The Worst Couple I've Ever Seen.. TLC #8
TLC Anfisa and Jorge is the worst couple of all time
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  • Rubberducker

    I woke up Chris breezy

  • Nevaeha Handrich
    Nevaeha Handrich

    dude she is the most disgusting person

  • harshitha s y
    harshitha s y

    Me being a girl she make me sick

  • AymeneIssam

    bro , i swear to god if i were a multi milionnaire i wouldn;t buy a ring that costs more than a couple hundred dollars

  • filip koren
    filip koren

    if i was this man iwould just run away with the fkin julery woman or whatever

  • Midnight

    She Kinda looks a bit like Alinity...

  • petit chou
    petit chou

    As a human, humanity doesn't own her

  • The Oak Tree
    The Oak Tree

    The morale of the story is DON'T SIMP!

  • off topic
    off topic

    Pewdiepie has brain attack like a haert attack

  • Robert Kulpinski
    Robert Kulpinski

    Suddenly liberals arent so bad...

  • mister sands
    mister sands

    Anfisa was very clear what the relationship was from the start. She's the victim here

  • 502 cubanpapi
    502 cubanpapi

    Bro why can't he just slap her back normalize hitting back no matter geneder age or color tf

  • TBS Geo
    TBS Geo

    300 thousand!!!!! That’s the price worth of a house my man

  • Frankie Crockett
    Frankie Crockett

    40 grand for a ring???? I wouldn’t care on price it’s the proposal and being with that person not the ring


    when Anfisa smacked Jorge IDK why i felt it that my mom or friend is smacking me hard and i am gonna die

  • SQE Aman
    SQE Aman

    18:21 that is indeed a masterplan 😂

  • Zero Heat
    Zero Heat

    Some poor sap in the future is going to hook up w/ her. I’m cringing at the thought.

  • N6 CSGO VODs
    N6 CSGO VODs

    im traumatized by the looks of this "beauty"

  • buckeyebear

    did she have plastic surgery on her lip, or is that natural. I can't get past it.

  • kingmega175

    All girls are the same except pewds gf

  • Adrian Yang
    Adrian Yang

    When America is about equality but she is all men supremacy

  • Diana Guldhammer
    Diana Guldhammer

    He bought an accessorie that he couldn´t afford

  • Agnieszka Płuciennik
    Agnieszka Płuciennik

    Honestly tf? I would take a plastic ring from a vending machine haha

  • Vy Nguyen
    Vy Nguyen

    Pew.... did you just said “Pew Đẹp Trai” which mean Pew handsome in Vietnamese😂😂...if not, nvm

  • kingcobra

    “you cant fix stoopid” - A idiotic nerd who is greedy

  • Yulia Kotlyarova
    Yulia Kotlyarova

    Вы вызвали русских😂

  • OriginalFake

    What sad is that people gave her 400K+ FRICKING SUBS. SHES SIMPING ON TRwatch RN

  • OriginalFake

    This is literally every simp alive.

  • XxSnailzoryxX

    300K for a ring?! That’s literally wearing a damn house on your finger

  • SKoowey

    I am getting SOOOOO annoyed just by watching THIS BULLSHIT

  • Leblanc Wulf productions
    Leblanc Wulf productions

    As a Russian we don't claim her

  • Ben Marti
    Ben Marti

    When she went to get up Jorge flinched like she was gonna smack him again

  • Iconic Z
    Iconic Z

    I feel like I owe every gold digger in the world an apology

  • Käy R.
    Käy R.

    She annoys my soul 💀

  • Nicholas hart G
    Nicholas hart G

    Biggest simp of the year 2020

  • eTAEreal scenery
    eTAEreal scenery

    She thinks shes some queen who needs to be served. More like some witch who needs to be pacified so she doesnt destroy the place

  • Blitzious

    Hey I'm a 12 yr old and I take that as an offence. 12:23

  • NotoriousBeann

    She did a 50min strip tease years ago look it up. And your welcome btw.

  • April Payne
    April Payne

    jeez i wouldnt have a ring that big i can see some idiot robbing me..

  • Anas Idriese
    Anas Idriese

    Reporter : Hey Bill Gates who have the most luxury life on planet Earth 👍 Bill gates : Anfisa a Russian gold digger 😂😂

  • Leo Iliev
    Leo Iliev

    Ain’t it the guy’s fault for pampering his vagina by attending to this woman?

  • A&T Random Vlogs
    A&T Random Vlogs

    he tolerated her so, 🤷

  • Jason b.
    Jason b.

    Wow, dude's got some money... He didn't even flinch at the prices... With the first ring, I think I'd of said, "hun, take that damn ring off, I'll be in the car."

  • Andisa

    I feel so sorry for him and also angry at him for him allowing her to treat him like this.

  • Gherkinwarrior

    6:08... But you are ugly tho, love!!! XD

  • kamesh Dhanasekar
    kamesh Dhanasekar

    Ian is the simp

  • Amy

    The 6.5k dislikes are just another Anfisa in different countries. 😄😂

  • Water Sinking Orange
    Water Sinking Orange

    she pissing me of even if I dont know her.

  • mylo pasek
    mylo pasek

    for 150k you can buy a Mercedes Class G AMG :)

  • Bryant Gomez
    Bryant Gomez

    6:27 that accent is how Mexico City natives talk (in English).

  • Katie Aston
    Katie Aston

    U would think she dying because she shouting on the phone

  • Matija Janjic
    Matija Janjic


  • FASEH 15
    FASEH 15

    There are still some dudes who didn't watch alpha male TRwatch videos

  • Samuel Joakim
    Samuel Joakim

    I wouldnt be suprised if Anfisa gave him up to the cops lol

  • Pavan Suman
    Pavan Suman

    "I am 14 and this is deep".


    The Light Bulb, The Switch and The Audacity Of This Bitch!

  • paulo silva
    paulo silva

    Come to dubai. All gold diggers are here. They all enjoy gifts from sugar daddy until 35. After first wrinkles. They get nothing and they end up with a poor guy 2 times older because he puts food in the table. My father would date her. Lol

  • G Zta
    G Zta

    Now he looks better than her

  • Brandon Sorrell
    Brandon Sorrell

    i know this is toxic but i hope that selfish woman goes to jail

  • Megan C
    Megan C

    I pity Jorge..

  • Manjot Sanghera
    Manjot Sanghera

    9:52 he doesn’t needs a lawyer but an exorcist.

  • Random

    People who are greedy *gets greedier* , and it's *fax* .

  • Random

    Anfisa: Multi-Karat Diamond ring Me, an intellectual: ima get myself a nut from an abandoned machine and smoothen the edges. *Then wear it*

  • Random

    *R E S P E C T W A M E N*

  • Manjot Sanghera
    Manjot Sanghera

    Idk why there is this stereotype that the guy has to buy the girl a ring, why can’t a girl but a ring for the guy???

  • MJ

    brooooooo her lips are so stupid

  • The talk show Thoe
    The talk show Thoe

    Do more TLC

  • samin

    What makes this soooo much better is how rich Pewdiepie is 😂😂😂😂

  • Luke G
    Luke G

    Your singing Pingu Bro? I love Pingu

  • Sarath G
    Sarath G

    Run for your lifeeeee.

  • Head Chef
    Head Chef

    Why put a gold ring in a pig's snout?

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller

    Even Ted Bundy can do better

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick

    The expensive flame phylogenetically pine because coin fourthly waste failing a vagabond face. courageous, impolite employee

  • Pikachu

    13:20 call police.

  • Bare Fruit In Keeping With Repentance
    Bare Fruit In Keeping With Repentance

    Yup she might be a bitch, and way out of line with the tone of voice, mean words, and violent actions, but before it got to that... when a woman is acting like she was, that man is not the calm saint he is trying to portray... I am not saying that she is my any means right, I am just saying that something is off with him too, he is just hiding it, where as she is more honests, and shows you that she is dangerous

  • Bare Fruit In Keeping With Repentance
    Bare Fruit In Keeping With Repentance

    My guess is that Pewdiepie watches this stuff, because he suffered a bad, or painful relationship.

    • Ardies Sadida
      Ardies Sadida

      idk man, afaik dude hit a relationship goal

    • Diana Guldhammer
      Diana Guldhammer

      Lol no

  • Jen X
    Jen X

    He should divorce her for spousal abuse - it's all documented on camera. He wouldn't have to give her shit.

  • Izak Manor
    Izak Manor

    She has such a slap able

  • Izak Manor
    Izak Manor

    She is Fu$&en spoiled

  • Renz Lee Florida
    Renz Lee Florida

    Loca de amor LOL

  • Megz Pittle
    Megz Pittle

    Can we talk about how stupid her lips look and I don't know where she gets off being so entitled🙄🤦‍♀️😣

  • louis S
    louis S

    This woman makes me sick

  • Miku 6-6
    Miku 6-6

    PewDiePie: "I've never seen a simp this big" Noah Beck: "I'm saved" Edit: Like if you get it lol

  • Niczys Odor
    Niczys Odor

    Pewdipie: I LiKe iT when I hear the prize ahahah my favourite part

  • Isaac Jordan
    Isaac Jordan

    She actually sent him in to grab her "BAG WITH MAKEUP" and blamed him for being late. Wow. Just wow.

  • Shrey Saxena
    Shrey Saxena

    The worst couple i've ever seen is Felix and Marzia

  • Charles Bozsa
    Charles Bozsa

    Alcohol doesnt affect my unborn. 20 plus years later

  • Hannah Phoenix
    Hannah Phoenix

    Me: Russian dating a Canadian guy being constantly afraid to be associated with such gold/visa diggers...

  • Jana Gold
    Jana Gold

    This makes my relationship that put me in the psych hospital look loving and healthy

  • Karmu Tsering
    Karmu Tsering

    He's stupid for marrying her. She's so toxic 😬

  • Devin_ nico
    Devin_ nico

    This is the most toxic relationship I've had ever seen.... 6:45 I thought he would say "I really want a Russian girl"

  • Jaydon Haikal
    Jaydon Haikal

    Stupid waman

  • mr millionaire
    mr millionaire

    Im smarter then al of youre people and i have a stronger brain pewdipie

  • Priyanka Pethkar
    Priyanka Pethkar

    I doubt her parent's parenting skills

  • ayush singh
    ayush singh

    This videos make u feel good about ur relationship

  • Lincoln Martin
    Lincoln Martin

    This man is just on another level of desperate

  • ScruffytheScruffy

    Can we just send her to space and leave her there. But make sure she has no way to get back to planet earth

  • Hussain Maaish
    Hussain Maaish

    God damn save 150k thats more money than what my dad earns a year

  • Daniel Nwosu
    Daniel Nwosu

    Honestly I don't even care about the lady, Jorge is dumb as hell

  • Wesley Schaefer
    Wesley Schaefer

    Is time travel possible?