Try not to MIND BLOWN challenge! /r/im14andthisisdeep top all #50 [REDDIT REVIEW]
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  • ศุภณัฐ ศรีวีระกุล
    ศุภณัฐ ศรีวีระกุล

    Post:if you point a finger there are 3 point back at you Polnareff:

  • Khaleed Randolf
    Khaleed Randolf

    18:09 just flip the ladder upside down dammit

  • Moshthun

    3:48 Way Back Home fucking slaps bro

  • Everley Bryce
    Everley Bryce

    Pewds: “Girls with blonde hair could never be interesting, everyone knows this.” Marzia: 👁👄👁

  • Henry-does-memes-andrandomcrap

    F in the chat for pewds son, who was being scorched during the making of this video.

  • no one
    no one

    The title should be iambomerandthis is deep

  • bruhhh h
    bruhhh h

    Try r/sapphoandherfriend

  • Cherri Martin
    Cherri Martin

    “zoomers can’t use power tools” me, the head of carpentry for my school’s stage crew: 👁👄👁

  • Pepe GT
    Pepe GT

    24 minutes of Pewdiepie getting burnt by the sun

  • tom john
    tom john

    i dont have a phone

  • yorben hebbelinck
    yorben hebbelinck

    17:15 Well, what you are sort of talking about is the Big Rip theory, the most likely one of it's kind, indeed we won't be able to explore the whole universe but we won't have the time either as even if we don't get swallowed by the sun when it grows to a red giant, according to the Big Rip theory, most likely even protons will be separated from each other this meaning that nothing will be left anyway and time becomes useless.

  • Tanjib Tonmoy
    Tanjib Tonmoy

    If you are homeless, Just buy a house.

  • Bottle_of_air YT
    Bottle_of_air YT

    He's Ron?

  • No_Shape_

    If the universe is expanding, and the universe is everything, then whats beyond everything?.....

  • KWCoasterBoy

    19:10 Bruh that is a terrible message. It's basically saying make someone change for you.

  • Some dude with guitar skills
    Some dude with guitar skills

    18:15, just flip the ladder bro......

  • Elliot Hodgkinson
    Elliot Hodgkinson

    The older read less books because they're to bust dying

  • Joel-Isaac Stevenson
    Joel-Isaac Stevenson

    My dad is a millennial and has done all the stuff

  • Communist Doggo
    Communist Doggo

    5:18 wait how thas that paragraph work 63% and 79% like how

  • Nicknamenick

    I used to just see felixs face now I see face and monitors lol 😂

  • Ducky2769

    Guys... I have blue dyed hair 😳😳😳

  • team 6 Pro
    team 6 Pro

    Thumbnail says he's Ron who is ron

  • EgoMobile

    But reading is bored

  • Anonymous BigBoy
    Anonymous BigBoy

    Kind of sad that his old mic sounds better...

  • Onni Sarpo
    Onni Sarpo

    My parrents dont buy me anything i sell drugs

  • chetan breivogel
    chetan breivogel

    I'm 94 and this is deep

  • BH7 Riskier Chopz
    BH7 Riskier Chopz

    12:28 proceeds to bring back “boi” meme

  • Uniboy Playz
    Uniboy Playz

    btw (idk if this is deep or not but...) the average wood/paper company produces 20 mil more trees every 5 days

  • Ellen M
    Ellen M

    14:21 Ain't that a period...or am I just blind XD . Cause if that a period thats a 6$ toy phone lol

  • Yash FPS
    Yash FPS

    When Pewds calls his thumb a finger

  • ESapphire29

    I love how boomers make fun of kids not knowing how to do things but try giving a boomer two sticks and they can’t make a fire.

  • void eyess
    void eyess

    20:17 Damn mokujin's lore is fucked up man

  • Not my cat
    Not my cat

    Me: Mum, why do the best people die? My Mum: When you're in a garden which flowers do you pick? Me: the ugly ones My Mum: exactly- wait what? Me: because ugly flowers don't belong in my garden!

  • Ronan Teddy
    Ronan Teddy

    12:30 that was on a sign at my old middle school

  • xnicox15x 12
    xnicox15x 12

    15:54 🤣🤣🤣 it’s the world flipped

  • I hate many things
    I hate many things

    I don’t get all the boomer comics that say kids can’t read because of screens, we are literally forced to in school or our parents will go to jail.

  • Sirus Mackenzie
    Sirus Mackenzie

    His son is being lit on fire Pewds: ahh go away I’m trying to record

  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta

    Man the video quality sucks

  • Mr yeet Yeetus
    Mr yeet Yeetus

    I feel like this is more like im50andthisisdeep than 14

  • Mr Cat
    Mr Cat

    I was eating a appel while watching this video

  • Skeptics_

    Billie Ellish: sHE's brOKen "sad goofy noises"

  • sanapotter

    This makes me dread the thought of being 14

  • Tr4nce

    coming back to this video, I have one of the quotes on my steam profile. FUCK IVE BECOME 14 AND ITS TOO DEEP!!

  • Callum Fairbairn
    Callum Fairbairn

    Ironic.. when i was 9 I had to flip circut breakers often

  • Thatgal69 Lin
    Thatgal69 Lin

    You’re gonna live until you die. 14yo girls, SOOOO DEEEP!

  • • SavreMySouls •
    • SavreMySouls •

    *HE'S RON*

  • Cubetuber

    I'm 14 but this ain't deep

  • Ney Neys
    Ney Neys

    I wonder what happened to that tree planting cause, hope there's an update.

    • Sparky

      They probably planted trees

  • Gabriel Valdes
    Gabriel Valdes

    20:56 I love how he said "get a load of this society" very cute lol

  • NxthanWasTaken

    fun fact: In Europe or Asian Math system, the "." represents the thousand instead of ",". We used "," like "231.543,22VND" for Americans which is "231,543.22VND" instead.

  • Jacky He
    Jacky He

    some of them aren't even viruses, but the exact opposite

  • Wrath

    What was that sound that played when he said goodbye?

  • Paulus magnus
    Paulus magnus

    i [A]m [S]o [S]uper cool and [H]ilari[O]us you wont be[L]iev[E]! DEEP!

  • Paulus magnus
    Paulus magnus

    Damn boomers keep discriminating the youth acting like they (the youth) don't know what a book is, though they had learned way less in school... Deep

  • XxXxSabooxXxX

    girl bad boy good i knew it too

  • Roozyj

    But can you really lash out at millenials for not having done the things boomers have done? Like, boomers are literally 30 years older by defenition. Of course they have done more stuff xD

  • Belkis Martin
    Belkis Martin

    12:33 whenever I point those 3 go straight through the middle of my palm so I guess I’m different

  • Miss Yandere
    Miss Yandere

    23:20 hahaha that guy looks like Felix it's so cute

  • Date Lo
    Date Lo

    I like how the thumbnail just decided to be “He Ron” in the hidden text

  • Hssg Ha
    Hssg Ha

    A glass is called glass because it’s Swedish for ice cream

  • Max

    Who needs power tools when Felix can just slap it and fix it. Fix it felix

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy

    Just reminding everyone he is the guy that took a shit in a shower

  • cast away
    cast away

    lol im so confuse when he hit the tabble

  • Muhd Ayman
    Muhd Ayman

    I'm still 14 and this subreddit is deep

  • Ben R
    Ben R

    The comedy comic is becoming more and more true everyday

  • Salt&VinegarChips

    5:59 I agree with this boomer. This is a fact.

  • PotatoMan 2.0
    PotatoMan 2.0

    7:55 yes we cant see the water in the lake, we need to follow the sign to go 9KM away (also how tf we see the sign)

  • dermotmeaney

    Boomer humer is super shallow

  • Eilon Ben-Ishay
    Eilon Ben-Ishay

    Actually if you were to drink pure H2O ypu would die of dehydration. The common mineral water key element is actually the mineral part and not the water part. I think I remember chimestry right, might be wrong thou

  • SimpleSimSim Simer_Simile
    SimpleSimSim Simer_Simile

    I saw a church sine and it said "what if we treated sins like COVID-19" Me: that...was deep...

  • Yuyuyuyuyuyuyoi 372
    Yuyuyuyuyuyuyoi 372

    Pewds: that is deep. Me: That’s what she said

  • ape Napa
    ape Napa

    3:48 I’m dead

  • ka tie
    ka tie

    What if the statistics for the capabilities of adults is lower because they were asked if they could do it with their already existing knowledge at the current moment of answering the questionnaire? As opposed to being able to look it up when the time comes where they need it. We don't retain information as much as we used now since we know we will always have the internet to refer to, readily available. I know _I_ never bother to memorise what colour of phlegm indicates what health condition i am in (just an example of something i always look up but never commit to memory because im lazy so why put in effort when you dont have to spend energy on something (learning and memorising the facts) that can be easily done again (looking it up on google)?)

  • Chemo Cocktail
    Chemo Cocktail

    Was using power tools while watching this. On that topic, I think the reason a lot of zoomers don’t know how to use them is because parents don’t want their kids getting hurt. My mom hated the idea of me using them. Thankfully my dad let me use his. I made a lot of mistakes at first, but I now know how to use the tools properly. Let your kids experiment. Don’t say it will end bad. It may start bad, but you don’t know where those roads may take you.


    if the universe is infinite some where the is a group of stars that resemble Kirby with a Glock

  • Kriti Shrivastava
    Kriti Shrivastava

    Pewds just adds up his own words without having any respect for grammar

  • Paul Rohan
    Paul Rohan

    19:21 I don't understand someone explain

  • Logan Mannke
    Logan Mannke

    3:53 mmmm indeed thus track does actually slap

  • Nikolai Mcanally
    Nikolai Mcanally

    Technically when you point you curl thos 3 fingers so there pointing through your palm

  • Afonso José
    Afonso José


  • Addicted Cyclist
    Addicted Cyclist

    8:10 omg jimmy newton xD

  • Lord Tachanka's LMG
    Lord Tachanka's LMG

    Did anyone else see that "Mine all day" info card? I've never doubted Pewds was a man of culture.

  • Royce Dutch Jr.
    Royce Dutch Jr.

    The boomer joke about comedy aged like fine wine

  • Angel

    I mean but you can read online though! Especially since I like looking up facts,scrolling through wikis, and not having to go to the library and order the book I’ve looking for 6 months ;w; not that that’s a personal story or anything,,, I’m still not trying to get my hands on that book haha

  • Angel Chuu
    Angel Chuu

    14:15 so yall migrt call me a boomer and thats ok but thats a perfect scenario for me and my friend. i am supposed to be the '' rich'' ne when my clothes are hand-me-downs or are thrifted. there is ofc nothing wrong w that. and them my friend: a literal hype beast that always complains abt being poor. wtf man

  • CyberSkull Valor
    CyberSkull Valor

    now read it backwards Me: *ebaB*

  • The Fool
    The Fool

    Did u know our brain grows when we are exercising, because we use every part of it (sight, balance and more) and people who work out have way easier to learn


    20:40 for me the sims get old both ways sso i do one out of 2 things 1.- i make a sim ive my life and cry all day or 2.- i torture them by using the magical powers the game gives me or doing weird graystillplays style sh*t


    heavy metal(sometimes): talks about heavy topics like war, the effects of it, PTSD, or other things like that boomers: TheY uSed To SinG bEfoRe

  • Angel The BASS
    Angel The BASS

    Unus annus is almost dead one day left and I’m still alive from rona and NNN send help soldier

  • SGJ

    Hey, pewds ever heard of Ebooks?

  • Louie Mendoza
    Louie Mendoza

    As a metalhead, learning how to do metal screams takes more time than just learning how to sing :PP

    • Louie Mendoza
      Louie Mendoza

      @Comrade Glaz I'm more into deathcore but since we're talking about screams, I'd say Thy Art is Murder and Whitechapel. Alex terrible is really good too

  • i keyboard smash a lot hahahahhwhaha
    i keyboard smash a lot hahahahhwhaha

    Boomer: Time to drink DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE! The-guy-who-showed-jimmy-nuetron-immaturity-guy-who-i-dont-know-the-name-of-guy: You dare challenge me... this is DEEP meme gamers

  • sofia zapatabruna
    sofia zapatabruna


  • Omar Moktadir
    Omar Moktadir

    14:09 i thought that was underwear

  • You_littleRat

    "english is my first language" sure pewds sure 8:55

  • The Bisquit
    The Bisquit

    I mean by 2021 we will all be dead so comedy will be thriving

  • A14

    2:19 is actually deep

  • my hand
    my hand

    Who's Ron?

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    @8:49 It should have been Iodide, not Iodate