Muhdi

    Worst beta ever

  • kaleidoskopaugen

    UPDATE: Karine is pregnant with their second child Godd why do I know this?

  • Darius Bostan
    Darius Bostan

    This is not a music video pewds. You don't need to capitalize every word in the title... I think...

  • Raman Hey
    Raman Hey

    This is the one weird kid.

  • Lizz Schettini
    Lizz Schettini

    Please, if you know Karine say to her i'd love to be in Paul's place i have a house and i'm im Brazil

  • Jouberth Eduardo
    Jouberth Eduardo

    With 500 R$, you rent a bigger house in Brazil. Looks like the american dream became slum LOL

  • Ethanmon3323

    Paul got problems

  • Lani Lyn
    Lani Lyn

    I felt bad for his mom. Trying to be okay for her ass son.

  • Shivana Singh
    Shivana Singh


  • Kendyl Bowerss
    Kendyl Bowerss

    PewDiePie realizing what rent is like in America... 😅

  • bee22r

    this guy has 0 brain cells

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P

    11:48 “that ain’t gay, that’s just epic” 😂😂😂

  • Batchy

    I don't understand this couple at all. He wants to leave the US, so she isn't with him to leave Brazil for America. He has no money, so couldn't she just find a decent person from where she lives? She's pretty cute, she doesn't need to be a a complete trainwreck like this guy.

  • Drew L
    Drew L

    My favorite part of living in 'Merica is how people just come up to me when I'm drinking whiskey on the beach and just hands me money. 'Merica

  • Stacey Wagner
    Stacey Wagner

    I live in America and I find it funny when other countries make fun of the US cause it's all true

  • Bedisa Bee
    Bedisa Bee

    The intro amazes me everytime

  • hot bitch
    hot bitch

    8:30 invisible cameramen

  • pretty kitty
    pretty kitty

    That intro was a one punch man reference

  • Debanshu Majumdar
    Debanshu Majumdar

    first time ever Felix ended a video on a positive note on poor couples. lol

  • Clemson TheLazy
    Clemson TheLazy

    American dream... 500$ for a little box when in Europe you get a quite nice 1-2 persons flat. Damn those prices are scary. And the thing with medical insurence, I remember when Ethan from h3h3 was talking about it, how they didn't have for food because of it.

  • Sammed Pandharkar
    Sammed Pandharkar

    Dude goes swimming wearing a condom but forgot when it was time for boom boom

  • A17_cynical _:b_
    A17_cynical _:b_

    *homeless people living in a McDonalds be like:* 20:03

  • A17_cynical _:b_
    A17_cynical _:b_

    (9:01) *people possibly just been shot after getting mugged by a robber on the run and pewds here telling us too buy his figurine*

  • A17_cynical _:b_
    A17_cynical _:b_

    He's a coward that all he is I've been married to my husband for 2years I would or my husband would sell a limb to be able to see me if I lived in a different country and the fact that he was willing to run away from her and leave her depressed shows he has no balls

  • Sir Bjergsen
    Sir Bjergsen

    Paul knew that's why he ran into the water

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan

    you are so sexy Felix love that long beard

  • William Raiden Armstrong
    William Raiden Armstrong

    You kinda look like Conor McGregor

  • Rachel Ghul
    Rachel Ghul

    Ngl, kinda funny when he reacts to the crazy stuff Americans do. It puts things into perspective. The rest of the world is watching us and wondering tf is going on, while here we're like, "pUt 20 PoUnDs Of MeTaL HaNgInG oUtSiDe YoUr SeCoNd StOrY wInDoW tO cOoL oFf!". I knew someone else had to have that AC anxiety. I'd really like to know how to live more practical and safely when it comes to these things. It's like while the US was trying to be different from everyone else, we lost our minds.

  • Balu mudhiraj
    Balu mudhiraj

    He should've stayed single

  • Mylo Chaupis
    Mylo Chaupis

    Yeo Felix keeps talking bad about America and the “American dream”.All my American peers and civilians, unfollow him and let cocomelon surpass him in sub

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    THE INTRO was from OPM 😆😆 NICEE

  • Thomas Hagen
    Thomas Hagen

    Pewds probably gonna regret that rent comment😂

  • mila

    So proud of this girl, she learned english really fast.

  • Paulinha Pettit
    Paulinha Pettit

    Thats super acurate man!!!! we get mugged A LOOOOOT here in Brazil...auhahauhauhaha

  • Paulinha Pettit
    Paulinha Pettit

    They always think that we have ebola or something and it is stupid but the fish that swim up your uretra is thrue man! trust me on this,...

  • Jj Smith
    Jj Smith

    Jacksonville trailer park > most dangerous favela in the world

  • mau0292

    Well 500 for that here in new jersey would have been 900.

  • Nut Roll
    Nut Roll

    what part of ameirca is that? 500 for that mess, makes no sense

  • Frida Zogu
    Frida Zogu

    The animation should have been shirtless -Saitama

  • Myk Al
    Myk Al

    The most fucked up thing, pewds is like.. 500 for that place!? wtf... and here I am like.. 500, not bad. Thats 400 less and still the same amount of space.... lol its so much worse.

  • Myk Al
    Myk Al

    If you made out with yourself.. it would basically be masturbation right?..

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    That robbery is absolutely fake. In Brazil, robbers would have stolen the camera and beheaded a couple of people for good measure.

  • grapejuiceguru

    Don’t patronize us, Pewds, We know america sucks too

  • Payton Mattern
    Payton Mattern

    Felix is so confused by the rent being $500 in the second place, Like yes Felix that is what American rent is. It's fucking horrible especially when you're like 17-18 on your own.

  • Zelashnida

    No thats a scam Pewds I can rent a house for 500

  • Mihai Cataraga
    Mihai Cataraga

    I like the one punch man intro

  • Rachael Jones
    Rachael Jones

    Explain to me how Paul has that dog but has no job and can’t even afford to take care of himself (or his wife, baby, etc.)...

  • Rachael Jones
    Rachael Jones

    I hate when people refuse to try to find a solution. When you give them options for a solution they shoot everything down and throw a hissy fit/pity party. These people are so frustrating.

  • kurotsuya

    Fan to have no 1 💜 sweet pewds

  • eR_HYPE sam
    eR_HYPE sam

    The saitama intro👌👌👌✊🏼👏🏼

  • gio b.
    gio b.

    When you thought your life was a mess then you see this 😂😂

  • ALPHA22

    Paul, Is a psychopath.

  • Alyxia.

    Brain Forest XDDDD I cant

  • Clarissa Xavier
    Clarissa Xavier

    Steve Jobs 2.1

  • Alfred carlo G
    Alfred carlo G

    *mosquitos* *suck*

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar

    Bro the intro was so damm good. I am lovvviiingggg it 😘😘😘

  • ember is an idiot
    ember is an idiot

    i was watching this thinking it was 9 pm, i checked my phone, AND ITS 1 AM

  • DANK _MEMER.69
    DANK _MEMER.69

    I got number 69

  • The Machine
    The Machine

    Paul is what we call a Pussy. He was raised in a sheltered life it seems. He's never had any really hard life choices. My guess is he's never been in very many confrontations. Some women can pick up on if their man is supposed to do the most basic things. One of which is to protect them. We are supposed to be the protectors. While he was having a shit fit wanting to crawl into nasty shit water, she was being mugged. Guys need to toughen up. Stop being these little metro pussies that wear manbuns and that are afraid to get into confrontations.

  • angelica domain
    angelica domain

    Such a guy who likes to make sure he's physically hella protected by things. Guess he failed and got her pregnant :/

  • JazzzzminX

    Lmfaoooo my god


    8:29 D4C

  • Timothy Garcia
    Timothy Garcia

    Lol rent does suck in the USA. I pay 1500 a month just for a one bed apartment. That’s not even including my phone,my car payment,Etc. I’m trying to go back to school but I live paycheck to paycheck that won’t happen till awhile. Gotta save up everything I got.

  • William Ortiz
    William Ortiz

    “He’s willing to offer some of his moms hair in a green bag” Bruh! 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    The baby name would probably be Google translate

  • MaryJoe_Ann

    I can see why his ex got a restraining order.

  • Mariusz Tan
    Mariusz Tan

    This is like Moe's voice LMAOO

  • mxisiee

    You have a very similar side profile to him...

  • Angeline Alonso
    Angeline Alonso

    lololol dude had to choose his moms hair or the pp protection im dead

  • Ryan Rangel
    Ryan Rangel

    Pewdiepie probably beats marzia

  • Kreative Kloey
    Kreative Kloey

    She says I love you so much then she says I hate you then she says I love you then she says I dont want to be with you anymore sooo idk if she hates him or loves him anymore

  • Grey Witch
    Grey Witch

    You just know that a social inadequate mummy's boy will have 2 large dogs to protect him from the scary world.

  • Adrian Emil
    Adrian Emil

    Being a Norwegian, moving to America does not seem ideal

  • Artemus Adams
    Artemus Adams

    "You know the mista mista lady?! ... i think i just killed her..." - happy gilmore

  • anne Kunz
    anne Kunz

    poor women her man has a criminal record and she got mugged

  • Dirtywork Games
    Dirtywork Games

    Props to the cameraman who just keeps filming while i small woman gets run up on with a freaking machete

  • Cynthia Miles
    Cynthia Miles

    No it’s okay I hate it here too

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen

    Too many bags

  • anony paws
    anony paws

    Ik everyone's criticizing Paul, but I think it's pretty obvious he has unresolved mental issues. He's probably not even aware of them himself. His overblown concern about every danger possible is a tell. He's clearly anxious over small things that wouldn't bother the average person, and he thinks it's normal. He has other behavioral issues, too. Ofc, that's no reason to treat everyone else like trash, but he needs help. Definitely not ready for a relationship

    • Kiara Maposa
      Kiara Maposa

      Even if it's unintentional, his still pretty manipulative

  • Moth360


  • Laira Maia
    Laira Maia

    "if that is not a sign..." Actually that's just Brazil lol

  • Laira Maia
    Laira Maia

    I'm Brazilian and the scene where they're mugged is so relatable I'm nervous laughing

  • Pierre Holczer
    Pierre Holczer

    Piewdipie: what is itnwith evryone want get maried 90 day's to wead: bruh

  • Drift Scale
    Drift Scale

    Welp, TLC just gathers up the most stupid bastards in the world qnd makes soap opras with them. They do the dumbest shit, blane each other, divorce then have kids I hate humanity, cause theres q lot of this in day to day life