This Guy Wants To Sell His WHAT? For $35 000! - TLC #6
man wants to sell his left bing bong, not epic tlc reaction
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  • fuck2016

    Guy wont pay for his own laundry but gambles????

  • Bronacho Playz
    Bronacho Playz

    I Have like 20 pairs of shoe

    • lily

      i have fentys (shoes puma x rihanna) and pastel rainbow crocs😭

  • xxoul xxeller
    xxoul xxeller

    in the end all he did was find out hes not as much of a man as he thought he was

  • Jonathan Frørup
    Jonathan Frørup

    Love the intro

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man

    The doctor's eyes constantly look like they're gonna pop out of the sockets it's really unsettling

  • Suxxess Music
    Suxxess Music

    Imagine collecting pennys in your whole life then spend everything on stuffs in just 2 days

  • Seaweed Banana
    Seaweed Banana

    He’s the of a guy that would sell spongebob for 62 cents

  • Seaweed Banana
    Seaweed Banana

    This is the last guy that I would be friends with

  • Meta Gaming
    Meta Gaming

    jeez, it's so cringe

  • CARbine

    Shoving tablet buttons up your ass must be nice to be cheap.

  • Don Ochetti
    Don Ochetti


  • NotoriousBeann

    Wtf how you gonna be cheap but you got a fiat 500 sport?

  • Piknos

    If you're not broke and want to be a cheapskate, just work an extra hour. It does a lot more than pinching a few pennies here and there.

  • Joel Koshy
    Joel Koshy

    y is'nt he selling his car, he could buy a scooter cheaper than him...... lol

  • JT Morra
    JT Morra

    I just counted 12 pairs rn 8 of them are white 5 of them are converses sue me XD

  • Sch 14
    Sch 14

    I'm in dark mode😃

  • ツbruh

    8:00 Walmart Ben Shapiro

  • sananda sengupta
    sananda sengupta

    00:32 he says cheapstakes not cheapskates I don't know the spelling tho

  • Mathis de Buck
    Mathis de Buck


  • Gage McCann
    Gage McCann

    Bf if

  • pika pool
    pika pool

    nope i rather do laundry in my sink dry by the window

  • pika pool
    pika pool

    these guy is not cheap just lazy

  • Head Chef
    Head Chef

    Every man recognizes that price tag before clicking on the video. That's a testicle

  • Marty JohnKay
    Marty JohnKay

    He should join the stingy men association he will fit in perfectly

  • kakegurui _kpopstan
    kakegurui _kpopstan

    He gambles Yumeko has entered the chat

  • Miranda Martinez
    Miranda Martinez

    It’s the real life Mr.Krabs ...

  • Gotan Plays
    Gotan Plays

    Cheapskates have no shame

  • JustHorseGirlThings

    “There’s good people out there. And it ain’t me. And it ain’t you either so stop pretending.” Cold hard facts.

  • Flxckie

    35k for a bollock, fucking right 😂😂

  • lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek
    lilith's beloved sekai&chanbaek


  • Nathaniel Ockenden
    Nathaniel Ockenden

    f for that 39%

  • YoUr WoRsT nIgHtMaRe
    YoUr WoRsT nIgHtMaRe

    i mean for 100 billion sure i would sell my left bing bong

  • Adhiraj Saha
    Adhiraj Saha

    or a son who wants a ps5

  • Adhiraj Saha
    Adhiraj Saha

    imagine if he had a bratty daughter who does her makeup and shit for almost a million dollars

  • woof woof
    woof woof

    so mark are you a millionaire now?

  • Bummer Dude
    Bummer Dude

    K the testicles exam Ill leave that but pewds you don't know what 25k is for some ppl.. that's what 1months of work for you,(that's alot of hours work I know +merch it won't take you long). but that's like 6months for lots of ppl. Now this guy is beyond cheap but ppl woul do almost anything for 80k a year.

  • Soopa Poopa
    Soopa Poopa

    Are u sure that whire stuff on your shirt is chocolate HUHhhh

  • faith sanchez
    faith sanchez

    tell this man to get some shoe goo its like 5 bucks or sum

  • Holly Stirling
    Holly Stirling

    Pewds: How many shoes do you have, tell me honestly.” Me: *Do you have 90 minutes?*

  • likaboss7654

    They pay you to get on gear?? Bruh that sounds incredible

  • xXShadowRavenXx

    mans could’ve gotten a normal job..... 💀

  • Cj Martorillas
    Cj Martorillas

    I recommend thi guy to join participate in a Mr.Beast video....wth😐😐

  • Haris Isanovic
    Haris Isanovic

    I Got 7 shoos but plus football shoes 12

  • Mircea Gansac
    Mircea Gansac

    He's the kind of person that would get mad if he didn't get the change for his .99$ ice cream

  • Bontia Joseph Kyle
    Bontia Joseph Kyle

    I'm part of the 39% 😥

  • TranquilLyric


  • I make good things bad
    I make good things bad

    I’ll be truthful with you pewds I got 13 pairs in my closet

  • Chris Ordaz
    Chris Ordaz


  • Canada2201

    This is Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates, it’s gotta be cause they’re saving hella cash

  • by72


  • Mohamed Ahras
    Mohamed Ahras


  • XMarksTheSpot

    Pewds is probably one of the cheapest richest people if seen

  • Alpha Gamer_Ten Games
    Alpha Gamer_Ten Games

    What a prick

  • Resu kun
    Resu kun

    Imagine the amount of money he made during corona virus.

  • Slump Rez Iiii
    Slump Rez Iiii

    35k here I come

  • Aseel

    Bro it’s not abt niceness, i am not letting someone wash their dirty clothes with my clothes EW.

  • cheerful long
    cheerful long

    Me gets a robot testicle Cyberpunk 2077

  • qt_ m1ckzz
    qt_ m1ckzz

    Mark: “I wanna save lives and wanna be a hero” Also Mark: *removes testicle for the MONEYyy*

  • Bradyn Wiedemeier
    Bradyn Wiedemeier

    When he said stop your heart for a min I reminded it like 3 times in disbelief

  • The BrawlGuy
    The BrawlGuy

    Imagine if this guy encountered MrBeast.

  • Tshim Jarvis
    Tshim Jarvis


  • Bhaskar Shet
    Bhaskar Shet

    He is not a cheapskate he knows the value of money

  • Michael Catterall
    Michael Catterall

    £35k for a testicul, deal!

  • Dobbs

    Most people: Extreme Cheapskates PewDiePie: Extreme Cheesecakes

    • Chippy


  • Max Belov
    Max Belov


  • João Vidal
    João Vidal

    Just like my dad

  • Kyle Thibodeau
    Kyle Thibodeau

    damn I got a nikkie tutorials ad and she has gone through some shit I feel so bad. Also mans is talking to another mans about his testicles lol. I’lL cHeCk YoUr GiBlEtS aNd DrOp YoUr DrAwErS

  • Skeffin Lol
    Skeffin Lol

    5:04 is someone in there??

  • Skeffin Lol
    Skeffin Lol

    My father is a cheapskate

  • shivalowr

    Wait why are his shoes so small°_°

  • Angelos

    So narrowminded. Trying to save money on quality food will costs him way more in long-term since he gonna get serious health issues living like that.

  • Sacrilege -_-
    Sacrilege -_-

    I love how pewds can simply donate over 100k but his shoes hella sus. Love this guy

  • Devansh Chauhan
    Devansh Chauhan

    This man is the literal embodiment of the dollar store

  • Soul_King3764

    f for the 39percent

  • Beanos


  • fareed ory
    fareed ory

    I like thet you kan se his screen the holl video 😂

  • Joris


  • Komrad Kermit
    Komrad Kermit


  • Insert Name
    Insert Name

    Felix really do look like a viking

  • Nayif Nubani
    Nayif Nubani

    8:23 NEW MR.BEAST!?!?!!?

  • 駅nameless駅

    Wait is this the same guy who was in a relationship with the 19 year old Nikki?

  • Idiot on youtube
    Idiot on youtube

    Dude i got like 2 shoes

  • Dark Drazy
    Dark Drazy



    man balls worth 300k USD in IRAQ yes iraqqqqqq how the fk he wanna do it for 35k

  • Bradly Haywood
    Bradly Haywood


  • Matthew Shackelford
    Matthew Shackelford

    I’d do that study just cause I can actually say I have balls of steel

  • ivan yes
    ivan yes

    Very nice


    for some reason my head is saying this dude looks like The prime minister of sweden in 8:11

  • Doge St James
    Doge St James

    Bruh the doctor touching his balls tho

    • Doge St James
      Doge St James


  • Wolvves

    Its illegal to sell your organs for money so I think someone may be a bit misinformed xD

  • Gray

    I know a cheap skate he sold my best friends soul for 62 cents

  • Kasperi Lehtonen
    Kasperi Lehtonen

    If he is willing to spend that much time saving a few pennies youd think he could justget a second job

  • Marcus Leas
    Marcus Leas

    id do the testicle one just to test women if they can tell a real testicle from a fake one

  • youssef

    I have one shoe.

  • Joi G
    Joi G

    That intro still gets me

  • Matthew Hockla
    Matthew Hockla

    I’m a boy and my lower parts are starting to hurt just to imagine mind is just like fuck

  • Sonic Exe
    Sonic Exe


  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee


  • Rar Norsk humor
    Rar Norsk humor


  • Johnathan Neathery
    Johnathan Neathery