Woman Want 1 Million Dollars From Her New Husband - TLC #5
TLC Colt and Larissa try 90 day fiancee and its epic
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  • Chris Trowell
    Chris Trowell

    larissa is like a lot of my sisters they git shit done strait forward on what they want and thats the mindset i grew up with and i respect that. ps $1000 a month for a programmer to give to his wife shouldn't be that big i mean your wife has to buy stuff too especially if she wants to be a stay at home mom, all power to her.

  • Emily Etcetera
    Emily Etcetera

    He sounds like he's conducting a business meeting the entire time.

  • Tristan Hellöre
    Tristan Hellöre

    coles voice is like a nareantor

  • Thotimusprime Official
    Thotimusprime Official


  • Rio Kane
    Rio Kane

    It's hard to hate anyone that up front about what they want despite the general dislike for what it is that they want.

  • Kao Flame
    Kao Flame

    Jit so pie he was a easy lick lmao, dun dun dun dunna dun super simp lol

  • Aarya Bhave
    Aarya Bhave

    imagine if colty gets up like a man for once, and goes 'back to brazil!'

  • Prarthita Ghosh
    Prarthita Ghosh

    Does anyone notice that Pewdiepie always gets awkward when it comes to sex. I bet there is a deep dark secret behind it. Still love him though lol

  • satvik rastogi
    satvik rastogi

    Even though I like cats and dogs alike the cat in the beginning was damn creepy

  • tanz Penhalluriack
    tanz Penhalluriack

    Colt aggggghhhhh blah bah

  • T Pittman
    T Pittman

    Can’t find the girl in your country cringe who would do that one second later Felix and Marcia pop up on the screen 😆😅😂🤣

  • Bigger Problem
    Bigger Problem

    I wish colt found a woman that doesn’t sees him as a ATM machine

  • Maiello


  • Luis Otávio Mury
    Luis Otávio Mury

    Why are people defending her? She is horrible.

  • kiera longland
    kiera longland

    t colt is unatractive and boring

  • zombiesare badYT
    zombiesare badYT

    this is so cringe

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie

    Tip #1 never date a person from a third world country

    • Luis Otávio Mury
      Luis Otávio Mury

      Ok, that is just ofensive.

  • Pancake Maxx
    Pancake Maxx

    Ok Pewdipie content:Pretty hilarious All these openings:Cursed

  • UWotMete mette
    UWotMete mette

    this guy speaks paraplegic sign language

  • Ray zick
    Ray zick

    larissa is a golddiger

  • CA_Khrystian lol
    CA_Khrystian lol

    The cringe bruh when he was like my darling

  • Randominator

    Colt isti Vučić :'D

  • Dayane Ribeiro
    Dayane Ribeiro

    larissa, (nao te julgo, te apoio) mas esse seu english is very same north americans speaking in portuguese is a horror

  • Mello Rine
    Mello Rine

    Okay..Everyone is making jokes about the guy. But it's so normal the fact that she is discussing about money and how much he sould spend on her?

  • Raina Brushart
    Raina Brushart

    Omg he...is...TOBY FLENDERSON

  • Vetsoh Klaassen
    Vetsoh Klaassen

    Communities? The Communities does already have an second generation. :D

  • Diana Lasseter Drake
    Diana Lasseter Drake

    I feel like throwing up when he says darlin it's so uncomforting

  • Sqxidyy Uzumaki
    Sqxidyy Uzumaki

    “I feel like me and Marisa are polar opposites. She goes from sweet to scary and I go from Colt to Colt.”

  • Vinícius Almeida
    Vinícius Almeida

    200 dollars r minimum wage here in Brazil hahahahahahahaha, she didn't have to go through all that trouble to get this kind of money

  • Francis Liminton
    Francis Liminton

    "why am i laughing, It's horrible hahahahhah" XD

  • Gary Ragle
    Gary Ragle

    A great barbecue😂

  • bri ski
    bri ski

    It amazes me that every American thinks their country is so much greater than any other and they think of it as “living the High life”. Can think of so many countries I’d rather live in than American, delusional people🤣

  • Bob Kevlar
    Bob Kevlar

    This is so cringe I almost broke my f***ing spine

  • Ruby-Tuesday Is my real first name cunt
    Ruby-Tuesday Is my real first name cunt

    How is this so fake

  • Raigardas Šimkus
    Raigardas Šimkus

    Her:omg its so hot in the car Me and my dad in car when its summer:pathetic

  • True Blue
    True Blue

    This is Butters when he’s 30 years old

  • Blue Shadow
    Blue Shadow

    She has a Indian face

    • Dayane Ribeiro
      Dayane Ribeiro

      how you imagine brazilian's woman?

  • JoLine Vl&Tec.
    JoLine Vl&Tec.

    Do you forgot where you come from girl you come from brazil every thing rabish she is spicy

  • Bardokun

    Colt looks like an overweight Captain America

  • Noken Chuba
    Noken Chuba

    Love the jojo tee

  • Santiago Bonilla
    Santiago Bonilla

    I live for Larissa, she might shady AF but she is also straight to the point.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker

    Atleast he's not a big simp like Jorge

  • monica yami
    monica yami

    She seems like a good person tbh

  • Arabian Princess
    Arabian Princess

    bruh Why didn't he get her flowers tho? like that's disappointing

  • Adrian Mahadeo
    Adrian Mahadeo

    Great Barbecue!!!

  • MrMilkBR

    It took 3 hours for me to finish this vid

  • Gameplay

    U know i don't think she is that crazy about money i mean ya she complains but she is trying i mean cooking and dressing up for him having sex with him as much he wants and all i mean i am not simping but its natural to wanna be appreciated especially for whamen its a big deal

  • Anugrah A
    Anugrah A

    I don’t know why but I feel bad for him and not her

  • Renan Interaminense
    Renan Interaminense


  • Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave

    Colt is basically a human jar of mayonnaise 😂😂

  • Alpha is cute
    Alpha is cute

    Bruh I am 14 an I get more than 200

  • TechLoad

    The fact that colt looks just like colt from brawl stars.... * I think supercell put him in their game to .,. ., umm ...... ridicule him?....,. *

  • Timon Weyers
    Timon Weyers

    If she wants one million dollar from Colt it would take her 410 years, not 41 years.. (I actually know this because I felt motivated and inspired after hearing the 41 years, so I checked it and.. 🙃)

  • X_csn

    "I ain't sayin' she a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke ni-"😳

  • MsEliane70

    I am Brazilian and I wanted to warn you that I DO NOT believe this came from my country

  • XI static XI
    XI static XI

    Why are girls like this?

  • Kiki

    If my girlfriend wanted a credit card payed for by me I'd send her right back!

  • Kiki

    Colt's excessive use of the word "Darlin'" is a bit weird

  • adrian rodriguez
    adrian rodriguez

    why he have tits

  • MobileGamer 10
    MobileGamer 10

    Me looks at title I knew this will be intresting

  • Paz Guerrero
    Paz Guerrero

    Ok I prefer her than him lmao, he's so..ughhh.. she's trying to be what she thinks he wants, she's at least trying, he just want to marry his mom lmaoo

  • Paz Guerrero
    Paz Guerrero

    oml ok I got it.. he looks like the guy from X-Men the blue guy

  • Manu ad Ferrum
    Manu ad Ferrum

    "high life" lol Funnyest joke I've ever heard. His friend is just sore because he found a hotter gf.

  • Trppl Jack
    Trppl Jack

    WaiT WhAT ShE wAS FrOm BrAzil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nasche

    they should have been honest with each other from the start 🙂

  • Ata Aslan
    Ata Aslan

    the way he knew he messed up the second she came to his house

  • SenninVideos

    C O L T E E

  • Trainer R3d 2
    Trainer R3d 2

    This is what happens when you press random at the start of an adventure game, you get colt....

  • Vectavist224

    Yep, a pretty hard choice to make Colt.... you can either have a life with a woman who expects a new thousand dollar bag every week or continue to live with your mom who does everything for you OR you could take the third option and leave Larissa AND move to a single-story house by yourself so that your mom doesn't have to continue to care for you and learn how to take care of yourself like most people do when they get enough money to move out and are old enough to do so.

  • Vectavist224

    Yep, every man in every part of the world would totally bow down before you and be honored to be loved by you, a gold-digging bitch who probably hasn't worked a day in her life and probably never plans on doing so. So every man who reads this comment just get ready to bow down before the greatness that is Larissa and prepare to take care of her like Colt's Mom takes care of Colt and more.

  • Vectavist224

    I'm not really sure why Colt wants to live with his mother up to whatever age he was in this video because people usually want to leave their parent's house as soon as they get enough money to live by themselves or be able to live with a roommate or even go to a college that requires them to live in a dorm. Software Engineers make more than enough money to live in a small one-story house by themselves and it's not really hard to learn how to cook and clean for yourself, so I don't really understand why Colt would want to stay with his mom for so long...

    • Vectavist224

      @ASB Gamer I did not know that. Interesting.

    • ASB Gamer
      ASB Gamer

      In my country people normally live with their parents for their whole life

  • *No_Wxrrys_Be_Hxppy*

    "I'm surprised that she responded. We started talking :>

  • Jking 15
    Jking 15

    “Water has more flavour then Colt” 😂


    Overacting and over attitude

  • Eryk MF
    Eryk MF

    Those who can't understand "our" accent, "we" always put a Y on the end of the words. housy (house), Colty (Colt), buty (but)

  • Lydia Camurati
    Lydia Camurati

    Dude, if she's Brazilian, WHY THE SPANISH BG SONG?

  • Linda Nordråk
    Linda Nordråk

    After seeing him with Anfisia, he is now a disgusting man. Lying, cheating, speaking to other women behind her back, letting Vanessa move in with him, having his mother speak for him.... jeez. get away

  • Isha Shukla
    Isha Shukla

    She looks like dhinchak puja

  • Omar Qudah
    Omar Qudah

    lets thank god he isnt 297 years old

  • Claudia B.
    Claudia B.

    Colti ❤️

  • Eusênia Cossa
    Eusênia Cossa

    I relate to the cat chilling in the closet🙃😂

  • Amartya Chakraborty
    Amartya Chakraborty

    that flower girl at john's place is pretty doe

  • Emily Jurbala
    Emily Jurbala

    As someone from Las Vegas, I just want you to know, none of us are excited about Las Vegas 😂

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez



    It's Colte

  • Crathion

    If she wanted to live the high life she would of moved to Europe.

  • leone ochieng
    leone ochieng

    The TRwatch god.

  • Edgar Sarabia Hernandez
    Edgar Sarabia Hernandez

    what a golddigger >:(

  • Sarah Merrill
    Sarah Merrill

    the barbecue is like my family at my brothers birthday lol

  • Dear LalondeBii
    Dear LalondeBii

    My dad says "darlin'" in the exact same way and my whole soul is cringing

  • Jonah Dewhurst
    Jonah Dewhurst

    this is so funny lol

  • Calm yet internally screaming
    Calm yet internally screaming

    I don't mean to be mean but I definitely understand why he is single..

  • Evandro Camargo
    Evandro Camargo

    HOLY COW, BRO! I mean... the cringe at her face. She is trying to believe that she found a greencard and a sugar daddy, but its not what she expected. However, she still keeps trying, she keeps believing. She isn't a professional gold digger, but she really seems have grabbed on too tight to let go. The worst part? He believes that he can "fix" that. LOL

  • Gabriel

    Is thus guy hat poor he can't spare a grand a month? He's a software engineer so he should be making good money, but I dont really know anything since my mom is a nurse and my dad's a pilot. Combined they make 267k a year, but I always thought software engineers made at leas a 100k. I'm aspiring to be a software engineer myself and I'm in the silicon valley where I'll probably make around 120k like cmon a grand a month is nothing plus he's not even paying for land tax or anything like that

  • Chxrly. jin
    Chxrly. jin

    Where did he get that shirt from? I want it! ;-;

  • Landon Renigar
    Landon Renigar

    The paused vid at 15:07 is PEAK masculinity

    • Ninja Seth
      Ninja Seth

      Big baby

  • Errør_


  • Gaataan Jeniets
    Gaataan Jeniets

    "Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at her, Look at ger, Look at her, Look at her" I don't see anything, Cringe, No feeling, Can't watch anymore QQ Edit : She's a gold digger too, Blame them both !! 😆😆 Gíl deLá Golditourette

  • Sabina Surmi
    Sabina Surmi

    Larissa came to vegas of expecting living a high life!!!!! Wtf is that high shit?

  • Hizn

    She seems very genuine