Who is not Straight? Jubilee React #13
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  • Tatiana Lily
    Tatiana Lily

    I tink it was the Muslim dude Me pressing play to find out who it is: 👁👄👁 😑it was...EVaN😲😲😲😲 what the flippen flip!!!!!

  • Ilana Rubin
    Ilana Rubin

    Nabeel is gai idc

  • I can somewhat Draw
    I can somewhat Draw

    Look me in the eyes and tell me your not simping over corpse

  • Ari

    (3:06) Was said before knowing the beautiful voice of Corpse

  • fahad mohammadi
    fahad mohammadi

    that's true that Muslims doesn't xcept gay

  • SplatterCake

    “It’s so gay it’s straight” has the same energy as “if I was the imposter than I wouldn’t of told you this”

  • Hirotaka shigeru
    Hirotaka shigeru

    Korbin wasnt the imposotor he was doing wires

  • william nebe
    william nebe

    Green light Everybody kisses

  • william nebe
    william nebe

    Ive watched enough ..pron to know each one could be gay

  • donkey

    why are yu geh ho ses am geh yu ah geh if you read this correctly ur a real MEMER

  • Nd Isw
    Nd Isw

    اتمنا لو تضيف ترجمه العربيه هواي ناس تابعك وعرب وانا احبك❤

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

    Y do I reply to my own comments?

    • Mohammed Ali
      Mohammed Ali

      Idk man

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali

    FAX = FAX = FAX

  • xd Mclex
    xd Mclex

    who is the imposter

  • Ashton J
    Ashton J

    Bro now I know where the idea of among us came from

  • Brendan Clarke
    Brendan Clarke

    There is one imposter among us


    (Evan comes out) Pews (what what what what !!!!)


    It's so gay that it's straight

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    Even like ow so I get to be in a room full of men. Dream come true.

  • Frixion IIX
    Frixion IIX

    Plot twist there all GAY

  • E H
    E H

    Plot twists: No one’s gay. Or They’re all gay.

  • Richard Tipton
    Richard Tipton

    "You're all Gay" I love this fucking guy 🤣

  • Lazer King 5
    Lazer King 5

    This is f up like who is the owner of the game and come up with this idea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I just realized my friend say I’m gay for me doing stuff mind you is normal

  • Eva Luna Cedeno
    Eva Luna Cedeno

    Im pansexual, so I dont care if u r a girl or a boy, Im into humanssss

  • Dom Boi
    Dom Boi

    What if prove the their Straightenes They pulled out a picture of a woman And sees who Steals it and runs away

  • Anim8 This
    Anim8 This

    There is one imposter among us

  • Brittany Gonzalez
    Brittany Gonzalez

    So basically the good looking guys are gay Lmao

  • Zachary Newsom
    Zachary Newsom

    "Look me in the eyes. Are you gay?" "No" "Then why did you just look into my eyes"

  • Imani Webb Brown-Floyd
    Imani Webb Brown-Floyd

    *Collins Key is crying on the ground rn.*

  • dank field
    dank field

    69 a rat

  • Taremwa Hartley
    Taremwa Hartley

    There is literally nothing funnier than 12:40 😂😂

  • Susan Breytenbach
    Susan Breytenbach

    Im betting mad among us vibes from this

  • A.F

    wtf wesley was doing?? lol

  • mA88iE

    Those straight men looks like my mom figuring out im lesbian

  • Yeomango

    Girls platonically kiss all the time- boys are seriously missing out on the tension

  • Caleb Reifer
    Caleb Reifer

    White shirt is sus...

  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez

    I feel like the Korean guy had some good points tbh lol

  • Bruh Lopez
    Bruh Lopez

    "There is one imposter among us"

  • Rohit birhade
    Rohit birhade

    Look into PewDiePie eye, are you guys gay?

  • Elyse Waldie
    Elyse Waldie

    Felix, we know that one guy for you is Jimin

  • Maj Šavli
    Maj Šavli

    "Go Kormin u gay dude"

  • waCk

    This is the funniest episode ever😂😂😂

  • Dani Vee
    Dani Vee

    "Look in my eyes, are you gay?" *That's pretty gay, dude.*

  • mr gold gaming
    mr gold gaming

    They keep on going with the worst strategy’s none of them are men

  • Blue Angel13
    Blue Angel13

    I'm wearing headphones and that intro made me so uncomfortable

  • Edwin Sunga
    Edwin Sunga

    Kinda late but is it me or this feels like among us?xD

  • Quayx

    Not a man until you had a man

  • Randomize D
    Randomize D

    Evan was the imposter.

  • Shinhyun Choi
    Shinhyun Choi

    This is really just how crewmates fight each other pointing fingers while Imposter enjoy the drama This should be named "Amoung Us In a nutshell"

  • Anmol Kalia
    Anmol Kalia

    This is how among us came into being

  • Camden Ilic
    Camden Ilic

    7:37 and the closet

  • Elijah Bartlett
    Elijah Bartlett

    He said he can’t think of a good man don’t forget about dick thunder

  • enter name
    enter name

    the part where the bible says “a man shall not sleep with a boy” is talking about pedophilia, not homosexuality checkmate, homophobes

  • zineb Belmnigher
    zineb Belmnigher

    Don't lie to us pewds you totally have the hots for Dr phil

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez

    The Muslim

  • hafsa aj
    hafsa aj

    i knew it

  • Carter jones
    Carter jones

    Evan cause he has nice eyebrows 😌

  • katerina Titou
    katerina Titou

    This is literally a bunch of gay dudes trying to convince each other they're not gay

  • Clark Rahman
    Clark Rahman

    Evan was silent the whole time, it seemed obvious to me.

  • Said Simokovic
    Said Simokovic

    I think it's Nabeel... Edit: damnit

  • Remadevi MA
    Remadevi MA

    Pewdiepie is the poster boy for subtle toxic masculinity.. noticed it in multiple videos.. dude if you see this.. tone it down.. you're essentially promoting a whole generation of toxic men..

    • katerina Titou
      katerina Titou

      What do you mean?

  • Samuel van Os
    Samuel van Os

    There is 1 imposter among us

  • MyLifeIsAMeme 23
    MyLifeIsAMeme 23

    We have an impostor among us

  • William Fifield
    William Fifield


  • Nathan Conrad
    Nathan Conrad

    Application to be on this episode said “must have an Iq of 80 or lower”

  • Owen Noll
    Owen Noll

    Mole more like imposter

  • Yvng Human
    Yvng Human

    There really out here playin among us with gay and straight dudes

  • XponentVisor

    Can we talk about how Jarod isn't wearing socks

  • beyond the unknown
    beyond the unknown

    Literally they all look gay

  • Cameron Lindop
    Cameron Lindop

    "Who here's kissed a dude?" Lazarbeam be like ✋

  • Squishy

    Low key tho, ALL OF THEM look gay XD

  • Lakshya thatsmyname
    Lakshya thatsmyname

    Gay among US

  • aizawas wife
    aizawas wife

    AS a gay i love felix omg

  • Alpha

    Is anyone else looking back at these jubilee videos and start thinking about among us?

  • Black Hats Pirates
    Black Hats Pirates

    I got him from the start 😂😂😂😂😂

  • jade marsters
    jade marsters

    Bruh 3mins into the video and this too funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Evelyn Rain
    Evelyn Rain

    Not lying, but I knew it was Evan at the first glance.

  • SurfsideHawk911 Surf
    SurfsideHawk911 Surf


  • Crystal Euwing
    Crystal Euwing

    I knew it was evan

  • Hayden Hagadaddy
    Hayden Hagadaddy

    When I was in highschool my first year a rumour went around that I was gay and I didn't know untill the girl I had a crush on in grade 11 told me she accepts me as a Homosexual... kinda hard hitting when the girl you like thinks you gay

  • hala

    imagine they don’t put a gay guy in the group and it’s just 6 straight guys accusing each other of being gay HAHAHAHAHAH

    • nw- wi
      nw- wi


  • TheNemesis

    they all look gay

  • Hooud Jawad
    Hooud Jawad

    Why does it seem like Jason is using somebody else's voice.

  • Dirtywork Games
    Dirtywork Games

    I get hit on by gay guys all the time being completely straight... does that mean i look gay?

  • DaBomB

    what if they all whip it out and who ever gets a boner is the mole

  • Smarti Bozz
    Smarti Bozz

    Nabeel proved that muslim card is actually true!

  • Cody Corum
    Cody Corum

    Plot twist. They’re all gay 😂

  • Pajman Games
    Pajman Games

    Dude this is among us its like asking are you an impostor?

  • Betorockmetal

    Jarod looks like he would steal Macaulay Culkin's house with Joe Pesci on a Christmas eve

  • Just a MuffHugger
    Just a MuffHugger

    The finger ass thing was more of a pain thing, sometimes you’d poke their ass so hard it’d pick them up lmao

  • Gwapong Panget
    Gwapong Panget

    This is like playing among us lol

  • Jian Rabano
    Jian Rabano

    leaf village secret technique : a thousand years of death

  • ichor

    straight noodle gang, wiggle noodle gang, not evan noodle gang do you get it

  • Isabella Gonzalez
    Isabella Gonzalez

    Look at my eyes rq, - stares into soul- - gay panic - doesnt work. damit

  • Inter Gaming
    Inter Gaming

    Pewds`you werein a key that’s gay’ :Collins key has entered the chat

  • zeez

    This is among us but irl

  • Rizitax

    Y'all Kinda SUSS!

  • Sofia Piuzzi
    Sofia Piuzzi

    womens edition questions: - so, do you like taylor swift? - Do you like movies? - lets see your nails. Mens edition questions: - Are you gay? - no. - THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • Jacob Robert Desio
    Jacob Robert Desio

    “Look into my eyes” *BATMAN VOICE ENGAGED* “You gay?”

  • Pranjal Shukla
    Pranjal Shukla

    who came here after watching Korbin's video lol pewds tumse na ho paee homophobic