Why is Everyone is Singing Baka Mitai?? [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#84
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  • Fahad Yasin
    Fahad Yasin

    Linus, noooooooo

  • Migs Gamboa
    Migs Gamboa

    Play Yakuza 0 Pewds!!!!!!

  • Muhammad Dzulfiqar
    Muhammad Dzulfiqar

    hi pudidi

  • Jakob Andrei Peña
    Jakob Andrei Peña

    Dame dane

  • 程奕然

    If you actually play the game you would cry.

  • Rick Hamer
    Rick Hamer

    They singn it kuz that shit hit so fucking hard it make my dad look like a bitch 👌😂👌

  • Max Shestakov
    Max Shestakov

    He sing for us...

  • Titan 763
    Titan 763

    Wow I was surprised that you'll narrate a meme in Spanish I'm Latino a pride

  • The Cool Axolotl Logan
    The Cool Axolotl Logan

    The senate will decide your fate

  • Anmol XYZ
    Anmol XYZ

    *Anyone from India* 🇮🇳 *watching this*


    Can we get Pewds to play Yakuza 0????

  • Cute Anahita
    Cute Anahita

    When subscribers not subscribe to Pewdiepie dame dame ne

  • Haitham_XD

    Pewdiepie singing baka mitai: thats funny Me thinking: is he summoning a demon?

  • Smelly Fisher
    Smelly Fisher

    my son=can't give t he answer of 2+2 me:dame da ne

  • Ronny M
    Ronny M

    Cretaceous (crest-tay-shus)

  • Hi

    There is no tech tips... DAME, DAME

  • Matt Di Cesare
    Matt Di Cesare

    Where are you meme review ?

  • TruckZ Skateboards
    TruckZ Skateboards

    12:24 tf is Jeffrey Epstein doing here

  • DeadBlu3Ey3z

    Could the time travle meme be about the fact Arnold plays a timetravleing murder machine

  • ••

    12:20 Man this is what I've been waiting for. Pwediepie must add this on Meme review.

  • Ignacio. C ツ
    Ignacio. C ツ

    The intro is better than most Netflix remakes.

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    Custom Gift Shop 定制礼物店 Puzzlehup . com

    nice sharing

  • NC Craze
    NC Craze

    Big chungus

  • Karunya Sahu
    Karunya Sahu

    You sing good

  • LastTfue V
    LastTfue V

    7:51 we already had something like that felix.just put a c4 on your computer

  • Xx_ GREEN2200 _xX
    Xx_ GREEN2200 _xX

    Baka mitai

  • Flame Matthew
    Flame Matthew

    Took the second part from ParashockX

  • Random_games Productions
    Random_games Productions

    Do you play cod mobile

  • 匚尺ㄖ匚卂


  • Manvi Chauhan
    Manvi Chauhan

    India k Baare m kuchh bola na to maa chod denge Behan chod dende

  • Tyler Newby
    Tyler Newby

    Not that's RespëëËËëëct

  • TrashMin

    Coco melon🤠🤠

  • Alfonso Andia
    Alfonso Andia

    I talk Spanish and hearing Felix butcher it makes me wanna commit time travel to stop him

  • SuttonTV

    10:08 where it gets good

  • Karen Moriones
    Karen Moriones

    why is there no link in the description

  • Toki Loki
    Toki Loki

    PewDiePie really has to change his intro, I just want his Dame da ne😂

  • Toki Loki
    Toki Loki

    Hey guys if you want a (Dame da ne) that's not cringy I recommend my idol Shayne orok check his voice is superb

  • Andrew J.
    Andrew J.


  • Garrett Brunner
    Garrett Brunner

    I found a version of sans singing it In a megalovania style, and if that doesn't define the internet I don't know what does.

  • Garrett Brunner
    Garrett Brunner

    Don't eat the BAT soup

  • Kristóf Herle
    Kristóf Herle

    We wait the new episode 😓

  • Fren

    What are u saying in your intro bro i dont get it POOPDIEPIE?

  • RubeNinja


  • Atrem

    da me da ne

  • ube Hascomedback
    ube Hascomedback

    I was waiting for this moment for centuries

  • banana sad
    banana sad

    DAME DA NE!!

  • Austina 19
    Austina 19

    buzzfeed unsolved

  • 게임 사전
    게임 사전

    Why are you so........... old?...........

  • Emmy Gaspar
    Emmy Gaspar

    I saw dis meme right now baka i did not know wat it is so cliked on dis vid also i drank water and i almost spit

  • Cleetus Son
    Cleetus Son

    Dame da ne dame yo anta ga sugi te sugi

  • - RainAnimates -
    - RainAnimates -

    Someone make a meme out of him quickly

  • MrBeast Jr.
    MrBeast Jr.


  • KDRZ

    best intro ever

  • Mylifeis funny
    Mylifeis funny

    dame da ne

  • Roei Tal
    Roei Tal

    Dame da ne

  • Tin._. 899
    Tin._. 899

    I feel myself wrong among foreigners because I am Arab

  • Darwin 1344plays
    Darwin 1344plays

    9:29 Pewdipie:recording *Windows sound effect* Pewdipie:*RECORDING THIS AGAIN*

  • haruno siobana
    haruno siobana


  • Vee

    Watching Pewds sing baka mitai is enlightening

  • ネオ兄貴


  • VG Business
    VG Business

    The out of beat rhythmic tambourine beating makes it even more beautiful..

  • Hobberoni

    The more tambourines Felix purchases, the further he falls into insanity

  • Machine Gun Demon
    Machine Gun Demon

    10:37 then play it

  • Jeremy Gomez
    Jeremy Gomez

    Watching pewds singing makes my day better after dealing the stress of online classes. Thanks bro

  • CrispBread :p
    CrispBread :p

    Cocomelon and pewdiepie???

  • Sad lite Boy
    Sad lite Boy

    Spanish pronunciation was average but still proud of him

    • Amos Acevedo Rios
      Amos Acevedo Rios

      Yeeeessss xD

  • Pablo Rivas Sánchez
    Pablo Rivas Sánchez

    9:27 USB tambourine

  • Dillon Stokes
    Dillon Stokes

    Idk how tf he just pronounced Cretaceous, but its Kreh-Tay-Shuss

  • I0000 Subscribers white no content
    I0000 Subscribers white no content

    Hello 👋


    5:02 When a European can speak South American better than North Americans: ._.

    • STEAM

      @WaHo C Dude I am talking about Pewdiepie who (if you didn't know) is Swedish

    • WaHo C
      WaHo C

      Do you know that SPAIN is on Europe???

  • A-K Mosa
    A-K Mosa


  • Dip Lop
    Dip Lop

    Do you want to see Russian memes( not about Russia)

  • Toni Rose Garcia Gimenez
    Toni Rose Garcia Gimenez

    You should be a anime actor deep voice like uhhhhh todoroki or ushijima

  • jojo bizare
    jojo bizare


  • Officer Majima
    Officer Majima

    Stop in the name of the law, Kiryu-Chan!

  • xox_ leneo
    xox_ leneo

    0:00 rip cocomelon

  • MissingGamer


  • Monkey Explorer
    Monkey Explorer

    12:42 I doubt that

  • Pronto

    5:02 The meme translates to: me when a friend tells me that he feels bad and needs to talk to someone

  • Kakyoin Milf Hunter
    Kakyoin Milf Hunter

    I'm glad that Pewds shits on the Boys and Girls meme it really sucks

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker

    Giga Chad

  • Sans

    Is beatiful 😔

  • Aryan NK
    Aryan NK

    Ngl, dame da ne is a nice song


    Felix how don't i know that reference. literally the whole world being destroyed by a soup

  • João Bertoncini
    João Bertoncini

    I wonder how Felix can look to many Chads at the meme and yet he still didn't notice.

  • Splash Animations
    Splash Animations

    Dame da DE Dame da de

  • Ng_uyeen

    i watch pewdiepie when i study

  • Kinemaster Rhylle Mikhail Baquiran
    Kinemaster Rhylle Mikhail Baquiran

    The intro description: Pewdiepie Is Chasing Cocomelon To Steal His Channel And Become The Leader

  • SirPrize MuthaFakka
    SirPrize MuthaFakka

    You seriously use coco melon

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan

    I found out almost any person you can think of, there is most likely a Baka Mitai for them. I found a Mitch McConnell one

  • Austyn joseff Pugosa
    Austyn joseff Pugosa

    Dude you and cocomelon

  • -千ㄥㄖㄖ千爪ㄖ-

    5:02 jajajja me muero, pewds talking in spanish just real funny here

  • G-M-J GameMing Jaffy
    G-M-J GameMing Jaffy

    Santa Cruz

  • Jacqueline Delnoije
    Jacqueline Delnoije

    Mam your wallet fell down I haVe A bOyfRieNd Ok il keep it then

  • hop yop
    hop yop

    Imagine having a kids animation

  • Michael keaton
    Michael keaton

    French train do be slow

  • -こく


  • Jemuel Romey
    Jemuel Romey

    I thought " *dame da ne* " was in here :( but i was wrong

    • Jemuel Romey
      Jemuel Romey

      @Mason Parrott ty for reminding me for that u get a sub :)

    • Mason Parrott
      Mason Parrott

      It is in here though

  • Yoan Aditya
    Yoan Aditya

    Wow Udin Gambut masuk pewdiepie

  • Shreeya Tyagi
    Shreeya Tyagi