This Guy Wants To Sell His WHAT? For $35 000! - TLC #6
man wants to sell his left bing bong, not epic tlc reaction
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  • Luqman

    the title should be "man touching another man balls"😂

  • Guy Bezalel
    Guy Bezalel


  • MR.Pewdiegamer

    I have 3 pairs of shoes

  • Mr DragonXY
    Mr DragonXY

    I will never sell my balls

  • T Y
    T Y

    Omfg mr Krabs???

  • Art of Filipe Sousa
    Art of Filipe Sousa


  • Khatijah Fernandes
    Khatijah Fernandes

    I have 3 pairs of shoes

  • Get Out There
    Get Out There


  • Keegan Mason
    Keegan Mason

    What most people do to save money: Stop eating out What Mark does: Removes testicle

  • soph hay
    soph hay

    I am literally so glad you are doing a video on this !! I love extreme cheap skates it's soo funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Insomniacs - Minecraft
    Insomniacs - Minecraft

    the t replacement is actually really important, it helps examine side effects for trans people!

  • Sultan Beritutututu
    Sultan Beritutututu

    This guy look like Stefan Löfven (Sweden’s prime minister)

  • The Shy Guy Gamer
    The Shy Guy Gamer

    Lemme make a statement here: you don’t need money WHEN YOUR DEAD. Might wanna skip on the flatline thing.

  • Hole New World
    Hole New World

    Old man's doing it for clout

  • A purple tail and zim love story
    A purple tail and zim love story

    Your titles remind me of click bate but then I remember it’s you and it’s never click bate

  • Sk firstkill
    Sk firstkill

    I have 16 pairs of shoes

  • doubleOT

    Why? The money. Dr. Goldsmith: I see you

  • Little Katie
    Little Katie

    EWE when his face got wayyyy to close to that toilet 0:55

  • HighOctane

    I love how the doctor is even surprised of this man

  • Integrity8976

    mate the whole world isn't watching so when u say 39% of men are watching

  • Ammaar Shekhani
    Ammaar Shekhani

    Pewdiepie: I dont have feet Also Pewdiepie: MY SHOES ARE F*CKING TORN!!!

  • louisisprettycooltoo


  • Nolene Engelbrecht
    Nolene Engelbrecht

    I'll sacrifice my on life on 35k dollars

  • szedz

    I'd do the testicle thing... I'm an incel, so I don't use then anyway.

  • XCIVProductions

    35k us for a testy... where is this trial happening ? :P xD

  • Casey Allison
    Casey Allison

    These are so good to rewatch

  • Maj Kolmos
    Maj Kolmos

    The doctors eyes are creepy..

  • Moncef Ahmane
    Moncef Ahmane

    Pweds 3:16 save your money Also pweds : I will buy a 2000$ flute

  • Turtle Productions
    Turtle Productions

    If you think about it the testical isn't bad. You get 35K and lose 1 testical that gets replaced with a artificial one meaning you cant get kicked in the balls. Think about it gamers. Do it twice and no more pain when you get your balls kicked (No children tho) but with both donated you get 70K

  • AviorStudios

    Here is an F in the chat.

  • Raining Snake
    Raining Snake

    Or you could just increase your cash flow

  • Sam Gardner
    Sam Gardner

    😳He looked so disappointed at his balls not getting cut in half. Wtf?

  • Frost Supers
    Frost Supers


  • Y A
    Y A

    About the laundry thing, I would never let anyone wash there clothes with me, I don’t even wash my clothes with my own brother!! Because its a personal thing, also who knows what’s in those clothes? there are some people who doesn’t take showers for days, and probably they don’t wash there clothes very often, and I don’t want anyone to wash there underwear with my clothes! If someone asked me that question I would be happy to pay for there laundry instead for letting them wash there clothes with mine. And that’s just my opinion…

  • Rellores, Habib Mathew A.
    Rellores, Habib Mathew A.

    Mental Fortitude +50 Derranged +100

  • Orange Blue52
    Orange Blue52

    You think getting kicked in the balls is bad. Imagine getting a testicle taken out. 😬😬

  • G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸
    G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸

    5 👞

  • Cherryblossom ink
    Cherryblossom ink

    He definitely has carona man 😆

  • GamEch GT
    GamEch GT

    And it ain't you either so stop pretending 😂

  • Kasper Nymark
    Kasper Nymark

    thats a good thing for trans Male to Female though

  • Daniel Hatfield
    Daniel Hatfield

    Keeps calling him a cheap steak

  • david smartybom
    david smartybom

    Who else thinks he got his subs because of his intro?

  • Torin Brunner
    Torin Brunner

    dude your still the geek

  • Jj Smith
    Jj Smith

    Pretty sure he's just poor that's just a synonym for cheapskate

  • Friquido

    Why do this? I mean saving is great and everyone should do that if they could but c'mon live life, you worked (well not this guy) for that money so go out and buy something you like and enjoy life. What this man is doing is an extremely sad and shit way to live

  • Timberlyn Knowles
    Timberlyn Knowles

    Keep looking for pennies man

  • Tiago Durante
    Tiago Durante

    American people are so polite man, people don't see it.. I dare anyone in the EU to allow one to do the laundry move.

  • Madeleine Lloyd
    Madeleine Lloyd

    the doctor: "why do you want to be a part of this study?" him: "m o n i"

  • Grey Witch
    Grey Witch

    How many shoes do I have? Must be around 20 pairs.

  • Mr Tobbo
    Mr Tobbo


  • Dbrain Damage
    Dbrain Damage

    I don't believe this, *this person is like Communist and Capitalist at the same time*

  • sleep

    not my laundry

  • Studio Q
    Studio Q

    I feel like this guy is trying to find a study where they infect him with covid for $5000

  • jafir abbas
    jafir abbas

    i don't have to be a cheapskate.... cux I don't have money to save

  • jafir abbas
    jafir abbas

    pewds "how many shoes do you have " me: 1 pair

  • PmbSimou

    I have like 4 pairs of shoes 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Michelle Wei
    Michelle Wei

    The laundry.. that's gross!

  • Ismaeel Sakr
    Ismaeel Sakr

    Doctor: so u are removing ur testicle for money Mark : yes Doctor: its ur testicle bro

  • Rumin

    Respect pentru faza cu death note

  • Temo Cercvadze
    Temo Cercvadze

    Hey I have gynocamestia

  • Joshua Braganza
    Joshua Braganza

    9:42 I thought my digital wellbeing does this and i need to sleep

  • mahdi mdh
    mahdi mdh

    i think he is now testing for Covid 19 now :D

  • o00lara00o

    And then he owns a Fiat 500.... 👀

  • Josh Ejzak
    Josh Ejzak

    So he’s a degenerate haha

  • T Dog
    T Dog


  • idk

    i would but im don't have testicas

  • TheEnderGamer4Ks

    F for the 39%

  • Auz10

    This dude was so cheap that he had a dude touch is sack on camera for $35,000

  • Hannah Samantha
    Hannah Samantha

    I would rather give them change for the machine than put a strangers laundry in with mine 🤭

  • Samantha Cheong
    Samantha Cheong

    Felix: Iv'e never seen extreme cheapskates before. Mr. Krabs: Am I a joke to ya?


    Turns out Felix is just like him 👍

  • Angela Kivi
    Angela Kivi

    Money is time. You're spending so much time asking to save a few bucks a month. Go get a second job

  • Felix till
    Felix till

    Og cheap skates know just steal from lost and found from elementary

  • Zyl Tac an
    Zyl Tac an

    You know what?? I better give this guy a niffler. (as if I have one)

  • Wekshi07

    I have a pair of converse and some work shoes

  • Taeve Elliott
    Taeve Elliott

    onlyfans and discord

  • Noah Whitted
    Noah Whitted

    a comment

  • nicole dresden
    nicole dresden

    I feel like a chump for paying to do laundry at home.

  • Nordic 95
    Nordic 95

    The guy is wasting his life and health to save money. I would consider this servitude or worship of currency.

  • Yasin M.M
    Yasin M.M

    This man definitely has Iranian ancestors

  • Yasin M.M
    Yasin M.M

    And I thought I knew the definition of stingy untill I saw this guy

  • sanny guererro
    sanny guererro

    Please do more of these videos i love this hahaha


    "say a comment" pewdiepie 2020

  • Alison Skalsky
    Alison Skalsky

    12:36 the eye contact...

  • Ashley Kennedy
    Ashley Kennedy

    Corpse has low testosterone

  • Imran the goat
    Imran the goat

    I wanna see this man's bankacount

  • Jnation

    i have about 38 pairs of shoes and i'm still getting more

  • Muircas7

    This is just the American tam Mullen

  • Mayor Of Simpleton
    Mayor Of Simpleton

    *Me, a trans guy who is pre medical transition:* I, too, suffer from low testosterone levels

  • Molly Renee
    Molly Renee

    okay a few things, ive been watching these tlc vids for about 4 hours now back to back and well, just so you know, i live in fl and not everyone here is lazy and gives up hella easy when it comes to exercise and eating healthy I EAT HEALTHY promise (comment about previous video) and my best friend is very cheap and it does in fact suck cause she wants the extra 4-5 cents every time. more annoying than anything her purse is like 5 inches wide and filled with pennies for no good reason other than the fact that she wants to keep every penny to ever exist. which why does she wants all these pennies Felix i cannot tell you but just know it sucks.

  • Reagan Hune
    Reagan Hune

    I thought there was a kid in the dryer at 4:59

  • Phoenix Bekkedal
    Phoenix Bekkedal

    Idk man like... if he spends a whole hour looking for change, wouldn't it just be better to have a job for an hour--like 10 bucks an hour Seems like all the time he spends trying to save money would be better off just working a normal job lol

  • hairychesticles1

    A penny wise and a doller foolish. Dude drived a fiat 500 and thats a huge unreliable POS

  • Jacob Zlot
    Jacob Zlot

    honestly though... i would low key sell my testicle for 35k, thats a year of college lol

  • Gabiskat

    I wash my clothes by hand, where I live there's a water tank that saves water from the rain and I use the sun and the air to dry them.. I don't spend a penny and I'm not inconvenient to anyone 😆

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    1 pair

  • O_O BO!
    O_O BO!

    This guy reminds me of this vine, "I bought five shoes. Not five pairs, just five shoes."

  • O_O BO!
    O_O BO!

    This guy is gonna flip when he realises money is meant to be used.

  • alyson b
    alyson b

    For all my thomas sanders fans out there you'll understand my next statement. This mans must have the immune system as good as Remus to be eating expired chicken and doing lethal expiramental medical tests and still be alive.

  • hiropon

    I got hair bleach on my pdp merch, legit painted black fabric dye over the spot. this feels too real.