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  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson

    I NEVER knew Mia had one eye 😅😅

  • Young. zuri
    Young. zuri

    Marzia has her channel back?

  • Austinplayz

    Mia cam/Pewdiepies stomach cam

  • Agita Mariana
    Agita Mariana

    The last video make me cry.Idk why

  • KaЯma The Schemer
    KaЯma The Schemer

    Moral of the story Felix should start doing short video put of his video

  • Joel King
    Joel King

    Is anyone watching this channel for pewds anymore? I'm pretty sure we're all just here for the Maya/Edgar cam.

  • SlurpyRippley

    Petition for press to return to minecraft

  • Александър Иванов
    Александър Иванов

    Why is youre finger painted?

  • Johnny Fizz
    Johnny Fizz

    clip ur dos nails ;) too long

  • Mr. Dennis
    Mr. Dennis

    TRwatch is now like: "no you don't wanna watch this channel"

  • I love Pewdiepie
    I love Pewdiepie

    The Minecraft movie trailer made me tear up remembering Everything

  • not david David
    not david David

    Marzia looking straight to Felix, without looking away, waiting for his input That was definitely a soft moment

  • Glass of water
    Glass of water

    Justice for jeb

  • Nxy

    Knock Knock who's there... boo who!

  • Tülay Karaömer
    Tülay Karaömer

    i love maya so freaking much look how cute she looks bbby maya💕

  • Technical Gamer
    Technical Gamer

    Advanced happy birthday PewDiePie ❤️💓💓

  • Jaja

    Him complaining about how many veiws as this video gets 5 mill view

  • HenryGMD


  • HenryGMD

    dont abuse ur fucin dog

  • C Fry
    C Fry

    I facepalmed 4 or 5 times during the chicken part

  • salad ball
    salad ball

    I Hope Pewds still upload Animated videos on his channel. So the ( below 19 o 9 yr old) young ones. Will Watch those kind of videos ALL THE TIME PERIOD.

  • Tonmoi Saikia
    Tonmoi Saikia

    15:00 thts enough to make a grown man cry

  • jesterking

    1:52 Link?

  • Dennis Storozhuk
    Dennis Storozhuk

    theirs literally someone at the door at 10:51

  • Eagle Vision
    Eagle Vision

    Hyperextended adolescence! Its real!

  • Larp Denzel
    Larp Denzel

    AI collab?

  • Doot Doot Gutsu
    Doot Doot Gutsu

    Bruh that last video 😭❣️

  • Anonymous Author
    Anonymous Author

    Imagine getting a sub from pewds

  • jordan kjallberg
    jordan kjallberg

    Pewds say hi to me man😁!!!

  • Maja

    As long as you can read I'm Maja (Maya in english ... :P) I felt like Felix was talking to me personally all the time ... Unfortunately I'm not cute dogo ... :(

  • Adrian Ochoa
    Adrian Ochoa

    Pewdiepie: I want a million views Me: * sees that this vid has 5 million views*

  • jack mayor
    jack mayor

    You haven't truly experienced the TRwatch Rabbit Hole until you watch a hololive clip

  • Barbara Molnár
    Barbara Molnár

    Ive just got an ad before the video, that the guy started a how to simp course😂

  • Neither Needed
    Neither Needed

    TRwatch Recommended this video.

  • Kengie Clint
    Kengie Clint

    I just rewatch the series bcoz of thesee

  • Janet Catherine
    Janet Catherine

    TRwatch is dying, but the OG youtubers like you are keeping it alive! Thank you ☺️

  • Laila'sLife

    Why in the heck is pewds renting a place we know you got bank boi

  • Love status
    Love status

    I will always bless you.

  • Carmen CMH
    Carmen CMH

    Just saying: if that’s your dog it’s so cute!!!

  • Michael Golden
    Michael Golden

    Fuck vinland saga.

  • Vincent McGovern
    Vincent McGovern

    If you type ‘pewdiepie’ then keysmash, this video almost always pops up

  • ReacTim

    Pewds, if you see this, I would love to help people out Pls help me Like for pewds to see this and give me a chance to chase my dreams I'll give you a cookie

  • WBLV Gaming
    WBLV Gaming


  • Dario Magliozzo
    Dario Magliozzo


  • Glass Gerbil
    Glass Gerbil

    Maya is too cute for this world

  • Racheal Campbell
    Racheal Campbell

    What happened with Mayas eye?

  • -[Poon]-

    I teared up at that last clip...damn

  • A.S Rajalekshmi
    A.S Rajalekshmi

    Pls tell me the Song name maya is playing

  • Splash Animations
    Splash Animations

    loved it

  • Vivienne Tan
    Vivienne Tan


  • JohnVincent

    I need to rewatch the MINECRAFT SERIES DAMNN!

  • Kinemaster Rhylle Mikhail Baquiran
    Kinemaster Rhylle Mikhail Baquiran

    Why pewdiepie is getting into a different intros

  • justin girard
    justin girard


  • DeFuze_St3tH

    His intros are fire idc😂😂

  • Санька

    Широкий Путин вошел в чат

  • Kathy Schlenker
    Kathy Schlenker

    Her nails are beautiful. My vet never wants to cut my Pitt dogs nails. Dog chews on them himself at night when we are watching tv. My vet said dog does good job on himself

  • Владислав Маланин
    Владислав Маланин

    Я один узнал трек в начале про широкого Путина?



  • perfectly imperfect
    perfectly imperfect

    @hotones pewds has spoken. Make it happen

  • dangershewrote AD
    dangershewrote AD

    let's join the skami channel there is an interesting video ... always support our channel brazzer greetings

  • Meri Nicano
    Meri Nicano


  • Jacob Hansen
    Jacob Hansen

    Pewds Watches Vinland Saga Confirmed!

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    “I love hot food. It does nothing too me” tell that to Cards Against Humanity and that death sauce.

  • Rachel Pathak
    Rachel Pathak

    "Anyone complaining about spicy food is a child, or a WOMEN or weak" Are we just going to pretend like we didn't hear that?

  • Elias farias
    Elias farias

    You should make some purple shirt kid Merch 👍

  • Particlez

    Don't tell me u didn't cry on the last one cuz I DID!

  • amorfati khb
    amorfati khb

    maya 💖💖

  • Ophelia Nightfall
    Ophelia Nightfall

    Damn, that minecraft animation made me cry like a little bitch

  • Michelle Onodera
    Michelle Onodera

    Maya is so tiny I love her

  • KoxuKoshu

    The last clip by dan bull made me tear up wtf :((( well done

  • Shahzain Faisal vii B
    Shahzain Faisal vii B

    Can someone please tell what the song is from the first clip of pewds

  • Lily Rawling
    Lily Rawling

    Don't mind me, just waiting for all the feminist comments

  • Im subbing To anyone who subs to me
    Im subbing To anyone who subs to me

    Read my name

  • Ant Cosco
    Ant Cosco

    What’s the song on the intro?

  • s3norcat

    Here’s 1 view PewDiePie - me. sUbScRiBe? nO? oKaY. 0_o sAd SmUrF HoUrS

  • Ari Hell
    Ari Hell

    Wtf that movie like mine craft video made me laugh AND cry at the SAME TIME, literally laughing and also tears rolling down and i don't even know how lmao

  • Kshitij Bhardwaj
    Kshitij Bhardwaj

    the fact that millions of people were soooo invested in a swedish man and his virtual dog is enough by itself for netflix to buy the series. it is better than 13 reasons why anyway.

  • watashi

    i like to watch pewds videoed before bed for i can rest well

  • Keen Bean
    Keen Bean

    Deadass crying over a minecraft machinima.

  • Apollostarwars1

    My heart! Maya to cute 💖

  • TopDog

    16:28 This is why I'm subbed to him

  • Avijeet Rahut
    Avijeet Rahut

    14:18 nostalgic goosebumps everyone

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley

    You SUCK.

  • Cakey Wakey
    Cakey Wakey

    *day 338 of asking pewdiepie to build a ship for boat cow*

  • HotCocoa

    Camera quality: better Audio quality: WoRsE

  • Tracy Wikse
    Tracy Wikse

    Hi pew di pie

  • Alighieri

    Pewdiepie: I'm unconscious during my videos Media: he's making fun of somnambulism!

  • Raihan Febrian
    Raihan Febrian


  • Infinityp 2nd
    Infinityp 2nd


  • SW stories
    SW stories

    could not be happier that pewds finally saw the minecraft movie :D

  • Unlike Sanity
    Unlike Sanity

    "I dont claim any of these videos, I dont care if you re-upload my videos." That's A Real TRwatchr 💓

  • Amalia Tolentino
    Amalia Tolentino

    I like your dog it’s cute😯

  • Derek Janssen
    Derek Janssen

    I'd love to see Pewds on hot ones that'd be so funny XD

  • Stacy Crews
    Stacy Crews

    Can someone help me find the song that starts in the background at 15:54 please?

  • Lasanha 209
    Lasanha 209

    Hi lubatv, is very nice

  • TrendingMundo

    U dog are sick?

  • Ruqa Ahmed
    Ruqa Ahmed

    Yay maya 😍

  • Si._C._K.

    Pewds: I WANT ONE MILLION VIEWS Also Pewds: has over five million on this video alone

  • Sanna

    Can i be maya?

  • Techno Dragon
    Techno Dragon

    Wow that intro is W I D E